Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's God.

Sometimes in life things happen. Things that sound insane-scary and out of your comfort zone...those things (for me) usually mean God is needing more of me-or has something planned that I just can't see. 

I have been on a world wind adventure the last week. I am sworn to secrecy for a few months but I can tell you this:

1. I was filming a show!!!! (And no-I'm not the next bachelorette. 😉)

2. LA is extremely busy. 

3. I had a dressing room.
4. And this moment-this adventure was totally God led and driven. 

I am a mom. A simple-stay at home mom. I don't drink (anymore) i only leave my house to buy food, go to church, or the pool. I am as boring as it comes. I am NOT made for tv. 

But a few months ago-God led me to an ad for an audition (that I wouldn't have known about if we hadn't of moved to Georgia) 

That audition-landed me a role on a show.

And I got on a plane-flew by myself to LA and experienced the "world" that is Hollywood. 

I was slung out of my comfort zone and into this exciting opportunity where I learned 2 really important things.

1. When God has a plan-and is ready to press go. Hold on.

2. I have never EVER seen His hands at work the way I did the last few days. The experience was so much fun. I met some amazing new friends. And I will have a fun story to tell my grand kids!

Stay tuned over the next few months as I share a little more (and trust me-when I can-I will!) 

P.s. I read Carlos Whittakers book #momentmaker on the plane ride there. It. Is. Incredible. 
If you are looking for a good summer read -or heck-if you just don't know what's next...or how to embrace life...go pick it up. I am not paid to say this-I bought the book with my own money-and I am telling you to go do the same. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It doesn't have to be black or white-gray was created for a reason.

Tuesday night on twitter there was a war of words between men of the SBC and pastor Andy Stanley over the SBC praying for revival. (I would direct you to read them but  words written out of pride and that don't embody the body of Christ are harmful to people-esp if you are a non or new believer)

I sat in awe of the childish slander that took place after Andy Stanley said that praying for revival wasn't enough (in a shorten version) and the rebuttals of the SBC that cast stones because of the statement. 

This morning I have read many of the blog post posted by these pastors and I want to add my outsiders view to the mix.

First my background-I grew up in a southern baptist church-29.5 years. It wasn't until year 21 that I began to invest myself into my relationship with Christ. I began to study and fall in love with God all over again. 5 years into my new walk, the church i loved fell into hard times. Our pastor led our church-with Gods help-through the darkness and into a new blooming phase. It wasn't easy-I worked for the church during the time and I never imagined the struggles pastors go through to be the best leaders that God CREATED them to be.

But our pastor did it-he is still doing it. And he does each step with God holding his hand and prayer guiding him.

When we moved to Atlanta I was in shock. We needed a church family. We needed to serve and wanted to be apart of a church that's purpose was to lead others into a growing relationship with Christ.

We spent weeks going from church to church-most SBC affiliates. I consulted our pastor back in MS and I was following his suggestions. But let me tell you what I found. I found churches that when you asked members why they come there they answered "because my wife makes me." I found churches that have a strip of highway named after their pastor...and also a church that makes you pay to have recordings of past sermons.

I found many churches that had a lot of good-but that lacked the spirit of God.

We finally took a big leap of faith and tried a church that wasn't SBC related...and that happened to be led by Andy Stanley. 

We found a church that invest not only into it's members but into the community. That goes over and beyond to make sure each person-weather lost/found/in a suit/or shorts/poor/addict/rich/or hurting felt welcomed. 

We found a place that felt so much like our church back home that I cried. Because for the first time in months I felt like I was at home.

Then last night I read the 140 characters of pastor bashing over Revival!?! And prayer for revival? And here is my thought: 

Pastors of the SBC and Pastor Andy Stanley: you are both correct. Believe it or not but it doesn't have to be one way or the other-let me introduce you to the color gray.

