Thursday, February 28, 2013

18 days til she arrives...

4.5 years ago when Todd and I began trying and praying for Baby #3 - I had no idea the roller coaster we would be launched on and how long it would take. It has been a long journey-but we have grown so much over the last few years-I honestly can say-God's timing is amazing.

Amelia will be here in 18 days (or less if she makes her debut on her own) and her room is finished and waiting for her arrival.

I have dreamed about what Baby #3's room would look like and my plan has transitioned over the years. The day we found out I was indeed pregnant I began the real plan for this nursery. My favorite colors are Cilantro and Robin's Egg Blue. I knew I wanted the nursery to be an ombre of the two colors-perfect for a girl or a boy. After months of building my design plan-I showed Madyson (my consultant) and she said, "That's cute for a boy-but what if it's a girl?" I told her I was done with pink and purple. 7 years-2 girls-you get kind of burnt out. So she said, "well, what about coral?" Coral was good. It was girly-but not overused. We also decided on some pops of yellow-because "that's a happy color" ;)

I knew I didn't want this room to be matchy-matchy. I wanted it to be collected-unique-not "perfect" and have a twist of Disney. (since she is our Disney baby)

So I began with the most important part-the crib. Our friends Joseph & Jennifer were in Dallas and swung by Ikea for me and picked up this crib. I love it. It is simple and has a modern touch.

We decided to not use a bumper-I had found some cotton duct material at Hobby lobby that I wanted to use as a crib skirt-Luckily my friend Melissa (who has an amazing etsy shop & facebook page) was willing to make me a simple crib skirt. I paired it with a Target Clearance Crib sheet and monogrammed blanket that belonged to my grandmother. Over the crib is a garage sale frame {painted white} and an Office Depot Engineer Print {$4.00} of Cinderella's Castle. I took the photo on our last Disney trip ;)

The changing area was a big pain in the rear. I needed a small changing table-that could also hold clothes-We found this piece on craigslist {3 hours away}

so Todd went to pick it up. Madyson & Aubrie Kate painted it from blue to coral and I made the changing pad cover out of left over fabrics.

We hung a floating shelf above to hold some changing items-and Madyson's teacher (and one of my Laguna sisters{{Like a sorority sister}}gave me the plate that reads "for this child, I have prayed")

The art work above the changing table is a family art project. We adopted the Russian Nesting Dolls as a symbol for our 3 girls. One night we all sat around the dining table making this little piece of art. Then Aubrie Kate and I took it to Hobby lobby to have it framed. I love it because the girls really took pride in helping make this for little sister.

I needed a place for our queen bed and so it stayed in the nursery {for those longggg nights ahead}} I upholstered the headboard in a green duct fabric-paired it with a vintage quilt and Melissa made the cute chevron pillow for me :) Above the bed is a frame I found while junkin-with Amelia's initials. The little dress was made for me (29 years ago) and Madyson and Aubrie both wore it-

The chair was an accident! I had found one at a thrift store I was going to recover-but my belly got big fast and I didn't have the muscle power to upholster it-so Todd suggested we just buy a new one in a fabric we liked. We new we wanted houndstooth print in the room {{ROLL TIDE}} and one day I was looking on facebook and saw where a friend was selling this chair for a steal! We purchased it and it was perfect.

 Madyson and I made the scripture art above the chair it reads: "Amelia grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom and the grace of God was upon her."
 On the opposite wall is 2 more Lowe's floating shelves. Each has a Target Clearance frame with mats wrapped in leftover scrapbook paper. 1 has a maternity shot from our babymoon and the other has a page from a baby book we found in Todd's mom's stuff. There are a few toys (1 was made by Todd's great uncle 28 years ago) and the embroidery hoops were Todd's grandmothers-I took 2 of his mom's shirts and used that to fill the hoops. I love this little nook.

 Lastly, the little chiffarobe that holds her clothes. I found this at a garage sale for $40. Todd and I created a paint color out of some left over paint that we had. We then did a drybrush technique and some light sanding.

