Saturday, January 30, 2010

The honesty post: Sometimes he gets on my nerves

I love Todd to bits and pieces but sometimes (like today) he really gets on my nerves.

All week I have been making plans about today...Stay home day/ cleaning day. We are redoing the playroom and some of the furniture in there needed to go to our bedroom and vise we had a ton of laundry that needed to be done and I really wanted to get the bathroom cleaned out so we can start working on that. Todd was all about it all week....until today. He literally sat at watched sports ( soccer, basketball, football) while I washed all the clothes, folded them, put them up, picked up the playroom, moved the furniture **BY MYSELF**, vacuumed, went grocery shopping, came home and had to re clean the play room, cleaned aubrie's room...then about 4 he was like..."Lets go to my moms for dinner..." I guess the big pot of Taco Soup on the stove didn't clue him in on the fact that I was cooking. When I told him, I wasn't going because I really wanted to finish all this so I could rest and enjoy my kids tomorrow. He said, "Okay..." and he left...and took the girls.

*I guess the tiaras I was getting out for the girls to watch Miss America with me didn't phase him either.*

Now, I love his mom to death but he took the girls over there Thursday when I was at Hobby Lobby with my mom so it isn't like it has been forever since she saw them.

I guess it just really hurt my feelings because he had promised to help me (and 1/4 of these clothes I slaved over today were his!)
When he got home ( 30 minutes ago) I told him how I was feeling...he doesn't see the big deal. We never fight...ever and I really don't see this as a fight... But why didn't guys get the instinct to realize "the big deal?"

Am I the only awful wife that's husband gets on their nerves sometimes?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The unprayed for decision.

Yesterday was a miserable day for me....well, the latter part of the day.

I got to preschool to pick up Madyson and her very expensive glasses had tape all over them. Turns out the wittle-bitty screw that she has, had fallen out...again. Her right lens (that are over $200.00 each) had scratched and had fallen out...again. So I could just see the dollar amounts adding up of how much this was going to cost.

She has a very weak muscle in her eye that turns her eye in at random moments. the lenses are very strong and thick to help fix this problem Walmart doesn't sell her lenses so we had to go to an eye glasses shop. We have amazing insurance 1x a year. Her glasses and lenses will be about $35.00 but then after that...we are on our on.

I was really trying to hold out until April to get our pair for the year because that is when she goes back to the eye doctor and some things might have changed from the last time...and if they had we will need that insurance paid pair. So, I sent them with Todd today for him to run them by the eye glasses shop to see if they could repair them and maybe buff the scratch out....we will see...and hope!

Well on my way back to work (Working for the church I work until 7 on Wednesdays) Todd called. He had spoken with his "big boss" and they were wanting him to move to the Airport Store. Most people would find this a big compliment because that is where they train alot of people for the higher step up....but not me. He would have to work some nights until 11pm....He is already so tired as it is when he gets home at 6pm...I can't imagine what 11 will be like.

And I am from a family where my dad worked EVERY night. I know how much I missed him and how much he missed out on...still does.

BUT on the upside there is more money involved...he says there is a possibility that he would only work 4 out of 7 days, and his boss was a friend of mine in she knows how I am and how important it is for me and the girls to have him.

The biggest problem I had about this is he had to give them an answer there wasn't alot of time to discuss or pray about it. I really don't like to not pray about a decision anymore. But Todd did remind me that I had been praying for God to guide us on weather he wanted us to stay here in Jackson or move out of state and by Todd getting this position at a bigger branch, it could be his way of saying stay.

He usually finds the silver lining in all the clouds! So for now, I am going to be nothing but supportive and open to this plan. The girls and I will just have to get our acts together on the night daddy isn't there to take care of us all. I will ask each of you to please pray for my strength during this. Todd & I have always done parenting as a team. The girls are use to their night time routines and this is going to take a toll on them and on my patience so any prayers that the transition goes smoothly will be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday's Words: Letter G

Last Wednesday we didn't post Wednesday's Words, due to the 2nd 100 post by Todd.

(and yes, he will be back...he is preparing his 2nd post!)

G is for:

Gain! (apple mango tango)
Probably the best smelling stuff in the world! I use it only on my clothes...then I have to clean the washer when I am done (Madyson is allergic) but ahhhhh the smell is fabulous!
Besides Grapes...Gain is the only other thing we have around our house that starts with a G.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Smoozday~

Today was a fabulously relaxing Tuesday. I woke up late, got to work a little late, got all my work done for the week, came home, made a new dip, went to community group bible study, came home. No cleaning! Whoo hoo!

We took Madyson to community group tonight to play with Hunter. She had a great time! I am really enjoying getting to know all these new people on a grown up level.

Next week Todd and I have to share our My life story and Todd's life story and how we became 1 unit. This is so scary to me because I didn't have a perfect childhood. I was a complete sinner for 1/2 of my life...its just scary to stand up infront of people and lay it all out there but I know if I don't say it now....they won't get to know the real me.

Ya know?

Well speaking of REAL....the hair decision is still up in the air! I loveeee the picture Ashley posted...but my last cut was an inverted bob so the back is alot shorter than the front and my hair grows like a slug! But the color could happen now! I have about 2 more weeks before the orange comes back so that should be plenty of time to make a decision! And don't worry Ill post pictures!

Monday, January 25, 2010


So I am Italian....well 1/2 Italian but the older I get the more Italian my features become.

I have NO idea what my natural hair color is. When I was a baby it was Jet Black...that fell out and here comes WHITE hair. When I turned 7 it became yellow (not blond) then in jr. high it was orange/brown. Then in 8th grade I started highlighting it so it was orange brown with yellow streaks. Then in high school it was BLOND until my friend meg thought she would help me out and it became ORANGE...then I had it stripped of all the color and it was grey. Then they added brown to soften the harshness of all the chemicals. So from then on I have alternated Brown and Blond...depending on my mood.

Well now I am stuck.

I really enjoy my brown hair. It is easy but sometimes boring and in the winter if I go to dark I look "twilightly" but Blond is so hard because I never have time to go and sit and get it colored so it usually is a mess within 3 weeks. So please help me!
Blond or Brunette! I do not care if you do not know me or are scared you will hurt my feelings. Trust me! NOTHING you say can be as mean as some of the stuff my "friends" or family has said to me about my hair. I have asked Todd and he says he doesn't care that I could shave it and he would be okay. So that doesn't help!
I need your help!

p.s. excuse the paleness. I had been on bed rest for 5 months and on magnesium and was just starting to finally be able to get back into the sun!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


WHO DAT?!?!?!?!
That's right, New Orleans Saints are going to the SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!
lets just go ahead and say SUPER SAINTS!!!

the pink chair

So I am in the middle of redecorating our playroom. When we moved in I painted it sky blue...but that was it. I just shoved all the stuff in here and left it. Well, I am finally getting around to decorating it. And I spent Thursday night/Friday moving furniture around going through toys..etc. (DON'T WORRY! I took before pictures and I will take after pictures once I get it all done!!! and We will have a full post on the playroom) But after I got it all moved to where I wanted it I realized...Madyson doesn't have a computer chair. The poor baby has been standing on a tupperware box to play her computer games...(shows that I rarely go in there) so I alerted my trash friends (Yes, the garbage men and my dad) that I needed a chair. The garbage men didn't see one on there run but they did bring me a shelf! My dad found one though in an old building near his work. it was nasty but It had potential. So I cleaned it up...sanded it down...put some primer on it...painted it with cute pink paint...but it didn't pop. So i took a can of BerriPink Spray paint and wahla! A new chair! I was at Kroger grocery shopping and saw these adorable I added one. So for under $10 dollars Madyson now has a computer chair!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


AHHH! Of course the year I give up shopping is the time for us to talk about our favorite shopping spots in our lives! Well luckily for all of you I have the best places that I still budget for because they are so fabulous!

