Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving week!

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone and boy was it a BUSY one!

Well first off, Todd's car (my car from high school) finally passed away. So we were stuck with 1 vehicle. This wouldn't be a problem if Todd still worked in Clinton BUT he doesn't, he works far far away so we had to get a new vehicle. We searched and searched and finally decided we wanted to go ahead and get a newer vehicle so it will last us a while. SO we decided on a 2009 Hyundai Sonata. It is beautiful, it loves me and I love it. I have new carseats and a carseat protecter thing it is fabulous!
Thanksgiving was great, we ate turkey, we ate dressing, we had a great family time...until Aunt Lindy received a phone call that her house had been broken into and all the tvs and computers were gone!
Madyson & Aubrie stayed with Todds parents for the first time Thanksgiving night and I went shopping for BLACK FRIDAY! It was a fun 16 hours of shopping (9pm-1pm!) but i got alot done, still not quite finished!

Which brings me to the challenge. I posted in a previous post about a lady who did Christmas for $100.00. This really inspires me! I mean seriously, who really needs all the stuff they receive anyway?!?! I know I sure dont! I like a little happy but I get really overwhelmed when it becomes a gift giving frenzy! So I made my list...I have 13 people to buy for (not couting my 2 neices, nephew, and children I have already purchased gifts for)
So i decided on $150.00 is my budget that gives me about 11.50 per person. which isn't TOO bad!

So my goal is to keep up with every receipt and blog about each person and their items. It should be fun, lets hope!

Off to the doctor for Todd's Breast Appointment. If you don't hear from me tonight, then everything went good!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Around the House!

My friend, Katie, does an 'Around The House' post and I thought I'd participate this time.
Please let me know if you participate so I can check out what's going on around your house!

Around the House:
November Edition
Reading: Think Orange by Reggie Joiner & Compassion by Amy Wilson
Enjoying: seeing the house come together!
Learning: To be patient with people
Watching: Castle, Find my Family, Greys
Anticipating: Aubrie Kate being potty trained & Todd's dr. appointment!
Realizing: Our girls are more strong willed than we originally expected.
Studying: Fixing to start in Ezekiel
Wondering: when this spiritual battle will be over!
Remembering: Family far away!
Praying: For patience, guidance, and strength!

Monday, November 23, 2009

NEW show Obsession!!

Okay, so I know I have already posted today about my crazy self but I just watched ABC's new show "find my family!" A show that reconnects biological family members together!! I can honestly say that this show is so real! It captures the exact feeling you have when you discover your "life".

As an adoptee, I always knew 1 day, I wanted to find my biological parents! I searched on the little information I had starting at age 16. When Todd and I married, I put that on the back burner. Then out of the blue, here comes Bob! (BioBob as he is known down south) From Bob came all the information I always wanted to know! and so did the family I always thought I had!

It was natural, it was emotional, it was just like the show!

If you want a great show to watch, please tune in to see find my family on ABC!
Me and Bob on his visit to meet me in 2008!

off my game

So yesterday was the turning point in my week when I realized how off my game I am!

When you go from working 80+ hours a week in a stressful environment but life is good, your mistakes can be well hidden or at least overlooked...but when you transfer over to the "mommy world" and take a 32 hour a week job and your life goes crazy...mistakes aren't easy to hide!

Last week was a roller coaster week at the Broadus plantation. started off with Todd's dr. appointment, then the car breaking down & dying, then this, then that. I have seriously decided that I am on a spiritual battle with Satan right now. I left my lesser than Holy ground and entered into God's house. I gave my heart to the Lord and said "I am your servant, use me anyway you can, I am done making my own plans while you sit waiting on me to listen to you" Well apparently Lucifer himself decided to take part in this project because every month since I have started I have had at least 3 bad things happen in my family.

Back to last week, so I cried most of the week, Thursday was awful!! and Friday I spent sewing and sobbing, sewing and sobbing. But then I dried it up and said "He doesn't give us more than we can handle". I can remember in my mind completing a task that I do weekly for work, I can play it out over and over again...but then I go blank? Did I take this object to "its final resting place"?!?!? I can remember printing it, getting discouraged because the folding machine was broken so I had to hand fold it, the server going down so I really had to hand fold it since I had 1 hour of work left. Folding...talking to Todd...Folding...answering a call...Folding....Then that's it!?!? Did I take them to their home? I think I did, I am 85% sure I did...but 15% of me is going mmmmmmmm....Don't know? I was so upset Thursday that I left in tears....But if I did take them, where did they go?!?!? They had vanished by Sunday. This is the hardest thing for me, because I do not like being 100% sure of myself....I keep replaying it over and over trying to figure it out because I know I did them...I just don't know what happened after they were folded?

