Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday's Words: Letter S

S is for 

Seriously, Sarah?

Do you ever stop and look in the mirror only to  wonder, "who is that?"

Sunday, that was me. I have been so consumed in life for the past um...2 years that I have completed neglected myself. I have gotten 2 hair cuts in 2 years. I color it myself so sometimes its good, sometimes its bad. I tan only on special events. My "caterpillar eyebrows" take over my life...I hardly wear makeup...Any of you do this?

Well, Sunday I was getting ready for church and I looked in the mirror and this is what I saw

Seriously, Sarah? I mean, when was the last time that I whitened my teeth? Got a tan...Fixed my dingy hair, and WAXED those atrocious eyebrows!!!!

So I have spent the last 3 days "fixing up"

and this is me today!~ Not that its a WHOLE lot better but...its a great start.
I had my hair professionally colored and my caterpillars turned into butterflies via my fairy best friend god mother, Maghen.

I hit up the old crest whitestrips....yes they work. And I stopped by Sun Gallery in Fondren and did something I have NEVER done before. I got air brushed. It was so embarrassing standing in this tiny room with this fit 18 year old? that was spraying me down with this cold concoction. But I have a tan, I am not getting skin cancer...and It looks natural! Not Orange!!!

So my challenge is to you, take some time and do something for yourself this week/weekend! Send pics if you  want too! Lets not let "extremely exhausted mommy-hood" take over our ability to take care of ourselves!
And while you are at it, throw out a tshirt! No more Burnt Toast!!!!

S is for

This is the plane people Madyson and I will be flying with for the next few days. Please remember us and our plane crews in your prayers. Safe flight!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Stork is back!...and weather reports

No, not for us.

But every 3-6 months, every person I run into is pregnant.

Right now it is

1) cousin
2) sister-in-law
3)Friend in Social Group
4) Blog Friend #1
5) Blog Friend #2
6) Social Tribe Sister
7) Favorite Red-headed Friend
8) Madyson's Friend's Momma
9) Niece's Friend's Momma

all within a few months of each other. I am going to be doing some serious monogram shopping!

And when the stork fertilizes the water, I always get asked, "Are you ready for another one?" My dad is the most persistent. Even though he has 7 grandkids and #8 cooking he ask me weekly...."When's my boy going to get here?"

The answer is, I am always ready, its just not my time right now.

I love being pregnant. Well, let me restate...I loved being pregnant with both of my girls for different reasons.

1) Madyson was so alert. Since I was on bed-rest, we bonded. I could talk to her and she would kick and squirm. I would move my hand to the opposite side of my stomach and she would move there. It was the weirdest and most amazing thing ever.

2)Aubrie was so calm. She would only kick for me. I had tons of energy with her and I wasn't a huge heifer like I was when Madyson had residence.

So I miss the feelings of them inside and the wonder of what they will look like. I also miss the nursery decorating and the name game. I can't wait to use my baby names I have picked out. I am in love so much with each of them, I would love to be able to use them both...Twins perhaps?

Luckily, my sweet precious cousin is allowing me to jump on her bandwagon. She lets me poke her belly...and is letting me go to her doctors appointment in a few weeks to find out the gender of baby.

I think it is a girl, although her step-son really needs a brother. He has girl cousins older and younger.His mom as a daughter and is having another one in a few weeks.

She is using the boy name that I picked out but isn't budging on the girl name...can you guess what I want her to name baby girl? Thats right, Sarah. Well really Sarah Bailey. She is naming baby  Bailey but I think Sarah Bailey sounds divine! Did you know I had a great-aunt Sarah? oh well, guess I will have to work on my nieces when they get old enough to have babies! Everyone needs a Sarah in their life!

And in other news.

Today I checked the forecast for California (before i zip up the suitcase)
and wouldn't you know it! Thursday-Rain high of 65. Friday-High of 65.
Just for kicks and giggles I checked Mississippi's forecast. Thursday: Sunny high of 85. Friday Sunny High of 82. Saturday Rain high of 72.