1) Brownie-Goose: Mississippi Mom making adorable & affordable clothing for your kids! Easy to work with, in HIGH DEMAND!

I can't wait to order this dress!!! Hurry Spring/Summer!!

2) ZoZoBug Baby: Sister of a childhood friend making fun and funky clothes! If your kids have a wild child personality and like a little whimsy this line is for you! Once again...EASY to work with.

I won this outfit on a blog contest! I love it. BOTH girls can wear it and it is VERY versatile!

3) Hollypops Monogrammed Gifts: Love this mom! Another good ole' Mississippi mom that does adorable monograms and appliques on stuff! You can send her your stuff to monogram or purchase hers.

Yet ANOTHER easy and wonderful mom!

These are minky dot ghost girl shirts the girls wore for halloween this year!

The rest of my girls clothes usually come from ebay or consignment with the occasional target or walmart outfit.

and for me?!?!!?hahahahahahhahahahhahahahah

Old navy. That is wear all of my clothes come from except special occasion clothes from Belk. I do have a few Target and JCP items in there as well.
Like I said in my 100 things...I am a simple dresser.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

100 things II

You've Got to love her...Sarah was so excited to reach her 100th blog post of her "blogging life". Then a few days later she hit delete instead of post on some of her most heartfelt drafts and that brought her down to 91. So here we are at our "100th" for the second time. So that makes it my turn...SO for all you fact-crazed bloggers...this one is for you.

1) Sarah not only eats Oreos all the time...she drinks Chocolate Milk everynight before she goes to bed....even on our honeymoon.

2) Madyson looks like me, and acts like Sarah.

3) Aubrie looks like Sarah, and acts like me.

4) My biggest flaw is leaving soda cans where ever I set them down.

5) If Sarah could describe me in one word it would probably be supportive.

6)Madyson is getting to that age where she can do everything "BY HERSELF"...breaks my heart.

7) the first 3 months of Aubrie's life I had a hard time bonding with her...Sarah finally reminded me that she wasn't going anywhere and I better start building a relationship with her. So whenever I was off work she stayed home with me. She is now a daddy's girl...and I am wrapped.

8)For the first time in my life I am driving a car that I own, that I picked out, and that is not a piece of junk.

9)Sarah is Italian and sometimes this is great (passionate) sometimes this is scary (picture raging 5ft 3 girl with a handgun)

10) jk about a handgun...that would be considered a "weapon" in her book.

11) Speaking of weapons I like pocket knives. They come in handy at work and when packages need to be opened. Sarah freaks and tells me I am going to be arrested for caring it.

12)My first wedding ring was a cheap plastic..bendable circle. I wore it with pride until I got my real ring.

13) Madyson does weird things sometimes that makes me wonder where she came from..

14) Aubrie will copy her now...

15) Then sarah walks by and does the same thing....then I wife is weird so my children will be weird too.

16) Sarah loves to teach Aubrie new "tricks" this was cute until she started rewarding her with mini m&m's. She wanted a dog and got 2 kids but she still tries to train them.... j/k

17) The First Time I held Madyson I knew that I was supposed to be a father.

18) The First Time I held Aubrie I thought I am the luckiest man in the world. Two beautiful healthy girls and a loving wife. I do not need anything else.

19) I am the parent the girls go to when they want something...Sarah is the Time-Out Cop. If we have a boy Ill let her be favorite parent to him...maybe.

20) I would love 2 more kid(s). Children are our contributions to the world.

21) Sarah always tells me she likes me in my glasses, makes me wonder what she thinks of me when I don't have them on?

22) Each day I thank God for my family.

23) The first thing I do when I get to work in the morning is look at the results from the prior day.

24) If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be Europe.

25) I love steak...Sarah likes Seafood. Surf and Turf was created for us.

26)If you were to ask Sarah, "What is the sweetest thing Todd has done for you in the past six months, she would probably say surprising her with Hot White Chocolate the night of the Christmas Parade. She had been working on 2 floats all day and was freezing.

27) My favorite thing about mine and sarah's relationship is how we know what the other is thinking without having to say anything.

28) When Sarah and I first started hanging out she had a book she had created called "How to date a princess" It has things about her in it like favorite scents, candies, goals and dreams. I stole the book...hoping to steal her heart, but I think she thought I was creepy.

29) I picked out Sarah's engagement ring 2 weeks after meeting her. I knew I loved her and that she was my one.

30)Sarah likes to sleep with the TV on and the Fan off. I like to sleep with the Fan on and the TV off...You can imagine our conversations EVERY night.

31) Aubrie Kate loves to watch Toddlers and Tiaras or Little Miss Perfect. It is right up there next to Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba.

32) Speaking of...what is going on with children shows today? Sesame Street is "New Aged"...Yo Gabba Gabba is weird. Kai Lin has friends name rentwo and ho ho....What happened to the Flinstones, Smurfs, and Jetsons?

33) I never had the "birds and the bees" talk.

34) Sarah tells me all the time the reason we have two girls is because of the way I treated girls growing up...she says now I am the father that is going to have to comfort girls.

35) As silly is it sounds, Sarah saves all the fortunes from our fortune cookies. I guess she is waiting to see if they ever come true.

36)She also saved all the cards, roses, and stuff I gave her when we were "hanging out".

37) Our first dinner date was to Outback. She likes the crawfish tail appetizer.

38)I was a car salesman once....worse job ever.

39) I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.

40) Sarah calls our family the "Jerry Springer Family" She has Her Parents (Johnny and Debbie) her half sister and half brother (wesley & shannon) Her BioDad (Bob & his wife Paula) her 1/2 brothers (gauge & tristen) her biomom (becky & her husband..even though they have never talked to each other)her 1/2 sisters Renea & mary...then I have my Mom & Stepdad (Rusty) my dad (Ricky) his exwife who is still like my step mom (Donna) together they had Nick (my little brother) and Donna had Corey & Casey from her first marriage...confused yet?

41)When you ask Madyson "Where does Jesus live?" She responds with "In My Heart."that makes me so happy, even more happier that she learned this at Sunday School and understands it.

42) The greatest thing Sarah has ever done for me was say yes.

43) I prefer to start my life from age 20 that is when I figured out who I wanted to be, who I wanted to be with.

44) The thing I miss most about high school is sports.

45) If you ask Sarah what she misses most about high school it would be her "perkies".

46) My favorite movie is Harry Potter. Stupid I know.

47) Sarah's favorite movie is The Notebook.

48)When Sarah and I started talking about dating her response was, "You don't want to date me...I am not a good girlfriend." So instead, I married her...she is a great wife.

