Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Pin of the Week!

Here is this week's Pin of the week!! Sunday afternoon I am going to attempt a color between This....

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

and this...

and if it doesn't work...then ill go darker...

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Phone Dump Post

Life is uber crazy at the Broadus House. 

We have our Fall Harvest on Monday...then Life at Work will slow down! But in order to catch you up to speed. Here is a phone dump of photos!

 Aubrie kate and I made homemade pizzas!
 Then we made homemade pumpkin shirts
 Then we went to the mall and played at the makeup counter
 One day the sky looked like this
 She finally wore pigtails!
 The next day the day looked like this!
 Angry birds is the theme for the children's ministry trunk at trunk or treat
 This is betty butterfinger. She made her debut at church last sunday
 At home we are practicing beginning sounds
 Aubrie likes to wear this wig around church? (Todd dressed her. Its purple!)
 We went to the homecoming parade!
 Aubrie, Madyson, Holly
 We love Miss Taylor our babysitter! She was a homecoming maid! and later Princess!
 Their she is!! And Holly's brother Dalton!
 We went to the Book Fair at school! And got balloon animals (and flowers)
 Friday was 50's day at school!
 I let the girls play in my wedding dress.
 It made me sad!
 We went to Bass Pro to see The Swamp People! The line was too long so we just looked at them from above!
 This week is Red Ribbon Week! Monday Madyson had to dress up as "what she wants to be when she grows up!" Can you guess?
 Tuesday we got mail from Disney!!!
 and we got school pictures!
 Mommy has been living on Cherry Cokes from Sonic this week bc she is so tired!!!!!
Today is Favorite Team Day! Madyson wore my cheerleading uniform!

WHEW! Told you weve been busy!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Pin of the Week

Monday night for Life Group I made this....

From Whitney @ GlamLife....As I was purchasing the ingrediants my Kroger chef suggest I top it off with crumbled bacon and a dash of paprika....So I did! I served it with Buttered Rice, Rolls, and Green Beans. Super Easy and VERY yummy!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Debut of Evelyn Lucille...

I have spent years looking through magazines pulling out pictures of what I want my house to look like one day. Recently I stopped doing that and started "Pinning". As I began pinning I really started to see my style evolve. We all want our home to be a reflection of who we are. And for years mine hasn't been. Its been what I have seen in magazines. When we started on the venture of kitchen remodel I knew I wanted a few things

1) White Cabinets and appliance-a blank slate
2) Pops of color
3) Vintage accessories
4) Clean surfaces.

The stuff that should be important like granite counter tops and real wood floors just weren't at the top of my list. When we resale in YEARS then we will make it what others want. Right now I wanted affordable and durable. At least until the kids are big enough!

I want people to e to be did you do that...or what is that made of?

I want them to realize-you don't have to run to Target, Macy's, Crate & Barrel (although I have a rug on my kitchen floor from there :) to achieve beauty. That its okay to go against the long as it pleases you! So with all that said... I introduce you kitchen.

I have named her-EVELYN LUCILLE -She is named after my great aunt Sarah and my great aunt lucille (who taught me how to cook the best biscuits ever!)  She is funky and she is functionable. She is WAY out of the norm but she is SO YUMMY.

She is the place where my girls and I will spend hours with our KitchenAid mixer, Mary making sweet memories. She is where they will learn the art of cooking and hopefully the love as well.

She is where we will create and grow and make chocolate milk and popcorn before movie night. She is ours and She is  different but She is so special to us.

Although she did not come without blood, sweat, and tears (literally all three) here's the story:

We were rocking on demo day and then we pulled up the yellow floors and found the mess of Glue that was all over the floor. My "team" consist of my mom, myself, my cousin, and Todd.

My mom is a true girly-girl...Never has done 1 bit of home improvement. My cousin use to help her dad do stuff...but she is a beginner. I volunteered with Habitat in college and learned about cabinets and painting but never floors. And Todd's experience comes from what he has learned on HGTV and DIY with me. So needless to say, we are all beginners. We went to our local home improvement store and talked to the sales rep there. He directed us to a product we would need to get the floor up. He also showed us the tools we would need. We purchased them all and went to work.

4 days later....we were still scraping up floors.

It was a Wednesday night, my hands were covered in bloody blisters, I could barely move my fingers. My left elbow was aching, I was covered in sweat from scraping and my sweet 3 year old walked in and said, "momma, can you make me spaghetti?" I lost it. I started bawling. BAWLING. Like doing the ugly cry.

