Thursday, July 31, 2014

Great kids snacks day 2!


The girls woke up extra excited today! Madyson had a girl scouts outing and was planning which snack from our GREAT KIDS SNACK BOX she was going to take with her. She is a lot like her daddy and LOVES beef jerky! They eat it every time we take a trip...every time the go hunting...really anytime they can find a reason to. So it did not surprise me that she wanted to take the beef jerky stick with her. What did surprise me is what I found on the package. 100% grassfed American Beef. No Added Antibiotics, No added hormones. Blaistix is made right here in the United States of America and is the only grassfed beef stick on the market. Madyson was insanely excited about this snack. And I say that with honest truth-why? because the truth is easier to tell :) She loved the mild mannered flavor of this stick (although there are 5 flavors of Blaistix if you like a bit more punch. She came home pumped about her Blaistix because it "didn't make her mouth hot like most beef jerky. And it was really, really good." Needless to say-I have a feeling we will be ordering these :)

Mia Margaret had a 2 snack kind of day. I have a feeling she is going through a growth spurt because she is eating a lot more lately. First, she had a Fruit Me Up. Made in Virginia. It is a dairy-free, gluten free pouch serving of fruit. I am going with she loved it. Seeing that it was all gone in 2 minutes.

After dinner, I could tell that
she was still hungry. So I made some yogurt for her. I started looking through the GREAT KIDS SNACK BOX and found Rockin'Ola. It is "Granola that Rocks". I wanted to try it before mixing it into her yogurt so we poured it into a bowl. She loved the mini marshmallows in it and the chocolate flavor. It is a full serving of whole grain-which makes this momma happy. And added just enough crunch to little Mia's yogurt.

Seriously, though-can we talk about how awesome it is to have this variety of snacks-sent to my door?!!?!  I love a quiet grocery trip-but with all 3 girls in toe 99.9% of the day-that hardly ever happens! And to know that these snacks are super good for them? Another plus.

**we were given this box of great kids snack for review! All opinions are the opinions of the broadus bunch and we were not paid for them.*

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Great kids snacks! Day 1

A few weeks ago I was searching "Healthy snack options for kids". My kids will eat just about anything but I can't always afford a variety of prepackaged healthy snacks-so I usually stick to the "go to" snacks of fresh fruit, hummus, pretzels, and applesauce.

I stumbled upon Great kids snacks on Instagram and saw where for $40 a month I can have a variety of snacks shipped to my house that are healthy for the kids and will give them plenty of options other than my "go to" list. I love this option. It allows them multiple snacks that they can try before I go to the store and purchase a box of them! (How many of us have bought the snack they wanted only to get home and find out it was for the character on the box..not the content! Raising my hand here!)

So today, the girls box arrived! Addressed to them! They were SO excited! 

When we opened it up-it was like magic!

Inside was a ton of snacks!
The Girls were so pumped! Waiting for snack time was the hardest thing they have done all day! (And we did multiplication today!!) 

Snack time finally came around and they each picked out a snack! 
Madyson selected Snapea crisps. 
Baked green pea crisp that are lightly salted and 100 calories per pack. They contain 2g of fiber and only 60mg of sodium (compared to regular potato chips) Her review? "Can we please buy more of these?" The bag was gone in a matter of minutes! She did share one with me and I can tell you they taste a lot like yummy potato chips-so it's easy to forget you are eating healthy peas! 

Aubrie Kate went with a Nature Valley fruit twist. Cherry flavored and gluten free! 
She said "this is super yummy! It's like a big fruit roll up!" Yes mam-except it 1.27oz of heathy goodness. 

Mia could barely wait! She went for the one bar mango. It's basically dried fruit in a fruit bar. It has the stickiness like the fruit twist. But the flavor is rich! (I may have snuck a bite!) it is enriched with baobab-gluten free-and also vegan.

Snack time was a huge success today! And I can't wait for tomorrow! Knowing that the girls are eating healthy (and yummy) snacks gives me one less worry of the day! 

**we were given this box of great kids snack for review! All opinions are the opinions of the broadus bunch and we were not paid for them.*

Monday, July 14, 2014

It's been a family filled few weeks

We have had family in town for 11 days. And it was 24 rolls of toliet paper-7 gallons of milk-too many sodas to count 11 days full of awesome fun.

First-my parents and my nieces came to visit for mine and madysons bday! We had lots of fun in Atlanta at the coke museum and just eating and celebrating birthdays-the fourth-and life.

Then my parents left and my nieces stayed. These two (15 & 10) are just plain awesome! Having 5 girls is fun! We made things-swam-and lounged.
Then-my brother and sister in law arrived with my nephew! And so began the 4 days of 10 ppl living under one roof! We started with #cowappreciationday
We did some shopping and "playing dress up shopping"
We relaxed-swam and hung out :)
We had a fun time! Now begins our few months without Mississippi family here! 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Birthday girls!!

Today is mine and madysons birthday!! 
Madyson Shelby-you are 8! You are an amazing young lady and I am SO thankful to be your mother! You are officially a 3rd grader. You love school and you love to learn and you still want to be a doctor. You are big into Legos and American girls! You love fruit and all things healthy-but you cannot stand pickles. 

You love The Lord with all your heart and you work hard everyday in the role of biG sister! 

Your favorite color is blue and you are starting to develop a love for musicals! Daddy and I are so proud of you and everything that you do!

Me-I am 30. I remember when I thought that age was SO old-

The 20s rocked my soul. The 10 year transformation was nothing but a miracle of God-

It started out in hopeless relationships and alcoholism....followed by marriage and mommyhood...then renewing of the heart and spirit and transformation of a hopeless sinner to a hopeful sinner. 

I am no where near perfect-but I know everyday I wake up it is a blessing and a mission. I have a purpose here and I have no clue what that purpose is-but I know I will do my very best each day to live for Christ and be on pursuit for my purpose. 

I want my 30s to be full of intent and purpose. I have worked hard this year to learn what that looks like and I still have some tweeking but I want to continue to strive.

I want to treasure every moment-not through the lens of my iPhone but with my whole heart.

I want to cherish each day. I don't want to live in the negative that can engulf ourselves-I want to reach to find a bit of positive in every circumstance.

I want to be me-bravely. 

Welcome 30. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Here and now

U1. Summer camp: I got back from Mississippi this weekend from spending last week at summer camp. 

Here are a few pictures from my crazy week 
I was the yellow team leader this year! And we came in 2nd at camp!! I was super excited. Madysons team (purple) won! She was pumped!!
(Photo creds Shea Parker: peepeye photography)

I love this week because I get to spend it with awesome Christian friends-and we get to show-teach-love campers the way Jesus loves us.

We got back just in time for our friends 3rd bday! Mia never misses a chance for cake!!
Sunday after church we had a BBQ lunch and some family time with our Georgia framily! 

We have a busy week-a lot of our family is coming into town to celebrate mine and madysons bday!!

Don't forget to help me ring in the 30s with a random act of kindness for someone!! 
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