49) I am excited about our trip to Disney World. After last year I think I have my system worked out.

50) Sarah is the cutest when she is excited.

51) Sarah calls me a tie hoe.

52) I would sleep all the time if I could.

53) In 5 years I still haven't learned about a laundry basket. I know that is one of my wife's greatest hopes for me.

54) I love playing golf but I never get to play.

55) Madyson is at the age when she is scared of the dark.

56) I love to annoy my mother in law.

57) My favorite chips are New York style garlic bagel chips.

58) They are Aubries too.

59) I love to watch movies, Sarah loves to watch reality tv, imagine that...

60) I have slept maybe 2 full nights in 2 years.

61) Sarah's good at sleeping.

62) Sarah likes the word whimsical.

63) I love beer but never drink.

64) Im from the south but I dont drink sweet tea.

65) I can call Mittens and she actually comes.

66) Mittens is a cat.

67) I can pop every joint in my body.

68) Football can really take its toll on your bones.

69) I have broken over 20 bones in my body.

70) I can watch football and soccer on tv and be perfectly happy...

71) Sarah cant stand to watch 5 minutes.

72) Madyson and Aubrie almost know more about football than Sarah does...

73) Talk about being a good father.

74) I hate talking on the phone but I always have my phone near me.

75) Sarah wont answer her phone...

76) Period.

77) Her phone is an extension of her social networks.

78) I love being cold...

79) I will do anything my wife asks me to do...

80) I might complain a little though.

81) My biggest fear is not being able to provide for my family.

82) God blesses me every time I see my family.

83) My idea of cleaning is a quick fix...

84) our children are worse than a natural disaster.

85) I try very hard to juggle the emotions of 3 women fighting for my attention.

86) I now know that I will never get this down perfect.....

87) but I can try.

88) One of my doctors said that I had broken my back at one point in time and it never healed properly so if I turn the wrong way my left leg goes numb for a split second.

89) I love Praline's and Cream ice cream thanks to my grandmother.

90) My favorite thing to do is relax with Sarah when the girls are asleep.

91) We (the wife and myself) have matching pajamas. We are "cute"

92) I have a tendency to always eat the last of something. i.e. the last oreos, the last cookie...the last root beer.

93) When Sarah is talking to her Clinton friends she refers to me as "the private school boy".

94) Madyson inherited my eye problems. We both wear glasses to fix it.

95) Pageant moms scare me...i think Aubrie is going to force us to become pageant parents. She loves all things frufru, sequined, and prissy.

96) Aubrie walks in Sarah's heels better than Sarah does.

97) I am a house divided within myself...Go Dawgs/Roll Tide. Sarah grosses out at the latter.

98)I hate to be late for anything

99) Madyson just learned how to put the breaks on when she is riding her new bike. She says she is riding in the neighborhood 4th of July parade...which means I will have to go with

100)I love having the support and love of my wife and the joy of my daughters, I can only imagine life getting better from here.

Wow, that was harder than I thought it was going to be. Well I am sure it wasn't as interesting as some others but I tried. Now I am going to bed, its been a long day.

New Group & other fun whohas!

Tonight, Todd and I headed over to Joseph (aka my boss) and his wife, Jennifer's (aka fabulous hostess) house for the start of our new small group. We have a fairly large church and sometimes it is easy for couples to get lost or feel disconnected from previously formed groups. So Joseph got the idea to start a group of young married couples to get together each week to share with each other, fellowship, build relationships, etc. Well You know how I have been craving for something like this, so we went. Even though it was out of my comfort zone. Todd and I were the first couple there. Followed my Eric (another church employee) and his came the R. Chapmans (we went to high school together) then the Carmeans (went to high school with Mr.) then The A. Chapmans (use to be mine and Todd's neighbor on duplex row) it was a small intimate group, with lots of familiar faces and was a nice night talking and eating. Jennifer made Taco Soup and Chocolate Pie. The soup was soooo good! Even my SUPER PICKY husband ate it!! And has already asked me to learn how =) We left the kids tonight because we really wanted to see what it was going to be like before we take trouble 1 and trouble 2 (plus they were having fresh veggies for dinner and they didn't want to miss it!) But Hunter (Joseph&Jennifer's Son) has already requested Madyson to come play with him next week.

In other news,my new email/facebook/blog friend Amy(who creates KILLER kid clothes with her line Brownie-Goose) sent me a link to a new blog Moms are Human.If you are a mom, go check it out. I love the honesty that comes with this blog. My favorite post that I have read so far is about post baby bodies. I mean does anyone like theirs? I use to have a 6pack, calf muscles, a tight toosh and perkies. Now all of that is a faint memory. I loved reading about other moms that feel less attractive since the kids have come. Made me feel not so out of place =).

I am really excited about life right now. I can't tell you how great it is to spill my heart to this little blog and hear others take on what I am going through. I slept last night...which is something I haven't been able to do lately because I have had so much on my mind.

Oh! And if you notice on the left hand side...we have a new author on the blog. Thats right. MR. Broadus is getting ready to start posting some. He has such an amazing heart and soul I am so excited to share him with all of you!

How was your Tuesday?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Madyson Moment

I love the heart of a child...and the mind..and how things are 1 way or the other. Madyson always has her way of thinking and I sometimes remember to write them down, so I can have them to treasure forever. Tonight was a priceless conversation that I can't wait to share with her on her wedding day!

Tonight, Madyson found a picture of Todd and I when we first met. I think we had known each other for 3 weeks. Here is how the conversation went:

Madyson:"Mommy, Where am me?"

Me:"Baby, you weren't here yet, that was when Daddy and I first met"

Madyson:"Was I in your tummy"


Madyson:"Where was I?"

Me:*Contemplating the answer bc I think it is just TOO early for the birds and the bees.*."Well baby you were with God. He had your spirit, preparing you for us"

Madyson: "I was dead?"

Me:"No baby, you weren't born yet. All babies start out as a thought of God's. He has a plan for everyone and you were part of Mine & Daddy's plan"

Madyson: "oh....was I on your calendar? Like your meetings?"

Me:" were a surprise...a Great surprise!"

Madyson: *looking very sad* But mommy!! You don't like surprises!!!

Its a white or black world and I am just the shade of gray called mom!

Monday night madness!

Wow! Today has been a day!

First, let me start with saying Thank you for everyone who commented/emailed/and facebooked your thoughts on my last post. It feels really good to know I am not the only person in this boat and that I am just a blog friend away from maybe a true friend.

So I had to work today, yes on MLK day. I thought at first I missed a memo about not having to work...then I looked at the clock and realized I was at work 1 hour early.

After work I had to pick up the girls and take Madyson to Ballet Class. Aubrie usually is at school while this is going on, but since school was closed, she went with us. While we were waiting in the lobby for Madyson to get done, Aubrie pitched a HUGE fit. I had to quickly scoop her up and take her out of the building before all the other mom's eardrums blew from her loud yelling. She was crying so hard, she threw up. I have NEVER experienced this kind of tantrum before. Madyson was so laid back and never went through the terrible twos. So to have a child completely go exorcist on you in front of other parents is somewhat embarrassing. Luckily, after 10 minutes...she calmed down.

