Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life with the girls

The girls run our life. Todd and I both agree on that. The past few weeks they have been coming into these creatures with lots to is a sample.

Madyson: the adult one

"Momma, all this screaming is driving me crazy! Can we trade Aubrie in for a boy or do we have to have a whole nother baby?"

"Daddy you are frustratin me"

"She needs to start pottying, I'll do it myself if no one else wants too"

"Can we please go by starhucks (yes hucks...not bucks) I really need a cup of jo."

Aubrie Kate:

"qweed it Masyn" (quit it madyson)

"OP! OP! Op!" (Stop! Stop! Stop!)

"I anna babababy." ( I want a bottle for my baby *doll*)

"Pfew, Tinkiee" (ew, I'm Stinky)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ZoZoBUG Baby!


So, I am always looking for fun, funky clothes for my girls. One day while surfing I discovered ZOZOBUG! I fell in love with the clothes & joined the facebook group. Turns out, the owner/designer of ZoZoBug is the sister of one of my childhood friends! "small world"
a few weeks ago I noticed fb status talking about a ZoZoBug $10.00 Skirt Sale! I jumped on her etsy site and purchased these 2 skirts for Madyson! She lovessss them! She ask to wear her skirts everyday! Please go check out ZoZoBug's blog for all that is happening over there!

Monday, October 19, 2009

She made it down the aisle!

We are back from our trip to Atlanta for Todd's sister's wedding! Everything was beautiful (despite the cold) and the girls were amazingly well-behaved. Let me elaborate on just how well behaved.
Everyone knows Aubrie Kate does not go out in public yet. Besides a trip to the store and to church, she usually gets to stay at home because her tantrums are soooooooooo extreme. Madyson was not a tantrum throwing child so I have no idea on how to deal with it, except leave her at home with a sitter. BUT this weekend, that wasn't a possibility since we were out of town and she was a flower girl. So she went...we prayed...HARD.
She did good at the rehearsal, besides running in the mud. At the rehearsal dinner she sat for 2 hours without fussing!!! This is a huge step for her because it was around her dinner time and her bedtime (we didn't eat until 7pm but we were there from 5pm til 7pm doing slide shows, speeches, etc.) I was so amazed that we took the girls out for ice cream before bed.

Saturday, we headed over to Todd's step mom's house to hang out. Madyson played, Todd slept, Aubrie Kate even napped! We left to go back to the hotel to get ready, and that went smoothly!

We got to the wedding site and they both were full of energy! but held on long enough to get in line to walk down the aisle. Aubrie Kate and Tristen (baby cousin and ring bearer) rode in the wagon pulled by Todd and Madyson walked beside him throwing flowers. She did sooooo good! (if you recall last time she was a flower girl she fell asleep 2 minutes before she was suppose to walk down) They both sat threw the wedding (we kept them full of candy) and then walked back down the aisle!!
(photos by Erin Rene Photography)

All in all it was a beautiful wedding!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

til death do us part.....

Do you have ideas of what you want to take place at your funeral? Do you even want to have one? I constantly think about how much I do not want to have a so sad funeral. I believe death of a loved one is hard enough on surviving family and friends, why through in sad songs, videos, and preaching about "being with the Lord".

I am a Christian, I believe that because I asked Jesus to live in my heart and I was baptized that I will spend eternity with Christ, in heaven. I choose to live my daily life as a Christian. Sometimes I slip and fall, but I ask for forgiveness and try harder the next time.

I want my family to remember the good things about me and the fun times we had, Not dwell on the fact that I wont be at Christmas to fill stockings or at Easter to die eggs.

So, in Lu of this, I have decided to pull out my "funeral plans" from years ago and revise them. I want it all done. So all my family has to do is say, "okay this is what we are going to do."

I might even go ahead and write my eulogy. Who knows?

I began thinking about all this a few weeks ago, when my grandmother became ill. When I was 18 she came to me and asked me to sign some paper work for her. I read over was her living will. She wished to donate her body to the local medical school to be used for research and education. At first I thought, wow...what if I am in medical school when she dies and I receive her body..but then I thought, I won't go to med school because I do not like throw up. So I went ahead and signed it for her. She told me, "don't make a fuss about my death. I have lived a long life full of love, have a party, pour some drinks, and say "thank god that bitty is dead!" (lol if you know my maw you know I didn't make this up!)

So when she left that day, I wrote down her quote...and I plan to fulfill her plans when that time comes.

Until then, I will thank God for all he has done for my family. And be grateful for that!