Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cheap, Thrifty, Free?!?!

Have you found yourself driving down the road, only to spot an old side table that got kicked to the curb. All the sudden your mind gets filled with the "possibilities" that little side table could have, so you swoop around and jump out, grab up the table, through it in the back of your car and take off. A few days later you have something that is so adorable, you could that person not have loved you?

Or are you a coupon-a-holic that compares prices, cuts coupons, downloads coupons, maybe even goes as far as writing companies to see if you can get a coupon? Then on all your work paid off as you walk out of the store with $200.00 worth of groceries for $10.79? (impossible? not really)

I am both of these above with an added consignment store junky thrown in the mix. My Fall wardrobe is all green. Not like kermit, like bought from consignment.

I read this article and got to thinking, even though I live on a budget (by choice) and have cut back spending a whole lot....there is still so much more I would love to do. I am honestly the dislike money queen. I think it is the root of all evil and it drives us to become more worldly people and less Godly people. But, in reality, we need it to survive. (because as much as i love camping, i prefer air conditioning and indoor plumbing)

So my little self got to blog searching and found tons of thrifty mommas in blog world! Some are great at coupons, some are great at garage sales, others can feed a family of 9 on $40.00 a week (wow!). Others can show us how to clean and organize a house without costly things.

As much as I LOVE reading about all of these wonderful women, It really is hard to keep up with all 20+ of them at once. So I was thinking....we all need a clubhouse. A women only clubhouse where we can show all of our amazing talents, learn from each other, and really start living a less worldly life.

But every group/club needs a mission....what would ours be? The light bulb went off during a conversation I had with a co-worker. For a year, every time I would grocery shop I would look at my bill. It would say, "you saved $15.76" or whatever amount. at the end of the month I would add up all my savings and put that amount into savings. That was our money we used for our Chicago trip.

So ladies, I spent a little time coming up with our place. I call it, Filling the Piggy bank! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you all to go over and start following. The "mission" officially starts tomorrow October 1, 2010. BUT I want everyone to be prepared! Invite all your friends, the more the merrier!

Filling The Piggy Bank

Monday, September 27, 2010 this thing on?

This weekend we had lots of fun!

Friday night we had our movie night! Madyson picked the menu: Breakfast for Dinner. Works for me!

We watched "Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue!" it was really cute

My cousin and his wife and their son and new baby came over to join us. I got some sweet snuggle time from the newest chunky monkey!

Saturday we got up early and we went to Todd's parents for breakfast. We ended up spending the day with them. Todd's mom and I went to see his grandmother (who is been under the weather for a while, will you please pray for her? Her name is Kate.) then we all went to Wellsfest. A music/art/family event that benefits a local church. The kids had lots of fun! I ofcourse forgot my camera!

I had told Todd a few weeks ago I wanted to go to this Mexican place out by his parents. He turned it around Saturday and told his parents I wanted us all to go. Hey, date nights are fun when they are involved so I was excited they were cool with it! We went and ate and ate and ate. Except Madyson, she slept, through dinner! It was alot of fun!

Saturday night we were up with Aubrie being sick. The weather is changing this week (thank goodness) and all her allergies are messed up. She would cough and then throw up. It was drainage so I wasn't too worried, but she did it a few times so She and I stayed home from church. Todd went and taught the 2 year olds alone! He made it through an hour & 1/2 with 5 two year olds! That's a miracle. Madyson decided to wake up at 11 on Sunday! We had a lazy day, aubrie slept all afternoon, I cleaned my closet, Madyson wanted fresh air so she went with my mom to my aunts house.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Madyson Moment: Baby Fever

So with all the births of babies around us, Todd and I are getting baby fever! We know we want 3 kids (min) but we also knew we wanted to wait until Madyson was out of preschool (could you imagine 3 in preschool?!?!) Aubrie was potty trained and they both slept through the night. Well....all of that is coming true now! Madyson will be done with preschool in May and start big school in August.
Aubrie is potty trained and they are both sleeping through the night.

So we were talking to Madyson about having another baby. I said, "do you think you would want another baby? I think you are a great big sister" her response was, "I can't take of two kids". Todd and I fell out laughing. I said, well how about, "I take care of you and Aubrie and daddy takes care of a new baby". She said, "Okay, but im not doing diapers" and "we are going to name him, cucumber todd". lol

Glad she is on board now! ;)

Field Trip To the Cotton Farm!!

Yesterday we had a field trip to the Cotton Farm!

The kids got to pick cotton to take home and keep!

It tied in to our week of learning about life on a farm.

for as far as you could see, there was cotton!!