I am not an expert on this at all but isn't it ironic that I leave a state that has spring and rains all the time. To go to a state that is known for sunshine and get rain?

What about you? You gals have been awfully quiet lately! What's going on in your lives?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

You asked, I'll tell.

Here are the things you wanted to know about me!

What are your favorite places (retail and consignment) to get outfits for the girls?
1) Freckles Consignment Shop-Clinton
2) Leapfrog Consignment Shop-Madison
4) Peppy & Posh: Boutique Clothes (in Clinton)
5) Ebay
6) Target (play/school clothes)

I know you and Todd have been budgeting more this year. What resources did you use in creating your budget? 

No Resources, Just stress level.
Todd and I like to shop and buy things and our girls have more than they will ever need. Our problem was we would spend tons (like $700+ in 1 month at walmart on nothing...)

So we just sat down, figured out how much we needed for the month. Taking all shopping except the girls spring attire out. We ended up saving over $1000 a month. We just got rid of alot of our things we didn't need. Netflix, The Gym membership, dinners at fancy places, lunches out everyday... and we instead applied that money to bills. We are almost out of debt and its just March. It really works you just have to be willing to be disciplined and say no, even when you really want to say yes.

-How many children do you and Todd want?
Ideally 3 or 4. But we are completely leaving it up to God. He has already given us 2 amazing girls and if it is his will for more, either adopted or biological then we are open to that. We both know he is in control and his plans always trump ours.

-What would your dream house be like? What style, etc?
My dream house would be a 2 story southern style home, sitting on acres of land with an oak tree lined drive. There would be a wrap-around porch on the first and second floors. The floor would creak a little when you walked on it. There would be a claw foot tub in all 3 bathrooms. the house would be decorated comfortable. You wouldn't be scared to touch or live in the house. There would also be a screened porch on the back that had a little iron bed on it. Thats where I would nap, read, or drink my sweet tea. 

-What's your favorite movie?
I love all types of movies. Because I said so, Mary Poppins, Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias, Blindside, Remember the Titans, The great debaters, The Notebook...if it is touching, girly, or based on a true story. I usually like it.
-What's your dream vacation? 
Eating my way through Italy. Literally stopping at every restaurant and trying whatever the waiter brought me.
-What baby names do you like? 
Hatley, Kegean, Patrick, Kylie, Ava, Caroline, Elise, Claire, Hannah
we have a name picked out for a girl (EAB) and a name for a boy (JKB)
But thats a secret for when those kiddos come. Each of our kids have their own name
(Madyson) (Aubrie) then their middle name is after someone special (Shelby)(Kate)

-What was a favorite part of your wedding? 
My photographer, My dress, the amazing amount of flowers, having all my friends there to witness it. and the first time I saw Todd.

have you ever had any celebrity run-ins?
Living in Clinton we grew up with "Celebrities" as classmates or neighbors. 
But besides them
ToneLoc (sp?) The guy that sings "Funky Cold Medina" used my cellphone after his concert. It was a high light of my highschool year
 I have met Abe off of MTV RoadRules/Real World in 2003.
Corbin Bleu from High School Musical at Disney last year...didn't know it was him until I had embarrassed myself. 

Emailed Questions:
Why did you name your kids what you did?
Madyson was picked out since I was younger. But Todd chose the spelling. Shelby was my best friend growing up's middle name. Aubrie came from the fact we had no idea what to name another girl because we were for sure God was going to give us our we picked her name while watching Deal or No Deal. Kate is Todd's grandma's name

Do your girls enjoy school?
Yes. They love it. They literally wave bye to me when I drop them off. Madyson really learns alot and Aubrie gets tons of attention because her classes are small.

You've said you couldn't be a stay at home mom, why?
I have always had a desire for work. I loved to work growing up. I had my 5 year plan worked out. I can't stand to not be doing some sort of event work. It is my passion. But the girls changed all my plans. Now, I have the best of both worlds.

