Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Details to baby #3~

Thank you all so much for your love and congratulations. You have no idea how blessed Todd and I feel and how excited we are to share this journey with you! I's our baby but it really feels like "OUR" baby :) (as in all of ours!)

Monday afternoon I had a doctors appointment. It was suppose to be Thursday but with the hurricane coming-it was moved up to Monday. I was VERY nervous. It  was my first time back since the miscarriage (I was really bad and never went back for my follow-up. I was emotionally not capable then to walk into that room again)

As we sat in the waiting room I was told "today things are going to go as followed. 1) labs 2) sonogram 3) doctor." When the door opened the US Tech walked out and my heart sank. My drs office has 3 US Techs. And this was the same one that did the sonogram that confirmed the miscarriage. She called our name and my heart literally died. I just knew that the world was coming to an end.

As we got into the little booth and got situated she said "I see a baby!" and quickly followed up with "it has a heart beat!" She then turned on the sound so we could hear its beautiful little heart beat of 178!!!

She was just as happy for us as we were. Todd and I were high fiving, crying, know, like first time parents. She was busy snapping away pictures and taking measurements and then it was over.

I moved on to the doctor next. And I got the dos and donts for the next 4 weeks. Todd and I were busy calling and texting everyone. We are so bad. I could never be one of those fun people who announce in a cool way!

We stopped by joann's and made the girls some frames that said "You're going to be a big sister" and put a sonogram picture in each. Once we got home, we told them and they were elated!!! Madyson loves to "feel the baby" and Aubrie kate is very excited to be a big sister.

According to the doctor, baby #3 shows alot sooner than the other too and it was okay if we decided to go ahead and share with my boss because I probably had another week or 2 before I started showing (try 4 lie I have a bump! more on that next week!)

So I went to work the next day and shared with my boss and my teachers. Baby is due end of march but I usually deliver week 37-38. So we are looking at Mid-to late march. Aubrie kate is not so sure about this being her birthday present. "I don't wanna share" is more like it.

As for names, we have a beautiful girl name picked out. Then we had a boy name. But the boy name doesn't do this baby justice. SO we came up with 2 alternative names and we are busy deciding on those! I love to have a name ready on "gender reveal day" so I can start calling baby by name asap!

We were working on a nursery for adoption baby so we are really doing well in the nursery department. We have our plan laid out and hoping to get some of it done this labor day weekend :)

As for adoption baby, Todd and I decided that we would not pull out of the adoption process because I am pregnant. If God chooses to bless our family with a baby through adoption as well as birth this year then we will just expand by 4 feet :)

So how am I? Exhaustion has been a big deal over the past few weeks. I figured I was anemic again and I would be getting herbs and supplements. I come home from work and sleep for an hour before doing anything else. It is lovely.

I have some nausea but really-its nothing to complain about. I am very blessed to be having these feelings and I am just soaking them all in, since I thought I would never be able to feel this again!

Thursday we were off of school for the hurricane so we took a trip to Babies R Us to see what has changed in the 4.5 years we have had a newborn. We looked at carseats, pack-n-plays, bedding, monitors, was just a lot of fun! We are so excited and can't wait to share this journey with you!

Monday, August 27, 2012

How Great is Our God?

God never seizes to amaze me. Riding down the road and seeing a beautiful sunset, lightening, how human bodies work so perfectly. God is so great and such an amazing Creator.

4 years ago (6months after AK was born) Todd and I decided that baby #3 was going to be. We tried the "good ole fashion way" for over a year with no luck.

Then we heard God speaking to our hearts about adoptions. Almost 3 years into this adoption process and its been nothing but dead ends. Its like He is saying "wait & see".

Monday we found out the greatest news of our year...maybe the past 4 years! That Baby #3 will be joining our family in March of 2013. But not through adoption. Yes, the medical books said it couldnt be done but I am pregnant with our precious #3. We have seen our sweet baby and heard its precious heart beat and are overwhelmed with Joy! That is how great our God is!! Makes miracles when you need one.

I will share details later on this later own bit here are a few facts to tide you over til then.

How far along?: 9weeks

Reactions: stunned,blessed,in shock

Girls?: excited doesnt even began to describe it

Cravings: not really but I can and have had some red meat and didnt get sick. :)

Heartbeat: 178 bpm

Due:late march

Gender: we will find out in october. We both could careless what it is. But I feel boy.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hi :) Top 10 news from the week

I apologize for the lack of blogging lately. We haven't done much "blog worthy" stuff. And I have been a failure at pictures.

Lets see.....

