Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend a peanut shell

So we know what Friday was about...BATHROOM UPDATE. I love it. Today I even cleaned the floors ( like hands and knees scrubbing...very proud of myself)

Saturday was another BEAUTIFUL day in Mississippi. Todd & I loaded up the girls and drove to Dunkin Donuts! We love donuts in our house and the girls love Dunkin Donuts...Hot white chocolate and strawberry iced donuts with pink sprinkles....doesn't get much better than that!

(yes, I know Ak's bow is huge. She picked it out by herself and LOVES it...she wants to wear it everyday. I pick my battles. According to the lady at the bow store...the bigger the bow the closer to God. *since they don't have poofs yet!*)

After the healthy breakfast (no comments Kristie) we headed to my new favorite place. Hudson's in Pearl. I recently discovered Hudson and even though not everyday is a hit sometimes you can find cute little things. This week I got 4 throw pillows for the playroom and a picture for the playroom for $15.00 bucks. Can't beat that!

We then headed to Toys R Us to let AK pick out a birthday gift for her from Madyson. 2 hours in the store and all she wanted was a 6 pack of princess high heels that she already has.
so that was a flop!

Next we had a picnic in the park and then came home for a nap!

Today was full of Church and Cleaning. I am finally starting to learn the roles of a housewife. For 5 years I have been a working wife. 80+ hours a week, bringing home the bacon. Now the roles are reversed and even though I work, I am only working 32 hours a week in a non stressful job. So I am having to learn how to be a housewife. I have been busy organizing all the stuff around the house, cleaning floor to ceiling and then of course, tending to the babies!

Babies...not so much =(. Aubrie will be 2 in 10 days from tomorrow, Madyson's ear-tubes she has had for almost 4 years are about to fall out, and my stretch marks have gone from purple to white. Its so hard to be prepared for life with kids. You feel like they are never going to start crawling, walking, talking, pottying, then they are 1 year away from kindergarden and concerned with death and picking out high heels for the 2nd birthday!

I think its time for a bubble bath and chocolate milk.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

mini reno.

Okay, so it isn't finished yet! Todd had the day off and this is the last Saturday for 3 weeks he will be home so I had to take advantage and spend it as a family. I promise to finish the bathroom tomorrow but I wanted to show yall what all I had done thus far.

This is before. I told you. TACKY!. White cabinets with pink facings gold and tan walls...70's light fixture...just awful! (ps i was cleaning out the cabinets when I took this picture..that is all the junk on the top)

and now...11 hours and $130 dollars later we have.....
(not a very good picture taken with my phone)

I still have to put in the new faucets I purchased from Amazon and change the electrical socket from off white to white and clean the floor and put the new amazing rock rug I am making , and then finish the picture frame/medicine cabinet but all in all it is done and I love it!

What all did I do?

Well I sanded the walls & the cabinets. I have found that sanding the walls that are caked on with paint makes it easier to fix. I filled in all the holes, then primed and painted with Glidden Misty Moonstone Eggshell (it is a blue/grey) Next I painted the cabinets ( Walnut Bark Highgloss) and trim (Marshmallow White) I changed the light fixture and the hardware on the cabinets. Then I took our old ugly medicine cabinet that had a shutter as the door, and painted it and took a 16x20 frame and attached it as the door, I painted it all to match the wall and tomorrow I have a really cool picture that is brown with a white leaf on it that I am going to add to the frame so it wont look like a medicine cabinet but a picture on the wall...Clever huh? Also, I had some molding left over from another project so I created a frame for the mirror and painted it to match the cabinet.

I added a few accessories...A chrome toothbrush holder, 2 white candlesticks that I got at Belk for $2.00 each when they were on clearance and the candles came from the dollar tree. There is also a small 4X6 white frame on the side of the sink right in the door that I got at Burke's for $2.99.

So there ya go! My mini Bathroom Renovation in 11 hours and for $130 dollars!

Friday, February 26, 2010

11 hours!!

Okay so I am soooo excited! I have been working 11 hours on the bathroom and it is almost done!
I am cover head to toe in paint but my bathroom is almost beautiful!

Tomorrow I will post the pictures of before and after and tell you how much I spent!!

But for now, I have a roller calling my name!!

p.s. If you want to go ahead and guess do it!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The day has come

So today is the day I have been dreading for over a year. The day BEFORE the bathroom mini-reno.

Now I know you are all laughing at the thought of a mini-reno but amazing things come in small packages.

Our front bathroom is horrific. It is pepto pink with GOLD stars. A few weeks ago I got so sick of its nastyness that I ripped the medicine cabinet from the wall...tore down the towel hanger and through all the junk out. It is time to make the bathroom some sort of pretty.

