Friday, May 28, 2010

SHOW US YORU LIFE!! Favorite things/Things that make you happy!

So I got really excited about this post because if you've been a Broadus Bunchie for a long time you know that I love to tell you random things about me!
If you are new, feel free to check out some of my other posts!

Lets get on to my favorite things!
In no particular order and yes I am leaving things about the kids out. They are my heart and I love them but there are some other things that make me happy

1) Oreos. Plan and simple. I should be the spokesperson for this company. 1 bag a week.

2)Burts Bees Chapstick.

3)Sonic Cherry Limeades on a Hot Day. Sonic Sweet Tea on any other day

4) Doing random things with my family (like our impromptu camping trip this weekend)

5) Food. I love to try food. I am not a picky eater so bring it on!

6) Disney (we are days away!)

7) My blackberry. Totally understand why they call it a crackberry. Don't want to know what the iPhone would do to me.

8) Coffee

9) Balloons

10) gift cards.

11) Old Navy Flirt Jeans

12) Cranking up Pandora and jamming out to random songs Ive never heard

13) Animals. Big or Small-Exotic or Domestic Doesn't matter

14) The Beach

15) Things that are pink.

16) 50% off sales at Hobby Lobby

17) Really Cool Pictures

18) Meeting new people

19) Board Games

20) Scrapbooks

21) Long talks with older people

22) Cupcakes

23) This Blog

24) T-shirts

25) Pizza

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Broadus Bunch On the Road!

I am so excited to be debuting that Todd and I (well I and Todd agreed to go along with it) will be taking the Broadus Bunch on the road this summer!

One of my favorite things to do is to travel. I love going places, eating food, and meeting people. I am not a fancy resort type person. I like basic stuff that is affordable and enjoyable. I like real people, real places, and I like to get there in a few hours!

The first installment of our summer adventures is going to be: On the Mississippi Roads: Coastal Camping

This weekend we will be heading out to the Mississippi Coast to enjoy the real Mississippi. We are camping out for 3 days in the Backyard of Mississippi, we are eating ONLY at Mississippi owned and operated restaurants and we are doing things that you and your family can do without breaking the bank!

Then when we return we will write about all of our adventures. Details, pictures, pros, cons, what we learned. Our plan is to expose our girls to the amazing tourism that can be found right here in Mississippi and to gain a new love for our state.

The Challenge?: We have a very tight budget (less than $200 for 4 people to have food, lodging, gas, activities, souveniers) Can we do it? Can we make it the entire weekend?? 3 days? I hope so!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eat JXN the new food critic in town

Who doesn't love food? Who doesn't love a chance to win free stuff? Who doesn't love HONESTY?!?!

I can't think of ANYONE!

Let me tell you about a new guy in town who goes by the alias "EAT JXN". This guy  goes around the metro-Jackson area and eats at all sorts of places. He then reviews them and tweets/facebooks/blogs about his experience.

He isn't some fancy food critic with a sophisticated pallet, he is an average Joe who enjoys food. And
ever so often he can sweet talk the restaurant into giving a free meal for 2 to someone who follows him.

Broadus Bunch follower, Katie has been one of his lucky winners! She and her husband Jared enjoyed a meal at CHAR in Jackson.

I love Eat JXN because the opinions are real, not sugar coated and he really helps you figure out where to spend your money, such a key item in today's economy. This stomach growling foodie has also grabbed the reigns of social media and has used them to provide us faithful followers with "tasteful" information.

I know a few of you are local and a few of you are surrounding states, but I highly suggest you follow Eat JXN on facebook, twitter or blog you never know when you will need to know a new place to take the family, who's service needs to be avoided, or who has the most amazing dessert!

sorry to keep you waiting

So sorry to keep you all waiting, Tuesday night is the time we fellowship with our community group and by the time we got home last night I had to get the girls in bed then catch dancing with the stars finale and of course see Glee's ideas of Lady Gaga.

So let me tell you how Madyson's day went.

When we got to school yesterday morning she had to apologize to 1) the Director of the 3k program. 2) Her teacher 3) the Music teacher. This was very hard for her to do and for me to watch. She bravely walked up to each of these adults and told them she was sorry for being disrespectful and that she isn't a follower but a leader. And she had learned her lesson and she would not do it again.

Each of these very wise women talked to her about what it means to grow up and how sometimes it is easy to fall behind the actions of others but that we have to learn to stand up and to be the leader, even when it isn't easy.