Favorite T.V. Show?
I love reality tv. If they ever have a Couples Apprentice, Todd and I will win.
But my all time favorite show is Bewitched, the black and white versions.

Do you cook alot?
5 nights a week. I make my menus on Saturday night and go from there. I don't cook on Tuesday bc of Community Group and on Wednesday we eat at the church.

Favorite Food?
Quesadillas, anytime. Turnip Greens and Homemade Biscuits when I am in a funk, oreos daily.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Keep them coming!

Wow the questions are coming in! I am going to take questions for "ask sarah" for 1 more day then I am going to spend 2 days answering them! Remember you can leave your questions for me in the comment box or email them to me!  Oh and if you have a question you would rather Todd answer, go ahead and ask for him! He needs something to do while I'm in California!

Friday, March 26, 2010


I have received emails asking if I would do an Ask Sarah segment for the blog. 

I really did not want to do this because 
1) I am scared no one will comment...i mean there can't be much you don't already know.

2) What if you ask something that I don't have an answer for?!?!

BUT in true blogger fashion, I have decided to go ahead and let yall shoot your questions to me!

You can post them in a comment or email them to me

Thursday, March 25, 2010

show us your life: Cleaning Tips

Oh how I love new cleaning supplies. (Cleaning not so much)

Here are a few KEY items we always have in stock.

Heinz Distilled White Vinegar 16ozWhite Vinegar: We clean our toilets and bathtub with this. Madyson has eczema so we have to be careful on what we use around her. The white vinegar gets the tub super clean and germ free.

Aqua Net Extra Super Hold Hairspray, Unscented - 14 ozHairspray: I use sharpie markers for everything, well Aubrie Kate has taken a liking to my addiction. The problem is she is 2 and gets it EVERYWHERE. Hairspray and an old toothbrush do the trick. just spray, scrub and throw in the wash and out it comes!

Mr. Clean-Extra Power Magic Eraser, 8 count
Magic Erasers: They are fabulous to get crayon off the wall, dirt off of leather shoes and do a wonder on mirrors! (click the link for a coupon!)

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda 1 lb (454 g)Baking Soda: Sprinkle it on your rugs, carpets, furniture let it sit for a few minutes then vacuum it up. Any pet, kid, or hubby odor will be gone!!!
3M 8164-T O-Cel-O No Scratch Scrub Sponge 3.7 in x 2.6 in x .8 in
OCELO No Scratch Sponge: I love to use them for cleaning carpets, pans, counter tops. Nothing sticks, they are two sided and they come in cute patterns!

Throw in some Mr. Clean with Febreze and you are good to go! 

My tips on Cleaning are:

If you haven't seen it in 1 month, and you find it, you don't need it. THROW IT OUT.

Clean out your closets every 3 months. If you haven't worn it, it doesn't fit, or its got holes or stains...get rid of it.

When doing BIG cleaning jobs have 3 boxes: Donate, Trash, Keep. If it doesn't go in one of these...its trash.

Don't stress if it isn't perfect.

Don't forget! There is one more week in the great closet clean out! Start your spring cleaning with me and enter to win a great gift tote full of fun goodies!

Nor Flesh of my Flesh or Bone of my Bone, but still miraculously my own. Don't forget for even a minute, you grew not under my heart, but in it.

Since posting that I would be going to California to visit my biological dad and siblings, I have received a few emails wanting me to address my adoption story in detail. So Here I Go.

When I was 6 days old I was adopted. I never went through foster care or lived in an orphanage. I went straight from my biological parents arms to my parents arms with just a 3 hour car ride separating the two. 

My parents had begun the adoption process and even though they had no idea of how soon a baby would arrive, they put a baby crib up in January of 84. They prayed to God for either a baby to come or the desire to have one to leave. They wanted nothing more than a precious little boy. That's right BOY.

One night shortly before I was even born, my grandmother had a dream about holding a baby girl in her arms. She called my mother the next day and described this baby in a white gown, with a little red heart at the bottom. 