So today, is the trip to the local Home Depot to purchase 3 buckets of paint (1 wall color, 1 cabinet paint and 1 trim paint) moulding, new faucets, try to find a new light fixture, get some new pretties and make this mess presentable.

So why do I dread something that is going to be fabulous? Because I have to do it. Part of the deal of buying my parents house and making it our home was we knew what lied under all the uglyness. And with my skills of remodeling, Todd agreed to let me keep my "home" as long as I don't spend any money paying someone to do what I can do. I know that sounds kind of bossy of him but really I understand. We could have moved into a new house with everything updated and move in ready but we would have had to sacrifice space and i love the space of my parents house.

Todd loved the layout of the house, it just needed A TON of work. so room by room I have been updating, nothing big (like the dreamed about hardwood floors, new crown moulding throughout, and the amazing laundry addition) but enough to make the 70's paneled walls, the pink wallpaper foyer, the gold starred bathroom, the emerald green hallway (yes my parents lived there for 20 years and never updated the weird decor..they just aren't into that sort of thing) presentable.

I know I will be so proud tomorrow as the bathroom looks presentable, I just wish it was going to be a HUGE reno that included walls coming down, new tub, new tile and all that jazz. But like I said, amazing things come in small packages.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Princess Gigi: A review

A few months ago my mom bought Madyson a movie from the lifeway store called "Princess Gigi". It sat in the clear wrapper for weeks before we unwrapped it. Princess Gigi didn't look like a princess at all...she looked like a curly head, Madyson. She didn't look like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty...there was no wicked witch...there was no dwarfs. How good could this movie be?

Well, it is fabulous. Gigi is fabulous. Gigi is now Madyson's new princess of choice. She has the Princess Gigi devotion bible, movies, and story book.

Gigi is God's Little Princess. She is a little girl, just like Madyson. She goes on adventures and she teaches little girls that they are already princess because they are the children of the King of Kings.

We love Gigi at our house. She is a great princess to be like!
If you a royal mommy looking for a great role model for your little girl, I highly suggest Shelia Walsh's Princess Gigi series!

Wednesday's Words: Letter L

L is for


...Laundry is Satan in our house. I don't mind washing and drying it. But putting it up is miserable. I think it is because we have tiny closets and large amounts of clothes. On an average week we can go through 6-8 baskets of clothes & towels. Which is like 1.4-2 baskets per person. I try to dress the girls in the same color all week so I can wash all their clothes at one time....hasn't really helped.

We also have basic washers/dryers. I think for my anniversary/Christmas I am going to see about investing in the new super cool washer & dryer...hopefully by then my laundry room will be cute?!

People a little bit at a time, everyday and it will help you stay on top of it.

But it doesnt?!?! Is that sad? By the time I get home from work, get dinner on, do some work with the kids, put on laundry, put it in the dryer, wash the kids, get them ready for bed, fold the laundry, put it up, it is time for me to go to bed.

I really tried to just live. and wash and dry the laundry then dump it on the dining room table fold it and just have everyone come by and pick up their own stuff and put it up....that didn't work either.

Todd's favorite method is to leave it in the laundry basket and just get it out when you need it. That drives me crazy.

and one day I flipped and I threw out half of mine & todd's wardrobe because we I didn't want to wash it.

If I could have my ideal laundry room it would be HUGE with 3 washers and 3 dryers. It would have massive storage and laundry hampers built in and organized. It would be fabulous. there would be a table for folding, it would smell like heaven. It would be warm and wonderful. it would have a cute craft area, it would be bursting with personality! Its easy to make a chore fun in a fun space...maybe a little mix of these?

However, when I was searching for images of laundry rooms I stumbled apon this

this could work in my laundry room the size is about right, we have those washers and dryers...the color is bright...who knows?!?! We will have to see!

but until then I have this tiny little room with a toilet in it..(yes, a man designed our house you can potty and fold laundry all at the same time!) and some tacky storage.

and no you aren't getting a picture because I am afraid my camera would break =)

Monday, February 22, 2010


The angels in heaven are singing praises! Kristie (my cousin!) and
John (her boyfriend for too long)

Are finally ENGAGED! It happened Friday Night and I am so excited!

Kristie has been my best friend for 25 years. She always shared all her stuff with me and treated me like I was her age when I really was 3 years younger. She let me hang out with her friends when I had nothing in common with them and never made me feel like "a baby". Kristie gave me my all of her American Girl stuff when she was "too big" and I still have it and treasure the day I get to give it to Madyson & Aubrie Kate and tell them all about how "Aunt Kristie" shared with me and now I am sharing with them! She is so special to me and I am so excited for her that she is going to be a wife!