Once we got home and I started dinner, I thought everyone was settled and happy. The girls were in the playroom and I was in the kitchen, Life was going good...UNTIL...I hear mad screaming. I look into the playroom to witness Aubrie biting Madyson...Madyson smacking Aubrie in the mouth...blood start pouring out of Aubrie's mouth and Madyson getting bit...again. OHHHHH...Here we go. I first had to separate them. Stuck Madyson in time out for her 3 minutes....cleaned up Aubrie Kate...Then had to put her in time out for her 2 minutes...then explain to both of them that we don't do that...that that is NOT acceptable...and that Jesus does not like for us to bite or hit. Then they had to do what I refer to as the "carver method". A lady I work with, Darlene, had twin girls growing up and when they would fight she would have them sit facing each other holding hands. We did that tonight. Then once they were calm. We hugged and apologized. WHEW.

yes, madyson is in her panties...she always is. Once she enters the door, she strips. Can't say I blame her...and usually it isn't an issue until the Jehovah's witnesses or Mormon elders show up at your door and you have a naked 3 year old running around.

Todd got home and took over so I could finally get some stuff done. The girls were exhausted and fell asleep super early!

I am so excited about tomorrow. Todd and I are going to a new bible study at our church. My boss Joseph and his wife Jennifer are starting a bible study for young married couples that aren't involved in a Sunday School Class. Todd and I are members of a class but since we both volunteer in the children's wing as teachers during the second hour and then go to worship first hour, we don't get to be involved with a class. So this study is going to be a bunch of couples getting together....should be interesting. I love my boss though, he is a few years older than me and is such a great "Christian brother" figure. He is very wise for his age and his wife Jennifer is just absolutely precious. They are such a great couple, I am looking forward to learning from them.

A few prayer request for those of you out there that do prayer list.
*Jarod & Katie, they are trying to sell their house to begin their life in another part of the state. They need prayer for not only them and their house but for the couple they are working with to purchase their new house.

*Betty: she is a dance mom at Madyson's studio. She is undergoing major chemo for her 3rd round of breast cancer, her mother just passed away last week, and they found out last Tuesday that her husband's store is closing which will leave him jobless.

*Two of my cousins, Kristina and Christina (funny huh?) are both in the early stages of expecting a baby. Kristina had a false pregnancy last time and had to have a DNC. She has no biological children with Josh but Josh does have a son from a previous relationship.
Christina and Christopher were pregnant with twins and had them early. Their son survived, their daughter went to live in heaven with the Lord.
Please pray for a healthy pregnancy for both of these "TINAS" =)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

im in a slump!

Okay, so I am an event planner, have been for seven years. Ive done it all from restaurant events, corporate events, donor events , children's events, fundraising events, weddings, receptions, rehearsals...I literally have done it all. But now it is getting time for Aubrie Kate's 2nd birthday and I have no idea what I want to do. I feel like Madyson gets everything because she is the first born.

Her first birthday party was HUGE, I mean like 100 people...her 2nd party she got her barbie jeep, tons of toys, had a great time..her third birthday we were in Disney...and we will be in Disney this summer too.

But poor baby girl...Her first party was great, it was a monkey themed party and was adorable.

But this year, I am just having the hardest time coming up with something. Our house is a wreck with all the remodeling/painting and such that I really don't want to do it here...and with a March birthday in Mississippi you never know what the weather will be like, so I don't want to rent a park for the day..bc it could be 20 degrees. But I really want to make a fuss over her being two because birthdays are the one day a year where it is about YOU. Not about big sister...not about the family...about you...Aubrie Kate.
Any ideas?!?!?!?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

friday/saturday fun days!

Yesterday was such a busy day for me! I woke up early & took Aubrie Kate to school.

Madyson stayed home with me. We had a list of stuff to do and now that she is a big girl she really helps out alot.
We started our morning off at Chick-fil-a for breakfast. She really wanted a "small lemonade and chicken" she ate it some hash browns which is unusually for little priss.

Next we headed over to the dollar tree to get some little baskets and containers to start organizing the playroom. My goal by the end of this month is to have the playroom converted to a 1/2 living room...1/2 playroom so we can go in there and watch movies with the girls instead of destroying the Den.

I spent a total of $6.42 at the dollar tree =)

Next we went to Kroger to get some groceries for the week. I grocery shop for 7 days worth of stuff...(dinners/snacks/lunches/drinks..)We also had to get Madyson some healthy snacks. She loves string cheese, yogurt w/fruit, and such so we had to get all her stuff for her. Plus she likes to pick out her own things. She was very excited because I had a coupon for her yogurt smoothies so she got to get them this trip! I love these things because I put a straw in them and she drinks that with her breakfast or lunch...since she is such a picky eater I feel like this helps her get some nutritious goodness.

We came home and cleaned out the fridge and freezer and organized it all. Next on my list of to do's was to organize the cabinets. Stuff keeps getting pushed back and I never know what I have so I organized it all! Now I know all the where abouts of the goods.

Once we were done organizing we cleaned her room and picked up aubrie's room. I spent the next 2 hours on dinner and laundry...and got Sassy girl from daycare.

We ate pot roast for dinner, but this was different than I normally make. It was "quick and easy". Usually I load up the roast and the onions/carrots/potatoes in the crock pot with seasons and such and let it cook all day. Well, I didn't have time to do all that so I pulled out the dutch oven, put in the roast, some Campbell's French Onion Soup, Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup with Garlic, 2 cans of potatoes and 2 cans of whole carrots. Cooked it on 350 for 2 hours and it was fabulous. I made some homemade mashpotatoes and biscuits to go with it. Todd seemed to enjoy it, he ate 2 plates =)

After dinner we got the girls to bed and just hung out. We watched some silly old movies and ate oreos...what else? =)

Today I got up super early and took Aubrie with me to go help my dear precious friend, Crystal do her baby registry! She is expecting her first baby, a boy, and we went through babies R us registering for the thing she needs. Madyson went with my mom to the nursing home to do some therapy work with the geriatric patients and Todd went to work.

After we were done registering I went and picked up Todd from work. It was pouring down rain so Aubrie and I waited for Daddy to finish work inside his conferance room. Aubrie was running around the big room, having a great time...until I asked her to come see me. I noticed something on her leg and wasn't sure what it was. Turns out...she had a MAJOR blowout. Up her belly...up her back...down both legs...into her toes. It was awful. I had to sneak her over to the bathroom and strip her naked. Wipe her off the best I could then I stuck her in the sink to finish it off. I had to leave her in the bathroom for a few seconds while I ran out front and asked Todd to get her diaper bag out of the car. (he had NO idea about what was going on) When he came back to the back to bring me the bag he just died! There stood a bucknaked baby =). He asked why she was naked and I had to show him the nasty dress she ruined. I got a diaper on her got her cleaned up and had him take the garbage out (it was awful). Needless to say, we probably wont be invited in to wait on him anymore!!

Now we are home, watching the Saints!! The one team we both agree to like =)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Show us your life: Weight Loss

TGIF!!!! Remember when ABC had TGIF nights, with Full House, Family Matters and such? Those were great times!