So today I have decided to clean my office.....get ahead of myself in printing...that way if another week happens like last week, I will be ready!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


If you know me, I mean REALLY know me, you know how much I LOVE bargains. I HATE to spend money! I will search for months for something to find it cheap. My favorite stores are the Dollar General, Burkes, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls! Plus I am a HUGE etsy fan and a devoted ebayer!

So when I found this article about Christmas for $100.00 I was so intrigued!! I love the creative use of spending little money!!

I am inspired and ready for a challenge! I have more than 12 people to buy for (excluding the kids) so I am going to make my list then blog about what my plan is!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Santa? or No Santa? That is the Question seen in previous post, Christmas is such a hard holiday for me right now.
I am torn between Christmas traditions and Faith values. I want my girls to have the best of both worlds but it seems that I am the only person that thinks this could work.

Todd and I don't buy our girls toys, we just don't. They have enough people that love to shower them with toys. We feel that it is more important for Mommy & Daddy to provide things that they need (clothes, shoes, food, house...)This goes for their birthday, Christmas, and any day of the year. I wanted this instilled in the girls before they got older that way they wouldn't expect to get everything they always ask for.

Before Thanksgiving, I have Madyson (Aubrie also this year) go through the playroom and clean out. 99% of their toys are in ALMOST PERFECT condition and most of them are just sitting because the girls don't play with them. So we clean out, gather all the pieces and donate to a local shelter, salvation army, anywhere that will take them.

Then we pick our Christmas project for the year. In the past it has been Angel Tree children, this year it was Operation Christmas Child. We are working (for next year) being able to serve at the stewpot (my home away from home) and collecting blankets and sheets for the Ronald McDonald house. After our Christmas project is dropped off, we begin to discuss gifts for grandparents, aunts, etc. I am a firm believer that if you are over the age of 18 there isn't too much that you really need in life. Now, I do understand (and this year I am one of them) that sometimes something comes along that you really want (Mine this year is a Snuggie. I am the coldest person ever and this product was invented for me. I need 4. 1 for work, 1 for the car, 1 for the house, 1 for the inlaws) but more than often I try to have Madyson make something for the grown-ups or Todd or I paint something for them. And we always give the latest pictures of the girls.

Once that is done the girls (well Madyson until this year) make their Wish List and take it to Santa for his review. Madyson made up her own mind that Santa brings 5 gifts. Which I cannot complain about. This year I have purchased Santa Sacks and the gifts will be in those. (plus it helps me not overspend)

On Christmas Eve, the whole family gets together, we share our Christmas Story, we have dinner, we usually watch a Christmas movie, we open gifts, we decorate cookies, we have one whole day together. Then we all go to bed and we awake to Santa. Now, growing up I had SANTA happy parents. I had tons of gifts all the time, but 1/2 I didn't need, and as I got older I can remember saying, "is that it?" I don't remember, however, ever having Jesus' birthday incorporated into the holiday, besides at church, that's why I do things different.

I love the look on the girls faces as they walk into the den and see their gifts, because they truly appreciate them since they don't get toys regularly. Santa leaves a note, saying how happy he is that they have been living such a great Christian life by going to church, listening to their stories, obeying mommy and daddy and giving back to others. He then writes, because you have given to others, I want to give to you." That way, in some sense, they understand I didn't just get these toys because it is Christmas, I earned them by doing what is right.

As the girls get older (maybe even this year) we will have a Jesus' birthday cake, start the discussion of the candy cane and such. I found this site
that I can't wait to use. It teaches parents how to teach their children about the symbols of Christmas and what it all means. I can't wait to use it.

But for now, I need feedback, is this the right thing to do? And am I crazy for thinking Jesus can have his birthday but Santa can have some cake too?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

and on a lighter note

And on a lighter note, I won the free outfit from ZoZoBug Baby!!! I am so excited about this bc I really never win anything! Please go and check out the ZoZoBug Blog, become a fan! There is amazing things happening over there!! I will be hosting a trunk show in early spring of ZoZoBug Collections! So mommies of girlies, get ready! ZoZoBug is coming down south!
This is a picture of the outfit I chose! Isn't it adorable!?? You should see the back!!

I am listening Lord

The past few months have been ridiculously rough.

I left my job at the zoo making good money, to come work for my church. This was a very prayed about decision. Even though I would be loosing money doing it, I would be gaining family time and have the ability to drowned myself in the Lord.
Since then,

My grandmother has been in and out of the hospital, placing her in a nursing home.

My dad spent days in the hospital and weeks at home getting over a staph infection.

My aunt was rushed to the hospital by ambulance bc she couldn't breath and almost died.

Her husband's father, did die...a few weeks before.

My husband got the flu and was out of work for a few days.