I love field trips!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rib Wars

Todd and I are completely different. He has his style of things I have mine. We almost NEVER agree on things, which can be fun and irritating all at the same time. One of our biggest arguments is food. He likes things grilled, spicy, meat & potatoes are good. I love things tender, and juicy, and tons of vegetables and healthy. Well, Saturday night Todd's mom's kept the girls so we decided to go ahead and go grocery shopping that night instead of on Sunday. Todd got the idea that he wanted ribs. I said, yummm I make really good fall off the bone ribs. He said, "I was thinking more like smothered in sauce and grilled. Once again...a difference. Usually I use the line, "I cook, you eat" but I thought well...why not try something else. So I bought two slab of ribs. (yes this took me over my weekly budget but I was trying to compromise. So I told him, Ill cook my ribs, you cook yours, then we will have my parents vote on whose they like better.

So we did. He went home and cut his slab in half, marinated it overnight and all day on Sunday. Then through them on the grill for an hour and smothered them in sauce.

I on the other hand, left mine whole. Marinated them overnight and let them cook all day in the oven (dry rubbed and wrapped in foil). They cooked for 12 hours and guess what. They were so tender when you picked them up the meat literally fell off the bone.

So judging time came. My parents were very excited because they both love bbq.

Who won?!?! Well after 30+ years of marriage they know the secret to a happy one.

Mom: Sarah's were very tender and I liked being able to eat her meat without gnawing on the bone.
Todd's had that great grill taste.

Dad: Sarah's were great. Todd's were great too.

There choice: Cook the ribs for 6 hours in the oven (dry rubbed like mine) then throw them on the grill for 45 minutes with sauce (like todds.)

So it was a draw. But I think I pulled some extra points throwing in a baked potato salad and homemade coconut cake for dessert!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A big thanks!

Thank you all so much for your comments on what to do! Todd and I have made our decisions but I can't tell you what they are yet! You will have to wait and see!!!

When we decided to quit looking at newer homes and start looking at older fixer upper homes I never in my right mind thought we would be fixing up the home I grew up in to make our own. I had my heart set on 2 older homes in our quaint downtown district, but one had so many problems we couldn't get it financed and the others foundation was so bad the house was almost split in half! But I must say, I am really enjoying making this house our home just ready for it to BE DONE!!!

Today is the monthly trip to the home store where I pretty much give them my entire paycheck to get the things I need for this months projects. I honestly think I should get a part time job there since I am there all the time.

I do have character experience from working at the zoo?!?!

(yes that is me in there! I had to try on the costume when it came in to make sure it fit correctly)

Tonight is my new women's bible study I began last week. I didn't mention it because honestly, I was scared I wouldn't go. I NEVER have been a shy person, ever. But for some reason now that I am a grown up and I am away from all the friends that I grew up with, making friends hasn't been that easy. The leader of this group Tyanne, invited me to come and join them. I bought the book Crazy Love, because that is what we are studying, I read it and then I just prayed. It took a lot for me to get in my car last Thursday during a crazy afternoon and go to this study with women that I knew but didn't really know (does that make sense?)

Well, I went. And it was fabulous! I really enjoyed the discussion with women without kids running around and husbands whispering in the background. Todd was really supportive of this. He works late a lot and when I was discussing with him the thought of me doing this study he was in agreement that I needed a ladies group and that he would do what it takes to make sure I got there on time.

I am looking forward to night 2 of this discussion. If you haven't read this book. I highly recommend it. It is a short easy read and really lays it out for you.

This weekend I am very excited! Saturday, Madyson is spending the morning with Todd's mom and then the afternoon at a playdate with her girlfriends. Aubrie is going to my mom's family reunion with her. Todd and I are going to have a "date". We have to do some things for his job but he promised I could go to my favorite flea market and look for some things I have on my list of random wants and pick up some more BIG surprises that I can't share yet!!! Plus he said we could have breakfast at my favoriteeeee place! 

Whooooo hooooo!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I need help from you!! Decorating a fixer upper....

So we installed a new door a few months ago and we primed it and that is about as far as we got.
I have idea what color to paint it. Actually, I have no idea what to do with the whole front of the house.
My parents painted it neutral about 2 years ago. But now that we are buying it, I really don't want beige brick house. I know all of yall are crafty so tell me...What color do I paint the door and do the shutters need to match?

Here is an upclose of the brick.

And the front of the house.

Excuse the mess please. We are getting a new roof next month (it will be slate color) and we have not done any landscaping out here. (the fun of buying a fixer upper) Oh and the blinds...they stay cracked in most of the windows for the kitties to sit in a watch. If i don't crack them, they pull on the rope until they come up and then end up breaking them.

