Monday, July 30, 2012


I tweeted that this morning I had a CVS episode and a lot of my followers thought I meant I had an issue with CVS (the pharmacy).

Let me further explain. Who knows-you might have this too.

When I was 19, in college. I woke up in my dorm one morning with that "I've gotta vomit" feeling. I went to the bathroom...nothing. My mom worked on campus so I trucked over to her office and told her I felt sick. Her thought was I had stayed out too late partying the night before and off to tennis class she sent me.

While warming up for tennis the feeling was getting more and more intense. I ran to the bathroom-only to make it to a garbage can and wham....out the vomit came. (**this is all about vomiting so quit reading if you get queasy)

I left class, went back to the dorm-for the next 7 hours I threw up. My legs started to throb. I called my mom and begged her to meet me at the campus doctor. She agreed and I literally crawled out of the dorm, down the hill, into the campus doctors. When I arrived I was so dehydrated the nurse and doctor immediately started an IV. I was explaining to them what had happened.

They diagnosed me with a bad stomach bug and sent me on my way. 3 months later-I woke up with the same feeling and had the same day experiences (minus tennis, etc.) this time I ended up in the Emergency room. I told them how just 3 months ago I had this same thing, still....a stomach bug.

5 months went by and I was getting ready to leave for the weekend with friends. When all of a sudden I got a really bad headache and the vomit feeling. Within 5 hours I was in the Emergency Room again. This time, I had a new young doctor. He looked at my files and said, "you know...I think you are a rare one."

Not knowing what that meant, he proceeded to explain about Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome or (CVS)
how most older doctors believe its only found in children but new studies show adults can get it too.
He went on to educate me about this syndrome that I had never heard of.

He asked a series of questions about each episode. What was going on in my life before they started....did light make it worse...did bile come up...just lots of questions.

He said, "I am going to say this is what you have. BUT to be sure we have to wait to see if it happens again."

months went by (I believe around 5) and no sign of CVS. Then one day, in the middle of work...BAM. It hit. I rushed to the ER, they hooked me up to IVs...and called that same young doctor back in. He was very happy with himself. and I finally knew what was happening to me.

Since Todd and I have been married I have only had 4 prior episodes. 2 resulted in an ER visit. 3, 4, and today's were stopped early thanks to supply of zofran the doctor gave me to take when I feel them coming on.

I believe last nights episode was triggered with Exhaustion and stress. I am learning how to spot them sooner and I am managing them better.

The hardest parts of the whole thing is when the vomit is so excessive you get to bile and it burns. And being dehydrated. Worse pain in legs, EVER.

To learn more about CVS:

Here is the link to read more about CVS

Friday, July 27, 2012

The end of summer.

There are just a few weeks left in the summer. It has been a great one. I have adore every minute of spending time with my girls and now I am faced with a decision to make. What to do next?

In a perfect world I would be able to stay-home but with Todd in a new job and not "high up" like he was in his previous job, this isn't going to be an option...unless a miracle happens (which is always possible)

I need a part-time job at least to pay for the simple things of life. Not so much "play money" like before but to be able to take a little stress off of Todd.

Thirty-One has been a huge blessing this summer but my business is new and I need to grow it at a rate that also allows me to learn.

I really wanted to teach preschool. But our preschool doesn't have a position open and after 4 years, I really don't want to move Aubrie Kate. Plus I need a job this over by 2 so I can pick Madyson up from school. I never want my girls to have to ride the bus home or go to after-school.

So a part-time job is probably going to be the best bet.

I am diligently praying for God to show me what to do next. Where he wants me to be. I am open to doing whatever he has planned for me.

Will you join me in praying for good listening ears to see what I should do next.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Camp.

I am at the end of Summer Camp week (which is why I have been non-existent this week) This is my 1st year serving as a camp counselor (the last two years I have been on staff at church!)

It has been an amazing week watching kids worship and grow closer with the Lord.

Here is a quick peek at what its like to be a counselor :)

I got a few new bags in this week-
 This is my PTO bag! I love it! Its the Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty-One in Spirit Black!

and then I got Madyson's lunchbox for this year for $5 :)

I have a party closing tomorrow if you would like to take advantage of this month's special!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ecards via pinterest about facebook

so true. I have one friend that finds it neccessary to say "Its raining" everytime.

Ever felt this way??
Sent request at 12:13 accepted at 12:13...were you waiting for me??

I love Todd but in 7 years I think he has posted on my facebook wall...2x. we live together, I see him daily. I don't care if 1,142 friends know he is thinking about me today....

Love my workout friends :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

there's no sunshine when it rains.

the past 24 hours have been a world wind of emotions and I am blogging this not to complain-but to document our journey.

Yesterday-I received a call from one of the caseworkers at DHS. She said that they were getting ready to match our file (meaning match us to a child) when they realized they didn't have our fingerprints. Perplexed. I told her we had them done already. She asked if we could come in and redo them because apparently they had lost them (they are electronic?) I said sure and set an appointment for 11am today. Todd has to take off work for each appointment we have-then has to drive 30 minutes to meet me at the DHS office.

So this morning I get up, get the kids ready and head out the door. Todd meets us there and He waits in the car with the kids while I go in to do mine first (they don't have enough room for the whole bunch in the tiny office) I go in, go upstairs, and ask to see the caseworker that is doing our prints. She comes out, we go down stairs, down a long hall, to the finger print office. Only to find....the door is locked. The lady who's office is in the finger print office didn't come into work today (and yes, she knew we were coming at 11) and no one else had a key. So as I am filling up with tears, the caseworker says "I don't know why yall have to come back anyway....we have your prints right here" and proceeds to show me the finger prints for attempt 1. ?!?! then she begins "oh yea, your caseworker needs you to fill this out too. She says she doesn't have it." its a living will form, that we turned in MONTHS ago.

