Monday, July 29, 2013

The pallet projects PART one

We have lived in the house for 4 years-2 of this years have been under heavy construction (new kitchen-new floors-new rooms) but a light is coming---the tunnel is opening and we soon will be done (probably about the time we are ready to sell) 

I have a list of project with pallets that I have been collecting on Pinterest for a few years. When we created Evelyn Lucille-I knew I wanted her entry way (the mudroom) to have an accent wall made from pallet wood. So we left the wall unfinished and ugly. Well-that was 2 years was time to finish it. ((Side note the kitchen Reno took so much out of Todd and I we this day can not watch a DIY show)) 

When I was getting ready to go out of town Todd pulls in with this....
100 pallets for Free. The first pallet project up was you guessed it-the pallet wall. I had this pin saved to see the step by steps that this family used. 

Todd went to work measuring-cutting-sanding. And 3 days later this is my mudroom :) 
I love it!! We have 3 more projects to finish so stay tuned!! 


Miss me? I know you have! We have been living at the beach the last week and a half and we are loving every minute! The girls and I came down to meet Todd's stepdad and grandmother. My sweet friend Tyanne and her 2 kiddos tagged along to help me with the girls. We sure do miss daddy! But we will see him soon. 
On the way!
She did this-most of the trip.
I finally got to try one of these!
We ate shrimp in our pjs
Strolled on the beach at night
Accidentally took the kids to a bar. "You have a a bar"
 Watched storms roll in
Daddy sent us some beautiful flowers.
Hung out with Nonnie.
Napped on the beach.
And at the pool.
Took a trip to the Disney store.
Got kindergarten shoes.
Had glow stick parties.

And slept-some more.

Friday, July 12, 2013


Today was Cow Appreciation Day at Chickfila. I don't know about your family but The Broadus' frequent Chickfila-a lot. I mean we have a slot in our budget for Chickfila. It's easy-family friendly-and no red meat-which is great for our family!

Today-if you dressed like a cow-you ate FOR FREE!!!

We make free things a big deal in our family because I want the girls to grow up and appreciate the simple things in life-and understand its about making memories being silly together-not how much money you spend.

Here are a few pics from the day :)
Thanks Chickfila it was our pleasure :) 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A weekend wrapup!

Thursday was the Fourth of July! Todd had to work :( but the girls and I had a great time! We started the day with the neighborhood parade. It was lots of fun because people that I grew up with have moved back to this neighborhood and we are all now parents doing the things with our kids that we did as kids. 
Aubrie Kate walked a total of 5 steps. Then recruited one of our youth boys to let her ride in the parade Marshall's wagon.
After the parade-we came home and had lunch and then went to my aunts house to play & swim!
Yea-that was fun :) 

Then Todd called and got off a little early! So we met him at the house then headed to our city park extravaganza to meet some families in our family ministry and fellowship with them before the fireworks!
Friday-Todd was off work so we had an early birthday celebration!
We do these days with the girls we call adventure day and its usually a day trip somewhere close doing fun stuff.
Our first stop was Dunkin donuts
Then we went to a splash pad at a state park.
Then we had BBQ at the 3 little pigs :)
Then we drove home (an hour and a half) and we got ready for birthday dinner with Todd's dad:)

We spent the night in the country with my parents. And Saturday we went to the movies and to Cracker Barrel! Amelia loved the movie. She watched almost the whole thing til she fell asleep!

Today we had church and lunch at Mcalisters :) 
It's been an awesome weekend!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Go Sarah its your birthday---OR NOT REALLY ANYMORE....

Happy Birthday To ME! Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee!!! Happy Birthday to ME!

Okay now that I got that out of the way-

Happy seventh birthday to my beautiful, amazing, smart, kind hearted first born baby!

I never imagined the amount of love I could have for someone-and you-you teach me each day to love more.

You make me strive to be a better person and I am so thankful to be able to be your mom.

At age 7 right now-

You are embracing you. You still enjoy Disney Jr. Shows-and will watch Nick Jr and Sprout with Aubrie Kate.
You have fallen in love with Babysitters Club & Full House episodes. (and I am slowly introducing you to save by the bell and Golden Girls)

You weight 44lb.  You eat all vegetables-enjoy a good filet-put honey on anything and everything-but still have an aversion to bread-unless its a pnut butter sandwich or biscuit and love water and fruit.

You are a crafter. And love to create things.

You still want to be a doctor when you grow up-or a vet....

You are at that stage where you get embarrassed easily and you are very sensitive so we have to handle you differently than the other kids. You are also maturing in the area of modesty and clothes. You want to be fashionable but don't understand short shorts, belly showing, and super strappy shirts. You usually just wear a tshirt and shorts because you are most comfortable that way .

I love your desire to make Godly choices. It has become apart of your language this year to speak about the bible and apply it to your life. You are growing spiritually and you challenge me in this!!

Madyson-I love you so much! Happy 7th birthday!! I can't wait to see where God takes you!!


Friday, July 5, 2013


With Todd's job he has off 2 days a week -we took advantage and headed out for a road trip to Mobile,AL to visit his grandma! This was Mia Margaret's first road trip and she is a natural Broadus-an excellent traveler! 
When we arrived, maw maw wasn't feeling well so we asked the girls what they wanted for dinner-spaghetti was the answer (odd bc they don't eat that) we found an Italian place and sure enough aubrie ate spaghetti-madyson opted for grilled chicken and veggies.
(Mia before the trip helping me pack...sorry back to the story)

We went to a church event that night with Todd's cousins and their 4 kids. We got home late and slept in the next day! Maw maw was feeling better so we had breakfast and hung out with her catching up on life.

The girls always ask to visit the battleship when we go for a visit so we decided to take them to tour the grounds-but it was wayyy too hot to do the ship. They were okay with that.
We headed over to fairhope to do some sightseeing and window shopping-
It was a great little trip! Mia did awesome. Here is her happy face when we got home!