Anyway, Today we are suppose to list our best weight loss ideas.

I have ALWAYS been underweight until I became pregnant with Madyson. I gained 100 lbs when I was pregnant with her. I was on bedrest, depressed, and just ate and ate and ate.

I had to get healthy soon after she was born because I was beginning to have other problems. I told my doctor, " I don't want to diet, I hate to diet." "I hate to exercise.."I don't like going to the gym, counting calories, any of that...I just want to loose this weight." She laughed and told me she had the best thing for me.

Get a small plate (6-8 inches") and carry it everywhere with you. You can eat whatever you want as long as it fits on this plate and doesn't touch. I did that for 5 months (and I walked around my neighborhood every afternoon with madyson in her stroller) I lost 90lbs in 5 months doing this. I LOVE OREOS as we all know...well I could fit 5 on the plate without them that's how many I would eat. I loved this because I didn't have to give up anything I just ate in moderation.

So there ya go! Good luck! Let me know how you do!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday wrap up

So I looked at the past year of blogging and noticed I had alot of drafts that had not been published for some reason, So I went to publish them and instead deleted them so my 102 post are now My big whoo hoo of posting 100 post is now ruined =(.

But we will say....
100 post before Sarah stupidly deleted some.

Anywho, Today was my doctors appointment with my cardiologist, Dr. Cotten. It couldn't have gone any better and I thank everyone who has been remembering me in their prayers. I have to say, I was scared. When you are a mom....things like that are very scary to think about.

He said that my EKG, my Echocardio gram, everything couldn't look better...that my irregular heart beat was caused by my tachycardia/arrhythmia and that it can be regulated with new medication that shouldn't make me so tired!!

He did however inform me that my blood work from MEA showed that my thyroid count was low and that I needed to have this checked out again in a few months. Normally, this wouldn't bother me but when the nurse called from MEA to tell me my blood results she totally left this out and they messed up my paper work from that day and didn't file it to insurance...This is their pass of the year, I had Todd call and straighten it all time...we will not be so nice. (j/k we will but still...)

So the city of Jackson (our state capital...a few miles away from where we live) has been closed this week due to water line/main breaks everywhere. There were over 100 pipes that burst and had to be repaired. School as been out, its been crazy. BUT not as serious as poor Haiti. My heart just is so sad for all of those people there but I am very proud of all the organizations that are stepping up to help out.

Well, its pizza night tonight so no new recipes but tomorrow I am grocery shopping so I am sure I will have something!

Til then =)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday's Words: Letter E & F

This week is going to be a little different than the last Wednesday's Words!
2 letters 1 picture each...=)

E is for


My absolute favorite animal in the world!

F is for:

Friday Nights:

Each Friday night I try to create something. Sometimes its hairbows, Sometimes its paintings, Sometimes its clothes. But whatever it is it is my time to do something besides clean, change diapers, and sleep!

This is a pair of overalls I made!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

100 post...100 real things about me and the family

okay get your coffee, snuggie, and snack. This is the 100th post and it deserves 100 facts about me & the family...1 thing....these are real. Sometimes not always fabulous...but its us!

1) I really do eat a bag of oreos every 2 days.

2)I begged Todd to trade in our date night this month for a new pair of rain boots for Aubrie and a set of ruffle leggings for Madyson. He agreed. That's how much he loves those girls.

3)my Christmas stuff is all packed up but not up in my is sitting in a corner of the den.

4)as I get older, I find more of myself in my dad. Odd because he was the parent that I rebelled against the most as a teen.

5) speaking of rebellion...I committed MAJOR sin after sin after sin in jr. high/hs/college/pre marriage. It literally has taken me my entire life to discover that it is so much easier to be a Christian.

6) Todd and I agree on parenting 95% of the time. 5% we have to sit down and do the egg timer routine to hear each other out before deciding on what is best.

7)Madyson said a dirty word the other night. We discovered she heard it from a family member..this is our newest quest in teaching her love words and having a wholesome mouth.

8) It is more important for us to have the girls in church every week and educate them about the Lord than it is for them to be popular, excel in sports, meet benchmarks for their age.

9) Todd is truly my best friend. I can cry, yell, laugh, dance, be silly, screw up, fall, make embarrassing noises...whatever. He still loves me and just picks up any slack I let out. I couldn't do 1/2 of the things I do without him.

10) I do not get my children to sleep. Our kids just started sleeping through the night this past season. Todd gets them to sleep, this allows me to finish my laundry, take a bath, read, or do anything else I need to do and allows him to have some daddy/daughter time.

11) As much as I love working for my church, I miss my elephants, tigers, lemurs, and chimps SOOOOO MUCH.

12) I hate racism. I can't stand when people show it, use it as an excuse, or compare others because of it. We are all human and we all make mistakes regardless of the color of our skin.

13) I am really good at selecting top 10 contestants in pageants. The last 4 Miss America's I had them pegged by evening gown.

14) I have no personal fashion sense. I wear cheap, comfortable clothes and that is okay with me.

15)In the summer we always have a bowl of cucumber & tomato salad in the fridge.

16) I could eat bacon for every meal of the day.

17) I went through an organic food kick for a while, my husband lost 20 lbs, I became anemic...not saying it was related to organic food, but since we added butter back into our lives we are both alot healthier.

18) my biggest fear is disappointing my children.

19) I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers. 3 older and 3 younger. I am the middle child of 7...2 sisters I have never met, but love dearly.

20) I could live in the summer...everyday. I love being warm.

21)my second biggest fear in life is loosing my husband. I couldn't imagine doing this without him.

22)Madyson is named after my best friend who died the summer before 10th grade. Madyson "shelby" broadus. I miss Jennifer Shelby everyday and I still break down at her grave site because my heart hurts without her.

23)My ex co-worker turned "EBONY", Jessica, reminds me of Jennifer. Same sweet spirit and the ability to make me laugh.

24) Todd has no guy friends. I feel so sorry for him but when he gave his life to the Lord and became a better person his friends left. In my thoughts, they weren't really friends anyway. I pray for him everyday to find good Christian guys to play golf with. The good Lord knows he needs testosterone.

25)I have flown 1x in my life. That was to disney is 2004.

26) I read madyson devotion book then read the verses in mine. It helps me understand them better that way.

27) At times, I breakdown because the emotions hit me of all the hurt I caused people growing up.

28) The thing I regret most about my relationship with my mom is the day I told her "You are not my real mother!" She might not of given birth to me but she did raise me to be the person that I am. I have told her many many times how sorry I am, but I still feel horrible.

29) 76% of clothes in my closet are black....

30) I want my parents to be cremated then buried in the animal cemetery I have in our backyard. They both told me to come up with a new plan.

31)I do not know alot about football. I know what a touchdown is...some positions....and names of teams but really I just cheer for the fun of it!

32) I love baseball. (this can be the 1 thing of my present life I can credit to all of my jr high/hs boyfriends) I know more about baseball than my husband. One of my favorite classes in college was a class all about baseball!

33)I really want to have 8 kids. Todd loves kids but he would be happy with 3. we have decided we will try to have one more and if God wants us to adopt children, we will accept as many as he provides.