1) Madyson had her first 3 test Friday-Spelling, Phonics and Math. She had a 100, a 99 and a 92. She got the 92 simple because she didn't take her time. We are working on that this year.

2) Aubrie has started her new preschool and so far, "Its okay". She misses her old friends but I know she is going to like her new friends just as much. She has only been for 2 this next week is her first full week and I am sure it will be great!

3) I love my job. My 26 Kindergarteners are precious. They are really settling into routine of centers, walking in line, etc. Last week we started color week (wear a certain color each day!) We continue that this week ending with "rainbow day" on friday! I have big plans for that!!

4) Todd is busy working working working. He is doing his Tuff Shed by day and His New York Life by night. I am so thankful for him and his service to our family.

5) The girls went friday night to Todd's grandmothers house and spent a few hours with her, Todd's Aunts, and his Dad and his mom while Todd and I went shopping. I am trying my best to give the girls some time with His mom but it is so hard for them. They really miss her. She can't bake cookies with them, sew with them or play computer games with them anymore and now its more them taking care of her. But as long as they ask to see her, I will take them.

6) Thursday I will be going back to my doctor to talk "baby" plans with her. This will be the first time back in her office since the miscarriage. I am full of anxiety to be back in there just because of the emotions I know will come.

7) Aubrie Kate is dancing this year! She started Monday and is in love. Madyson has decided to take the year off. She is just doing girl scouts but has a goal set to get 12 new badges this year! (and sell 500 boxes of cookies) Last year she sold 408 so I am sure we can add a few more to that!

8) My house is back to looking like I work 5 days a week. So if you pop in, don't judge!

9) I am hosting a Vault Denim Party at my house on Sept 15th at 3pm! This is designer jeans at a much lower cost, PLUS my sweet friend Rachel will be here fitting and making sure your tush looks great! If you would like to attend just let me know!

10) My nephew turns 1 this week! So blessed to have him in my life!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the moment.

Tonight was one of those nights you read about on someone's blog but never think you will experience.

Todds dad called a family meeting. His mother (who has been fighting cancer for years and who had a stroke in March) was recently diagnosed with more tumors...bigger places they had already radiated. She is weak, she is tired and now the doctors arent sure what the next plan is.

To sit with Todd, his parents, his aunts and granmother and to hear the news that all this fighting we\she has been doing all these years could soon be done is not only heart wrenching it is one of those moments when you absorb the emotions of your family and you all ache together.

My life has been crazy lately with work,the girls,my obligations to organizations..etc. I have been keeping on keeping on and then tonight answering that email is not top on my priority list.

In the moment you hear the news that your loved ones life span is now awaiting a miracle you stop to grasp how BIG God is.

As Believers we are taught to celebrate life and to know that God is always in control. I have seen Him work miracles in Todds mom before. When she was at a low before he pulled her out and made her cancer free. She even had a study written on her. God bought her back to us from a serious stoke. He allowed that stroke to happen and because it did, the doctors found the brain tumors.

God has an amazing plan and weather that plan is 6 more months with Todds mom or 16 more years. We are going to live in the moment.

Sometimes as humans we want to beg,plead and cry out WHY,God?!?! Why her?? Why to us? But as Christians we already know the Why. Because the Lord is in control, because He knows what is best and sometimes that best is hard to understand and sometimes it hurts, real bad. But God is good in all circumstances and when we Believe, one day we will all know the big plan.

Our little blog has always been my personal prayer journal with some DIY, reno and kiddie stories mixed in. but tonight I lift up this request.

Please God, help us live in the moment. Please let these details last in our memory. Please give us the strength to give Kathy strength. Please be with the family as we take on each day. Please help us be a light.Give me the right words to say when the girls ask questions. Guide their hearts. Be with Todd and Rusty as the two men of Kathys life take on the task of loving daily and coping with the unknown. God, you are an amazing creator and ultimate healer. May your will be done Lord. We praise You in this storm.

Psalm 37:5

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Odd Life.....

Saturday Night-Todd and I snuck away and spent a few hours stuffing our faces with buttery popcorn, sour patch kids and twizzlers...hiding in another town's cinema. Date nights are few and far between but we had a coupon and off to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green we went.

As soon as the movie started so did my tears. To give a short recap (without giving the movie away) its about a couple who is struggling to conceive. They end up with this amazing boy from the garden and there life as parents begins.

I sat in awe of this new Disney film. The comparisson of our life is so odd. When the Greens introduce Timothy to their family there are those questions, "dont you want to have a real child? Like your own?" Thats a question Todd and I have been asked monthly since we began this process almost 3 years ago.

