Thursday, March 24, 2011

The ABC's Of Me!

A-Age: 26. creepin towards 27

B-Bed size: KING

C-Chore you hate: LAUNDRY

D-Dogs: 4. Snoop, Hercules, Sophie and Reese...although snoop and herc are nearing the end

E-Essential start to your day: Coke

F-Favorite Color: Robin's Egg Blue

G-Gold or Silver: Depends

H-Height: 5'2ish i think? maybe 5'4 on a good day

I-Instruments you play: Nothing...

J-Job title: Children's Ministry Assistant!

K-Kids: 2 girls and 1 TBD baby born in our heart! (coming soon!)

L-Live: The most overweight state in America! Mississippi!

M-My mom's name: Debbie

N-Nickname: Sarah Beth

O-Overnight hospital stay: Observation for 1 week when pg with #1, the after each girl was born

P-Pet Peeve: talking to someone and them not making eye contact

Q-Quote from a movie: "Truvy: Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion. 

R-Right/Lefty: Both

S-Sibling: Shannon, Wesley, Renea, Tristen, Gauge, Mary!

T-Time you wake up: 6

U-Underwear: Yes

V-Veggies you dislike: none! Love them all!

W-What makes you run late: "Mommy I can't find my other shoe"

X-Xrays you've had: arms,  leg, neck

Y-Yummy food you make: Todds favorites are Italian Chicken, Roast, and 7 cheese macncheese

Z-Zoo animal: Elephant...although since ours got shipped off....The Tigers

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bringing Back the Plate

Ever so often I look at my post-baby body. geesh. I know I wont ever be back to pre-kid fit but I have really just given my love for junk.

So I have decided to bring back the plate. The what?

The plate. Portion control is a big part of my issue. I love to eat-but hate to exercise. So my doctor informed me of the "plate diet". Pretty much you can eat whatever you want-as long as it fits on a 9inch plate and does not touch.

See-over the past 30 something years plates have gone from 8.5 inches to 12 inches in diameter! That is a huge increase of food if you "fill your plate". So for us non-discipline folks-we carry around a 9 in paper plate (i have even found 1 ceramic for nice restaurants.) and that is what we go by. The last time I did this I lost a lot of weight. Right now my goal is 8 more pounds!

Also-because Adoption Physicals are coming up...I have cut sweets out of my diet!! I think I have gone crazy. BUT I know it will be worth it when I am chasing after 3 kids!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aubrie Kate's Actual Birthday

Birthdays are never just a one day event in the Broadus household. Growing up, I had my birthday on the 6th of July and my "gotcha day" on the 12th of it really was a week long celebration (which still continues to this day ;) so its only natural for my girls to celebrate their birthdays in big ways!

This year for Aubrie Kate's Birthday-we woke up to find her beautiful swing set waiting for her! Daddy started putting it together-the night before after the girls went to bed and finished it by the time she woke up. Best Daddy Award? I think so!

Todd and "Uncle Chris" at midnight putting together the swingset!
After Daddy got to see little bit's excited face. He took a nap and the girls and I played on the swing set. They love their "club house" and all the accessories!

 He woke up in time for lunch and we headed to Aubrie Kate's choice-Chick-fil-a! The girls played some more, we ate, then we got a balloon and headed to the new Mississippi's Children's Museum! We had SO MUCH FUN! I could live there!

After hours of playing-we decided to head home but first we stopped and got our first sno-cone of the season! We went home and camped out in our new club house to enjoy this YUMMY treat!

For Dinner we had Applebees (aubrie's 2nd favorite restaurant) and then we watched a movie and had birthday cake! (that Madyson decorated :)

It was a great way to spend the day!

Sunday-Aubrie took cupcakes to church to celebrate her birthday with her friends! Here she is eating her ORANGE cupcake! (little known fact: Aubrie's favorite colors are Orange and Pink)

 This upcoming Saturday we are having cake and ice cream with the grandparents and aunts/uncles/cousins. The weather is suppose to be beautiful!! 81 and sunshine!!!!