The night I arrived in Jackson was a stormy Friday night. The social worker called from a gas station and asked if she could stop by for a visit. They didn't think anything other than she had more paper work for them to fill out.

When she arrived, she was holding a baby. Again, they didn't think anything about it because she had just had a baby of her own. My mom asked to hold the baby and she said, "Sure, she is yours." 

From this point in the story I have heard 2 versions. 1) that my mom screamed, wouldn't hold me and ran and stuck her head in the freezer because she was about to pass out from over excitement. 
2) that she held me and cried for hours. I personally believe the 1st version because most of the witnesses that night  went with this one. 

Like I said, they had a baby bed up, but nothing else. They didn't know I was arriving. So my aunts went out in the rain and bought diapers, and bottles, and formula, and clothes, and blankets and everything they could fit into their cars.

They say within hours the house was flooded with people. 

My mother received a gift, that I still have...holding on to it, incase I ever have my adopted child.

It says "Nor Flesh of my Flesh, Nor Bone of my Bone but still miraculously my own. Don't forget for even a minute, you grew not under my heart but in it."

I have asked my mom so many times how she instantly loved me? I literally was dropped into their lives and they were expected to care for me. She told me that she knew the second she saw me that God had created me for her and that she felt blessed to be able to be my mother.

And the baby in the white dress? Well, my mom and grandma found the exact dress in a local department store, but the only thing missing was the red heart at the bottom. Turns out...on my leg is a birthmark that looks like a red heart. (yes, this is a true story)

Fast forward 22 years later. I am a mother of 1 now, and a wife. I go to sit down at my computer to check my myspace account and I have a message. "Is your maiden name Scott and were you adopted". This was the statement that changed my life. After about 2 hours of dialogue, I have met my biological dad, Bob. We talked on the computer for a few days. I had to absorb all the information and thought that now I have a piece of me I never knew. Our first phone call was long....and awkward. I had so many questions to ask, but couldn't get them out. I just wanted to know everything about him. I remember telling him I had to be guarded because of all the weirdos out in the world. 

about 10 months later, the day had come. Bob, his wife Paula, and my two little brothers drove from California to Mississippi to meet me for the first time. I had just had Aubrie Kate and I was a wreck. I remember my heart pounding. My mom sitting with me in excitement and sadness at the same time. She was happy for me and thrilled to meet Bob but now she felt like she had another person to share with me, and the jealousy of that took a toll on her for the day. My dad, who never shows emotion, was just all okay with it...well at least he says he was. 

Bob called to say they were in the neighborhood. and I hugged Todd. I knew at that moment my life was going to turn upside down. When I answered the door, trying to hold it together I saw a man that I had heard of my whole life. See my parents had the description of Bob from the social worker, "Good looking, dark,Italian. Dark eyes, dark hair." and as our eyes met...I felt our souls reconnect. I knew this man before.

They came in, everyone hugged, my aunt and my mom said thank you to Bob about a million times. I think everyone was in tears at some point. 

They stayed for a few days and celebrated Easter with us. Luckily, I was on maternity leave so I got to hang out with them. It was a great visit.

About 8 months later, Paula came back for a girls visit. She is so amazing. She has loved and accepted me from day 1. She doesn't have to treat me like a child of hers. But she does, and I love her for that.

Now in 7 days we will all be back together under 1 roof. Besides the whole flying deal, the hardest part I am having is making sure my parents are okay with this. Family is a huge part of my life. HUGE. Their feelings are top priority. My mom and I talked about it the other night and I understand where she is coming from with her feelings. But what broke my heart the most was when she told me my dad was having a hard time as well. 

I have explained to both of them that they are my parents. They are the ones that loved me and nurtured me through all of my life. They are the ones that taught me my morals and my values. 

