Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Strong Willed and Spirited

If you follow me on twitter you know that I tweet a lot about the strong willed child that lives at my house. At times she is the most precious, loving creature and others I wonder how she belongs with us. Todd, my adoring husband, is always quick to humble me and remind me that she is MY daughter.

The past few days, her "spirit" has been making me question what I am doing wrong. As I was ready to throw in my towel, Kelly posted this post by Lisa TerKeurst and bam it hit me.

Growing up, my strong-willed self made my mother insane. She didn't understand why I couldn't do it the way she wanted it done. Why I had to make everything a production, even the simple things like wearing socks.

I believe her best parenting advice story stems from when I was around Aubrie Kate's age. Every morning my mom would get me ready for daycare and I would fight her because the seam in the socks hurt and I didn't wont to wear socks (random fact#1 still hate socks) she was at her whits end when finally my daycare teacher said, "well, why does she need to wear socks?" At that moment, I believe my mom learned its okay to pick and choose battles. Why did I need to wear socks? My shoes fit, they didn't hurt, it wasn't cold. Why fight everyday over socks?

She allowed me to go to school, without socks and guess what? I turned out just fine.

Over the following years my mom had to face the "sock battle" on more than one occasion. She wanted me to be a cheerleader, I did it, despised it, quit it. It killed her, but why did I need to be a cheerleader?

She wanted me to be a nurse, I studied, I tried, I hated it, and it hated me. My lack of compassion confirmed I would be committing my life to a career where I had no freedom to be myself. I will always remember the conversation I had with my parents when I told them I was going to study "Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations" They were baffled by that idea. My dad's exact words were "So someone is going to pay you to communicate? In public?"

The biggest one was when she found out Todd and I were getting married/already married. She didn't see what I saw. I had spent my life in relationship with people (and yes, serious relationships) that pleased my parents. Socially acceptable young men, who had promising futures and could one day provide a better life for me than imagined. I, chose the guy who worked with me at a restaurant, who had dropped out of college, who had long dyed hair, and earrings. It was totally "un-OK" with her that I was making such a huge decision based on something as simple as Love.

My mother begged for prayer from her friends. All which are wonderful Godly women. She needed them at that time and they prayed her through it all.

Fast Forward a few years and now I sit as the mother of the strong willed child. I find myself wondering, "what am I going to do with her?" I call on my friends to pray for me as I go about parenting a child with such a big personality. I find myself having the "sock battle" all over again but with roles reversed.

After reading Lisa's article I am planning on taking a different approach. Do not pray for Aubrie Kate to understand me and my goals for her. Pray for me to raise a child that grows into a  God-honoring Adult. If you can do that for me, I promise to do that for you. Just comment below, and I will add you to my list. At least you know if we run into each other in the mall, and our children are naked, dancing in the fountain, I wont judge you but hug your neck and say, "one day, they will make a huge impact on the world. Hopefully with clothes on :)"

A little publication

We were featured in a little publication this month. Southern Child Magazine is a magazine with the theme of adoption! See page 20 for our little feature!

Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend in pictures...

This weekend was a wedding weekend for me! I had the privilege of coordinating the ceremony of my friends Ken & Bridget. We went to high school together, then life took them different paths, then FINALLY they figured it out and got "hitched" :) So Friday Night I had their rehearsal and All day Saturday was wedding stuff. But luckily, Miss Madyson knows how to document the weekend.

Here are some camera photos she took.

 Well, this is an aubrie photo. Madyson in her new glasses. She has 6 more months of wearing glasses til we can say she is healed from surgery! she picked out some new fushia frames. (notice the mess in the background...thats just a little bit. apparently when mommy is away, all the junk/toys comes out. Our house is a disaster right now)
This is our Mudroom! We have this tiny little space between the garage and the kitchen. It use to house the extra fridge (where the chair is) and all the cabinets were dark brown. Well we removed the doors, added shelves, paint, and some accessories and here is our new mudroom. Total Cost $0. we had everything we needed. the green isn't that intense...i think its just the camera.

On Sunday, after church we had some errands to run. We stopped by Grandmommas bc she bought Ken a new outfit. (we only have one ken and he is old school and all his clothes are gross) well. We put on the outfit and those are some SKINNY cords. Apparently New Ken is alot slimmer than the 90's version. Madyson and I BOTH agreed no man, plastic or real, should have pants that tight. 
 We went by TJ MAXX so I could pick up my Rachel Ray pot.
 Then we came home and worked more. Todd is out finishing the pallet wood for the pallet wood wall treatment.
Busy weekend. But fun! Next weekend Madyson has a girl scout outing, Todd has to work, and Aubrie is spending time with Grandmomma!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fun Friday: "Ninjy Chop"

Being from the South I can always enjoy redneck humor. This video was shown to me yesterday by a fellow coworker.