**Tradegically, Also on this day the Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan. Our hearts and our prayers go out to everyone in Japan!**

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Aubrie Kate!!

Happy Birthday my sweet sassy girl! Today you turn 3 years old!! I can NOT believe that it has been 3 years since you graced our lives with your vibrant spirit!
It seems like only yesterday I was walking in to vote in the presidential primaries....when the lady asked me "Oh girl-when are you do?" I responded with..."Oh in about 2 hours"
And indeed, 2 hours and 54 minutes later you were there! (12:54pm)
The first days home were rough. Life with 2 babies was a bit to take in all at once! But lucky for you your big sister was SMITTEN with you the first time she saw you. She loved having her very own baby and you seemed to be very fond of her as well!
the first 11 months of your life-were simple and calm. Then you discovered you could do new things-like walk, talk, and run!

When you turned one we Celebrated with a monkey Theme! and took your first trip to Disney shortly after!

When you turned 2: we celebrated with a birthday "potty" you were potty trained within the week and were excited to be a big girl!
You and sister were dubbed "Princesses of the Day" at our Disney Trip this past summer!
You are very much a "star" I cannot wait to see what your life has instore for you! You love all things girly, sparkly, fancy, and cute! You love to wear dresses and always ask for your "shunshades"
You would wear makeup everyday if I would let you. We say you are our little firecracker =)
What are you up to these days?
Well you are officially "Sassy" Free! I had a goal to make sure it was gone before you turned 3 and you have done great! There have been a few nights of "I need my baby sassy" but you know you are a big girl! It has helped that we made an agreement that if you got rid of your "sassy" you could get a swing set for your birthday!
You are a whopping 33lbs and almost 37inches tall! You eat everything you can find, recently you discovered PB&J and you love to eat pickles!!
You adore a new pair of shoes (boots have been your big thing this year) and you are always wanting to go "shwoppin"
Daddy and I are so thankful to have you apart of our crazy little bunch and feel so blessed that God entrusted us with one of his most "fancy" creations!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I stalk my stats alot....i mean alot. I like to see what people are reading, where they are coming from (HELLO SINGAPORE!) and so on....
One thing that I have noticed over the past month is this post (To Post or Not to Post Jan, 2010) has become overwhelmingly popular.

I am not real sure why...its just a random rant. But anywho, I wrote that I like to see where God's work through I thought I would address it...then maybe **Hopefully** it will drop OUT of my top 10 post.

1) Shopping. Its out of my system. I have done so well over the last year at budgeting every dollar, paying off bills, building a savings, that I despise going to Walmart now and target is a special trip.
I do go junkin but that is only for stuff that is on my list to try to finish the house (or that i can repurpose and sell for money) And yes, I do believe God had a hand in this because it was a serious issue. I mean over 700$ in one month to walmart? Not anymore. Rarely on our bank statements does it say any major chain.

2) Tired? I work fulltime, remodeling a house, have 2 children, pursuing another, while keeping up with my charity work, family and all things needless to say...still tired. but blessed to still be!

3)Moving-we are so happy and content in our lives right now. I know that this is where we are suppose to be at this time in our lives. We love our church, our friends, the girls are thriving in school. The only thing that would cause us to move now is if a position with Todd's company opened up in 1 of our 2 "dream lands" and he got it. But that-would be a total God thing, bc these two markets aren't usually the ones with the openings.

4)sewing...I am banking on my 12 year old niece to become a professional so I can just let her make my stuff. Really-I would love too, but I just don't have time or the space at the moment.

5) I have learned a lot this year about letting go and letting God. When you get smacked in the head by our Lord-you listen. I can not do things alone and I can only do things with Him by our side. So needless to say-I have learned to stop and pray when situations get hard and he does work them out, maybe not as quick as I would like but he does it when its time.