Amelia's room is ready-and I love the simplicity of it. We cannot wait to welcome her in a few days!

**Please excuse the quality of the photos-my memory card decided it didn't like the computer and after 2 weeks I got frustrated and just snapped some with the old android**

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The First Lady Visits!

First Lady Michelle Obama is here in town today promoting her Lets Move Campaign!

It is a huge day for our tiny school district as well as our family!

My eldest niece, Emma, who is in jr. high. was selected to introduce Mrs. Obama at the press conference today.

This was Emma's first public speaking engagement and as a Communication/Public Relations person...I am so proud. She was poised and well spoken and did awesome!

Here are a few pictures I snapped while watching the live stream at home!

Our district was highlighted because our leaders took the initiative to change lunches across all 7 schools and make healthy lunches available. They also did this-without increasing any funds!

We are very proud of our excellent district and of my beautiful niece!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Unknown/random Facts about me.

You read someone's blog for SO long-you really feel like you "Know" them. I have this random thing on twitter where I share Unknown Facts about me. Ya know...just in case you were wondering.

Since it's Tuesday-and I am too lazy to take my 34 week photo-I thought I would share a few randoms.

1) EVERYnight I watch Father of the Bride or FOTB II. I know every word and it helps me sleep. I also have written a script for FOTB III....So baby Meghan can get married. Steve Martin-give me a call-lets make this happen.

2) I wear Toms almost everyday. they are my "mom shoe" I have them in multiple styles. when I want to look "less momish" I wear wedges. I save my heels for sexy or super dressy occasions.

3) I am obsessed with these-I have purchased 11 (1 for each room in the house) for when we come home from the hospital with Amelia.
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

My favorite Sonic drink: Cherry Coke

Never had a : Diet Coke

Never seen: Gone with the Wind, E.T., or any Star Wars movie (and about 1million other movies because I never watched movies growing up so I just don't get it)

Favorite Television Show: Castle, The Ellen Show, High Low Project, American Pickers, Top Gear

Favorite Music: Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Mumford and Sons,...and Vanilla Ice (don't judge)

Dream Job: Disney Event Planner

Most Annoying Thing About Me: Loud chomping of ice after every drink. I leave my towel on the floor after a bath.

Favorite Bible Verse: Prov. 16:3

Favorite childhood memory: Sunday lunch and fishing at my grandmas (now my parents!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


With baby girl arriving in 34 days (Oh.My.Gosh) I have decided to "Decrapify" our house for REALZ. To keep me on track-I am linking up with White House Black Shutters for the 40 bags in 40 days decluttering challenge!

Since Miss Amelia will be here before the 40 days is up-I am working hard to make sure the crap is gone before she arrives.

The push behind this is not to add something else to my plate but to really look at life and how we live it. We have so much "STUFF" and I can't appreciate the things we have because I am constantly picking up/putting away/storing...the extra stuff. So-by the time "toodles" (as the girls call her) joins our family on the outside, I want to be able to relax and enjoy life-without the crap!

I started today-with the place that things go to die. We have these cabinets in our den under the television that is the "got to shove it in" place when company is coming over and we need to pick up fast. The only thing stays there.

So-my little project today went like this:

Open Cabinet....
make the "omg" face......   

Wii stuff & books/photo albums

Kids side with their special barbies and tea party guest.

 This clean out rendered 2 bags of trash and 1 bag of give-away :) 3 bags down-37 more to go.

Monday, February 11, 2013

A ring.

Todd and I had been working together 6 months. We never "dated" because in the restaurant business you work 7 days a week open to close...then you hang out after work with your coworkers. So there was no time for dating. We spent the summer hanging out and unknown to those around us, falling in love.

Todd's parents had gone to the beach for the week and we stopped by their house after work one night to feed their dogs and take them for a walk. We ended up "spending the night" together, sitting face to face, talking. We talked about our plans for the future, our past, our broken hearts, etc. It was that night I fell in love with Todd.