She was allowed to go on the field trip. 1 of the mom's dropped her son off and acted like it was no big deal. The other little boy's grandparents decided that if he couldn't go on the field trip he would get a special trip with them to a local water park.

I was commended by her teacher at being a "pro-active" parent and I thought to myself...I'm not being pro-active I'm just doing what a parent is suppose to do.

When I picked her up yesterday afternoon she had a good day. She played with her girlfriends and when one of the little boys tried to play with her she said she told him, " right now I need to be with the girls."

So, I think our lesson worked out. I keep reminding her that she is a big girl now and her decisions will either come with praise or consequences and she gets to choose which one she wants to receive.

As of now, our week is back on track. Thursday is "Movie Night" at the preschool where we watch a movie of all the activities the kids have done this year as well as go to their classrooms and see their artwork and such.

Then Friday is their end of the year Ice Cream Party! My niece Emma, who is 10, will be spending the day with me! and I am so excited. We are going to go to the Ice Cream party then we are going to go shopping and just hang out. It hasn't been just the two of us in a while so I am excited about that!

Then this weekend I have convinced Todd to go camping with me! So we are headed to the Mississippi Coast for some camping, shopping, and MUCH needed family time. The only thing I have left to do is find someone to teach my 4 year old Sunday School Class!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog Fairy Visits!

Looks like Leslie Lambert, My Blog Fairy, made a visit last night! I love my new summer look! (and yes, Todd had to help pick it out...remember we can't get "too girly", it is his blog too ;).

I will be posting tonight about the outcome of yesterday. Thank you all for the supportive comments.

Monday, May 24, 2010

It all begins!

Today was a turning point in our "growing up" life.

I got to school to pick the girls up and was immediately bombarded by 3ft tall people saying, "Madyson doesn't get to go on our field trip tomorrow, she got in trouble."

Madyson DOES NOT get in trouble. EVER. I mean at school at least. She is that strong-willed but respectful child. Well as I turn to Madyson to ask her what happens she says (as her eyes fill up with tears) I got my name off the school bus for being disrespectful and for being bad"

The kids are so loud talking to me about this that her main teacher (who stays to supervise the afternoon) comes in to explain that during music class madyson and boy1 and boy2 decided not listen during music, that they were being VERY disrespectful and that the boys even used dirty words. And that that usually means (getting your name off the bus) that you don't get to go on the field trip. But that madyson redeemed herself throughout the rest of the day so she gets to go but I need to consider possible having her moved classes so she won't be with these boys, that are "the cause of her problems"

My first instinct is to cry. My child really is not a bad kid. She has gotten 4 discipline report in 4 years. 3 were when she was 2 and she bit her friends. 1 was last year.

Here we are at the end of the school year and I am now finding out that she has "problems". So on the way home I just fought back tears and had to figure out how to handle this properly. So when we got home I sent her to her room to clean up and to have some quiet time.  During this time, I lost it. I just cried and cried.

Once I had my composure I went into her room to talk about what all happened. She told me it all started over boy1 saying an ugly word and boy2 saying it and madyson says she told them to stop and then they were tickling her and she got in trouble for playing and not listening then one of the boys did something to the teacher and they didn't get smarties and they all had to go to the room and got in trouble.

(keep in mind she is 3.75yo and this was 6 hours after the incident)

So I explained to her that it is not appropriate ever to be a follower of friends that misbehave. That how we act displays how we love and if we act out and not follow the rules it shows that we are not thinking with our hearts. We had a long discussion on what Mommy (&Daddy) expect, especially when we are at school.

She got it. She was really sorry.

She had to be in bed early tonight with no cartoons. and tomorrow she has to apologize to the teachers.

Even though I don't feel like Madyson should have gotten her name off the school bus, I still respect her teachers and want her to learn that it is not okay to misbehave, ever.

I am however having a hard time with a few things. 1) that all the other kids knew what was going on. Madyson says she was embarrassed by the way the other kids treated her after they found out that she was in trouble. Humility is something that I think plays a big part in how kids develop. I do not like her feeling this way.
2) What happened to the boys? Did they get their name taken off the school bus? They said ugly words (madyson shared what they said and it hurts my heart to know that she is being exposed to this at her age)

3) Should I have her moved? She loves her girlfriends in this class, I love the parents, I have bonded with the parents through field trips and such. Why shouldn't the boys have to move?