34)I love to teach 4 year old Sunday School because the kids are thriving to know more about the bible and "Jesus". 6 months into it and they finally will answer a question with something other than "JESUS" . Plus it really warms my heart when they run into church with a smile and give me a hug...makes me think I am doing something right.

35) Todd is so amazing teaching the 6th grade boys. He allows them to grow spiritual but teaches them life lessons too. Really makes me proud of my choice in a husband.

36) My house is never clean. It is a sad sad truth. I can clean clean clean and within 24 hours it is destroyed again. My philosophy for 2010 is "We will keep it under control but we will not stress if it is not perfect" This has turned into sweeping/dusting/dishes/laundry everyday. Vacuum/mopping every other day. It is amazing how much time I have for my kids this way.

37) Playdough is in our house and the kids love it.

38) television is my worst enemy. It is the next addiction I will conquer after my spending addiction is fixed.

39)I love animals too much. I would have 8 kids and 150 animals if my husband would let me =)

40) I once had a "friend" tell me, "you devote too much of your time to your kids, come out with us!" Is there such a thing as too much time??

41) I resented Madyson the first 30 minutes of her life. a) she stole my birthday b) she gave me HUGE stretchmarks down my legs c) as soon as she was born my husband left me for her....Once the medication wore off and they brought her to me with a tiny pink bow...I was in love.

42) I was so disappointed when we found out Aubrie Kate was a girl. I really REALLY wanted a boy. Now I want to slap myself for feeling that way. I LOVE having two girls so close in age. I can't wait to watch them grow up...Even though Todd and I both are dreading preteens-teen age.

43) If Todd could describe me in 1 word it would probably be WEIRD.

44) i love monogrammed stuff....which makes me wonder why I spelled my kids names wrong.

45) Aubrie Kate is named after model 23 on Deal or No Deal and Todd's Grandma....unique.

46) My heart was broken more times from age 12-20 than it should have been. My girls will not be allowed serious relationships so young.

47) I went on a mission trip one year and witnessed to 4 very tall, African American boys on a basketball court. 5 minutes later a cloud cross appeared in the sky. It was an awesome moment in my life.

48) I got mad at Todd one time because he would "camp out" in the bathroom...So I took the door knob off. I forgot Madyson was potty training...she ran in...shut the door and was stuck until I could figure out how to get her out. Needless to say, I put the door knob back on.

49) I quit The Arts Council of Clinton because I was stressed with my family life. Probably one of my worst decisions. I miss my artsy friends.

50)My family wants me to run for mayor.hahahahhahahahahha

51) I have tattoos and I love them. My favorite is my Icthus fish on my foot. Constant reminder of God being with me every step.

52) I miss tanning beds! Shun you skin cancer!!

53) Madyson's first word was cookie. Aubrie's was Daddy.

54) I give my child liquid yogurt to drink @ breakfast instead of juice/milk/soda. That way if she doesn't eat she is still getting something.

55) I use to hate kids. When Todd and I worked together in the restaurant business, if a table came in with kids...I would get him to take care of them.

56) I want to move to Birmingham, AL so I can go to culinary school. It has been the biggest dream of mine. Todd wants to move there too....we are both babies about leaving our mommas though.

57) Every time I wear eyeliner I feel like a hooker.

58) I love to go to the grocery store.

59) myself.

60) the best part of having girls is getting to play with barbies all over again. We have no Kens. JUST GIRLS...NO BOYS ALLOWED!

61) Sarah means princess.....fitting.

62) My name when I was born was Angela...messenger of God.....pretty cool.

63) My freshman year: I was voted Cutest in my class

64) My sophomore year: I was voted Class favorite

65) Jr. & Senior year I was secretary...then president of Health Occupations Students of America...

66) in college I was going to nursing school, until my advisor told me I wasn't compassionate I went with communications.

67) once I got a taste of the real world I preferred that over college. I quit 12 hours (classes) before graduation. I am going back this summer, my momma says I have to finish.

68) I love event planning, it is the best career choice ever. I just never realized how much I would miss my family by being in this field. Case-in-point. Aubrie's first year of life. I went back to work 4 weeks after she was born and I literally scheduled her birthday party around my work schedule. That's when I knew I needed to retire.

69) I cannot do any type of math besides the basics. I do not remember geometry, algebra or anything my high school teachers tried to teach me.

70) I only eat apple jelly. If I go somewhere and ask for it, and that place doesn't have it, I will ask for strawberry just so I wont look strange.

71) I gave up caffeine for 1 week. I was the meanest person.

72) I use to go to walmart everyday. Since Jan. 1, I have been 2x.

73) I gained 100lbs when I was pregnant with Madyson. I was on bedrest so don't judge.

74) With Aubrie I gained 60lbs...and wasn't on can judge there.

75) I don't LOVE sushi. I like it and Ill eat it but I don't LOVE it.

76)My favorite bible verse of all times is Proverbs 16:3.

77) one of my favorite parts about my job is when there is down time I can pull out my bible and read it at my desk...and nobody looks at me funny.

78) speaking of my desk. I have a picture of us at Disney last year and a heart paper weight from my ebony.

79) My girls hair will not grow. We trim it, wash it, brush it....nothing. THe only reason it concerns me is because it concerns Madyson.

80) I will go 3 days before I wash a pair of jeans.

81) I love "God things". I love when something happens and you just sit back and say..."Wow, God was in control of that whole situation. "

82) I don't read baby books or milestone books. I don't want to compare my kids to others. As long as they are healthy I am happy.

83) I love coconut, Todd does not.

84) I have seen a baby giraffe being born....amazing.

85) I could eat Hershey kisses all day long.

86) I once wrote a letter to Ziploc praising them on Steamer Bags. They sent me a letter back with coupons!

87) I can not stand cigarettes. I mean really....whats the purpose?

88) One day I will publish a book. Even if it is a kids book...I am going to do it!

89) I would love to home school my kids if I thought I could. But they would end up only knowing the basics of the world.

90)Todd calls me 2...maybe 3x during his work day! At his old job we use to talk the entire way to work and then our entire lunch breaks. Now he just calls and "checks in"

91) I look at pictures of people from back in the day to the present and they usually have changed for the better...I prefer myself back in the day. Now I feel worn out looking, with blackheads and non perkies.

92) I love Old Navy Flirt Jeans! they fit me just right.

93) Todd has more clothes than I do and they cost more. He likes designers I like cheap...we balance.

94) I never answer my phone. Everyone will agree with this.

95) I am however addicted to social networking. Send me a facebook message and you will get a response back asap.

96) I am so excited all my friends are finally starting to have babies!!!

97) When Madyson is 22, I will be 44. I couldn't imagine being a grandma in my mid 40's!!!

98) I could watch the Notebook over and over.

99)When I go to sleep I like to watch shows that are silly and pointless that way I don't get into them and I fall asleep.

100) Aubrie Kate is 22 months old and 1 day...creeping towards the two's!!

There you have it 100 facts about me, todd, and the kiddos. Happy 100th post day!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Well, this is my 99th post. So lets do something fun!

What was going on in my life in 1999??

In January of 99 I started my Spring Semester of 9th grade.

I got hit with a penny at school in choir. I got detention. (my 1 and only) and 4 stitches. Our choir went to disney world! It was alot of fun!