The greatest thing about Bob & Paula is that they has never "pushed" themselves on me. They have always been respectful of my parents and their feelings. I am comfortable with the labels of "dad" and "other mom or step mom" for Bob and Paula. But with respect of my parents, I simple refer to them Biobob and Paula. Madyson however has created her own names "Gigi Paula and GranBob". I think the GIGI part came from her favorite book GIGI, God's little princess. Paula resembles a grown Gigi. 

As an "adopted" child. I have a passion for families that want to adopt. I know it is a scary and costly situation but it can be a blessing for you and for that child. If Todd and I ever decide to adopt it will be a child from America. Probably between the ages of 3-7. I know that there are children around the world that need a home, but I feel for the kids here in America that sit and wait for a family to love them.

I truly am blessed that God gave me to my parents and then gave Bob to me. 
He did it at just the right time in my life. My mom asked me how it felt to have Bob apart of my life now. I told her the same as before, now just a few questioned answers the the little bit of a hole I had filled. She asked me what hole, and this was the hardest part to explain. I never, ever in my life have felt "not loved." I have always been the opposite. TOTALLY LOVED. but there was that hole or void in my life that always wondered, "Why wasn't I loved by them." Once I met Bob and he told me he had wondered all these years if he did the right thing, I knew I was loved. He loved me enough to let me go to have an amazing life. and he continued to love me throughout the years. Does this make sense?

Now the most asked question I receive is "what about your biological mother"? Well, I have never met nor spoken with her. BUT that is because of me. I know her name, what she looks like and some stuff about her from my sister Renea. And I love her, Renea and little sister Mary just as much as Bob & his family. But , out of respect for my mother I have chosen to not meet my biological mom yet. 
I want to make sure my mom is comfortable with the situation in hand before moving on. Thankfully, I have Renea (who I cannot wait to hug one day!!) who keeps me updated on her. One day we will meet, but right now, I have to respect my mother's feelings. 

As a tie in to my adoption story, I found this wonderful inspiration over at the Lancaster's page

A family named the the Oberhausers that are trying to adopt a child from Eastern Europe. Like I said, I love family so much. And my heart is warmed that this family is extended its love to another child that needs it.

The best part is an etsy store as jumped on the Oberhausers journey to bring their baby home. , Leah Larae Baby, is helping with their cause! From now until March 31st, she is donating 20% of her sales to the Oberhauser family. 

All you have to do is go and purchase an adorable outfit or gift from her site!

If you would like to help promote this cause here is the information:

Then this is from the Oberhausers:
The owner of this on-line shop contacted us today and offered to donate $1 for each time someone tweets, blogs, or uses facebook to promote this sale (up to $100)! So, if you feel so led, please promote this sale by using this link on your facebook account, blog, or Twitter account:

Then, send a link of your "promotion" to the following e-mail addresses:

Thank you for helping bring Vanya home! Adopted for Life, The Oberhausers 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday's Words: Letter R

R is for


My children's new obsession. They like them in a box, they like them covered with yogurt, they like them in cereal (yes they chose Raisin Bran over Lucky Charms!) It is a huge deal at our house now.


Madyson's first dance recital is coming up in May. She seems to be very excited to "dance on da big stage" but I personally, will be shocked....if she goes through with it.
We get her costumes next week. Don't worry you will get pictures!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pack your bags, we are headed to California

I feel like the entrance to this post needs to be the theme song to Beverly HillBillies.

Beverly Hillbillies: The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1

Over the weekend, I have been talking with BioBob (ya know, my biological dad) about coming to California to visit. If you remember the siblings post you remember how much I miss my little brothers. They are growing up so fast and I hate not being apart of it. So after some negotiating with the husband, Madyson and I are headed to California next week!

Now here is the pros/cons...because you know I have them

I have only flown 1x in my life. It was a straight shot to Disney. I have never had to change plans, or any of that. I have no idea how it works..etc. So Lets say, we are planning to go to california, we might end up in whoknowswhere?

Madyson has never flown. She had really bad ears as a baby so we have just driven everywhere to avoid taking her up in the plane. Well, Mississippi-California really isn't a day drive so flying is the only option.