...notice the ie of her name. That is why Aubrie is and ie instead of ey. a little nod to Aunt Kristie.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

give them wings and they will fly

So it is Saturday....and it is almost over.

Today has been a big day in the Broadus household. First off, it was my first full Saturday as a single mom. Todd had to work his first full-day Saturday today and I had to do parenting by myself. I was scared, but last night I received a text that I knew would help me today but break my heart all at the same time.

Wendy is a mom friend of mine. We work together at the church, we field trip together because our daughters are the same age & are in class together, we talk about mom stuff, girl stuff, just about everything. We are both Communication/Public Relations people so our personalities match really well. I love Wendy to death. Last night she sent me a text to see if Madyson could come over to her house today to play with her daughter Sara-anna. I, of course, said yes because I trust Wendy 100% she has been doing this mom thing for 6 years and hasn't killed one of hers yet, plus we have really gotten to know each other over the past few months. Then about 45 minutes after I responded it set in what I had just done. I had just given Madyson her first set of "Wings". This would be the first time Madyson has gone to a friends house, without me, and stayed for a few hours. This would be the first time Madyson has ridden in a car with anyone besides Me, Todd, My Mom, Todd's Mom, Todd's StepMom, My Sister, or My Dad. My baby was growing up and I had to let go and let her fly.

I think I cried for 10 minutes. Not because I was scared something was going to happen, but because my first born was now old enough to go off and have a playdate without me. She is growing up. She is no longer a baby that needs mommy all the time, it was a hard knot to swallow but I knew she would have an amazing time and I knew it had to happen sooner or later.

So this morning I woke up and rearranged the furniture, got the girls up, ate cereal with them, got Madyson ready and we went outside to ride bikes while we waited on Mrs. Wendy and Sara-Anna to come pick Madyson up!
Wendy arrived with "the gang" in toe. Hardin her six year old, cousin spencer, and sara-anna! They were jamming out to Hannah Montana and so excited to be here! Wendy leaped out of the car and grabbed Madyson up and just loved on her and gave me the run down of the day.
There house to play, lunch, the park. She got the list (small list) of foods/drinks Madyson would eat. Then she buckled her up and they were off! I was okay, I had a peace over me. Aubrie Kate on the other hand...was a wreck. She cried "Sisa, Sisa" for about 20 minutes. I just held her close and told her, "I know baby, I'm going to miss Sisa too, but she is a big girl and we have to let her grow up." About that time my "sista" called and said she was coming over with my nieces, so Aubrie Kate perked right up. They came over and we hung out, then went to lunch, and then I texted Wendy and told her we were headed to the park to enjoy day 2 of 67 degree weather. Wendy said they would just meet us there in a little while.
We played at the park and Aubrie dominated. It amazes me how "big" she really is. She goes up the stairs, down the slide, around the play equipment, back up the stairs, and down the slide...with no problem. Reminder number 2 that my girls are growing up.

Wendy arrived with Madyson and Sara-Ann (in her batgirl costume ;) ) and we played at the park for a while. Then everyone got whiny so we headed home for nap.

I survived my first playdate! I have heard all about dress-up, cookie baking, how clean there house was, barbie costumes, friends, about 200x and I love that she is so excited to share with me. I hope I get this much details when she comes home from her first date.

They always say to treasure the moments you have with them when they are young because they grow-up so fast. I never knew how true this was until today.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Whoo Hoo its Friday!

Today has been an excellent day!

First off, the weather was BEAUTIFUL! 68 degrees, SUN shining...fabulous!

I had a meeting this morning at the coffee shop with my old boss from the zoo, the new marketing director and the new events coordinator. They are getting their event schedule set up for the upcoming season and wanted my ideas of what worked and didn't work from last year, as well as, asked me to help with a few key events that I started at the zoo.

I am very excited to be chairing the Dream Night at the Zoo event! This is a night for children who are terminally/physically or mentally ill and their entire family. They get free admission, have special activities they participate in and get goody bags full of great stuff! I loved this event last year because it makes you so happy to give back to the families that have a hard time enjoying the regular, fun activities such as visiting the zoo. Now I am building my committee and starting to develop my list of wishes for the event. Its going to be great!

After the meeting I went to Hobby Lobby and to Target to get all the decorations and stuff needed for Aubrie Kate's 2nd birthday "potty". We are going with a fun, funky color scheme of Orange, Purple, and Lime and since it is a family party instead of toys everyone is bringing big girl panties or something that ties in with potty training. I am so determined to get her potty trained before we go to Disney and celebrate being diaper free for the first time in 4 years!!