A few weeks later we went back to his parents house before work because he had to "pick up something". When we got there, I was sitting in his moms pink chair and he came and sat in front of me. He pulled out this vintage diamond cluster and explained how he and his mom had talked and he told her how much he loved me and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with day. He proceeded to put the ring on my finger and share how his grandfather had given it to his mother for her graduation and after he shared with her his feelings, she gave it to him for me.

notice in this picture (my favorite of them) that she has on the ring.
He said in his own way that he knew we were young, and barely knew each other but he knew his feelings for me were the real deal and that he would be honored if I would except this ring as a symbol of his love.
I was floored. I excepted the ring and off to work we went.

I wore that ring everyday. We eloped a month later and that ring was my original wedding ring. If you read our story-you know we had a wedding months later. And with that wedding came another ring and band and my cluster was put away.

Over the years, I would pull out my cluster because I loved it. To me, it symbolized us. It was given to Todd's mom by her father. And all little girls know the special bond between fathers/daughters. It was the ring we were originally married with. It was a symbol of the $65 we had in our bank account the day we eloped and the journey we had been on over the years... And how far we had come. Almost a year ago I began wearing my cluster daily. It was my wedding ring and I loved it.

When Todd's mom passed away in October, it became more special. Because it was now my piece of her that I wore everyday. Todd's relationship with his mom was the most important relationship he had...I wish I could say "until we got married" but truthfully it was until the day she left this Earth. I was honored to have her with me daily, knowing the love he had for her.

The thing about the cluster is I didn't have a band to wear with it. That was okay with me but it bothered Todd. I told him for our 10 year anniversary he could buy me a guard for the ring. And that was that.

Today, he came home and said he had an I love you present for me. I figured it was something babywise.
He pulled out a box-and inside was my cluster and its custom made band. He had one made for me "because, I love you".
I was so excited. Shocked. And surprised. I am so blessed to have this man who was raised by such an outstanding woman. And now, daily, I have a piece of her and (now)him- with me.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Activities!

When we purchased my mini van almost 2 years ago-The salesman (who is a friend of ours) said their was a underlying "warning" to owning a van. He said, "No matter how "clean" you are-your van will be disgusting." I didn't believe him-but here years later-I see what he was talking about! With baby arriving in less than 40 days-I have a list of random things I need done (for my sanity) one was to clean the van. LIKE take all the seats out and clean the carpet, the seats, the doors, the windows...
So that is what we did this morning.
 Here is the van after we removed all the junk/trash/and the captain's chairs. This DOES NOT do the nastyness justice. Because I know DHS would take my kids if they saw the grossness. (all in the backseat) Sophie-the Old Lady Dog-was on crumb duty.
 We headed to the car wash and ran it through-then spent over an hour vacuuming the dern thing out!

 Once we got all the crumbs out-sticky things off the floor-etc. we went home to restock. The girls got moved to the backrow and we set it up for them with organizers and a TRASH CAN.
I used one of my Thirty-one Organizing Utility Totes to make a "Van Bag" that has a first aid kit, umbrella, pony tail holders, brush, wipes, a few tools like screw driver, flashlight etc...

Then-Todd had to leave to go to a work function-so my mom came over and we took the girls and my nephew (ages 6, 5, 4) to the children's museum!

I was exhausted by 3:30 so we went home and rested! My dad came over and did some more of my random list things (plumbing adjustments-new lights etc...)

It was WAY to productive for a Saturday!

Monday, February 4, 2013

A little post :)

Friday night we had my family over to celebrate my dad's retirement! He has been a faithful employee of the USPS for over 25 years. He worked the night shift-all of my life-so he missed out on a lot of things. But I always knew he was doing it to provide for us-and I am so thankful he has the chance to enjoy life now!
Me with no makeup (SCARY!) I was so busy getting everything ready for the night-I forgot to put it on. Oh well-it was just family.