So I tell her we've already turned it in. and she says, maybe it got lost. THIS FORM HAS PERSONAL INFORMATION ON IT! SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS AND SUCH!! Aggravated, I follow her back up to her office where she just says "I'm sorry"... I begin to cry explaining how I don't understand when everything is in our file why I am even here and not leaving with a child and pretty much begin to have a breakdown.

I just walk out. It was the best thing for the both of us.

Once I got in the car, explained it all to Todd. He leaves to go back to work.

I just begin to pray. This entire journey to our #3 has been emotional and a complete roller coaster. I know God is in control and I am thankful he is. But back and forths, ups and downs are extremely tiring on emotions.

Praying it all gets straightened out soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Disney Overview!

**I am doing day by day post on the Disney trip over on our Disney Blog. And in August/September I will be sharing some of my best tips on Tips from the Disney Diva.**

But first-our trip.

We drove to Disney this year in 1 van with our friends The Byrds. This was their first Disney vacation! Weeks before we left we did a dry run of packing the car-to see if we could fit our family of 4 and their family of 4 in one vehicle.

After getting our packing plans together we spent the next few weeks getting everything together and finally on July 6th it was time to leave!

 We drove to Orlando that night and spent the night off site. We woke up early on the 7th and headed to All-Star Music Resort to check in!

When we got there our rooms weren't ready so we just headed to Epcot! We had a great day doing all sorts of fun things (read about it here!)

over the course of the week we visited Magic kingdom (2x), Animal Kingdom (2x), Hollywood Studios and Epcot(2x). We also had a trip to Downtown Disney and the Boardwalk! To say we had a full week is an understatement!
We ate at some of the BEST restaurants. We met a TON of characters! And we (i rode 2 then i was done) all the roller coasters!

We ended up moving resorts (more on that on the Disney Blog) and loved our new resort! The All-Star Movies!

The biggest highlight of my trip was the food! Being The Food Diva allowed me the opportunity to eat, eat, eat, and eat....all in the name of research :)

The kids got the opportunity to visit "The Pirates League"

It was a great vacation!

**Details for each day, restaurants, etc. can be found on our Disney Blog! Hop on over to experience the magic!**

Sunday, July 15, 2012

the real world

I have decided vacation is the best part of life. My family rocks on vacation-little whining, all together, lots of fun. Then we come home and its clean the house, cook dinner, wash clothes, put up clothes, yadda yadda yadda.

I wish vacationing was a career! We are still awaiting placement with our #3 child! As of the day we left for Disney (todd called our case worker to let her know we would be out of state for the next 8 days) we had no matches, yet. I know God has it all worked out and can't wait to see our sweet little one!

In the coming weeks we have a lot going on PTO wise. I am serving as Vice President this year and I am very excited about all that comes along with this! We will be starting school in 4 weeks and as of right now, I have no plans to go back to work fulltime. I think Aubrie Kate and I will do some homeschooling unless a preschool position opens up. I taught preschool back in early life and I loved it. I would love to get in the classroom again to teach core curriculum. We will see! :)

I will do a short (one) post on Disney in the coming days-then you can read a few more over on our disney blog and THEN you can read the really good ones on Tips from the Disney Diva Blog! I am the "food diva" be prepared for lots of yummy pics!

I think that is about it as far as life catch up. the next few days we are all getting back into the routine of life. =(

Saturday, July 14, 2012

We're Baccckkkkk

We are back from Disney and I am busy sorting through 1,000 photos but I thought I would share a little Mickey Love!!!

We had an amazing time and now its back to real life! Super bummed to come home and find out that we don't have housekeepers here that do it all for me ;) oh well!

On a non-Disney note. I have 2 thirty-one parties closing soon! if you want to take advantage of this month's special (spend $31 and get one of 5 bags for $5 PLUS $5 personalization all month!) Shop on!
How great are those for back to school gifts???

Sunday, July 8, 2012

fourth of july fun~

This fourth was very low key! Todd had to work-we are about to go on vacation-so we just had a small get together at the house. My parents were there and Todds parents and grand mother were there along with our kids. it was calm and relaxing .

madyson wanted operation for her Birthday-she says it will help her for med school :)

Thats alot of yummy watermelon!

The kids played in their pool while Todd grilled pork tenderloin. Rusty (todd's dad) made ribs and I made baked beans and potato salad. we all sat around eating on paper plates and licken our fingers :) it was VERY good!
we ended the night with Campbells Tea Cakes: My favorite :)

After dinner-Chris & Darla our Disney buddies came over and we loaded up and took the kids up to see the fireworks! It a great night!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

happy birthday madyson!!!

happy Birthday sweet Madyson!

I can't believe you are SIX! (break my heart!) This year I have watched you blossom into a beautiful young lady.

You excelled in Kindergarten and really started to discover who you are!

You have your own personality and "style" Right now you are into a "sporty look" You love shorts-tshirts and flip flops. For your birthday you got your first pair of yellowbox flip flops and you think are you some kind of cool! (esp. since Aunt Meggie has the same ones)
Tonight we did a little survey of you and your favorites! It is so different than any other year. You are way off of nick jr and into Disney "tween" shows. Although you are limited to only certain ones, you watch the same ones over and over!

To start your celebration off, Nana took you to get your first pedicure and manicure! you were so excited! Purple toe nail polish and clear glitter finger nail polish!

 Happy Birthday Baby! You are the best birthday Present I have ever gotten! So excited to see the path that God takes you down. He has big plans for you my love. Follow Him always and you will see them!