After the relaxing trip to my two favorite stores I headed to school to pick the girls up early! we went to the park and played and enjoyed the beautiful weather! They see-sawed, swang, slid, and played in the train. Here is a picture of Aubrie Kate and Madyson. Aubrie was going "choo choo" with her arm.

We came home and rode the girls bikes around the driveway then met up with my mom and went to the Nursing home to visit my grandmother! She is doing so good since we put her in the nursing home! It was such a hard decision but it is so nice to know that she is being taken care of 24/7 by fabulous nurses.

We got home about 30 minutes before Todd did, and when he walked through the door he had a bouquet of roses and a card for me!! I was so excited! He wrote in the card "God has truly blessed me by putting you in my life. I think of you everyday & it makes me smile knowing I have someone to share my life with."... that made my day!

Now he is getting the girls to sleep while I relax! Whoo hoo its Friday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday's Words: Letters I, J, K

I is for

Ice Cream.

A huge deal in our house. Not one of us likes the same flavor so when I go grocery shopping I have to buy 4 different kinds.

Sarah: Yarnell's Angel Food Vanilla
Todd: Pecan Pralines & Cream
Madyson: Green Mint (although I have to say I will eat hers if mine is out)
Aubrie Kate: Strawberry Swirl

J is for
July in our house!
Madyson and I share the same birthday
July 6th!

Here we are last July 6th with mary poppins!!!

K is for
Well she doesn't live in our house but we have a strange triangle!
Katie went to school with Todd and at some point was a "girlfriend"
Katie and I went to college together!
Now we are all friends!
Today is her birthday and they finally sold their house! Whoo Hoo!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

if this is a view into the next 14 years... somebody start praying

My big girl, Miss Madyson, has developed a mouth that calls for prayer.

Madyson has always been dubbed "the good child" between the two of them. She never cries (even as a baby, she wouldn't sit and cry) time outs have always worked as her means of punishment, She is the child you can reason with. But over the past week we have noticed this attitude emerging from our precious princess.

Example: Tonight we were going to eat Mexican because mommy didn't want to cook. So I told Madyson

me:"Madyson we are going to eat Mexican tonight."
Madyson responded with: "who? I am not going."
me: "yes you have to go with us, you don't have to eat but you have to go"
Madyson: "I don't care what you say, I am not going."

Todd and I both looked at each other and just sat in silence as we drove to the restaurant. This is our way of handling shocking things until we have had enough time to sit and talk about how we are going to handle it.

When we got home it was like okay...what are we going to do about this?

Todd was raised with soap in the mouth. This horrifies me because Madyson is allergic to soap and I can't imagine doing this to her. So we ruled that one out.

We have decided to talk to her about it, find out where it is coming from and go from there.
But if this is a view into the next 14 years... somebody better start praying!

Any of you have any ideas?

A year of blogging (plus 10 days)

It amazes me that I have dedicated 1 year of my life to this blog! I was so excited to be coming up on the anniversary of "the beginning" that I couldn't decide how to approach it and share it with you all. Then after spending many days thinking, I finally decided to pull a Nike and "Just do it!"

I remember the day I started this blog like it was yesterday. I was sitting in my office at the Zoo and I was having a terrible day. In the event planning business you are either on your game or way off and this particular day, I was way off. I had a lot going through my head besides work and I decided that I needed to get it all out. I enrolled with blogger and made the move to publicly admitting my faults to whomever stumbled onto this page. My motto from day 1 was to be honest. We have all discussed how hard it is to admit that your house is a mess, your life has boo-boos and your family isn't ... perfect but for me this was a huge deal because I have always had an issue showing my true colors.

I figured if I started simple and from the beginning the rest would fall into place (if you want to start from the beginning with us just click on the cupcake on the left side bar!)

It was 5 months until I received my first comment and around that time my first follower (2 different people). that is when I realized... hey someone really is reading this stuff.

You read about my struggles with being a full-time working mom, the day I began to pray for God's help finding a new path, The day he answered my request, our first family vacation,regular days, boring days, sick days.. we have talked about it all.

This year I have discovered amazing blogs by amazing women who believe in Christ and aren't afraid to stick up for the important things, who pray for anyone that comes there way, who create amazing kids clothes, who can spend $25 a week on groceries, who have adorable children, and who have become some really good "blog friends".

It is so amazing how this ridiculously huge world becomes so small once you start blog stalking someone.

This journey didn't start out as a diary to document my life, just a place to vent. But over the year it has been able to morph into both. I look forward to coming here each day and sharing something with whoever is passing through.