I finished 9th grade and that summer decided I was grown up.

I was busy chasing an older guy and partying like a college student. On June 5th that year, I lost my best friend in a car accident. That night changed my life in more ways than I ever expected.

The rest of the summer I was in North Carolina, my parents felt it best for me to get away from all the mess going along with the wreck.

The Wal-mart super center opened that summer in Clinton.

My friends emailed me to tell me about how you can get your nails done and shop all at the same time. It was a BIG deal!

I started highschool in the fall of 99. I LOVED my sophomore teachers. HATED sophomore life. This is the year I really quit hanging out with people. It was all just too much.

I was, however, voted into Arrow Court this year at school ( like homecoming court but for basketball)

I wore ALOT of sequins in 99.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

the day the daycare flooded

Did that get your attention?

So here is my day in a wrapped up in a bow.

I got up this morning to go to church, we all go there and Todd and I were busy checking in pre-schoolers when Joseph's (my boss) phone rang. The next thing we know, he is getting ready to leave to go buy rubber boots....the person on the other end of the phone said, they daycare (that our church runs) is flooded. Well, he heads out the door....we go about our Sunday School business. When church was over I came home changed, grabbed my rubber boots and headed up to the daycare.

*SIDE NOTE* our daycare is at our old campus. We recently built a new church. Our old campus is used for ministry needs, daycare, food pantry, etc.

Well, when I arrived they were ripping out carpet, and wading through the muck of a broken pipe. We spent the next 4 hours cleaning out the daycare (removing furniture, carpet, trash, water) the cleaning crew came in to dry out the place and the staff called the parents to let them know to make other plans for a few days.

Please say a prayer for all of us at the church. The next few days are going to be filled with relocating over 100 kids so that way parents aren't put out more than they need to be, and all the other business stuff that comes with a business flooding. Our biggest concern is our families and getting the kids taken care of as soon as we can. So all in all...its been a wet&wild day. I am now relaxing with some sweet tea and chocolate chip cookies! how was your Sunday?? Did you get to rest any?

What's Cookin, Good Lookin?!?!

Probably one of my favorite sayings from my dear precious husband.

Tonight on the menu was Beef & Veggie Stew!

2lbs of stew meat...brown it in 2tablespoons of veggie oil.

Once it is cooked, add 2 cups of water

1tsp of paprika

1tsp of pepper

1tsp of salt

1 tsp of garlic powder

t tsp of sugar

1tsp of Worcestershire sauce

1/4 cup of onion

Cover and Simmer all that for 1 hour

then add in 2 cans of sliced potatoes (drained)

2 cans of sliced carrots (drained)

2 cans of mixed veggies (the onion with celery, carrots, corn, peas, potatoes, beans)

1/2 cup of chopped celery. *You could leave this out but I use it for a little crisp veggie*

Cook all that for 45 minutes

Then, drain out 2 cups of the hot fluid. In a separate bowl add 1/4 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of flour..mix that until it is smooth then add it to the 2 cups of hot fluid. stir all that then pour it back in the pot. cook until bubbly then serve with cornbread! YUM-O!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

blogging down the road

Isn't it amazing that I am riding down the road right. Now blogging away, how time has changed so much. We are on the way home from uncle charles' funeral, it was a very simple and short service,somewhat disappointing since the man lived 91 amazing years. After the service we swapped stories of Charles and Sarah and how devoted he was to her. He treated aunt sarah like she was the queen, I guess insight she was the queen,of his life...his heart. Uncle charles always wore a hat on his head,today it sat ontop his casket! So sweet. I held up well during the service, I was able to distract myself when I found out my friends maghen and mark were at the hospital in labor with swayze jane!! Death and new life all in one day, its the amazing circle that our Lord created. Amazing....simply amazing.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Evening! I am up past my bedtime to share with the world the best recipe I have had in a while! Madyson wanted to bake something tonight, well I am NOT a baker (besides cupcakes) I don't know how to do cakes, pies, etc. I am a cook. I cook food. I am not a baker! (Are we clear?) well I had a box of yellow cake mix and I was going to go the safe route until Madyson ran to the cookbook cabinet (yes I have an entire cabinet of cookbooks) and pulled out the COOKBOOKThe Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook, by Paula Deen. Now anyone who has eaten my cooking knows that Paula and I cook alot alike! I love to take her recipes and compare them to mine! Sometimes I will even make something of hers and not tell Todd and he will respond with "What did you do different? This doesn't taste like the way you do it!" (HUGE COMPLIMENT!)
But boy does Paula KNOW her desserts! Well, I started flipping through the book and found the recipe for Gooey Butter Cakes. We happened to have all the ingredients so I thought, why not.


Here is the Recipe in Paula's words:

"Gooey Butter Cakes
serves 15 to 20
I could write a full chapter on this dessert. It is the number-one choice in our restaurant.
One 18 1/4 ounce package of yellow cake mix
1 egg
8 tablespoons (1 stick of butter), melted
Preheat oven to 35o degrees. Combine ingredients and mix well. Pat into a lightly greased 13x9-inch baking pan. Prepare filling.
One 8-ounce package cream cheese, softened
2 eggs
1 teaspoon of vanilla
8 tablespoons (1 stick of butter) melted
1 16 ounce box of powder sugar
beat cream cheese until smooth. Add eggs and vanilla. Add butter; beat. Add powdered sugar and mix well. Spread over cake mixture. Bake for 40-50 minutes. You want the center to be a little gooey, so do not overbake!"
Are you drooling yet? I let them sit for about 15 minutes and they were DIVINE. the filling is amazing but it is more of a topping then a filling.

She also gives different ideas for variations. If you don't have this cookbook, add it to your collection. I am telling you, it is worth it!
Tomorrow is the funeral for Uncle Charles. We will be leaving early in the morning for Grenada. Please pray for our safety as we drive up north (not sure what the weather will be like) and for our family as we celebrate the life of Charles Henry Sullivan!

Grab your Button!!

That's right, The Broadus Bunch has a button! (located on the left side of the page at the bottom!) Feel free to add it to your page to support our crazy bunch! If you have a button let me know and I will be so happy to add you to our blog!

Well the Arctic Blast has now left us in alot of cold, some small flurries but no snow, no ice! Ill see you guys tonight to let you know if we finally do get any "winter weather!"

Also, If everyone could please say a special prayer for one of our church families. They are having to go through alot of difficult things this morning and they need God's strength and loving hands to wrap around them.

Thanks so much!
Hope you have a great day!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

oh what a day!

So I woke up this morning with anticipation that today was going to be the "Arctic Blast" that our meteorologist were predicting!! They said "as the day goes on, the temperature will drop, sleet, snow, and Ice will form." They warned us to stock up on bottle water, bread, & milk and to get ready to settle in! So thats what I did!! I made a special trip to the grocery last night, got some extra essentials (diapers, milk, water, bread, oreos =) ) and I was ready for this Arctic Blast!

Today the temperature was around 37 all day....rain...but no ice, no snow, no sleet...not yet! They say tonight is going to be in the we will have to see! If not, Ive got plenty of good oreos to last me through the weekend!