4) The boys are both being raised by young single mothers and their grandparents. Is she lacking something at home that is drawing her to these kids? Todd and I make mistakes, we do. Todd works alot to provide for our family and I get stressed alot doing alot of the parenting alone plus working. I don't know the living situations of these boys in details (but I have been around them for almost 4 years through school and church and have seen how they behave first hand. I love them to death but also know that they are usually in the timeout chair when I pick her up)

So after this meltdown and marking of my child being exposed to the real world I go to find Aubrie Kate, who I think has been eating a Popsicle in the play room only to find that she has been coloring.....

on the couch. Yes the couch in the playroom. She has been coloring with crayons and the Popsicle.

Needless to say, when Todd got home they were already bathed and in the bed.

I really hoped to have atleast 3 years before all the drama began. But I am now sitting at the cross roads of my baby being a big girl, and having to deal with big girl things and make big girl choices, and my wittybitty baby thinking she is van gough and having to learn to only color on paper.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Funday!

Today was a very relaxing day! We got up, went to was Senior Sunday so there was alot of people there early! We usually get there around 8:30 so we can get prepared for our classes and such.

After church we headed over to Todd's mom's house to have lunch. We had Barbeque and Potato Salad.. The girls played out on the deck in the wading pool for a while then we all came in and took naps!

After we woke up we had to come home to get ready for the week! This is Madyson's last week in 3k. She has a playtrip to the park on Tuesday, Movie night on Thursday, and party on Friday then she is done for the summer!

Since I work she will be switching over to 3k daycare (which is where they play & craft all day, instead of doing school work, science lab, and music class) She likes it, it is her "social school".

I miss summer break! How about you?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welcome to the Big Show!

We have survived our first Dance Recital! Madyson had a blast and that is all that matters! She even did 85% of the moves to the dances!!!

Here are a few pictures! She has requested to take again next year. So looks like we are on board for year 2. I love having a 3 year old that is in control of her own activites. My philsophy in dealing with this is, as long as she ask, she enjoys, and she never feels stressed she can do it. But I will never make her continue to do something if she is unhappy. It just isn't worth it to me!
Friday Night before Rehearsal!

Getting her hair teased. She wasn't too happy

This is Madyson and her Friend Morgan. Morgan's Mommy was one of my dearest friends growing up!
These were their ballet outfits. They danced to "When you wish upon a star!~" it was TOO CUTE!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Down the yellow brick road and over the rainbow!

Okay! So have you missed me? I think this is the longest I have gone without blogging in a year!!! I had to take a break to clean my house! UGH! I tried, it still isn't done...but its better! I'm hoping to finish Friday!

We have a big weekend coming up! Madyson's Dance Recital is Saturday!! So excited! But first, let me finish telling you about dreams and such.

Like I said, my dream was to be an event planner. I had my plan worked out and I was right on track. I had experience in multiple fields, I was actually good at what I was doing...I was living my dream.

Then one night, Aubrie Kate started throwing up. She couldn't stop. We went to the emergency room and they did an X-ray. The X-ray showed she had an obstruction in her intestine. The doctor explained to us that normally they would rush the child to surgery. But because the only symptom AK had was the throwing up and swollen tummy,  she wanted to wait. We had to go home and come back 48 hours and they would redo the Xrays. They gave us a list of things to watch for and we were to come straight back if any of these things happened. 

While we were on watch I had to stay home from work. I am the mom, and that is a mom's job. When I returned to work (AK was cleared of the obstruction) my heart was no longer there. All day I sat in tears at the thought of not being able to be a mom to my children. Also struggling was my marriage. Todd is an amazing husband but he works ALOT. and with me working 80+ hours a week...he was feeling overwhelmed and a bit forgotten. Was it worth me having my dream job if it wasn't making me and my family happy?

 I decided to do something that I hadn't done in a long time. I turned to God. I sat down with God and I said, okay Lord. I am back and I am ready. For years I have been living my dream but I am starting to feel that this isn't your dream. So I am open. I am ready to serve you. I set a date. I said, Okay Lord, May 8th is my day. If we don't have a plan by then, I will quit my job and stay home.

That afternoon I went to pick my girls up at school and the director of the preschool asked me if I was interested in changing jobs. I automatically perked my ears up and said, "what do you have in mind?" She explained how a position was opening up at the church and the lady would be leaving May 8th. I told her I would think about it, got the girls, got in the car, and started sobbing. 