Recipes, stories, pictures, traditions, values, mistakes... its all here. Thank you for following (publicly or anonymously) Thank you for your comments and prayers. I look forward to what this next year in the blogging wold brings.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What makes today a fabulous monday?

What makes today a fabulous monday? 3 words.

Girl Scout Cookies

That is so right! Our local girl scout delivered my 6 boxes of cookies today and I can not begin to describe how excited I am!
Today was my adventure back into society after being down with "piggy few" as my children refer too it.

I did okay, only coughed on 2 people =). It feels so nice to be up and functioning, tomorrow I plan on hitting the ground running with work. Today was a creep back into routine day.

Madyson and Aubrie Kate were absolute angels during my illness and I know Todd is very thankful for that!

There is 1 more monday in the month of February...HARD TO BELIEVE. Then comes the even more devastating baby is turning TWO!!

Her birthday celebration planning is under way! It is going to be low-key and simple but still memorable!

I have her outfit, decorations, invitations, and menu done. So, I think I am ready!...maybe?

Thank you all so much for all the prayers for fast healing! They were defiantly needed! If any of you have ever had the flu or "piggy few" you understand how terrible it is!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another Madyson moment

Life never fails to amaze me, and with Madyson in can't ever stop laughing.

We all know I have been sick with the swine flu, gross. You feel like you are dying for 1 day, puking the next day, kinda ok with headache the next, then you are okay just week and coughing.

Well tonight we gave the girls their Valentine's happies from us! new cute jammies, mini m&m's, sparkly finger nail polish and balloons.

They were occupied and Todd was eating the Blondie I had ordered him from Applebees (his sweet self went to pick me up Quesadillas from Applebees since I haven't had real food in a while and I called and ordered him a blondie for a surprise!)...So i decided to sneak off to the restroom to wash my face, brush my teeth, pony back my sad looking hair, shave my know just stop looking like death.

So as I am in the bathroom (with the door locked) I see this little plate slide under the door filled with mini M&M's....and this is how it began.

Madyson, "Mommy, I made you a punkin pie in the pwayroom"
Me, "thank you"
Madyson, "are you pooping?"
Me, "Maybe"
Madyson, "are you done?"
Me, "no"
..(wait a few seconds)
Madyson, "Now?"
me, "no"
Madyson, "Must be a long poop"
Me, "go find daddy"
Madyson, "are you sick? do you need me to get more paper? Are you still pooping?"
Me, "Madyson, just go find Daddy."
Madyson, "He is on the couch, I see him, hes not lost"
Me, "ok"
A few seconds of silence, I continue plucking my eyebrows
Madyson, "Do you see my fingers?" "do you see my little eyes" "do you see my feet"
Me, "i can see your fingers and toes under the door but not your eyes"
Madyson, "what about now?"
Me, "no."
Madyson" Are you still pooping?"
Me, "Madyson, please go find daddy and go to bed"
Madyson, "I told you he was on the couch and if I go to bed you will be in there alone."
Me,"thats the point"
Madyson, "Are you done yet?" "does it smell?"
Me, "yes I am done I am washing my hands"
Madyson, "You didn't flush"
I go and flush the potty & open the door
Madyson, "it doesn't smell like poop in here?"

All I want for Valentines day is 10 minutes to wash my face, brush my teeth, pony back my sad hair and shave my armpits....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

still sick

Illness has fallen over the broadus household. I'm still sick in the puking stage of flu. Madyson has an abscess that developed over night and had to b drained today,so todd is running crazy. My parents r stepping up and helping out a lot while todd works but todds mom returned from houston (where she goes for chemo) and discovered she had fluid on her lungs so she had to have that drained today. Please pray for my family to heal quickly and for todd to keep up his strength and good health.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So I woke up around 2am and I was 100% sure I was dying.todd was off today (thank goodness) so he took care of the girls,got them to school and made me an appointment at the doctor. 1hr later I left with presriptions and the diagnosis of the flu. This is the 3x in my life to have the flu and it is miserable. So we won't be having wednesday's words this week instead tamiflu and hot chocolate.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Never been so happy to see a Monday

This weekend was such a rough one! You all read about how Love Day turned into Dooms Day. So instead of being debbie downer I am going to list the pros of the weekend and the cons. I am a huge fan of being positive so Ill save the good stuff to last!