So thank you to all 212 readers that found "To Post or Not To Post" so thriving I hope this helps catch you up to date :)

Don't forget to go over to Ashley's page and help support their adoption! 

getting close

Tomorrow is Aubrie Kate's Birthday! We are all gearing up to celebrate her big day!
Tonight Todd and I will be busy putting together her swing set. Tomorrow we are both off to celebrate her day! We have some FUN things planned!

Saturday its back to work on the porch in order to get it ready by next weekend!!RAIN RAIN STAY AWAY!

On the adoption front-we have nothing exciting to share. Paper work-but soon, hopefully, we will have a bunch of exciting news!

However-Ashley and Kurt just got there referral (an amazing adoption journey!!) and have to raise a lot of money-soon! So go here to check out how to help!

Also-please continue to pray for Ethiopia and their situation. You can go to here, to Allison's to read about it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A lesson in death: The girls first funeral.

My precious great Aunt Sarah passed away this weekend and her funeral was today. Let me give you a background on Aunt Sarah-she was tiny like me (5'2) She married my Uncle Charles when she was 16-She was a true Southern Belle. Always in her lipstick and jewels and fur coat (even in the summer =) She was simple adorable and loved "CHARRRLEESSS" to wait on her. So when I was told her funeral would be today-there was no doubt in my mind my family would be there. We decided to take the girls-because we knew it would be a short service. Well-here's how it went down.

On the car ride there (2.5 hours) I was explaining to Madyson about a funeral. (there is a body and its in a casket and its Aunt Sarah's Body...but she's not in there-shes in heaven with Uncle Charles) You have to be quiet and be on your best behavior this is a time to be respectful..yadda..yadda...yadda..

She was cool with that. When we got the funeral home we were all sitting in pews in front of a huge closed curtain. Madyson whispers "Whats behind the curtain" I told her "Aunt Sarah's Body" about that time there was a loud laugh from behind the curtain-Madyson very loudly "She isn't dead-shes just joking" --a few light chuckles come from the room. I sshh her and then the curtains open and the family is invited up to see the body. This is the part I skip out on-for respect. I really don't like the thought of people looking over me saying "How natural" I look...when in fact-I look dead. So I usually just stay seated. I know Aunt Sarah understands. But not my children. Madyson wanted to go up and see her-to make sure. So my crazy Aunt Barbara took her to view the body. I am watching as my child is pretty much in the casket with Aunt Sarah...she examines her hair, her jewelry, her lipstick...then comes back to give me the report. "Yup-its her. She has the bright lipstick on-she is all fancy-looks really good for being dead" --Another roll of laughter....

After a few more trips up to the casket, Madyson is feeling quite at home and very comfortable with the funeral. Aubrie is too. She likes "the old lady with the wipstick" The curtain closes and they close the casket...then the curtain reopens and the service begins...
-I look over and madyson is asleep....good deal.

Well right after we say Amen to the Lords Prayer, Aubrie chimes her almost 3 year old "outside" voice..."Where de wayde width the wipstick go?" I whisper "shhh she is sleeping in the box" Aubrie "She nappin?" Me: "yess...shhhh don't wake her up" Aubrie: "Silly wayde width the wipstick why she in a box sweeping? She goin to suffertate" by this point-Aubrie is preaching the service and everyone is doing their best to not get distracted from the monotoned pastor. Finally-the service ends and we go get in the car to go to the graveside.

Madyson wakes up when we put her in her carseat and starts:
"Are they going to shove her in that car?""Who's going to drive?" The man in the hat...."Then we are going to drop her in the ground?" Yes baby....."Why?" we just do...... "oh Okay..."

20 minutes to the grave site and we get out. The girls run ahead because they want to see this up close. All the sudden...I can't find Aubrie! I am "Quietly" shouting her name...trying not to take away from the graveside service when she pops up from behind a tombstone "I OVER HERE!!!" as I make my way to her-I notice she has a HANDFUL of fake flowers. I ask her "where did you get these" She says "from dere...and dere...and dere...."So needless to say we missed the graveside bc we were returning flowers to their rightful headstone.