I mean, how much clearer did God need to be? But work for a church? Really? Me? 

I talked to Todd about it. He said to try and if it worked out then it worked out.

That night, I had another heart to heart with the Lord. "God, you really want me to work for a church? Are you sure? I know I said serve, but really??"

I decided to see what would happen. I emailed the pastor of this department and started communication with him. I filled out paper work, turned it in. He emailed me back to tell me they would be doing interviews later in the summer. I continued my job at the zoo, because I felt that was what I was suppose to do. One day, before a big event, I just broke down. I was so tired, I had missed Aubrie's first steps, I had missed Madyson's first Birthday party she was invited too...I was miserable. I again begged to God to please use me as a servant, that I was ready.

I got a phone call to come in for an interview for the position at the church. I did. Then a few weeks later, my ebony came into my office at the zoo and told me she got a phone call from the church wanting a reference. That afternoon, all of my references called me to tell me they had been contacted. A few days later I was sitting in my office at work, and my phone rang. It was the church, they wanted to offer me the position. 

I was ecstatic and depressed all at the same time. I was so happy God was back in my life but depressed because I was going to give up my dream, to follow his. I kept thinking to myself, how much fun can I have working at a church? There are no elephants, no tigers, no networking, no parties....

But I was committed and I knew it was something I had to do. 

Here I am 2 months away from my 1 year anniversary and I can tell you that I am so glad I allowed myself to follow God's dream for me.

Working for the church has changed my life. I now think before I speak, I am involved with a small group, I have friends, I have my family back, but most importantly, I have a relationship with God. A great relationship.

And the sprinkles on top of my cupcake? Well...I still get to help with the zoo events. They say they "value" my knowledge and let me tell them what worked for me and what didn't. I give them names to call and then get to show up the day of the event and assist in anyway I can. The excitement is still there but the stress is gone.

Which brings me to my book I have been waiting to tell you about.

If you remember a few days ago I went to the new library and got a book. I checked out God Has A Dream for Your Life by Shelia Walsh.

God Has a Dream for Your Life

Remember her? The writer of my beloved Princess GiGi Books!

This book has been an easy read. Something I need! Here is what the description says about the book...
"Walsh, a popular songwriter and Women of Faith core speaker, has worn many hats (and shoes) over the years. It hasn't all been easy, however. While cohosting The 700 Club some years back, Walsh entered a psychiatric facility battling depression, feeling that she was living in a self-made virtual prison. She writes that though she gave her life to Christ at age 11, she could only give him her shame at 35, having lost the ability to dream and love as God had intended. Utilizing themes from The Wizard of Oz, Walsh takes evangelical women on a journey through Oz and weaves life lessons throughout. She asks poignant questions on gaining the freedom to love and be loved, to forgive and be forgiven. Claiming that most women go "gray" as a result of extinguished dreams and lifelong disappointment, Walsh tells them to believe in love rather than judgment, recognizing that God frequently uses pain as a bridge between individuals. The book opens forcefully, with Walsh making colorful connections between the messiness of life and God's sovereign, loving care."

I loved how Walsh used the Wizard of Oz as a background to her book. It made it easy for me to understand. It was something I, a regular person, could relate too.

My journey, my plan, was my Kansas. It made me gray. Once I decided to follow my yellow brick road (trusting in God) I found my Oz (happiness in life, fulfillment being a servant of God)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lets Talk Dreams.....Part 1.

Do you remember being a child and playing "when I grow up..."

What did you want to be? 

I wanted to be a Disney Eventineer, Cupcake Shop Owner, Doctor, and Actress.

As times changed, I grew, and Reality sank in. Those dreams changes. 

I knew event planning was something I was good at. I did restaurant events, corporate events, donor events for the Law school, weddings, birthday parties, then I started doing zoo events. 

I love(d) events. It became my passion. It was close to my dream. 

On June 5, 2010 I will be at the Jackson Zoo as a guest coordinator helping produce Dream Night at the Zoo.

This is a world-wide event that allows children who have special needs, terminal illnesses, physical disabilities to enjoy the zoo with their family for free.

This year our team has collaborated with the community driven news team of Fox40 and the caring hearts of St. Dominic Hospital to give these children the chance to be whatever they want to be when they grow up, all in one night.