I will be flying with a preschooler. So if I freak will she. Then we will end up on the Today show for being kicked off our flight for being freaks.

Todd & AK will be here in Mississippi for 3 days without us. =(

I get to see my fam!

Madyson has already begun amazing dialect about flying, heaven, clouds, pilots, etc. It will make for a great blog post.

It is WARM in snow like here.

Did I mention I get to see my family? =)

Madyson is so excited. She has already started to pack. She has her biggest hair bow outfits picked out. (WATCH OUT CELEBUTOTS....THIS SOUTHERN BELLE IS COMING TO TOWN!)

I have begun my fast research on the best way to travel with kids on a plane, how to get from one plane to the other, what can I bring, What do I not bring, how many shoes will fit in my know that kind of stuff.

Please Help Me!!!! If you have any great traveling advice, leave a comment below.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Really? It's almost easter?

I have been wondering what all the pastel candy was about in the stores. Guess it would have helped to know that Easter is in a few weeks!

I better get "hoppin"

This year's Easter Bunny isn't bringing his normal candy and cute little bunny dolls. He is filling our baskets with all faith based goodies!

I am so excited to have found this book

There's A Party In Heaven!

There's A Party In Heaven! a book that uses scripture to paint a picture of heaven for kiddos. Madyson is going to be so excited.

Aubrie will be receiving
The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name
I love this book. I use it in class to teach with. The kids really understand the language they use. And the pictures are cute as well. 

Then we will also be getting 2 adorable movies

The rest of our little baskets will be filled with cute cross eggs he ordered from oriental trading with different candies in them!

Besides that and the girls dresses, I am WAY behind. Todd and I are going to be the only 2 adults wearing black in the sea of pastels!

oh and adult white sandals....scare me. 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My To-Read & Saturday review

Most of the books I read are faith based or nicholas sparks. (I am a sucker for a sappy love story)

Well, My aunt gave me this book the other day. She was finished and she knows I am trying to read so many books a month that she thought I would like to try something new. So in my bag of To-Reads is 


by Kathryn Stockett. I have read the reviews and even though this isn't something I would have normally picked out by myself, I love to support any Mississippian. So, I am going to give it a shot! When I am done I will review it for you.  

Today was crazy busy. I started at 8am! Todd was home until noon then he was off to work for the rest of the evening (midnight) so I had to run all my errands before 11. This included home depot, taking clothes to Freckles Consignment Shop, Walmart, The Dollar Tree, and picking up a friend who was walking with Marathon Makeover and got sick and needed to get to her car.

Once I was home I was waiting on my sister to call to see if we were going to venture out with the kids to the St. Patrick's Day Parade, BUT Thing 2 (aubrie) took apart my phone without me when 1pm came around and I hadn't heard from her, I started my GREAT CLOSET CLEANOUT! Don't forget to participate! Your blurb doesn't have to be anything fancy. It can be very basic. I don't know alot about grammar and misspelled words, so don't feel like you are going to be judge on that!

I cleaned out the closet for 4 hours before making Tomato Sandwiches for dinner. You know you are raising your kids right when they ask for a "mater samich" for dinner =) Gotta love the south!

Friday, March 19, 2010

answering questions about heaven from a 3 year old.

Madyson is obsessed with Death. I have no idea where this comes from but for a few weeks she has been sobbing, asking grown up questions, and really trying to grasp death and what happens after.

She isn't getting it from church bc I teach the same lesson she learns and she isn't learning about death.

Today her question was, "Momma, when you die, do angels put you in boxes?"

After some q&a, I THINK she was thinking about coffins.