"no baby mommy can't make you spaghetti because we don't have a kitchen." It was like telling her we had no food. It was painful and I was exhausted. I cried the ugly cry for about 10 more minutes. Todd wasn't home from work yet and I just needed him.

Once I got my composure, I took a break to run up to sonic to get the girls, yet another, wacky pack. I was ready to start again. Another hour into scraping when I started discussing with my mom about the blades on the razors we were using. "They are just so dull". About that time my "never done a home improvement job" mother had an "ah-ha" moment. "I wonder...."she said...The next thing that came out of her mouth was *$*%*$ (You can use your imagination on what went there) "Sarah, the blades are turned around backwards!"

Yes my friends, apparently when you buy handscrapers you're suppose to loosen the screws on the handle, take the blade out, and turn it around, then tighten the screws. No lie, we were done with the rest of the floor in 30 minutes.

Then came the grosses part...we found Harvey the mouse...inside the wall....

Once we got the floors cleaned up and the mouse out of the house, we were on a roll. The next step was sanding the walls, priming, painting...installing cabinets, countertops, sinks, floors then lastly the appliances!

Whew....are you as tired as I am? I am so pleased with the outcome. There are still some things to do like install the vent hood, the electrical covers....touch the trim and the ceiling paint...but all in ya go!

Lets look back at what Evelyn Lucille was like BEFORE....she was dark....
 junky...didn't function....(yes there were a lot of cabinets but they weren't functioning cabinets)
...AND THIS was when we had started demoing....i forgot to take a picture of the window :/

So after 4 weeks and 3,215.57 we now have....

the window side. New paint, new double trim on windows, fridge moved. new cabinets, new counter tops, island built out of old pallet wood and madyson's crib :) stools that were my gmas i painted and recovered....
 the stove side. We went to stove/oven combo...(vent hood coming, cant find one i like) glass tile backsplash (pain in the butt) i need a new garbage can! (do you know how expensive those are?)
another pic of the kitchen....
So where is all of our stuff? Stay tuned to tomorrow! I will reveal the pantry and the rest of the kitchen!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teaching Life Group and 3 orphaned no more!

Our Life Group has this "fun" thing we do, where we all sign up for different bible lessons and take turns teaching them. It allows you to get back to the basics of the bible and practice your teaching skills.

Last night was my night to teach. My story was Moses and the Red Sea. If you haven't read here. 

After I taught, I was suppose to lead the group in discussions with a list of questions that were provided. One of the question is: "Who are you most like in the story"...usually I have a hard time answering this question but this time I did not.

I am most like the Israelites as they are crossing the desert..."Why did you bring us out here to die?
Leave us alone let us serve the Egyptians" was a group of people who God had protected through it all, yet they still didn't believe that he was in control. It took walls of water and dry sea land for them to stop and "be still" and KNOW that he was Lord.

So many days I try to be in control, this is a topic I have discussed alot on this blog. And last night was a huge reminder that I need to be still and let God do His plan.

After group, I was up most of the night, praying for Ashley and Kurt as they finally got to meet their son Liam. Also this morning I read on facebook were a friend of mine's sister who has been trying to adopt for 2 years was accepted and now is the mother of 2 beautiful girls! that is THREE children in 24 hours that are orphaned no more! I can't wait to add our #3 to that list!

.....14 The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still"

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The "Mother "of All Post: how i break all the mommy rules

Recently on blogs, twitter and facebook I have noticed a ton of Moms comparing themselves to the books of child rearing, analyzing their decisions of parenting, and really feeling down about themselves. So, with all that being said, I am coming out of my parenting shell and revealing all the ways I break the rules as a mom.

Lets start with the big one. There is no breastfeeding going on in the Broadus house. Here is the why. With Madyson I pumped for 2 months and she drank expressed milk. It was important for me to get her on a bottle and on a routine because I knew I would be going back to work and I really didn't want her having a hard time. Eating is important. This turned out extremely beneficial for us bc  it allowed me to sleep at night (I stayed home with her for 6 months) and Todd to feed her. Then I would be up with her all day. After 2 months she went to formula. Turns out she is a Soy baby. Still to this day she enjoys a nice cold glass of soy milk.  With Aubrie Kate: I was on a lot of medicine after my rough time with my section and could not pump. So she has been a formula baby all her life. And oddly, Madyson is the sicker of the two. Aubrie Kate has never had an ear infection, fever virus, or any normal child illness. Is this connected? I have no idea...just pointing out something odd. * And yes I know ALL the benefits of breastfeeding. My sister-in-law is the poster child for a perfect breastfeeding campaign. I think it is a great thing and a very natural and wonderful thing, but it didn't work with our family. and my kids turned out...okay*

2.I have never read a baby parenting book. My sister in law passed down "what to expect...toddler years...etc." I flipped through it. Wasn't my cup of tea. I don't like going off someone else's experiences when it comes to MY children. They aren't those kids in the book and I don't want to compare them.