10 stations will be sat up throughout the zoo. Everything from Firefighters, policemen, doctors, artist, teacher, military, ZOOKEEPER, vet tech and even News Reporter.

These families will be able to walk the red carpet like movie stars while being photographed by official dream night paparazzi! They will get to dine on yummy snacks, have entertainment to enjoy...all at their own pace.

This night allows them to forget about the hospitals, the limits, the world that they are considered "different in". During this night, they are just regular kids who get to do regular kid things.

When they leave, they will be given gift bags and a web address that they will be able to refer to anytime they want to see themselves become their dream.

This event is my baby. I started it last year and I am helping continue it this year. 
I am blessed to have such a great support team and we are blessed to have such amazing zoo staff that dedicate so much time into making dreams come true.

Stay tune to tomorrow...we go over the rainbow...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday: head full of ahhhs

Well this morning (around 4am) I woke up and I couldn't open my eyes. I had an intense pain behind them that felt like someone was pounding a screwdriver through them. I sat up in bed and figured I was dying. (or going blind) and starting to think about what life would be like if I couldn't see again. I know I would run into everything all the time because I am the most klutziest person ever. But it would be so sad that I would have to base things on how I remember them.

A few minutes of panicking turned into a day of wearing sunshades around the house. It was just a migraine but it was awful! Turns out I have sinus problems now (on top of my anemia and thyroid junk) getting old is for the birds.

I stayed home and sat around seriously doing nothing. I didn't clean, I didn't watch T.V., I tried to read but that hurt so I just sat. I prayed some, I sorted out some thoughts that were bouncing around and I slept.

It was an odd sort of day.

Finally around 2pm I started to feel better. Medicine was kicking in and I could take the shades off and read some. I got the girls from school (thanks to my mom who took them there this morning!) and came home and made dinner and cleaned up both of the girl's rooms!

Glad to be feeling better for sure!

Have you ever had a day like today? That you literally have done NOTHING?!?!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some real stuff...

So I am not very good at being transparent all the time. I still deal with a lot of image control issues. I am working on getting away from looking like "the ideal mom that has it all together.." Because I am far from that. I manage and get by. Sometimes,  I get lucky and do a few really good things back to back...then sometimes I mess up!

Lets start from last week.

I looked at the calendar and realized the date. The first thing that came to my mind I late? As you know, Todd and I desire more children. We have been praying about adoption but the chance of having another biological baby is always there. At first, I found myself angry about the possibility of being pregnant. Yes, angry. It wasn't the thought of the baby, it was the thought of not being able to ride Expedition Everest at Disney (small I know), the thought that again, my plan was going wrong. *Finish house, buy house, finish school, have a baby (unless adoption happens then it will go before all of these)*
Then I stopped and picked up a book at the library (remember the one that I am going to tell you about later this week)

As I began to read. I realized that here I am, trying to live a Godly life and saying that I will except any child that God gives me...and I am, angry??? Talk about a slap in the face. From that point on, I decided okay. I am sorry. If this is what is going to happen, I am going to rejoice and be glad it is. I mean how good of a witness am I if I say I am going to do one thing (let God be in control of my children) then get angry when the possibility of having one comes up. You have to walk the walk. and not just talk the talk. But then on Mother's Day...Aunt Flo came to visit and ruined that whole idea.

But I am glad it happened.

It reminded me that I am not in control all the time. That God has a huge plan for me and regardless of what my timeline is, it is going to happen.

I have trusted in him, a lot over the past year, and he has yet to let me down. When I entered into the spiritual battle with Satan, I was without armor, without a clue how to fight back. All I knew was that EVERYTHING was falling down around me. I would go to our weekly calendar meetings at church and request that everyone pray for me. One of my spiritual role models kept telling me, stay strong, keep focused on God and you will pull through. She was right. I started reading my bible, joined a small group, began teaching, and doing my best to live the Word. I changed my lifestyle, my vocabulary, everything. God stepped in and wrapped his arms around me and lead me through the battle. I came out okay, and yet I was angry when I thought that I could be having another child?

So over the past few days I have been stepping back and reevaluating things. Instead of a plan, I have made a list of goals. Not in any order, just a list. As they happen, I am going to cross them off. I have trashed the five year plan. I am, again, going to try to surrender and remember that I am not in control of the big picture. And remember who is!

Another thing I am struggling with right now, which is wayyy out of the norm for me, is organization.