Todd came home sick today from work, strep throat...BLAH. This is his second time with it this winter. He took his meds and rested today now he is up cheering..."Roll Tide..."

Madyson and I had story time tonight since I have to work tomorrow to make up for missing Tuesday. You never realize how much you enjoy Fridays off until you have to work one!!

Saturday is our trip to Grenada, MS for Uncle Charles' funeral. I am really NOT looking forward to this. It will be like my first "grand parent style" funeral and I am hoping I stay strong.

I have begun working on a new blog, that I will debut in the coming days! Tomorrow is Poppy Seed Chicken Night! I love Poppy Seed Chicken! It is easy, and super warm and gooey!

Hope tomorrow leaves you warm and toasty! Do you have any Friday night plans?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday's Words: Letter D

D is for:


Madyson is in her first year of dance at "Just Dance" in Clinton. She is taking Ballet and Jazz and she loves Mrs. Page (her teacher!) This is a picture of Me and My big girl during the Christmas parade in December. The theme was "I believe in sugar and spice and everything nice"

our float won grand champion of the entire parade!!


a very important place in our family! We traveled to Disney last summer for Madyson's 3rd birthday and my 25th (ouch!) and Todd surprised us over the holidays that we get to go back this summer! I am a ultimate Disney mom. I love Disney World, I have been serveral times but it is such a special time when you get to go as a mom and see it through your kids eyes! Madyson still talks about our trip last summer, she remembers it all in details! Aubrie will be 2 and 1/4 when we go this summer so she will get to enjoy herself a little more! I have some awesome things planned for our trip (that you will hear about in the coming 5 months!!) but for now...

Happy Wednesday all!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Terrible Tuesday turned Terrific Tuesday!

So this morning I woke up way 3am. I just didn't feel good at all, I was tired, having trouble breathing...just all in all poopy! I couldn't go back to sleep and I was awake, so I called in to work and decided that I would stay home for the day and rest. Well, Todd was worried about me being home alone so he called in too, he said he needed to make sure I did nothing all day...(really I think he just wanted to be home) Anyway, he took the girls to school so I could rest, but as he was walking out the door my phone rang and it was my dad. My great uncle Charles had past away at 4am this morning. This broke my heart. I love my uncle Charles so much and even though he has lived a veryyyy long and successful life, and we knew this was coming, it still hurts. I never had a "grandpa". My pawpaw died when I was real young and my moms dad died before I was ever born so I have used Uncle Charles as my grandpa figure. He was a fine Southern man who loved his wife Sarah ( name!) for many years, since they were teenagers. He always had a good story to tell or a quarter to give and I have treasured all the times we have had together.
So Today started off rough.

I watched The Proposal, caught up on all my new food network shows I had in the DVR...ate some taquitos for lunch, then I had to go to Walmart to get somethings for dinner. Todd went with me and it is a good thing he did. I didn't even make it up the 2nd aisle before I was out of breath. I sat, he shopped, we checked out and went ahead and picked up the girls. By this time I was feeling a little better so went ahead and made dinner. After dinner my doorbell rang...went to the door and it was a UPS package from my sister, Renea...late Christmas happies! I love getting late gifts bc it keeps the spirit going! The girls loved their toys and I got cute pjs and a recipe book!

So I was feeling better, had some fun new stuff to play with, then a text came on my phone...with a picture attached! ITS A BOY it read!!! Crystal and Nick my precious friends found out they were expecting a little boy! This happened to be Crystal's birthday as well (and it just hit me I didn't even say Happy Birthday as I was shouting YAHHH into the phone!! I am so sorry!! I did facebook you this morning though!!)

So needless to say my terrible Tuesday turned terrific, and I am now ready to face Wednesday!
The weather is suppose to be extremely cold this week with possible snow on Thursday and Friday! That would be alot of fun!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 2 of this

So today I got up, got the girls dressed and ready for school, took my first dose of this medicine took the girls to school and went to work....needless to say, it was miserable. Dose #2 came around noon and that only brought on less energy. Positive news is, it is working. I have had #3 doses and my heart does not hurt but boy could I use a pillow, glass of milk, and a good movie.

Besides my battle with beta blockers, the only exciting thing that happened today is that it started to MISSISSIPPI, for the 2nd month...IN A ROW! They say its going to be in the teens this week and REAL snow on THURSDAY!!!

That would be exciting!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

a heart to heart

Today has been a whirlwind of a day. I woke up feeling horrible (again) i walked to the bathroom from the bedroom (10 steps) I was out of breath. I got ready, got to the car (chest pains, Shortness of Breath....)Got to Church to finish up somethings I remembered over the weekend (in tears because I was hurting so bad)

They sent me home so I went to the doctor. 4 hours of waiting, 1 EKG and 2 tubes of blood later, NO NEW NEWS! They know I still have tachycardia but the doctor said it needs more extensive test run. So they are sending me back to the Cardiologist. He did send me home with some beta-blockers that are suppose to make it better but he did warn me "these can make you very weak and tired" Fabulous, just what a working mom of 2 kids needs to be...Weak and Tired.

I did find out some interesting stuff though. Since I have been so uncomfortable over the past few weeks with these pains he said that is what could be causing my absent mindedness. Apparently when you are in serious pain you are allowed to forget things! I was excited to tell Todd this one bit of news.

Other than that, I am now confined to resting and relaxing. Madyson is taking "care" of me, Aubrie is loving on me. Todd is out getting my medicine and I am praying that this is all okay. Your heart is such an important organ, I can't imagine having to have something done to it. Please pray for me during this ordeal. Pray for Todd because I am so tired as it is that I feel terrible for him when this medicine starts. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Here we go!!!

2010 has begun and so far, we are off to a great start! New Year's Eve I was sick!!! So its a good thing we didn't have any plans! My cousin Josh came and got Madyson and took her and his son Toby to buy fireworks. This was great because it gave me a little break of 2 kids while I was sick. They got back and I fed the girls. Todd came home from work (yes, he had to work late on New Years Eve!!) then he and the girls went over to Josh's house to shoot fireworks! I sent my camera along so I could have some great pictures but you can't fire fireworks (even SPARKLERS!!) in our town and a neighbor called the cops! So this is the only picture I got!

New Years Day, My mom, Josh's wife Tina, and me went to see "Its Complicated". Now let me just say I normally don't watch R rated movies. It is just something I feel can be left out of my life, BUT my mom offered to pay and it was just girls, and she never goes to the movies so I figured it would be okay this one time. It was a very funny movie but defiantly based toward women! I felt horrible for the 3 men in the theater!!

Today was a great day! I woke up early, made breakfast, played with the girls, finished our Disney details. Then went to hobby lobby to pick up material for a tutu I am making for a friend's daughter's first birthday! (yes it was on sale and in my budget!!) then we came home, the girls took a short nap, Todd came home from work and then we decided to take the "Barbie Bike with a Bell"...aka *Madyson's new bike* out on its maiden voyage!

the first picture is her in the driveway! She was VERY nervous about going out in the street. The second picture is Todd and Madyson 1/2 to our destination (Meme's House!!)

She was very excited when she finally made it! After some hot cocoa and a rest she was ready to ride back home. And since Aubrie is too tiny to ride a bike...she traveled in style.

Happy New Year!