3. Which brings us to #3, I had no idea what percentage my kids were at in anything until Madyson's weight issue last year. And I got a big ole slap in the face in that one. Turns out, my "healthy lifestyle" was a bit too healthy. A few months of weight gaining training and shes is now a healthy weight AND has learned just how great a snicker is.

4. I have no desire to be a mom that has their child in EVERYTHING. Madyson came to me a few weeks ago, unannounced, and said she was quitting dance. My response was, "ok". I want my children to enjoy extracurricular activities. I want them to try alot and see what they are good at. I am not begging for a super star cheerleader or a Ballerina, I just want them happy. Turns out after 2 weeks of no dance, she was discovering she really missed it. Luckily her teacher is precious and let her return.

5. Sleep (and yes SD, this one is for you) My children+sleep=a book. Madyson DID NOT sleep through the night until she got bunkbeds at age 3.5. Yes I am serious. Not one night did she sleep. She would scream as a baby until you were awake and holding her and talking to her. Not the swing, nor carseat, nor cosleeping, nor pack-n-play nor bed would give her what she wanted. As she got older she discovered she could be quiet and play and stay up all night. Many a mornings I would awake to find her once clean room destroyed from her night of partying. BUT during the daytime? Oh she could sleep like a champ. Aubrie Kate on the other hand was an amazing sleeper as a newborn BUT around age 14months she discovered sisters game of being up all night. And so it begin. It wasn't until we found the Warm Fuzzies that she started sleeping through the night (and yes it is still working) Now she is a champ. I cried so many nights wondering what the heck was I going to do...I finally learned... I was going to sleep and they were going to be tired. If they weren't hungry, dirty, sick or cold. There wasn't much more I could do for them.

6. I break all rules when it comes to food. My kids eat and enjoy vegetables. They have never had a hamburger. Neither will eat Ketchup. Junk Food is my bribe. When we go on long road trips they know they get the good stuff. We don't keep it in our house regularly. They enjoy water and juice but know just how great a coke taste. They have been to more fine dining restaurants then most adults. They enjoy a medium rare filet. I mix sweet potato baby food with mac-n-cheese.

7. House cleaning: I will forgo a week of housework if it means building a super cool fort out of the old dishwasher box. Laundry gets the boot from afternoon scavenger hunts. Figuring out what shape the clouds are is MUCH more important than doing the dishes. If you ever come to my house unannounced you will see a lot of playing and not a lot of cleaning. I clean when I get a chance and before it gets to the point of gross but spending time with my kids is more important. 

8. I do not put up with whining or misbehaving. Not saying they don't do it but they know its unacceptable. Madyson started in time out at around 18 months. She was the easy to discipline child. She knows right from wrong and knows we have concquences when we don't do what is right. She has been taught to do what glorifies God. And I pray it sticks with her. She has only been spanked 3x in 5 years. Aubrie Kate on the other hand...(and I promise its the 2nd child thing) only understands one thing. Mommy will take away all my toys if I act ugly. That child will throw some fits..anywhere about anything. And the only thing that works is to clear her room of all her stuff and she has to earn it back. (and yes we have a bucket) Timeouts will work occasionaly but not nearly as effective as they were on Madyson.  When we are out in public, before I get out of the car we have "The Talk".."We are running in to get (give list) then we are going to check out and get back in the car. We are not buying candy or toys today. I expect yall to sit quietly and let me get threw the store, then we will go home and have a snack..." 95% of the time it works.

9. child birthing: I tried natural child birth for hours upon hours. After breaking blood vessels, have a child that got the hiccups and discovering I have a narrow canal. I became the poster child for csections. Natural child birth (what I experienced was pretty cool and painful, epidurals are a great invention and csections run alot of risk but in some cases it is the only way) No matter how you get them here, your still a mom. I am pretty sure you don't get a special badge to wear on your mom sash that says "ALL NATURAL BABY" or "I QUIT AND GOT A CSECTION". and if you do...somebody owes me two "I got my guts cut open and have a scar to prove it" Badge.