CONS of Weekend 2/5-2/7

  • Drove up Friday on a burning car with a person who had been shot inside. Luckily the police were there and had everything under control. So sad for the person inside.
  • Hair turned orange Saturday
  • Saw wreck on Saturday where an 18 year old (ends up he goes to Clinton High, the high school I went too) driver had a seizure and wrecked the car. His 47 year old mother died. It was horrific.
  • Love day was a flop, I am having to reschedule
  • waited 1.5 hours for a table at outback with a starving, screaming almost 2 year old.
  • Sunday morning a high school friend of mine looses her 49 year old Father. He just died. Not sick, not unhealthy, Just died. Shocking and SO SAD.
  • My Zebra Sunday School Class wasn't into doing crafts this week, they ran wild and I just did my best to keep them undercontrol.
  • Discovered an amazing new home decor item "The Old Rugged Cross"
  • Ate at Sweet Peppers, My favorite
  • Bought the girls boutique items and 50-75% off!!!
  • took a box full of smocked dresses, seersucker, easter outfits, and other cute things to Freckles Consignment shop!
  • had delicious pizza at Chuck-e-Cheese
  • Purchased all the decor items of Aubrie's birthday party. We are go on that!
  • Took Aubrie to a super bowl party and she didn't break anything, act TOO ugly, or bite anyone! BIG STEP!
  • The SAINTS won the Super bowl!!!!
So there ya go, my weekend in a nutshell!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love day needs a do-over

So today was our big LOVE day. I had everything planned out and was so excited but when I woke up with ORANGE hair I should have known the day would turn out like this.

Rewind 12 hours.

Went to the store to get my number 82 hair color. They were out so I searched the isle and found another brand that compared themself to Garnier, so desperate for a quick fix I bought it and went home to apply it. washed it out put a towel wrap on and went to sleep.


Woke up this morning and took the towel wrap off....ORANGE. like halloween pumpkin ORANGE. I laughed because I knew that I could fix it...(i have been down this road before) I sent Todd to Walgreens with a list of things to get. He returned 20 minutes later and in 30 minutes my hair was back to normal.

Got the girls dressed and loaded in the car to head to Chuck-e-cheese. As we were coming around the curve on I-220, I yelled at Todd to hit the brakes. In front of us all these cars were coming to a complete stop. There was a car mangled on the side of the road, blood everywhere, 1 police car (it apparently had just happened because the police car was pulling in to help) We stopped, said a prayer and kept going because we had to have Madyson at CEC for a birthday party. We got to CEC and I couldn't get out of the car. I was having flashbacks to Jennifer's wreck, thinking "Why didn't I get out of the car and go help those people" , "What if my hair hadn't been orange this morning and that was us?" I finally got my composure and went in. Kimberly, the birthday mom, was in tears. She had seen it too and we both just hugged.

The party was great. McKenzie was precious and Madyson was scared of Chuck-e-Cheese

After that we were going to hobby lobby to get material for the girls new fleece blankets they have been wanting me to make.

At hobby lobby Todd & the girls both had meltdowns so our plan of Harry the Potter and pedicures for the girls were out.

We came home and decided to let everyone rest and we would just go out to eat for dinner then come home and make cookies and a homemade strawberry cake.

After being home for 2 hours Madyson didn't want to go. She was exhausted, grumpy and such and Aubrie Kate was running out the door, she wanted to go. So we got my mom to watch madyson and we took Aubrie.

When we got to the restaurant they said 30-45 minute wait. okay...not bad. 1.5 hours later...we SAT DOWN TO EAT. it took us 30 minutes to order & eat. We decided to stop by Bops on the way home to get Madyson some "Sprinkle Cup".

And now we are home, she is asleep and Aubrie is wired.

I decided to look up to see if there was anything on the newspaper website about the wreck and there was. the 47 year old mom, who was the passenger died. Her 18 year old son, who was driving has serious injuries. My heart is so heavy for this family right now. I just pray that she was a believer and didn't suffer.

So needless to say our love day needs a do-over. We will reschedule and try again another day.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Show us your life: Beauty Tips!

I am so excited we are doing this! I love to find out what works for everyone and to try new things! I am in such a need for new beauty supplies!

I don't have that many tips but I do have a few!

I am the queen of home hair dye. I have been doing it for years, I have tried all the brands! The best that I have found that leaves your hair looking shiny and not dull is Garnier Nutrisse
I love this product! As much as I got back and forth from Blond to Brunette, my hair shows less signs of damage since I started using this one! Plus it is under $10 bucks and last 5-7 weeks =)

My next product of choice is Voluminous mascara. I am a firm believer in a good mascara. Some people don't like this product because it can clump if you put too much on at one time. What I do is pump 2x, swirl when pulling the stick out, apply 2 strokes to each eye and let dry. Once it is dry I repeat. I love this because my eyelashes toward the outer of my eyes are long but blond, this lengthens them and makes them very flirty!