You can pray for revival. Everyday. You can pray for revival in yourself-in your family-your church-your community-the world. Pray for it!! Prayer never hurts and God hears our cries. (SBC side)

But after praying. go and be the hands and feet of Christ. Get off of twitter-quit defending your prayers and God and go and stand next to a woman at the abortion clinic and tell her she is loved and that baby is loved. Go and feed the homeless-go and meet people of your church. Take ur fancy Olan mills directories and go out and learn about your church members. Personally. (Stanley side) 

And now the (gray) see Yes we need God to help us "send revival", function everyday, chose to love our spouse, chose to not condemn other for believing different...we need God daily-for everything. But we don't sit and wait. We don't pray "God please send me a waffle" -we get up and we fix ourselves one. Then we say thank you God for this job that you have given me-that pays for my waffle.

Leaders-God has given you the best revival for our country-he has given you the knowledge and the instruction to lead the church and to lead the people. Jesus had (daily) 12 men. The 12 men that were told to come and follow him-did because they desired to learn. He and those 12 men changed so much. Most of you have 12-120-1200 some even 12,000 church members that desire to learn from you. Use your gifts to led your church people into a relationship with God. 

Is your mission to simply pray? Or is your mission to pray for and do everything in your power while God waits for His time. 

Quit choosing a side-and remember your calling. Remember that their are people on twitter-like me-that follow some of you for daily nuggets of how to adapt Christ into my life. How to have a revival in myself. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Life with 15 month old Mia Margaret

Mia Margaret is now a silly-fun loving-ball of pure energy-15 month old.
She loves baby dolls, climbing, wearing socks, playing outside, and water.

She is quiet the water baby!
She loves to eat. The only thing she isn't keen on is turkey and cheese. 

We are working on the cheese part!
But give her some ice cream...
She has been to 2 Major league baseball games-a water park-a road trip-and multiple trips to the zoo so far this summer.
Her favorite thing though? Playing with her sisters and snuggling with mommy and daddy.

She wears a size 4 diaper-when she keeps it on. And is in an 18-24 month clothes!
She is pretty much sleeping through the night and has 12 teeth (4 are molars) 
How blessed we are by you!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Preparing to turn 30 #happy30sarahb

I turn 30 in a month-and I am actually-really excited. The 20s have been a whirlwind of babies, marriage lessons, making friends, changing lifestyles and moving 6 hours away from the only life I have ever known.

Busy? Yes. Crazy? Most of the time. Worth it? Absolutely. But 30 to me seems to be the decade that life is going to be the most emotional. 

In my 30s there will be *maybe* the last baby-a #4. If God allows us to do this one more time-but if he doesn't that  is okay-but that will mean in the 30s there will be no more babies-a whole new chapter.

In my 30s madyson will graduate from highschool. She will do this in 8-9 years. 

In my 30s I will take on new mothering challenges. The teenage years. With 2 of the 3 broadus girls.

I am excited about the future-Lord willing I get to see it all.  But turning 30? To me it needs to be a special experience. 

So I have come up with a plan-and it is going to take each person that reads this to help me. For my birthday I want each one of you to do something awesome for someone else. Leave a quarter on the gumball machine at the grocery-pay for someone's Starbucks-take flowers to the ladies at a nursing home-make cookies and give them to your neighbors-anything that will make someone smile. 

Or donate $5 (or any amount) to help this sweet girl get her wheelchair she needs.

(This is really important to me-and easy for you to do-right from your computer!) 

 And then take a picture and hashtag it with #Happy30SarahB and share it on Facebook-Instagram-and or twitter. 

That way I can see all the wonderful gifts of kindness! 

We have a month to make turning 30 rock!! Let's get busy! :) 

House tour part 2

We are moving down the hall to your quarters :) 

We are so thankful to have an entire guest area for our friends and family to stay in!

First-your bedroom. 
It's a quaint-simple room decorated in blues and yellows and white. 

Next your bathroom-
It's full of natural light and equipped with a bath/shower combo. 

We love having guest and we would love for you to plan a visit your next time through Georgia!