You got your Judy Chop, Your Kungfu Chop, and Your Ninjy Chop.....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A pintrest project

We go through headbands at our house like we do toilet paper. Both girls adore headbands but take them off and throw them down bc they had no wear to store them. (the bin labeled "headbands" under the sink wasn't cute enough) So I searched Pintrest for a headband organizer and found this:

It is an Oatmeal Container with Modge Podge Scrapbook paper on top. simple. free. easy.

So I asked Madyson to pick out a piece of scrapbook paper out of the craft box and she came to me with 3. "I want them all..." well okay, its your headband holder. I did the Modge Podge (which if you haven't ever used it is a fancy glue) and she "designed" what she wanted it to look like. we let it dry over night and the next morning....WhaLa!

the greatest thing? You can store hair elastics, brushes, clippies, etc. inside. So a free project...a recycled project...an organized project!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How Does She Do It?

Last night Todd and I watched "I don't know how she does it" with Sarah Jessica Parker. I thought it would be a relaxing film that I could watch before bed and maybe have a few laughs. What it turned into was a big case of Mommy Guilt.

I have been suffering Mommy Guilt since we returned home from California. I LOVED being home everyday. Even though here there isn't snow covered mountains to play on...I still adored waking up everyday and doing whatever. (And for those who have read this blog since the beginning...you know thats NOT me!)

I adore my job(s), I love working, I love meeting goals, planning events, being a go getter, a people pleaser, a hard working, "working mom". I adore it all. But lately, it hasn't been my heart. Being home, with my kids...has been my heart.

So in the movie (if you haven't seen it) SJP works for a big bank doing fancy financial things...she has to jet set across the country multiple times a week all while trying to maintain life at home. Her and her husband have 2 kids and at one point in the movie they both get big projects at the same time. When she is being "mom" she has to do the mom things...bake sales, birthday parties....all while trying to make sure the "super" mommies don't realize...she bought that pie...

At times I feel like this. Well all the time. I have this image of myself, in my head, that I have it all together. I work M-F 8am-2pm. at 2 i leave to go get the kids from school then we have afternoon activities like ballet, choir, girl scouts, and now...T-Ball, then we come home..I cook dinner. Todd gets home at 6:45 we eat, do homework, take a bath, get everything ready for the next day, go to bed by 9:45 then start the whole day over again....Same Routine. On weekends I have been trying not to plan things for us to do, but I do have 2 other part-time jobs that play apart of our lives 1x every 3-6 months...

So what does this mean for our family? Well nothing really. Not unless someone has a work at home job that pays what I get paid at the church. 2 incomes are a must. #Bought.old.house.must.fix.it.up
But I have been sharing life on this blog for years, and I want to continue doing so. Who knows, God put working at this church for a reason. I am still trying to figure out what reason. But I know He has plans. Plans that will surprise me, delight me, and make me go...OOOHHHHH. Just thankful for the opportunity to work in a place that understands what "family" means.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fun Friday: The "Bark" Side

A sneak peek at an upcoming Super Bowl commercial. Since the Saints and my future son-in-law Tim Tebow isn't playing...the commercials are the only thing worth watching...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

just cruising by

Life is just life right now, which I guess is a good thing. This past weekend I spent time clearing out clutter so we can finally get our life on track again. Todd and the girls hung out, went to the movies, had some great D&D Time. This week has been one thing after another...dance, lifegroup, choir, girl scouts (cookies go on sale saturday)...We are just cruising by.

We did have a bit of excitement last week in the form of an email. But all I can tell you right now is just to pray, that God's Will, will be done. I haven't heard anything else so I am just sitting and waiting, patiently Lord.

Other than than...Life is just life. I wish I had more to report. I promise though, tomorrows Fun Friday is a good one :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun Fridays! #1Shake what your momma gave you

Fun Fridays! 2012 Fridays will be dedicated to something fun I have found via the web! Today's pick is Brian's surprise Dance for his Bride! I am sure they will live happily ever after, and have tons of fun throughout marriage!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

California (part 3): The Family

Alot of people have asked if we have family in California. And yes we do! ALOT of them!
 Like I said before, this trip was a gift (A VERY WONDERFUL GIFT) from Todd's Stepdad and his mom. His Stepdad's (but we just call him Grandaddy) sister and her husband and son live in June Lake. We stayed with them on this trip. But also my biological dad, his wife, my two brothers and my sister and her girls all live in California as well!