Being the loving mom that I am, I am trying to make death not scary. I really just want to say "Ive never died so I don't know" But with my child, my planner, you have to give her a direct answer. So the best that I could come up with is...
"Baby, when you die, your family and friends here on earth put your body in a box, but not you. See inside your body is your spirit. It is what makes your eyes shine, your smile so bright, and your sweetness ooze. That is what goes to heaven. God doesn't want a body in heaven, one that is scrapped up with boo-boos and that could have been sick, or hurt. He wants your goodness, your kindness, your sweet sweet spirit to come there. And when you die, the angels are here to take you by the hand to heaven. And there...there is no sickness, no boo-boos, no hurt. There everything is wonderful and it is nothing to be scared of"

Her response to me was, "wow, that sounds beautiful, I can't wait."

I don't ever remember being as inquisitive as Madyson is. I don't think I cared about heaven or hell until I was old enough to understand sin and consequences. Does anyone else with bigger kids ever get these kind of questions? How do you handle it? If you know of a good book or a bible verse (that a 3 year old could relate too) please share.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Great Closet Clean Out Contest!

Spring is just a few days away and I have decided to host "THE GREAT CLOSET CLEAN OUT!"

I am a VERY organzied person but our closets always seem to become overwelmed with stuff  every few weeks. Do you have this problem? and what better way to start spring cleaning than with the entire BLOG WORLD!

So here is the challenge.

1) take a before picture of your closet*
2) Clean & Organize!
3) take an after picture of your closet
4) write a short description of what you did, any products you used, new ways to use unusual things..etc.
5)email the picture & write up to me!

I, along with my very talented panel of judges will select the best closet clean out!

And the winner will receive a tote bag full of my favorite cleaning/organizing products!

You have until April 1st submit your entries! Good Luck!

*a closet: Your closet, your kids closet, the cleaning closet, the hall closet, the "don't open that door" closet....etc*
Oh, and that picture is from eHow.... it is my goal for one of my children's day!! *sigh*

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday's words: Letter O, P, Q

O is for ORDERS: OPEN!
I have been checking Brownie-Goose site for weeks waiting to see Orders Open, well the other day I clicked on and saw GREEN! I was so excited!

This summer my girls will be sporting the "Charlotte Dress"! Now to decided which fabrics?! Feel Free to Browse through Amy's selection here or join her facebook page and see some combos there! I NEED help!!

P is for PACI

I counted and in bed last night Aubrie had 7 paci's in bed with her.

Q is for Quilts

I have an obsession with quilts. When I last checked I had 17?!!? What am I ever going to do with them, who knows?!?!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some Little Laughs for your Tuesday Evening

The other day my mom and I were driving on the Natchez Trace. When out of no where she slams on breaks and starts saying "Sarah! Sarah!! Look at that Turkey!" I look up and see a buzzard sitting on the side of the road eating a dead raccoon. I say, "What turkey?" she says, "that one right there." I proceed to tell her its a buzzard not a turkey. Makes me SO glad we don't depend on her for food!

I spent 2 hours today researching new ways to make Rotel Dip. Didn't find any...Do you know of some?

Finally, In the grocery store today there was a mom with 6 boys, all of their names started with J except for the younger one...his name was "poo-pooh". When I commented on what an unusual nickname it is for your child she quickly responded with..."That is not a nickname, that is his REAL name." Seriously peopel?!?! I have a baby book with over 25,000 names none of them are poo-pooh.

Monday, March 15, 2010

7 things you probably don't care to know about me but will find fascinating.

Well, Katie put me to this challenge first. Then Ashley created a Linky thing so I guess Ill cave and tell you 
7 things you probably don't care to know about me but will find fascinating. I hope I don't loose any readers after these.

1) I have tattoos. Multiple Tattoos. Only 1 is visible daily but I have many 5 to be exact. I got my first one when I was 18. It was a stupid random night in New Orleans that ended in body art. Then as I grew (well each year until I was 22) I got another one. This time to symbolize something important in my life.
I have my original sun. no meaning

Then I have the chinese symbol for rat on my ankle. 1984 is the year of the rat, In Chinese, the Rat is respected and considered a courageous, enterprising person.  People born in the Year of Rat are clever and bright, sociable and family-minded.  They have broad interests and strong ability in adapting to the environment and able to react adequately to any changes.
They are gifted in many ways and have an easy going manner.  They are active and pleasant, tactful and fantastic, and are able to grasp opportunities.  They seem to have interests in everything and hope to participate in doing it and usually do it very well.