My next product of choice is Crest Whitening Strips. I have been a HUGE fan of these for many, many years! I am a firm believer in a great smile and this enhances your teeth to their greatest whiteness!

Next on my list is the favorite among alot of bloggers. I have been using this product for over 1 year and I have to say that it has become a staple on my "dress up" days. Freeze-It hairspray is the hairspray made "famous" in The Poof Video. Being from Clinton, you learn how to poof your hair at an early hopes to one day become a member of Attache' show choir.
I love how Freeze-it holds, shines, and keeps my hair fixed even when 20 little fingers want to play all in it!

Last but not least is something that never gets neglected in my shopping cart.
Burt's Bees Chapstick. Now I hate lipstick...HATE. But this chapstick is my obsession! I love how it last for hours at a time and leaves your lips feeling so moisturized!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Saturday!

I know it is Wednesday and it is suppose to be Wednesday's Word...and that will come tonight...but now I need help!

Ever since the girls were born Todd & I have turned Valentine's day from date night to family day, doing something fun and different with the girls to let them know that we love them so much.

It really isn't a day to go and "buy" them something but to do something with them that gets them out of the house and focus all the time on our family.

Well Todd works next Saturday and Sunday (Valentine's day) is jammed packed with Church stuff so we are celebrating this Saturday!

Does anyone have any fun ideas??? I am doing my best to think of something but I keep going to the obvious and definitely don't want to do that!

Madyson looks forward to this every year, she has even asked...what's are love day going to be this year?

Aubrie is just now getting to experience our "Love Day".

We have budgeted $150 for the day, to give us some flexibility so bring on the ideas!!!

Wednesday's Words: Letter H

H is for

Hershey Kiss
my most favorite candy in the world! I could care less about Godiva or any other type. I love Hershey Kisses! They stay on my desk at work, beside my bed at night, and I love them all (peanut, carmel, original..well...except dark cherry...not a cherry fan!)

If you remember back to "favorite places to shop" this was one of them! When I was doing my dgirls budget for the spring/summer season I had to add in Holly's work to make sure I got the girls adorable shirts for their special days! Well I found 6 cute plain shirts at Wal-mart and sent them to Mrs. Holly Bond! Here is a sample of 2 of the shirts she did for me! 2 more are the girls birthday shirts..which you will see in later days..and 2 are for our trip to Disney!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

sweaty pits, palms, and a whole lot of nerves

So tonight was the night, the night for me to share my story with our community group. I was so scared. Opening up about your life, the good...the bad...and the ugly is so hard, esp. when it is infront of a group of your church peers.

But like I said, and thank you Amy for the encouragement, if my story can help anyone, I will share it.

So here blog is my story:

I was born in Tupelo, MS on July 6, 1984 to Robert & Rebecca Musso. 6 days after I was born I was given up for adoption and given to my parents, Debbie & Johnny.

My childhood was a good one, we spent Sunday's at my grandmothers and at the zoo. I became a Christian in 1993 and I lived what I knew to be a Christian life.

In 1997 I was finishing 7th grade and I was trying to find myself. I wore alot of mask to fit in with alot of people.

This continued to be the trend until my best friend was killed in a car crash in 1999.

I spent that Summer away with relatives so I could escape the media frenzy that surrounded the accident.

I came back an alcoholic & drug user. I spent the next 6 years of life floating through life and as a functioning alcoholic. I could drink daily and survive. I attached myself to groups of people, I was in a relationship, I went to church, family gatherings..everything and nobody knew the secret that I was hiding.

When I was 20 I decided to quiet college and enter the work force. It was there that I found Todd. Todd and I eloped and began our life as a couple. We partied and we did not live a Christian life style. I was a bartender, he was a sales associate and we drank like a camel.

In January of 06 I discovered I was pregnant and instead of being excited I was scared. I had been pregnant for 16 weeks and didn't know it and all I could think about was the amount of alcohol I had put in my system. It was that day that I turned back to the God that I once knew and surrendered my life to him. I knew I had to change and this was my opportunity.

Madyson was born on July 6, 06, my 22nd birthday. She was healthy and beautiful.

Now here I am almost 4 years later....I have changed alot. I have had to learn the English language all over again (minus the sailor tounge), I went from never going to church to going to church 6 days a week (BIG ADJUSTMENT), I have gotten use to not being invited out for drinks. Each day I wake up and challenge myself to be a better person. I have my days where I slip but I have Todd there to help me, to give me strength and to remind me that I am loved by God, by him and by our girls and our families. It took me my entire 25 years of life to discover that it is so much easier to be a Christian and I love knowing that no matter what mistakes I have made or make, I do not have to hid anymore. I can deal with issues both good and bad and I can do it with prayer instead of alcohol.