Saturday-we met my mom and did some shopping. I needed to pick up a few items for Amelia and we had a babies r us gift card so that was great! We also began the debate over strollers-Needless to say-we did not get one! Once we got home our friends Bridget and Ken came over to hang out. Bridget is 21 weeks pregnant with a little boy! B&K and I go way back to elementary days-then as grown ups. I was their wedding coordinator-and now we are expecting together! (and their daughter Makayla is Aubrie Kate's BFF)

Sunday-we went to church then I earned my Meanest Mom Badge-Then we had girl scouts-then we went to our friends Carla and Michael's for the Super Bowl!

Monday was low-key. AK and I hung out-planned her bday party-and picked up Amelia's bedding (here's a sneak)

Then we went to our church's clothes/food pantry to work. Here are the some pictures of the impromptu fashion show we put on at the end of the night :)
Kristen and I modeling our "Say Yes To The Dress Your Bump" look. We are 4 weeks apart-both pregnant with our 3rd girl!

Jennifer is my sweet-sweet friend! Her husband Joseph was my "boss" when I worked for the church.

These are our life group girls (minus Mallory-who's grandfather passed away suddenly-please pray for her) Kristen, Me, Jennifer and Carla :) I love this group of girls!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

I have earned my meanest mom badge.

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a huge change in my girls. Manners such as "yes mam, no sir.." have been replaced with "yea and what".

Toys that have been organized for them (1 box of lalaloopsy, 1 box of strawberry shortcake..etc) have been dumped out, mixed together, and the boxes used to hold dirty clothes, candy wrappers, etc.

Vanity areas that allow for BIG GIRL dress up-pretend-fun girly time have become lipstick kisses on my walls-finger nail polish on the furniture, etc.

I have had enough.

The final straw was when I spent 2 weeks deep cleaning the girls rooms (with their input on how they liked it to be organized...I mean we are all different) I scrubbed carpet, I washed all the clothes in their closets, dried, ironed and rehung them so they would be fresh. Installed shoe holders, etc.

and I explained if they could keep it like this for 1 week-they could get the bikes they have been wanting for almost a year. 1 week-that is NOT that hard.

This morning-we were getting ready for church and Madyson couldn't find her other silver shoe. Aubrie's closet was on her floor. All the undergarments I had just washed and put up were mixed into the huge dress up boxes. We were late. And I was angry.

I was angry not at my kids-but at myself. I have allowed them to become disrespectful of their personal property, their parents/grown ups, and themselves.

I would love to blame it on the pregnancy exhaustion but the truth is-I can't.

So-I decided that we would spend February learning about Respect. Respect for our things, respect for others, respect for ourselves. So I had the girls pick out 5 toys that they really loved and wanted to keep out-then I packed up all the girls toys (minus the few in the playroom) and Todd loaded them by the garage door. 

Then we had the talk about how toys cost money. Money that people that love them have spent on them and when they don't take care of them-it shows people that they are not appreciative of the gifts. So 1 by 1-the girls took the boxes of toys out to the garage.

They had 30 minutes, 1 garbage bag, and 1 laundry basket to pick up their rooms. Whatever was left over after 30 minutes went into a garbage bag and to the street.

My plan* at the moment is this:

1) they have a simple chore chart: at the end of the week if they have completed all the chores-they can earn a toy out of the garage.

2) Manners are extremely important to me. I can not stand when kids do not have them. When they complete this task successfully they can earn a toy out of the garage.

3) They are responsible-together-for the playroom. Its not much in there but its BOTH of their responsibility. They keep it picked up and organized-for the month-they can recover a toy out of the garage.

At the end of the month-whatever is left in the garage goes to the community center. No questions asked.

It is my job as a parent to prepare my girls for life. I don't expect their rooms to be perfect-just taken care of. I do expect them to respect the things they have, the people that love them, and the blessings they have been given.

So if being the meanest mom for a while means teaching my kids about respect the hard way-then so be it. Life is going to get harder as they get older (and throwing in another sister will just make it more interesting)  and I would rather them understand what and how they are expected to act and how they are expected to treat their things/friends/themselves BEFORE its too late.

*My plan can and probably will change as I see fit. I reserve that right*