I have the "Jesus Fish" on my foot. I got this during the hardest time of my life. This symbolizes that no matter what I am going through. I know that God is walking with me every step of the way.

I have 3 stars that symbolizes My Faith, My Family, My Future

Then I have tribal markings to represent my journey from lost to found.

Now I know what the bible says about tattoos. I do understand. And like I said, I haven't had one since I was 22. But for me, it is my way of reminding myself daily of the struggles I have gone through to get where I am today. All of mine are tastefully done, in black and white, and all but 4 of them were put on my body by a Christian Praise Band Leader/Tattoo Artist.

2) I have the WORST vocabulary. I don't know if it is because I just don't read enough, or if it is because I can't keep things in my brain long enough. But my vocabulary is very simple. I have to look up alot of words that people use, to figure out what they are talking about. Big words don't impress me, so I guess that is why i have none in my vocabulary. And probably is why I am good at communicating to children?!

3) I sound like a chipmunk when I speak. I literally get mistaken for a 12 year old all the time. It is really annoying! The other day a girl scout came to MY house to sell cookies and when I opened the door and said hey, her mother's response was "is your mother home?" SERIOUSLY!?!?

4) I am always cold. It can be 100 degrees outside and I am cold. My iron levels are normal (finally!) but I am still cold.

5) When I get overwhelmed and frustrated I get angry. Real angry. Usually Todd gets the grunt of this. Which he has learned to control. He usually sends me to sonic by myself to eat greasy food and drink an entire Route 44 until I am cooled off.

6) I have a fast tongue and slow brain. I speak a lot of times before I think. Sometimes this is good because the honesty comes out that needs to come out. Sometimes this is bad. Then I have to apologize. I am the friend you take shopping with you. I will tell you what you look like in an outfit.

7) I think the word "smitten" is adorable.

There you go! I am suppose to tag 7 people but a lot of you I don't know! So you can leave a comment with your 7 things or link on Ashley's!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Aubrie's Birthday Wrap-up: Saturday

 Happy Birthday Aubrie Kate! this is alot cuter in person

 Saturday we celebrated with family and friends, your birthday!
You had Cupcakes (Swiss Chocolate & Funfetti)
An Ice Cream Sundae Station
and a Candy Bar!

You really enjoyed opening presents!
and coloring on your coloring table with your friends

Everyone loved your Funky Theme! It definitely matched your personality!

You had so much fun, you received 45 pairs of BIG GIRL PANTIES! and a new throne! You also got alot of dressup stuff, 4 purses, and a princess vacuum! 

Happy Birthday Big Girl!

Aubrie's Birthday Wrap-up:Thursday

AH! It is OVER. I have survived yet another birthday party!

Lets review starting with Thursday!

Thursday was her actual birthday. We took Madyson to school then headed to Aubrie's class to have a donut breakfast with her friends. After an hour with 7 2 year olds we decided to head out for our big day!

 We went to the mall, where I ran into my dear marketing friend Allison! We rode the carousel

and then we stopped into build-a-bear for Aubrie to make her bear...well she really made a Hello Kitty. But you get the picture!

After that we had to take hello kitty on a bus ride!

We left there and drove to Toys R Us! Aubrie needed some new sandels so we just picked them up there. After Toysrus we spent the next 2 hours at Chuck-e-cheese! It was fabulous! We had the whole place to ourselves! we ate pizza, salad bar, and played tons of games. We even saw the greatest thing in the world! An employee climb into the tube/slide thing with disinfectant and she CLEANED IT! I was so excited!

We left Chuck-e-cheese and went to pick up Madyson! 
We went to the park and had ice cream! It was alot of fun!
We went back to the house and sang happy birthday to aubrie! This was her reaction

 After a while she loved her cake! and was enjoying it so much!