My cousin (who is like my brother) decided to become a drug addict and start breaking into cars and stealing stuff, then pawning it for drug money. He is now sitting in jail, going on a few age 19. Good news, he isn't on drugs right now, other news is he is coming home to Mississippi and I will be taking care of his post jail recovery.

and the latest of the Debbie downer news, Todd has found a lump in his breast (feels weird using breast for a man but I guess that is right?) We went to the doctor today and he doesn't think it is "cancer" or anything "serious" but he followed that up with "but I am not always right...", reassuring. We are now going to see a surgeon to get his opinion and to get it removed!

So Lord, almighty one. I understand that I am suppose to be drowning myself into you, that was our agreement when we discussed this position and I am not...more like wading....So God, I am listening, I am praying, I am devoting all my time to you. I am sorry for disobeying you. I Love you Lord, my ears, my heart, my mind is open. Lets talk.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

With Christmas around the corner we all tend to get a little "wrapped" up in the season. Christmas List, Santa Wishes, Cookies, is all fun and beautiful but alot of times we forget to stop and think about what Christmas is about.

This will be Madyson's fourth Christmas and each year (even when she was just 6 months old) we have done a Christmas project with her that focuses on giving to others and serving God.

Last year she really had a good handle on what was going on. She picked an angel of the angel tree and bought presents with her piggy bank money for that child.

This year her project is Operation Christmas Child. She has taken a love for "the world children". We have been learning about the globe and the other countries all over the world and how we all live differently.

This project is perfect for a 3 year old because they take a shoe box and wrap it up (top & bottom separate) then they fill it with little toys, hygiene items, books, etc. She has her little jar and instead of putting the money in her piggy, she puts it in her jar. Then next weekend we will go and buy stuff for her shoebox.

Aubrie Kate will be taking part in this project too! She will have her own box to fill, and will be earning money by helping pick up her toys (about the only thing she knows how to do right now)

I printed off a brochure on this project that shows kids opening their shoe boxes and tells their stories. Also, you can get a prayer guide that gives you 7 days of prayer.

"Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving" Colossians 4:2 NKJV

If you would like to participate in Operation Christmas Child, stop by Morrison Heights Baptist Church and we have a kiosk set up in the commons. There you can pick up the brochure that has all the information in it or go to

Monday, November 2, 2009

Serving Christ by serving the orphans among us.

oYesterday at Church we had Dr. Russell Moore, Executive Vice-President and Dean of the School of Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY, come and speak to us on adoption and how to serve Christ by serving the orphans among us.

His message really struck home with me since I am an adoptee. He spoke about all the little children all across the world that are being told how worthless they are, how nobody cares about them, how they are born and just put aside because some adults feel that they are "in the way".

I was born on July 6, 1984 to Robert and Rebecca Musso in Tupelo, MS. They were a young couple that hadn't been together long and "Becky" had a daughter from a previous relationship. After I was born they decided that things weren't going to work out and that I needed to be put up for adoption. The social worker picked me up and delivered me to my parents (Johnny and Debbie Scott) that night.

For 23 years I knew I was adopted. I knew a little about the Musso's and I was okay with being adopted. My parents took great care of me and I couldn't have been more blessed.

Then 2 years ago the Myspace message came up that changed my life forever. "Were you adopted?" this person wrote....I responded with a "yes" and then the information came flooding out. It was Robert "Bob", my biological father. He found me through a social network and some detection work.

From that point my life went from being normal to being crazy. Not only did I have my mom and dad and 1/2 brother/sister Wesley and Shannon, I had Bob, his new wife Paula, my two 1/2 brothers Tristen and Gauge...I then found my sister Renea. I have never talked to Becky my biological mother, but that is okay. Thanks to Renea I have seen pictures of her and my aunts/cousins/grans and my little sister Mary.

I believe that God was in control of all of this. I believe that he knew that I would need my parents to raise me, I don't think anyone else would have put up with me. =) I believe he knew I needed Bob to find me when he did. Having all the medical information about your past when you are pregnant with a baby sure does help!

I believe that God's hands lead me to find Renea as fast as I did. Even though it was rough at first, I love her and feel more connected to her than the sister I have known my whole life.

Back to the church service with Dr. Moore, I began to weep during the service. My heart was aching. Todd and I are so blessed with Madyson and Aubrie Kate but we do want more children. We have always said 3 or 4. It was like God knocking at my heart saying, this is where you need to get broadus #3 from. Let this child be born in your heart.

I think it touched Todd too, after the service while I was cleaning up my face, he went and picked up information about adoption at kiosk.

We decided that we are going to pray about it, take our time, but really allow God to guide us. If he has created a child in the world for us, he will lead us to them. We just have to be open for his guidance.