Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Do you ever get an idea and then it snow balls into the big ole' messy mess?

Yup-that was me this past weekend!

Friday morning I woke with the thought-today is the day I am going to tear down my screen porch. Remember the screen porch has been used as a storage place for my dad's garbage finds. He had one more load to haul off (to his new storage building at his new house) so I thought what a perfect time to take this apart. The wood was rotting-it was a big mess.

For 4 hours I took the roof off-the screens off-the moulding off- demolished the whole thing!!!

Then I stopped and looked and thought-what have I gotten myself into!!!!

Yikes! This had to be done in order for our roofer guys to come in and put our new roof on-or he would do it and that would cost.....a whole lot.

Now I have a big empty spot-that needs to be rebuilt, a new fence that needs to go up, "Landscaping" because there is no grass back there....a swing set that needs to be built....all in 3 weeks AND it is suppose to rain this weekend =(

After a complete meltdown on Saturday- I was ecstatic to go to supper club on Saturday night to get away from the mess.

Thanks to Tyanne for hosting it Supper Club!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Madyson Moment:From Nana

My mom emailed this to me the other day: she wanted to share her own Madyson Moment-Thought it deserved a blog post of its own:

:::Okay, I know you are busy but I have to tell you what Madyson did last night.  I am so emotional about it I can't say it out loud b/c I am about to bust wide open now just thinking about it......she is too precious and so serious!  As you know!!!!  We were sitting and eating last night and she just was looking at me very deep and intense..I asked her what she was thinking and she said she was remembering a song I sang to her when she was little.  I started to sing the sunshine song and she never stopped staring at me....afterwards she reached her arms out and pulled them to her heart and said she was putting the song in her heart so she could keep it forever....then she asked me if I knew who lived there and she said Jesus.  Oh Sarah, I am so proud of you and the way you are raising your girls....have to stop now!!!!:::::

Pretty awesome moment. Very Proud of my Girl!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

She is almost 3!!

It is so hard to believe that in 1 month my little girl will be 3 years old! She is becoming very opinionated in her "old age". The other day we started talking about her party and she said "No party! Aubrie wants swing set"
Really? No Party? But mommy is a party planner....Mommy needs a party!
I found myself going from sinking into no party depression to looking at wooden swing sets online! After crunches some numbers (slim numbers) Todd and I decided that we could buy a swing set and do a family party for the cost of a big friends/family party.

Only problem is.....We have NOT EVEN started construction on our back porch area. We need
a)a new fence
b)rip out the entire screened porch and re build it
c)put a new roof on it
d) landscape (this yard has not been landscaped in 15 years!!!)
geesh...I see some busy weekends ahead. *PRAYING that the weather holds out!!**

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

eh...Love Day 2011

I am about to give up on my precious love day. It seems that every year something happens! Here we go with the details!

Friday the girls had their party at school! When they got home it was "go through the vday bags" Here they are with some of their loot!

Friday night we had game/movie night. We watched movies, played with toys, just hung out. Todd surprised me with a little bracelet he picked up before coming home.

it says "I'm A Sweetheart for Adoption"-I loved that he was thinking about our "TBD child". He got each of us one! and I love it!

At 3:45am I wake up to Todd yelling "Sarah, She Can't Breathe".---thanks babe. So of course I pop up and come out of the comatose state that I was in to find Madyson standing in the door of the hallway coughing up a lung. Once I realize a) she can breathe or she wouldn't be coughing. b) I am not dreaming this is real life.
I go into mommy mode. Get her some water, help her catch her breath, get her settled down, take her temp (99.9) gave her some Tylenol- put her back in bed. Then I miraculously  (bc normally I am awake after an adventure) go back to sleep.

8:45 the alarm goes off and love day starts! The girls woke up to a few surprises!

Then we headed out to Dunkin Donuts for Breakfast!

 We had not been there 10 minutes when Madyson starts shaking saying how cold she was. So we load up in the car and head to walgreens. There I pick up some stuff because I know what is coming...the flu.

We get home, get her changed and get her into bed. Aubrie decides to hang out in the playroom and take advantage of sister being sick..and play with her toys.

Madyson sleeps through the afternoon and evening. Todd and I decide to call in my mom to sit with her while we take Aubrie to an early valentines dinner (4:30) we go to my favorite "family spot" Rooster's in Fondren.
We all eat a yummy dinner and call and check on Madyson. She is still asleep, so we decide to head to ToysRus to look at some stuff for Aubrie's birthday (more on that tomorrow) We pick up the Wii game "Smarty Pants" and I let Aubrie pick out a little toy for herself and for sister! When we get home Madyson's fever is 102 and she is super "hungry" so luckily I brought her some yummy macncheese (her favorite) from Roosters and some Banana Pudding. She doesn't eat a bite...which confirms flu.

Sunday, Todd got up and went and taught my 2 year old class and his 6th grade boys class. (husband of the year?) when he got home Madyson was still super sick and Aubrie was showing signs. So we laid low and decided to watch the grammys (that post will come on Thursday....)

