Sunday, September 28, 2014

The end of an era...3 months and counting.

Ever since we lost  my heart for blogging has not been present. For over 5 years I have recorded our families good times, bad times, hard times and His times and at our highest point over thousands of people were reading along with us each step of the way. When our domain was taken-we lost all of our followers and most of our readers. And honestly, most of my spirit. So with a heavy heart I have made the decision to close our blog at the end of the year. 

The Broadus bunch has grown so much with this little space-I love being able to read back to see what the girls were like at age 3 & 4...I love seeing how God was present even in the storm of our miscarriage...I love seeing how no matter the circumstance-we are still The broadus bunch. 

The girls are getting older-and not to keen on me sharing their lives anymore. Madyson has asked that I don't post about her-and Aubrie is getting to the point where she doesn't like me sharing photos and such. I need to respect them as well. 

I am busy working on getting each year printed off and plans for the next phase of life. 

The next 3 months will be full of first memories here in Georgia-I am glad to have our first year here recorded. Plus-we have to have the finale of "so I am going to be on a reality show" :) 

Last night at a wedding I worked the grooms father said, "yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. Open it and embrace it for what it is.." 

That's my plan, to embrace whatever Gods next step is and go from there. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So I'm going to be on a reality show...

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook or twitter-you saw my announcement, last week, that I will be a contestant on TNT's new show "on the menu" starring Emeril & Ty Pennington. I am so excited to tell you the whole story!! But-I can't. Not until Dec 5th-after it airs but I am going to try to answer some questions I have received!

1) have you lost your mind? Probably. But  leading up to the audition and accepting the position of contestant-I spent a lot of time talking with God and with Todd. There is a lot of exposure that goes into reality tv & I wasn't 100% sure I wanted that. So I spent a lot of time praying that if this would be a hinder to my witness that I wouldn't even make the show. Then once I did make it-I spent a lot of time praying that I show Christ through my performance. 

What did you cook? I can't tell you that yet! But I will tell you I have never been SO nervous in a kitchen! 

When did you film? I auditioned in march of 2014 and filmed it in June of 2014. It airs December 5th-so almost my whole year has been consumed by this! 

How was Ty and Emeril? Amazing. Can't wait for y'all to watch! 

Did you win? My poor family (including my kids and parents) have asked me this EVERYTIME they see me. I'll tell you the same thing I told them. I had fun & I gave it all I could! 
That's my "chefs coat" I got to wear. I totally felt important in it! Ha! Sure is fancier than my aprons I normally wear! 

What was your favorite part? So much of the experience I just love! But I had makeup artist everyday that made me feel so pretty (in the midst of one of the worst breakouts I've had since hitting puberty 👎) 

I really did have fun-and once the show airs I'll share more details to it! But for now-mark your calendars for Dec. 5th at 8pm! 

Can't wait to watch with you all!!!