10. I allow my kids to dress in whatever they want. I had a friend once explain to me about why her child was out in striped leggins, polka dot socks, mismatched shoes, a tutu and a sparkly tank. She said.."She picked this out and she feel beautiful. If I tell her she doesn't match it will break her heart" That stuck with me as my girls got older and more involved in their clothes choice. Most of the time they do okay (esp. aubrie she is all about some matching.) but sometimes their choices aren't like mine and I am okay with that. They are clothed and they feel pretty. What more do I want?
*My girls understand modesty and know they are expected to dress in a God Honoring Way. I have taught them this from day one and will continue to preach this. It disturbs me to see preteens dressing like they are going to the clubs*

and last...(I really could go on all day...but I'll give you time to pick your chin up off the floor from all the rebellion) 

11. I strive to be the best mom I can be. I back up all of my decisions with the knowledge that my kids are happy, healthy, and well taken care of. To me, that's all that matters.

I am writing this post not to say my way is the best way bc I know tons of moms who are simple amazing at how they do things. I am writing this to say it is okay to be a little different. To not be the "norm", to break some rules. If parenting was suppose to be done one way and one way only, then God would have made every child the same and the world would be perfect. I challenge you to step back and look at your kids. Are they happy? Are their basic needs getting met? Are you enjoying them? If you can answer yes...then I would say you are doing things just right. Now, quit reading and go build a fort.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Pin of the Week

It is weather changing season here in Mississippi and this pin is perfect!

Hopefully it will help keep my van clean of boogiewipes.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Kindergarten Field Trip

On Wednesday we went on our first Kindergarten Field Trip! Today's Trip was to the Pumpkin Patch! I was so excited to get to go with Madyson's class on the trip!

Our Class! We love our class! The kids were very well behaved and had so much fun!

On the HayRide! When we was chilly. By Hayride time...IT WAS HOT!

Sweet little baby goats! They were just born a few days before!

I don't have alot of other photos. Madyson wasn't in the picture mood. (BOO!) Today Aubrie Kate and Todd are on a field trip to the petting zoo! I can't believe its already October and Field Trip time is here!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A gushy post

{{Disclaimer: This is an unusual gushy post. For no other reason than it is in my mind and heart at the moment. Grab a garbage can incase the loveyness makes you want to puke. Oh and in case you didn't know..I'm not a open up about romance type this is a random thought writing style}}

...This morning as I was on my quiet ride to work I started thinking about my love for Todd. I think this all came from a conversation Madyson and I were having about how the love I have for her and Aubrie is different from the love I have for Todd.

I believe once (before Todd) that I was IN LOVE. I mean this boy "hung the moon". I was mistaken and thankfully, the Lord intervened and stopped my stupidity before it excelled into more than it was. Granted, at the hurt like heck and I was extremely heart broken. Thankfully...He knew a greater plan for me.

It wasn't long after that heart broken state that Todd entered my life and each day he has brought so much Joy to me. Even on the bad days, and yes, there has been bad days. I can still feel the swelling in my heart when I think about him. 

...back to my morning ride. This morning as I was sitting in school traffic. I had the overwhelming desire to call Todd and tell him I love him. Now granted, I had just seen him 45 minutes prior at our home...I still needed to do this.

So I called him and said, "I love you" his response...."I love you too...whats wrong?" ...Thanks Babe.
When I went on to explain that I just wanted to say I love you...he was cool with that.

I adore marriage. I adore the thought of being "his wife" and I have noticed when he speaks about me to his coworkers (who know me) he doesn't refer to me as "sarah" he says "my wife".  And I love that.

I adore knowing that everyday between 6-7 he will come home and we will eat dinner and talk and hug...sometimes I get to him before the girls...other times they beat me to him. (they are faster...)

I am blessed beyond measures that he takes extra steps to ensure that I am not stressed about the little things. He handles them.

Simply put, I love my husband. more than I have ever loved a single person here on earth. Its such an amazing thing to be with one single person for 6 years and know that you love them more today than you did on that first day.

Today, if your married, I invite you to join in on my gushy moment and pick up the phone and call your spouse...just to say you love them. Lets us all be thankful for the wonderful best friend we have been blessed with.