It was a very eventful day-and a good learning experience for the girls! I am pretty sure everyone left there with their spirits lifted.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Back Porch Design

I have been receiving alot of questions about the back porch! So I thought I would address a few today:

1) Why did you do this before the kitchen?
That was easy. As much as I desire a new, pretty kitchen. The ugly kitchen functions. I can cook and prepare meals in there. Our backyard DOES NOT and has never functioned. Since the porch has been my dad's junk drop spot for 20 years it has never been maintained. Also there are 4 dogs that live in the yard and its really just a big ole mess. We were going to save it for next spring-but the girls are always wanting to go outside and play so we went ahead and did it.

2) How is it coming?
Its coming. It is cleaned off, demolished down to structural stuff and the rotted header boards have been replaced. The roof is left to do, then paint, new screens, doors, accessories.

3) What is the "feel" of the room?
I have always envisioned this room to be a part of the family room. The 2 HUGE windows in the family room open up to the porch. So I want to keep with the repurpose chic feel-but more vibrant. I want this area to be where we eat during the summer, read books, play, and make lots of memories. Here is my idea board:

The hardest part about repurpose chic is you can't just go to the store and buy ever piece you need. It takes time. So I have been busy searching for a few key items. I do know that we will have a table that seats 8 plus 8 chairs, a sofa area, and 2 chairs, plus a cabinet to old outdoor toys/serve from. There is also going to be a new grilling area and....

for 2 special kiddos! (this is actually in my garage as we speak...begging to be put together)
Hopefully** The rain will hold off this weekend and I can get the rest of the work +paint done so I can show you a picture! Then it will be on to Junkin for some cute decorating stuff!

I am loving this....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

On the Road to Weight Gain! Part 2

Thank you so much for the suggestions yesterday! After compiling them all-and doing some google research. We headed out to the store. Yall know me and my grocery shopping. I like to shop cheap. WELL when you add in "food to make your child gain weight" hard to come by.

Here is a list of things I bought (sorry no pics-the kitchen is still HORRIBLE)

Chicken (Breast, tenderloins, whole) I plan on doing alot of chicken cooking
Pork Tenderloin, Chops (she will eat those)
The biggest thing of Peanut butter Kroger sales
4 blocks of Colby Jack Cheese (her fav)
Chocolate Pudding
Mint Ice Cream & Birthday Cake Ice Cream
Yogurt & GoGurt
Fruit & Veggies
PopTarts with Icing and Sprinkles
Some Pink Sugary Cereal
Soup mixes
Ritz Crackers
....just to name a few (I spent $200 and got $285 dollars worth of groceries)

For Dinner Last Night we ate at church (roast, potatoes, carrots, rolls)
Madyson would not eat. So she had ice cream.
When we got home she ate Ramen Noodles with butter ( I know from freshman year in college, those help gain weight) a side of broccoli with a tablespoon of butter
and 2 crescent "biscuits" DO NOT SAY ROLL (she wont eat it)
and a small kitkat bar!

Then had a pedisure/mint chocolate milkshake (which I need to learn how to make these bc it tasted nothing like chick-fil-a's .

This morning she wanted a waffle. Then after Todd made it-she decided that she doesn't eat waffles. So she ate a 1/2 a poptart and some milk.

For lunch she took 4 chicken nuggets, 3 pieces of celery, apples 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (for Dip), cheese cubes, Gogurt, pretzels and milk.

We are so blessed to have such a caring group of ladies at the school. Mrs. Mildred the Kitchen Manager offered to make madyson some pasta (without sauce) to go along with her lunch-she is serving spaghetti today.

One of the questions I got yesterday was "What will she eat?"
That's an easy one!
3)any veggie/fruit
11)Biscuits or Cornbread
12)Ritz Crackers NOT store brand
13)Peanut Butter
14) Jelly (but not mixed together)
16) desserts

See our problem? she loves healthy stuff (minus the desserts of course) its getting her to eat more that we are having issues with.

