Thursday, May 19, 2011

going on!

Well-The girls are done with their room. I gave them full control over what their vision of the "rainbow room" looked like. I think they did a good job. Madyson is def. my designer/repurposer. She picked the pieces from my pickin collection that she wanted to use. Madyson picked the room color-its a med. purple. I was really scared she would pick ELECTRIC purple-but she did good.
Then I took them to target and let them pick out curtains, bedspreads, and stuff......I gave them $100 dollars do "decorate with"
This was one of my was free! Use to be YELLOW. madyson wanted it two toned. She found the knobs at michaels 95% off 1.00 each! (we need a longer curtain rod...but the one they want is $48 bucks so I am trying to come up with another option..) and excuse the cleaner....we were spot cleaning the floor!
Yes...they have a tv. Madyson found this shower cutain on sale at Ross's for 6.00. Underneath the tv stand is a laundry basket . Keeps all the clothes hidden =)
still waiting on daddy to install the closet doors. but look at those clothes! Grandmomma....I think they are set!
Aubrie is to the left. madyson is to the right (notice the get will balloons?)
Those tables were in my pickin pile. They use to be my grandmothers. The rug was 50% at Hobby Lobby...the comforters were 9.99 at Target! (clearance end cap!) the polka dot garbage can was $5.00 at big lots!

They love it! It is a bit "colorful" even for me.But its their room-so whatever makes them happy!

And in other news! I found out my sister-in-law is gracing me with a NEPHEW in the fall! I know how 4 nieces and 4 nephews!
In other news I am helping with huge concert that will be taking place here in Jackson! ROCK THE SOUTH featuring David Crowder Band, Tenth Ave. North, Lecrea and MORE!!!

 If you want to come-its totally family friendly! You can get tickets here!

There is alot going on in our household right now that I am not ready to share...but if you could, please remember us in prayer, and as soon as "the dust settles" Ill share with you guys!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eye Surgery, Playdough, and lots of take out!

Last Friday morning we got up extremely early-loaded our first born daughter into the car-and headed off to the surgical center to have muscle correction surgery.

We had been prepping Madyson for weeks about surgery. I had through each step that would happen and she was okay with it all. The only part I left out was details...WHAT was going on during surgery...she didn't need to know, or she wouldn't be okay.

So here we are at the surgical center. Getting her temp taken (see the sweet thermometer on her head)
we colored a bit, in her "outpatient surgery adventure" coloring book and her NEW box of 96 crayons-they make every situation better.

Nurse Mary came in and took her bp and her pulse rate and brought her gown to her. She worked a deal to keep her pj pants on...isn't she adorable?

The Dr's came in and told her all about it. How she wasn't going to feel anything and she would be sleepy. Meanwhile, she played with silly putty. She ignored everything they said and asked them to play silly putty with her...they obliged.

They gave her some "happy juice" at my request...although, I think she has my tolerance bc it didn't phase her.

Then, it was transport time! She sat on her little bed and waved by as they wheeled her off. I held in all tears and just prayed...please keep her safe.

During the hour of surgery, text and facebook messages saying "praying for madyson" came in every minute. Friends of mine, that I haven't seen in years were sending messages-it really helped keep me calm knowing that she was being lifted up. I think I even made the statement to someone (i tend to talk to strangers when stressed) If God monitors prayers like Twitter #PrayingforMadyson is defiantly trending in heaven.

1 hour 18 minutes later Nurse Martha (Mary...then Martha?....Hello God) came and said Madyson is in recovery and sleeping like an angel. That we could go back when she woke up. Whew...relief. PTL.

45 minutes later.....Martha returns to say, "she isn't waken up...but come on back." My response..."She is breathing though...right?" Yes, she was breathing, but she was catching up on all the sleep she has missed. There laid my sweet little sunshine. Snoring away

. She had a little IV in her foot, they removed that so if she did wake up...she never knew she had it.

1 hour of sitting there listening to her snore....they released us to go home, with pages of instructions. Madyson continued to sleep....until 5:30 that evening!!!!