We conceived Madyson and Aubrie Kate without trying (actually both on birth control) once aubrie was months old we began to try for number 3. We tried all sorts of things suggested by our doctor but sometimes medicine can only take you so far, then God steps in.

When Mrs. Green is asked that question she replies "he felt like mine from the first time I saw him" & I believe any adoptive mother will vouch for this.

Throughout the movie Todd and I laughed and cried. (yes, Mr. Broadus cried too) bc sometimes that desire you have to be a parent (even for the 3rd time) is so overwhelming you feel the pain and the Joy all at the same time.

We cried on the way home, saying maybe we should "plant" our own garden baby....i mean our garden has made some amazing tomatoes what could it hurt? But we refrained from that idea and stuck with our daily prayer. For God to help us be the best parents we can be right now and to consider us to be parents again.

If you have ever had the desire to adopt or to just be a parent -take some tissues and go see The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

The First Day....

The alarm went off early.
It was officially the first day of school for me and madyson. This year, she went to First Grade. My heart broke all summer thinking about it. Kindergarten is sitll "little" but First Grade is BIG. its a grade...and there are only 12 of them. Then she is in college-in the real world. and that is just too much! This year she was ready for school to start. As I finished stuff for my first day in my classroom she walked herself to class. And once the day was over....she marched back into my classroom and said, "it was a great day! stayed on green! ready for tomorrow".

                 First Day-2011 Kindergarten                                                        First Day-2012 First Grade

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Full of Words!

Okay-this is a catch up post without any pictures. (having technical issues)

Twitter friends already know that God surprised me with a job opportunity that I adore!

Let me explain:

A month ago we started praying that God show us what to do: Me stay home-or go back to work.

It became evident that going back to work was in the cards. However-It didn't have to be a desk job 40+hours a week. I had some flexibility. So, we prayed.

My first thought was Preschool teacher. 8:30-11:30. Well, that isn't what he had planned. Our preschool wasn't hiring and neither were the other 2 church preschools in the area. Well...that's okay.

Then I set up an appointment with a friend-she had a part time job in her office. The day I was suppose to go in for the interview we had major car problems (on our 1 year old van) and had to get new (VERY expensive tires).

The next day-is when God started to show Himself. I had spoken with Madyson's Principal about being a teacher assistant at her school. At our school each kindergarten teacher as an assistant and 2 first grade teachers share one. They teach when the teacher is out, the help the teacher get all the activities together, you are in a classroom with a group of kids learning! It sounded great to me. Well, Mrs. H called and I set up a time to take a test, an interview, and then 2 days later she called and hired me! I was ecstatic! I started Thursday and so far I love it! I am blessed with a great Kindergarten Teacher. She was actually my student kindergarten teacher when I was in Kindergarten :) So she and I have a great bond already! (I was her first class....she taught me to tie my shoe:) We have had a great first 2 days getting the classroom set up! I organized all of our cubbies into Language/Math/Science and got all the school supplies put up!

Monday, the kids come! I am so excited!!!

The greatest part is-I am at school with Madyson and Aubrie is just down the road. I will be off all holidays & summer with the kids-so we still get more than a busy weekend to hang out!

Pictures of my classroom & the first few days coming soon!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer end

Summer is almost at it's end. And boy am I sad! This past weekend was filled with a bunch of activities!

We had 2 parties for friends this weekend. On Friday Night-a swimming party and on Saturday a Fire Truck party at the Fire Museum!

We've been enjoying tomatoes from our garden! They are so good!

We were at my parent's house Sunday for my dad's birthday. My SIL and I took the kids to our old "swimming hole" that we swam in as kids! They loved it!

We are spending this week in prayer to figure out what the next step for our family will be! It is so hard to be still and to wait. But we know the plan is not ours!

We are also busy getting ready for school with new school supplies/lunch totes and back packs!

I think we might even take 1 more trip to the swimming hole.....for summer's sake :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

an update.

We have 6 days left of summer. One of those is going to be school registration day! Gash! It is so unreal that this is winding down and we are on our way to a full (and I mean FULL) Fall!

I am still praying to God what to do about work. I have a few options lined up but I am waiting to see if any of them will be open doors or if His will is to stay home.

I have enrolled Aubrie Kate in a new preschool. It is a 5 day preschool at a different place and much cheaper than our other. She needs school. She adores school. So if I do stay home...then this will be a good break for her from me and some much needed time with friends.

Madyson is ready for first grade. I think she would go tomorrow if they would let her.

and me...well, I am just "waiting" and praying. and trying not to get anxious.