Yesterday, I took Madyson to the doctor and they confirmed flu (duh) and gave her some meds and got us all  "prepared" for it to spread. Tamiflu for Valentines!! Yes! We came home and hung out just relaxed. You never realize how much having a sick kid can drain you!

Todd and I worked out our schedules so we could both work and both be home. I work the mornings and he works the afternoons. Again, so thankful that we both have jobs that are flexible and allow us to put our family first.

So that was our Valentines Love Day! How was yours?!?!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kyser Family Pounding

If you remember this Summer I shared a story from The Kyser Family Blog. They are a family in our church that will be leaving this summer to go and serves as missionaries in Africa! We have loved sharing in their journey as they prepare for this move and watch as God has provided them with so much!

Our church is having a "Pounding" for them on March 6th and I am so excited to go to this!

I have a list of things they will need...if you feel lead to send one or two of these things you can email me at thebroadusbunch(at)gmail(dot)com and I will send you our church address.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Family Room

 This is the Back wall-it has our family photo wall, my grandfather's chifferobe my grandmother's table.
 This is in the entry hall (out of order but I just did) The suitcases 3 are salvaged, 1 is todd's grandfathers, the white roosters are from the "Junkin" post and the vase and flowers were given to me for free =) The trunk is from a local antique shop.
 Our couch. I made the round table, and that lamp!, the window is from the garbage.
 this is an old dresser that I made a barnwood top for. it has all the pictures of our girls and now serves as our sofa table cost $15 without knobs with knobs it will be 51! (those knobs are super expensive!)
 Our Duncan Phife table that was my grand mothers and 2 of my cheap ugly chairs! I did an antique finish on them and made new seat bases & cushions! Total cost $4.00 a chair! The crosses have all been given to us for gifts =)
The fireplace (still working on the mantel) The painting is a worship painting from Revival. It is God's hands holding the world. the back ground is a bunch of words like (HOLY HOLY...PRAISE GOD!) the floral was free as was the vase and the candle holders. Todd's stepmom gave us the B.The large cross is sitting on A 1956 World Book...Book A. It belonged to my grandmother. When I was young I use to sit and look at all the color pictures of animals.

Our family room is just that-a room for our family. Its cozy and colorful and our place to relax! I love it there.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Love Day 2011,new site, birthdays...and more

Post #1 of 2 today :)

A tradition we love-is Love Day...our form of Valentine's day.

Last year-I had a great day planned, it turned out to be a meltdown....So this year I am taking it a new direction!

The girls are always asking us for a day of movies...staying home in our pjs-watching movies-and we do this on Friday nights but they want a full day of us watching their picks...so I think that is the route we are going to go...maybe some heart shape cinnamon toast....or something special....I will blog about it-I promise.

I have stumbled upon another cheap site. I love my Zulily.com but today I have discovered Totsy!
In my opinion its a bit cheaper than Zulily~Ive been surfing around the site and found a few things I want to pick up for some upcoming babies in our life!

Speaking of babies-My baby is fixing to be a preschooler! Aubrie Kate turns 3 next month! I am so excited to have her reach 3-the two's have been rough so hears to hoping that 3 is better! I am debating what to do in terms of party. I think I have it all worked out in my head-but I have to run it by our CFO (todd) before I finalize the plans.

Tonight I will post the family room pictures! Yesterday was so overwhelming I forgot I had promised that...so stay tuned!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Super Bowl Sunday!

Packers vs Steelers, Us vs. Food. Today was an ultimate day for "our team!"
As you all know (and if you don't click here) Todd won the "When Your Team Wins" Super Bowl Contest!
$1000.00 worth of food from some of the greatest Jackson restaurants! (Bravo-Broadstreet-SalNMookies)

Today-right at 4 o'clock-we were sitting in our den when "Shave and a Haircut" Knock came booming on our doors. That could only mean 1 thing-Jeff Good was in our presence. 

If you aren't from the Metro-Jackson area, the name Jeff Good might not mean much to you-or it might...he is super popular. Let me give you a quick overview-I have heard him referred to as "King Midas" as in everything he touches turns to gold. He owns 3 of the best, most popular restaurants in Jackson, 1 catering business, is into all sorts of things fun like the new zippity doo dah parade....he could run for governor of the great state of Mississippi and win-Hands down. You meet him-you love him-he is a giver-an all around awesome guy-a man of service...and that is the most important thing. (and no-we did not get paid to say that)

This is my stalker photo-Todd insisted on helping. I think he was making sure there wasn't something he wanted to store away in the mailbox for himself. 
Jeff came bustling in delivering food-back to his car for more food-back in the house. It was a bit overwhelming! He gave us a run down on how to keep it warm-what "accessories" went with what meal....we chatted...Madyson showed him all her artwork, told him about our soon to be new kitchen...it was fabulous. Then he left. and this is what we had!

When I took this out the package-I licked the package...it was soooo good. Didn't know I had some of it on my forehead when guests arrived....lack of self control=totally worth the tiramisu 

That lemon tart----oh my!