When she woke up she wanted chick-fil-a and campbells bakery tea cakes. My girl. She stayed awake for a few hours, coloring with Aubrie, and then she fell asleep again.

Saturday-Our friends Chris and Darla, brought us breakfast and Madyson a balloon and stuffed animal. When they left, we watched movies and took a nap. By the time Todd got off work Saturday I was having cabin fever...So he called Darla and she and I went out to eat to celebrate "mother's day" while Todd and Chris stayed home with Madyson, Aubrie, and the two byrd babies. When we got home-Todd had the girls in bed, so he and I watched Fireproof.

Sunday-was probably the best mother's day ever. I got to sleep late with my girls-we watched movies, played play dough, Todd worked on the porch, installed the last drawer pulls on my sofa table, ate applebees and had a sonic coke =) I got to organize the girls closet, it was just slow-restful peaceful.

Madyson is def. on the mend. She is still very light sensitive and says it feels like sticks in her eyes, but she isn't crying or being fussy-she is totally being a big girl.

This past week, I have realized just how blessed I am. My girls have always been my hearts but spending 4 days with them, without places to go or things to do...has made me appreciate them so much. I think sometimes we get all caught up in life and when we have to stop and just spend time together-we realize what blessings really are bestowed on us.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life's a Dance

This past weekend Madyson performed (or stood on stage and did a few twirls) in her 2nd dance recital. She had a lot of fun! However, being the bad scatter brained mother that I am lately I forgot my camera at work-so I have been stealing off of facebook..
Life has been a little WHEW lately-Do you feel like that?

The Tornado ripped through our town April 15th-we are still getting back on track. Then the devastation of the "southern" tornado that tore up Alabama happened on the 27th....We got to take a small break for some happy time with the Royal Wedding the 29th...Madyson and I got up and watched it. Did you? What was your favorite part??

Then Sunday, May 1-we were interrupted to bring the news of the death of bin laden. Now-I lived through 9-11. I remember that day very vividly and as excited as I am that the "mastermind" is no more...I still get nervous about....the other hundreds? thousands? of his followers that are still out and about. This past few weeks have just brought alot of extra anxiety to the world.

Along with a lot going on in the world-a lot is going on in the Broadus house. We are right now playing ring-around-the-rooms. Now, I know yall said garage first. But our garage is FILLED with furniture for the bedrooms-so I can't really clean it out-until....I have a place to put it. So right now-the girls new room has been painted-purple. I let them have full control over it. They wanted rainbow and we compromised-one color on the wall-rainbow accessories. So they have purple walls-aqua comforters, pink rug, yellow tables, green actually is cute. Not what I would have picked-but I don't have to live in there. As long as it stays clean....I am good.

Madyson's eye surgery is tomorrow-and that is something we are ready to have behind us. Her friends have been so sweet drawing her pictures, bringing her little gifts =) It is making it a lot easier. I wanted to share with yall though something I was just in awe of.

In January of 2010, we started our Life Group-which is like Sunday School-that meets every Monday night. The good thing about Life Group is that our kids come. Our group believes that it is important for families to worship the Lord together everyday-not just Sunday. Well-I knew Madyson loved the other adults in the group but never did I know just how comfortable she was with them. This past Monday she came up to me and asked if it would be okay if she asked "Mrs. Jennifer" to pray with her. Jennifer is my sweet sweet friend-who just happens to be married to my boss =) I said of course it is okay! and so Madyson went over to Jennifer and asked her to pray for her and her surgery. I was moved that she was comfortable enough to just walk up to another adult and ask for prayer. That is something I have wanted for my girls! Jennifer, brought Hunter- her almost 5 year old over, and explained about Madyson surgery then the 3 of them (+ Aubrie Kate) prayed for Madyson. When we got home she said, "everything is fine-Ms. Jennifer asked God to take care of me".

So that's where we are right now-Dancing. twirling around bedroom furniture, booty bumping fears of surgery, and shuffle-ball changing through the worldly events.