I was so excited when I found out BioBob and Paula and my WONDERFUL little brothers were coming up from SouthernCali to visit before Christmas. They were there 3 days and It was wonderful to see them. 

me and my oldest little brother, Tristen :)

Me and Bob! the morning they were leaving

Me and Paula! I love Paula, she is the sweetest person in the world
 Also on this trip, I had the chance to meet my sister Renea for the first time! Renea and I are a year apart (shes older...but I am taller :) She and I have the same Mom. It was so great getting to meet her and my nieces! One thing you don't realize as an adopted child is what its like to look like someone. Renea and I look the most alike out of all my sibilings (there are 6 of them! 3 older and 3 younger). Same Eyes, Same Chin, Same mole...just in a different spot. Both little, high voices.
 This is Renea with the girls. We went to eat dinner the night she arrived and this was "dessert"
 Aubrie Kate and Kenna. They are a few months apart.
 Me and Renea. I look rough, we had been to the Ghost Town earlier that day (more on that tomorrow)
 The big sisters McKenzie and Madyson

 2 sisters with their 2 girls.
Family is such an important part of my life. I am truly blessed to be an adopted child, who had an wonderful family growing up, and now as a grown up I have the opportunity to have my biological family in the mix as well. Best of Both worlds!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

California Girls (and Todd) Christmas in California

 Christmas Morning the girls were all snug in the bed! Until Momma came in and flashed the camera :)
 Then it was up to see what Santa delivered! And to open presents with the family!
 The girls got lots of fun stuff!
 Aubrie's favorite was this dollie and ....
 Her rapunzel dress....
 and all her lalaloopsy stuff! This was a fun Christmas with her
 We all sang Jingle Bells as we opened gifts!

 After all the gifts were open, we headed into Yosemite National Park for a day of play!

Then after our hike, we cleaned up and had an amazing Christmas Dinner!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

California Girls! (and Todd) part 1

We left on a jet plane for California on Dec. 17th! This was Aubrie's first trip on a plane and she loved the entire thing! Our plans for the trip were to Have fun, Rest, get back to normal, and make snow angels. We succeeded at all of these.
We (the girls and I) attempted to snowboard. Daddy Broadus is an expert, and he loves it. His little mini-me (madyson) took after him. She had a great time going up and down the mountain with her trainer.
after her first run down the mountain!
Aubrie Kate....Well, lets just say within the first 2 hours she had pitched 2 of the biggest fits because she didn't like the helmet and hated the boots. They didn't match. She was removed from ski school and spent the rest of the vacation doing all sorts of things...
Aubrie loved playing in the igloo
madyson...waiting. Aubrie Kate having a break down over non matching accessories.

being a speed bump for all who were skiing down the mountain.

And Momma? well momma tried to snowboard. It was entertaining for all. I could do it really good, but I couldn't stop. And that is a BIG part of it.

So after breaking my tailbone(not really, but it felt like it) I opted to spend my ski lift money on something that will last me a lifetime...
=) It was on sale, like a good sale! and I love it! We ate a ton of good food, and we all show from it.
The girls and I were awed with the scenery
God does some amazing work!

Tomorrow...Christmas in California. Santa even came to visit :)

Monday, January 9, 2012


Keep Calm. I have tried for 2 weeks to post our California blog. But it will not post. I have purchased more memory space, I have deleted pictures...I have tried it all and nothing. I will continue to work and you might get a christmas update in february!

Right now, I wanted to share a little bit of married life with you.

During  the recovery of "the miscarriage" Todd and I did not talk. I couldn't talk without crying and he didn't understand why. Communication is a strong part of our relationship but for weeks it was like living with a stranger (for him) It wasn't until a few days before we left for vacation did I finally spill my emotions.

During vacation Todd went into total caregiver mode. He works alot when we are home (80+ hours a week...Thanks Enterprise RAC) and he doesn't get to always be the husband I know he wants to be. But on vacation he really stepped up and took care of me, letting me rest and heal and took care of the girls. He did laundry the whole 12 days we were there. He was always hands on with the girls, it was wonderful. Since we've been back he has done his best to continue this.

Last night, we dropped the girls off at their Mission Friends Meeting at church and we headed to the grocery store. While we were there we were talking about dinner and came up with something that sounded really good =) so we went home, and we cooked together , like we use to when we were dating. It was a simple yet deep experience. It took me back to when we met (we worked in a restaurant) and the feelings that I had when we were "hanging out" I had forgotten those feelings and was excited that they returned!

So I began to think, I wonder what yall use to do before marriage, that you don't anymore....who knows, maybe your feeling will return if you try to do it now!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

working out blog issues....

I promise i have not deserted you. I have having blog issues (storage...design...etc) and hope to have them all fixed soon!

In the mean time, take a chance to read some of our stuff from 2011!