4 pizzas-Meat Packing District (Joseph's favorite) Riker's Island (todd's favorite) Park Avenue (MINE!) Cheese-Madyson
The Food was AMAZING. The hummus, spinach & artichoke dip, wings, pizza,...ahhhhhhhh.
Byrds and Lubys arrive first-they were starving!

Chowing down.....

Charlie was all smiles as he ate his red velvet cupcake!
Did I mention we are all huge dessert lovers? hahahaha
But the best part of the whole deal?
Those 2 precious little gift cards! They each hold hundreds of dollars that we will be spending on lunch for some extremely deserving women in a few weeks! We have chosen to donate the food to "Matt's House" a rescue house for women who are in abusive relationships. We could have just had food donated there-but we are in this game to serve-so we will be picking up the food and going there and serving the ladies and spending time with them. I can not wait! Thank you so much to Jeff and his team for putting on this great contest and going over and beyond our expectations! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sarah's Guide to Junkin & Pickin!

Ever since I posted about Junkin & Pickin, I have recieved tons of emails (mostly from people up north?) about "THE SPORT". So I thought I would make a guide for yall - who have been wanting to try but not sure how!

Tip #1 Nothing is junk when you have spray paint. Always keep this in mind. With all the different types of spray paint out there-ANYTHING can be beautiful. Case in point: This table. (i thought about taking the picture *AFTER* I started coat one of spray primer..but you can still see the ugly "blonde" wood.

I picked the top out my junkin pile. The legs I purchased from the home depot. Not my color-but my style.
This was my inspiration:$129.00
After some Spray Primer and Some Spray Paint - I now have this! Total cost $10.65

Tip #2. Garbage collection days are great days to start looking. Just because someone else doesn't want it-doesn't mean you don't.

Tip #3 Consider using things in a different way. Always be open-minded. Just because it is a dresser-doesn't mean it belongs in a bedroom.

Tip #4 If you need a certain size something-know your measurements.
I have certain size openings in my house I want items for. I keep them in my "book of notes" that stays with me in my purse. That way if I ever stumble upon a treasure Ill know if it fits before I buy it!

Tip #5-When Junkin-take cash in small bills!

Tip#6 Do not be afraid to haggle. If you really like this old ugly table and it is 50 dollars ask if they will take 25 if they say 45 say what about 35 most of the time-you will meet in the middle. Also when haggling-point out flaws of the item, "a little wobbly, rusted, needs paint, kind of beat up"

Tip #7  take a friend. I am putting a group together for "trashy girl days" Its much more fun to dig through junk when you have friends to laugh with.

Tip #8 check craigslist for church or mission sales. GREAT place for old ugly CHEAP furniture!

Tip #9. Most "Antique" stores carry real antiques(expensive) most consignment/flea markets carry antiques+junk (affordable). If you really want a 1816 Duncan Phyfe "Piere" Table. 
Know the markings to look for. 

Now a bit of Background. One reader wanted to know why I started doing this. 

My dad is a hoarder. (not the nasty dead cats under boxes kind)  We would be riding down the road and see a shelf or a chair in someones garbage and he would go pull it out. FOR YEARS I was so embarrassed. And frustrated. Because most of the time he would do NOTHING with it except store it on our screened in porch. Well about 7 years ago when I got an apartment I needed stuff but had no money. Guess where I went diggin? Yup-daddy's screen porch collections. That's where I discovered my love for repurposing furniture. 

The greatest things about junkin & pickin
1)its a cheap hobby
2) if you paint it and don't like it you can re do it.
3) a house with all new stuff doesn't feel like home. When you add some older pieces it feels like it has been collected over the years.

***Tomorrow I will reveal our family room!! With photos of how we used all of the above and more!***

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am so excited to announce that we did win the super bowl party! From what I hear-it was close-which makes every vote extremely precious to us!

Now-we have a lot of planning to do. (I say we, because I will do it and Todd has to come along since he is the real the winner)

Like I said-we are planning on donating a majority of this food! We have 19 people in our small group and all though if we tried-we could probably eat all 1000 worth of food-that wouldn't be what God would want us to do! So now it is time to contact the charities and see how we can serve them. Because that is what God would want us to do.

We thank each of you-from our hearts-for taking time to vote. Our small group has been great. Lobbying/calling/begging people for votes. We have great friends, we are blessed.

Expect a huge post-including pictures-of the party and the donation! Thanks again!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One more day!!

We have a slight lead-but that could change if we don't press on! Please take a few moments and go and vote for (Mr. Broadus) Todd.

We are trying to win this $1000 Catered super bowl party and plan on donating most of the food to help feed our homeless and hungry!

Click here and vote for him! Voting ends thursday at 6am.


If we pull off this win its going to be such a blessing for these men and women who probably have never had a "fancy meal" before! Lets band together and do this!

TIP: You can vote from your phone and your computer! Help share the word and lets get a win!

**Friday I will post my best post yet---yall are going to be so excited! I have been writing it for weeks!!!**