Wednesday, March 25, 2009

guilt gut

So by the title you can see that things are getting to me. I have major guilt gut today and this is why.

Aubrie Kate decided she wanted to start throwing up this weekend. Todd's thought (stomach bug) my thought (she's going to get dehydrated) so we took her to the hospital. The dr's first thought (stomach bug) but her belly was really big so they did an Xray to see...and it turned out to be an obstruction in her stomach. Usually someone who had this would have surgery but my child of course has to be different. No other signs show anything is wrong with her except for the throwing up. So they put her on watch to see if she does it again. My job feed her very little "bland" diet and if she throws up again take her straight to the ER. If she doesn't wait it out. Wait it out??

I feel like my child is a ticking time bomb and I am suppose to sit and wait it out!? This is my 1 year old sassy girl!!

So after being home with her for 2 days today I am sitting in my office trying to get caught up on a weeks worth of work but I can't concentrate because I am worried about sweet little aubrie kate and feel guilty for being at work while she sits at daycare when I should be home with her!

Our government really needs to address this problem. If you are a working mom and you have a sick child or a new child, you should be able to go on a "maternity leave" with pay from the government. I think switzerland or sweden or somewhere across the ocean does this! Why shouldn't America?

On the positive side, as Aubrie Kate and I laid around the house eating pedialyte pops and boiled chicken, I did get our Disney Vacation booked! July 5th-12th we will be at the Caribbean Beach Resort in Disney World! our first "real" family vacation!

Monday, March 9, 2009

whoooooooooo hoooooooooooo

Whoooo Hoooo! Aubrie Kate's First Birthday Party is OVER!! It was a ONEDERFUL event!

Whooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo my reality tv obsession was fulfilled tonight as Dancing with the Stars (my all time favorite) brought Melissa from the bachelor and Holly from girls next door to the show!!! I love watching all the contestants dance and it really makes me miss dancing! It's okay though I will just live through them!

Tonight I had an Arts Council board meeting! I am inviting everyone to CHS on March 27th to see "Why I live at the P.O." a one woman show! It is free and everyone needs to go see it. FB me for details!

The next 72 hours are going to be jam-packed with stuff.

Tomorrow night: Shoe shopping with MeMe, outfit shopping with Mom.
Wednesday night: Dinner with Todd's gma, mom, cousins, aunts
Thursday night: packing, getting everything ready for the wedding, picking up todd's tux, and NEW GREY'S!!!

Then the weekend is a whole other story!
Leave for Gonzales
Check in to Hotel
Go to the Church
Decorate the Church
Go to Rehearsal Dinner Spot
Decorate Rehearsal Dinner Spot
Go back to hotel get ready
go to rehearsal
go to rehearsal dinner

Get up and get ready for wedding
return tux
on the road to N.O.

Taking the family to the Audubon Zoo!!

so much to do!! So little time!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

cooled off.

Okay, So now that I am cooled off from the stomach-churning Bachelor ending. I must say that I, like most of America, feel terrible for Melissa. Jason would have just been better off not proposing to either girl and exploring them both further. I mean he had been dating both of them for six weeks anyway...what difference would six more have made?

Anywho....I have found that my release right now in life is living through others. My stress level is so high that if I don't do something, I could possible have to be admitted. My "live through them" choices this past season has been The Bachelor, 17 kids and counting, Top Chef, and Biggest Loser.

So yesterday I choose to live through the lives of the contestants of The Biggest Loser! This is slowly becoming one of my favorite reality shows (and if you know me, I am a huge reality show junky)

I was very impressed that 18 year old Matt gave his years worth of groceries to fellow contestant Aubrey, a mother of five. I think he showed that he has a servant's heart and really can be looked at as a role model. He is young, trying to better himself by loosing weight the right way, and has a good heart. Snaps for Matt! But my love (i find one on every show!) is still Sione. I was crushed last night (while folding clothes) as he fell holding his ankle. The show ended with a nice "to be continued" which means holding your breath to find out if Matt pulled enough weight to keep everyone safe from elimination.

Well besides the normal stress (work, aubrie's birthday coming up, Josh and Kristina's wedding and all its chaos) I am making it!! 11 more days of this heart pounding stress then I get some relief.

Now...Just another Wednesday..

Monday, March 2, 2009


Seriously! After an entire season of The Bachelor I am done.

Sick. Sure wish I would have known Jason was a clinton boy.