I am having a very hard time focusing on cleaning and organizing. I switched the girls rooms around and moved stuff and just left it. I have washed all my laundry  but it is just sitting in baskets. I just don't want to do it. Last night I swept and vacuumed for the first time in 2 weeks. DISGUSTING!!! I had a drive that I loved after January and come end of March it was gone. I am having a very hard time finding it. and it NEEDS to be found.

So I am planning on spending this weekend being productive. Friday/Saturday/Sunday. I am helping with an event at the Zoo Friday, but once everything gets rolling, I am leaving. Ive gotta start prioritizing. Again!!
Getting focused and back on track!


Monday, May 10, 2010


Today the Disney BUG bit me!! I haven't really been as excited as I was last year about going. I don't know if it is because the feeling of "the first family trip" is over or if it is because I am stressing because I don't know if I should have a party for Madyson or let the Disney trip be her party...but something just hasn't tickled me yet...until today!

I got so excited because I started thinking about how magical this year is going to be because my parents are going with us! I didn't have grandparents growing up (I had my Maw and my Nannie but not a set of grandparents) and we certainly didn't go on Disney Vacations with them, so this will defiantly be a memory for the girls. A fun trip with Nana and PawPaw (and I think they might even get lucky and get a beach trip with Grandmomma and Grandaddy this summer as well!!)

I also started doing some thinking and changed our Dining reservations up some! (You will have to read about that over at my disney blog!)

So now I'm itching for the magic to begin! So ready to start packing, and doing details such as strollers and such. Last year was so amazing, I am hoping this year is just as great!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

An Ode to the Wonderful World of Motherhood

Usually the first moment when you discover you are becoming a mother is when you are washing your hands from taking a "test". I remember wiping my hands on the towel, picking up the box and reading it will take 3 minutes then...


Funny how an 8 letter word can change your life.
For 9 months (estimated) you go through a tons of emotions. Highs from hearing the hearbeat, finding out the sex, and control of your emotions, stress, and sometimes the loss of your child.

You go through hours of pain and labor only to discover you have to have an emergency C-Section. The first time around, you have no idea what is going on , the second time you are ready.

Usually about 15 minutes (or less) later you are a Mom. 

You hear the cry, you feel the tears, your life is changed forever. For a brief moment the baby you have carried inside of you is still connected to you, then snip! The cord is cut, and now it is your responsibility to protect this child on the outside world, just as you did while it lived inside.

The first time around you love the instant bond you have with your child. You dream all the dreams of what you want it to be when it grows up. You panic over the little things, you spend tons of money on the best diapers, the best organic wash the paci everytime it hits the floor.

The second time around you still love your child, but you wonder how can I love this baby as much as I did my first? Will it be the same? You introduce them to each other hoping baby 1 will love this baby and have an instant bond with it. You think it will make it easier on you if they love each other from the start.
Sometimes you get lucky...and they do.

When #2 comes around, you are more prepared. A paci on the ground gets the 5 second rule, Hand-me-downs are acceptable, and you know not to call the ped nurse when the snot is green.

You are finally getting your mom feet underneath you, and that is a good thing.
Because these precious children start to grow...and grow.

One day you come home and pick up your camera only to find that your oldest has hijacked it and snapped photos of their favorite television shows. 168 photos to be exact.

You are okay with a family photo that is a mess....

you are thankful that as they grow and potty train, they know how to cover the toilet seat, just like you do... weather out in public or at your own house!

You take them on adventures to meet their favorite people (besides you of course!)

Your date nights turn into family nights. And thats okay, you enjoy seeing their joy as they experience "big kid world"

Then the day comes, when they leave you, even if for a brief moment. They spread their wings and they go. 

you love to capture the precious moments...even when there is a streak of chocolate milk coming out the side of ones mouth... Because you never know if you will get another chance to remember that.

You spend afternoons playing outside. Sidewalk Chalk, things with wheels, and balloons become your accessories.

You spend afternoons playing in leaves

You snuggle to keep warm. And for a minute, you stop, smile, and breath in the love that radiates from your children.

As time goes on....and they get bigger. Family pictures start to get better.

The World of Motherhood is a Wonderful World. It is tough and at times it can hurt, but it can also be filled with joy and lots of laughter.

To all my mother figures...I thank you for being the fabulous women that you are. For being role models and being ears. For being hugs and shoulders to cry on. For being there. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010


The day started off EARLY! We had to be at Todd's mom's at 10 so we could help pick out new kitty, Ruby! We had so much fun picking out the kitties with our new little "brother" Max! (guess who named them?)