Also I need help in the Discovery Room! We have a few more touches to add this weekend then it will be finished (until I figure out whatelse I want to do)
So I need help picking out a fun color pallet for my "touches"

here are some choice

Feel free to send pictures to thebroadusbunch(at)gmail(dot)com
for me to see! Remember this room is FUN and BRIGHT and KIDDY! SO have fun with it!!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

God On TV

This morning God was all over the TV.

Here on local MS News, our news anchor Brad McMullen, is leaving the reporting world to enter the ministry world

Brad's Last Morning Show! - Video - WAPT Jackson

On Good Morning America, a hospital worker falsely submitted mammogram reports and 10 women who were told at one point they were "Cancer Free" now have been told the have cancer. The lady they interviewed said, "Because I am a Christian I have forgiven her." Talk about Grace!

I love being able to get ready in the morning and hear "God" through what I am watching.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

What a weekend. Sometimes I think that a weekend with nothing to do is great...until I get bored!

So here ya go:

Friday-My mom has to take furlough days for her job due to the cutbacks in education in Mississippi (a whole other blog post that Ill leave out because politics just aren't my thing to blog about)

So she spent the day with me. I had to run to 3 places. 1)Lifeway to pick up 2 books I want to read.
2) Hobby Lobby to get some orange polka dot fabric to make fabric pumpkins
3) Target for a birthday gift for a party on Saturday.

We also went to lunch at my favorite Mexican place and went to Belk to get my grandma a new wardrobe. At the nursing home she is in, they wash her clothes. Well they usually shrink by the 2nd month so we are constantly buying her new clothes (can't have Maw in high waters!)

Saturday: We had a birthday party to go to! My friends Marianna and Andy's little girl was turning 5 and she celebrated at one of my favorite Eateries in Jackson. Brent's Drugs! It is a soda shop that has been around since 1947 (i think that is correct) and they have the best hamburgers. Her theme was hello Kitty! So glad she is "coming back" in style!

Madyson at the soda counter ordering a drink

Friends Holly & Hunter

Birthday Girl Kate opening her gifts!

Saturday Afternoon we went and had dinner at my cousin's house. It was his 29th birthday and he smoked pork and we had baked beans and such. Here is a picture of him and his newest addition. I love how she just snuggles in.

Sunday Morning we went to church. Todd and I taught the 2 year olds the story of Paul & Silas. I love this story because when you ask the little ones, if you were in jail and couldn't get out would you be sad or happy? Usually they just look at you but we prepped Aubrie for this story and she said "SING". Thats right, she was listening. =)

Sunday afternoon Todd took the girls to his moms house for lunch. I stayed behind because I had alot to do. He came back around 2, childless! His mom volunteered to keep them for the afternoon. Todd rolled up his sleeves and we went for it! I love the smell of Pine-Sol. But I can't use it because a chemical in it makes Madyson's eczema flare up. So with her gone, and going to be gone for a while we pine-soled away. We organized the girls toys in their bins, we changed their sheets, we hung up clothes, we worked some more on our Discovery Room (pics to come soon I promise!) It was nice having him work with me.
With football season started, the tension in our house builds up because he wants to watch the game, I want help. He turned off the tv Sunday afternoon and helped. And that made me feel really great.

We picked the girls up around 9pm. We were hoping they would fall asleep on the way home but they didn't. Madyson noticed the smell and freaked out (she doesn't do well with change) I had to go and put long pjs on her with socks so she would walk on the ground. Once she was adjusted they watched a few movies then crashed!

Monday my plan was to scrub baseboards in order to put our new floor down in the "eating areas" then to  finish (yes finish...I started and got bored so I changed plans) clean the den. As I was vaccuming away, Todd's phone rang. It was his grandmother calling to say she was in town (she lives 3 hours away) and would be here in 45 minutes to visit. Keep in mind, I have been hard core cleaning so my furniture is everywhere.  Movies that we emptied out of the movie cabinet to move it were spread across the ground. So we made the best of it and loaded up the girls and headed to the park and decided to meet her there. Here is a picture I took of her and the girls.

Last night we had community group. We are finishing up our study "what's so amazing about grace" Even though this book is a study book, it has been a deep study book. I have learned alot about a topic I never thought so much about. It is so amazing what God will show you when you decide to listen. I was hesitant to read this because I didn't think I would understand alot of it, but Phillip Yancy does a great job explaining situations where "normal people" like me can understand.