I have acquantences from all walks of life with all different lifestyles. I enjoy the melting pot of people. I am so happy with my life right now and I thank God for being there with me through the dark times. I know it was hard for him to watch me make those terrible mistakes, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that he had his hand on mine, guiding me through it all.

So thats me....raw, unmasked and sober. If you had of told me 5 years ago that I would be married, have 2 kids, and sit infront of a group of my church peers and openly talk about my life journey WITHOUT a drink in my system...I would have told you that you are crazy (just not in those nice of words!)

Thank you for letting me share it with you.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lets get creative!

As we have established in previous post. I am petrified of my sewing machine. It has literally been sitting in the box for 6 years. Well I took it out Friday...dusted it off. EHOW'd...How to use a sewing machine and sat there for hours with it. We bonded...we made friends...we made 2 pillows! Now granted they are not perfect...they are for the playroom so they work! Well...I had the big head after this so I decided to tackle making clothes. Keep in mind...never done this before...I found an old pattern I had purchased forever ago...and 2 hours later I had these...

I was so excited that I made something that looked somewhat like clothing that I forgot to look at the size...12! My kids are much bigger than that! But I do have them and I am going to keep them just because one day I might really know how to sew and I want to be able to say...i have gone from this.

Saturday was my meltdown with Todd. After I posted on here about our issue, we sat down and talked about it. We have a policy that was actually in our vows to never go to bed mad, I told him that I hate to clean but do it so that way child protection services do not come take away our kids. That I don't ever ask him to mop, clean toilets, scrub counters or any of that...His only responsibilities are taking the garbage out, putting up mine and his clothes after I have washed/dried/folded them. (i do the girls) help keep the playroom decent, and to keep his stuff in our room and not over the house. This went into a long discussion that somehow took the wrong turns here and there but eventually he came to the conclusion that he is nasty and that I do work alot harder on housework than I like too.
Saturday night was a disaster. Madyson was up all night coughing, sneezing, snotty, and scratching. Sunday I got up early and got ready for church, I went to get Madyson up to get her ready and found that her eczema was all over her and she had clawed it all night. I called into Sunday School so they could find a teacher for my class and we stayed home crying and scratching. I feel SO bad for her. She is the most precious child 98% of the time (those other 2% go unspoken)but the poor baby has had rough life. She had terrible ears the first year of life. The second we suffered from folliculitis and staph, the third year it has been eyes and eczema.
And I have tried so many different things, the doctors have given us different stuff..she doesn't get to take bubble baths is just no fun
So yesterday we just had a stay at home in your jammies day. We didn't do anything but FINISH (thats right all laundry baskets are empty!) laundry, Todd stepped up to the plate and cleaned out my car, put new car mats down, filled me up with gas!, we had steak fingers and mash potatoes for dinner and watched Extreme Home Makeover. Madyson went to bed early and Aubrie Kate and I played dress up! I love my diva! She is so funny. I had on my house shoes and she went and got my high heels (she knows my expensive ones) and brought them to me. we worked the catwalk (aka the hall runner) and modeled purses, shoes, glasses and of course struck a pose! It is so funny to have a GiRlY GiRl! Madyson is not, I am not..but Aubrie is and I love it!
I made it a priority to be here this afternoon to watch Oprah. She had on the COO of Waste Management (You know I LOVE my garbage guys!) He participated in a show on CBS that starts after the Superbowl where big corporate bosses go under cover and work at the entry level positions of their corporation. I loved seeing this boss see his employees that struggle in personal life but represent his company to the highest standard. One of the most touching employees was his Port-a-Potty cleaner. He said, " This is not a job, its an adventure. I clean the toliets to the standard I would want my port-a-potty clean." This really hit home. Here this guy is who cleans up other peoples poo/pee in a tiny space and goes to work smiling and ready to do his job to insure others are happy. That is a testiment in itself that no matter what the situation you have to do it with a smile and positive attitude because you never know who you could have an impact on.
Tonight was BACHELOR night! One of my favorite shows bc I am proof that you can fall in love with somebody in a short time! But seriously...I really, REALLY wanted him to get rid of V tonight. But I am torn between Gia/Tenley/Ali....they all are great in different ways =)
Tomorrow is the big night where I share my story to our new community group. I have written it out, because I don't like to mumble and jumble and I can't talk about myself without notes....
I guess I am going to have to step back, breathe in and then out...and attack it with a smile and a positive attitude, because to me it might be just my story, but to someone else it might be a story of hope.
Sweet dreams!