They are working on loving each other!

After Ruby was settled we went out to eat for some Olive Garden (my favorite lunch spot) since we knew tomorrow was going to be insanely busy with church/baby dedication etc.

We enjoyed our lunch and then came home for the girls to nap.

While the girls were napping I took a trip to our new city library!
 It is very nice! Today they were having a book signing. The little girl (Elizabeth Dampier) who plays the voice of Princess Tiana in The Princess and The Frog was there signing a beautiful princess book. I got the girls a copy to add to their collection of autographed books!
photo from Clinton News Website Melanie Thortis

Now that I have made it through the alphabet of Wednesday's Words I plan on participating in SD's Won't you read to me Wednesdays!

After I got the book I decided to strum the adult books for a new read. Remember I am trying to read a new one every month! I landed on a great book I plan to share at the end of the week.

Oh and for those that are wondering if I finished the Help? I got pretty far in it then misplaced my copy. I have found it and I am starting over this weekend! It is placed on my nightstand for next to read.

When I left the Library I got a phone call from my cousin Kristina. There was a snake in her yard and she is petrified of them. I went over to her house to get the snake out of her yard, my plan was to catch it and take it to my house and release it in the woods behind my house. Her father-in-law (my uncle) was there and decided to kill it. So I caught it, he killed it. Then we had to bag it up and put it away. I hate killing snakes but I hadn't seen one like this before out and about.  (and remember I worked at a zoo!) so I agreed to allow him to do it, just to be safe. 

After the snake incident I had to come home and get the troops ready for a birthday party! Our sweet Charlie (whos daddy is like a big brother to me, and whos momma is one of my dear friends) was turning 1! So we went to celebrate with them!

Now we are at home, and in bed!!! Good Night Y'all!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Show Us Your LIfe: Baby Names

This is something (like alot of women) I LOVE!

Madyson was easy. I have always loved the name Madyson. Todd liked the uniquness of the Y instead of the I so we went with that. And my best friend growing up's middle name was Shelby. She passed away the summer between 9th and 10th Grade. Everyday I still think about her and love her, wondering what life would be like with "Aunt Jennifer" here. So It was so...Madyson Shelby.

Aubrie Kate wasn't as easy. We really had our heart set on a boy. So when we went for the sonogram we took our blue book, and our boy name. Just a few seconds of Aubrie being on the screen, Todd said, "Oh, Its a Girl" She stayed Girl Baby for a long time. Almost until she was born. But one night Girl Baby was moving and we were watching Deal or No Deal. I told Todd how I think she likes this show because shes always seems to move while its on. He said "well I like model #23." Her name was Aubrie. I thought about it for a moment...and said okay, well lets make Girl Baby Aubrie Broadus! Well Aubrie Broadus needed a middle name. So Todd picked Kate, after his grandmother and mom Kathy.
And she was born....Aubrie Kate Broadus

Broadus Baby #3 already has a name weather it be a girl (E.A.B) or a Boy (J.K or S.B)

But other names I would love in case I ever have a lot of kids like the Duggars are...



We always try to have a family or special name in the mix plus something unique!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Final Wednesday's Words: Letter Z

Z is for Zoo

The job that I loved to pieces!

Before I became a full-time servant of the Lord I was an event planner for the Jackson Zoo!

This was a dream job for me because as a child, my parents would bring me there all the time. I had tons of fond memories of me and my family at the zoo!

This was an amazing job!

I loved planning my events, (even though there were a lot of them, bt March-October.)

I love the staff at the zoo!

And of course I loved the animals!

Spending a day with chimpanzees, elephants, lemurs, and giraffes can make any job 10x better!

At the zoo I witnessed the birth of a baby giraffe. That is certainly something not a lot of people can say they have done.

I enjoyed seeing a baby tapir with stripes!

I got to hold a hawk and an owl on my first International Migratory Bird day!

I had little lemurs crawl in my hair.

And my favorite most special time was one on one time with my girls Rosie and Juno.

I planned the zoos 90th birthday party! and revamped the Ice Cream Safari!

I perfected Boo at the Zoo and I also got to go and speak to local clubs about our wonderful, little zoo!

I am thankful for the opportunity to work for the zoo, which is why I am still a volunteer there. It is an amazing place and even though it is small, it is still full of memories!