One of my big accomplishments this weekend was deciding on a laundry room color for our house. Right Now the walls are worn out beige with the original yellow and brown flooring and dark wood cabinets. Ashley wants me to blog about this and I will, trust me its going to be a better makeover than the bathroom reno! We will have a whole post on the tackiest room in america soon, I promise!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dear Mattel...

Dear Mattel,

I am a 22 year collector and Barbie lover. The day I found out I was having a daughter the first thing that came to my mind was, WE ARE GOING TO GET TO PLAY BARBIES!!! I instantly wanted my husband to pull out my  Barbie Townhouse,
Barbie Camper,
and my Barbie Ice Cream Shop!
Because those are the things that I loved most growing up! I remember many Christmas Mornings where Barbie was the theme of my gifts!

Last Christmas was my daughters big intro to the barbie world. I got a great deal on an old favorite, still new in box!

and filled with a bunch of new barbies to go along with my "vintage" ones.
But the princesses need a change of clothes so I thought, sure...lets head to the store and get a wardrobe.

Well, When I got to the store Saturday I saw....

Red Carpet Barbie

Party @ The Clubs Barbie
Ballet?? Barbie??

I really wanted...Jeans & a t-shirt barbie or capri pants and modest top barbie

But everything that the store had was "fashion craze". 

So Mattel, I am asking you to please go to your drawing rooms and come up with some "fashion craze" clothes that caterer to the more conservative households. Sure, fancy dresses and platform shoes are cute but not very modest. I want my daughter to have the love of barbie the way I did growing up. Not to want to mimic the short skirts, tall shoes and extremely too much lip liner.
 (didn't your momma ever teach yall that a natural look is much more appealing?)

I know that online I can find

News Anchor Barbie
Fab Barbie

Computer Engineer Barbie

But I would love to be able to find the individual outfits that look like these above. Consider this a suggestion from one of your best customers.

Thank you so much,

Monday, September 6, 2010

Madyson Moment: Doing Dishes

Madyson has a chore chart that we use each week to help her learn how to contribute around the house.

Today she was helping me unload the dishwasher.

Me: "Madyson, take the glasses out of the top rack and set them here on the counter and Ill put them in the cabinet"

Madyson: "Okay Mommy"

**Looking puzzled holding a plastic cup**

Me: "Whats wrong?"

Madyson: "What about this?"

Me: "like I said, put the glasses on the counter and Ill put them in the cabinet"

Madyson: "this isn't glass"

Me: "I know but a cup can be called a glass too"

Madyson: "Its a glastic"

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A year makes a difference!

Wow! Does a year make a difference!

The first field trip of the year is always to Dairy Queen! Fun field trip huh? Well, it ties in with learning about senses! Taste, smell, sight, feel...pretty fun!

Here is the picture I took Last year and this year! See the difference!

in 2009, she was just a baby! She didn't want to wear her glasses in her picture and she had her tshirt tied on the side because when we were in Disney she saw some people wearing theirs like that! As much as I told her "thats just not a style for a 3 year old." She insisted.

In 2010, she is a big girl! She loves her glasses, picks out her own clothes (this time it was Super Girl Shirt and levi jeans!

I can't believe next year I will be talking about Aubrie's first field trip. They really do grow up to fast!!

Madyson's Birthday Party (2 months late..)

I love that child! When I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted she said "Dinner Party"
I thought...Favorite foods, fine china, fun dress up clothes, at the house, a few friends.
Madyson thought: Pizza hut, friends and their families, gold plates, pixie dust cupcakes, balloons.

So, being that she is more stubborn than I am. She won!
And I have to say, it was the easiest party I have ever done and she had a great time!
Pixie dust cupcakes! Those are french vanilla cakes with PINK icing! dusted with pearl dust and sprinkled with gold eatable confetti
Sara-Anna and Madyson!
Miss Mackenzie!
Mr. Codey. Madyson Loves Codey
Gavin and Madyson have been friends since they were 6 months old
presents! She received so many nice things
Molly Chayse and Elizabeth! They are some of our ballet buddies
Gavin Byrd and Madyson...still eating!
one of the tables! This is my boss/friends Joseph & Jennifer! Their son Hunter
Little girl Sadie. Kristina her husband Josh and their son Toby
My Dad, Todd's Dad and Ak!

Me and my birthday girl and my big cupcake belly...seriously?!?!
(I have 10lbs to loose that I gained when my thyroid went up and my metabolism went down and its stuck...sorry you have to be exposed to that)

Needless to say, it was a fun party and everyone seemed to have fun!