And her milk allergy. She can't have cow milk (from the gallon) she can eat cheese, yogurt, ice cream...just not cow milk in a cup. She has to have Soy Milk. So I am hoping the pedisure milkshakes will put some ounces on her at least!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On the Road to Weight Gain!

This morning I took Madyson in to the doctor to have a little check-up. If you are new to our blog, or have skipped over some kid post you don't know but Madyson is my "special" child. Here is a short rundown

-I went into labor with her at 24 weeks, had to be put on strict bed rest and take tons of meds-delivered her at 34 weeks-She came out healthy (praise!) first year of life was full of dr. appt. She had multiple "ear infections" which lead to tubes, then still had ear "infections" which was going to lead to 2nd set of tubes until we changed doctors and discovered it was excessive wax and the original set was still in-Then we developed extreme eczema(i mean all over her body except her face to the point of sores) which lead to staph which lead to more visits-which lead to 6 month of appts.-add in 2 eye doctors, 4 pairs of glasses (including 1 bifocal) an eye muscle that quits working...and there you have madyson's first 4 years of life!

Any who-we went in today bc I have been keeping track of her weight since October and noticed no gain. turns out there has not been any gain this year..and actually a loss...a pretty big loss when you only top out at 35.5lbs soaking wet.

So after ruling out anemia(thank you!!) we have decided miss "picky eater" gets to bring her lunch to school and gets to enjoy lots of pastas, chicken, fries, and even a candy bar a day. We have to gain some weight before our next appointment, next month! (I really wish someone would tell me to gain weight-I would LOVE that!)

SO with that said, I need some new recipes for her!

She will not eat bread, ground red meat, or tomato sauce. So no spaghetti (even with turkey meat), no hamburgers, no tortillas, no pb&j's

any ideas?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Weekend!

Friday Morning started off great! I had breakfast with Tyanne and sweet Sarah at Chick-fil-a! Tyanne was my February coffee person and since we both love food-we decided to go for sweet tea and chicken =) (we are southern and can do that)

We had great conversations about life, kids, and even played a little hide and seek with Sarah in the playground area!

After breakfast it was "off to work I went" putting up the new structure for the porch. Yall it is coming together! Next weekend is the BIG weekend (roof, new screens, paint and SWINGSET!!) but I am pleased with the progress so far!

Saturday morning my mom and I got up and went to 2 mission garage sales about 30 minutes away. I love garage sales, and esp. mission sales. I didn't find much, just some decorative things but for $5 and time with my mom, it was worth it!

When I got home-The girls and I had "spa day" we set up the foot bath machine and I did there nails. As Aubrie was soaking her feet in the bath (looking at a book) I noticed water dripping down the edge of the couch...needless to say she got comfortable and tinkled all down the side of the playroom couch. geesh =) I think it will be a while before we go to the real spa.

Saturday afternoon, Todd and I got busy on the "landscaping" part of the yard. We have HUGE trees with the vines hanging through (not appealing in the winter) so we thought we could just cut them down. WRONG. These things were so strong we could SWING on them. Literally-like Tarzan. It was fun for a minute...until we realized if we wanted them down, we had to hire someone.

Sunday was a beautiful day (weather wise) and a great day to be at church!
We had lunch with our friends Chris & Darla at the "Chips & Dip" restaurant! They are new to our Life Group and we wanted to spend time with them just talking and getting to know them better.

After lunch-back to work. We had one piece of "roof" to remove that was attached to our house. it took both of us to get it done.

Once that was down-we cleaned up the extremely dirty beams. By this time the girls were up from nap so we played games, did some laundry, and watched the oscars. (which I might add I have only seen two of the movies Toy Story 3 & Tangled) oh well =)

Today is March and that is a HUGE deal at our house!! Little Prissy's birth month!