Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Fall Y'all!!!

Today is the first official day of Fall!!! And I am so excited!! I LOVE Fall! Everything that comes with the months of Sept, Oct, and November make me SO HAPPY!

With September comes football games, the leaves start to turn, fall clothes come out and ideas for Halloween costumes begin to brew!

Then in October it is our annual trip to Lazy Acres, Putting the scarecrows/mums/pumpkins out in the yard, harvest festivals and trick or treating!

Then in November it is THANKSGIVING!! and Black Friday!

Happy Fall Yall!

These are pictures from our lazy acres trips over the past 2 years!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What More?!?!.

So I haven't been feeling well today. I didn't sleep good last night and today I was just BLAH so I came home from work and took a nap. Got up to go get the girls but remembered we had nothing for dinner, so I had to go to the grocery store...then I remembered I have no debit card since I dried mine in the dryer. So I had to drive to Jackson to get Todds. Got on the interstate (which I never drive on!) and got stuck because some guy decided to ride right next to me, missed my exit, had to go all the way to Richland and turn around. Finally got to ENTERPRISE and got the debit card. Got to the grocery store, the kids decided to throw tantrums for some reason. Got out of there, got in the car, Aubrie Kate was eating cheetos. Got home, Cheetos were all over the car! Starting cooking dinner and doing school work with Madyson...Aubrie walks in the kitchen COVERED head to toe in vasoline, i was her off with dawn soap and I am walking to her room to get a diaper and notice that the vasoline is all over the furniture. I freak out, start cleaning it!!! Finally get done cleaning that and go to find aubrie. She is in the playroom, I smell something...She has pooped all over the floor. I clean it up, finish dinner, and finally sit down....

What more?!?!?!

upper case letters? No thank you!

i hate upper case letters! they just aren't as cute as lower case ones!
it bothers me when i go to get something monogrammed and they always want to do uppercase.
i do not like upper case a's A...is not cute...a is cute...aubrie kate looks cuter than Aubrie Kate.

that is my rant for the day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Seriously Mr. West, Grow up.

I do not watch MTV. I actually just found out about 2 months ago that it was still on the air! When you have two babies and a ton of stuff going on, you are living your own "real world".

But last night as I watched the season finale of Design Star on HGTV, I logged onto facebook to read multiple comments from friends about Kanye West getting up on stage and ruining Taylor Swift's acceptance speech. Luckily, we have youtube and I found the video so I got caught up.

So Kanye who is what....32 years old? Thought it was his place to protest Taylor Swift's award for what reason!?!? On his blog he claims "I'm not crazy yall, im just real" No Mr. West, you are just a grown man that took away a teenagers glory infront of millions of people.

LUCKILY, Beyonce is a class act. When she won her award she had Taylor come out and finish her thank you's.

This just goes to show how women mature better then men!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The stork is out in full force!

First off, No I am not pregnant!

But my sweet precious friend of 20 years (wow!) had her first baby Tuesday 9/8/9. Ryder James Wilson! I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him yet (waiting until I am sure I am germ free!) but here is a picture I stole from facebook!

She has no idea how that little booger is about to rock her world! She is going to be a great mom!

ALSO two of my other childhood buddies had baby boys as well!

Tonya had Brandon Parker

and Jeannie had Parker Thomas

Little League is going to be fun in a few years with this boys! Congrats to the mommies! And pray for them as well! We can all remember those first few weeks home with the newborns! No sleep, always checking on them, and the fun "is that normal?"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fighting THE CC War!

As parents, your number one purpose in life is to care for your kids. When they get boo-boos, you pull out your super hero band-aids and kiss it all better, when they get their feelings hurt, you pick them up, give them a hug, and make them feel loved!

But sometimes, some parents have to experience the kind of hurt that isn't fixed with a band-aid. It can be scary, it can hurt really bad, it can make you feel miserable, you can have good days or bad days, it can go away as quickly as it came or it can stay...forever.

Childhood Cancer is something that makes your heart cringe to even talk about . Kids are so young and should be able to experience life to the fullest but sometimes they are faced with this awful illness and have to grow up much faster than we want them too.

When I was in jr. high, one of my dear friends passed away from childhood cancer. She had a beautiful soul the entire time she was going through it. She lost her hearing, she lost her hair, but she never lost her spirit, which is what I remember most.

On September 28th Chili's restaurant will be hosting a fundraiser to help fight childhood cancer. They are donating 100% of their profits to the fight! My family doesn't eat out often but we will that night.

This is Wiley King, a warrior in the fight against childhood cancer. Wiley's precious mother and I worked together at the Law School. She is just as strong and just as brave as any solider I know, as is Wiley!

Please plan to take your lunch break or have family dinner at Chili's on the 28th! if you already have plans, stop by there and create-a-pepper! As parents, we have to rally together to win this war and with leaders like Mrs. Stacey and Wiley, I know we can!