Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fushia-French-Fanciful Five part 2

Our Fancy Soiree was a hit! Enjoy the pictures below!

We rented the tables and chairs from Little Occasions: Brandon, MS
 all the decorations were found at Hobby Lobby: Dollar Tree: Family Dollar: or Consignment Stores.

 For one of the activities the kids designed their own crowns! This was a huge hit! Crowns were from Michaels.

 This is attractive....Talking non-stop...holding my teapot..and rocking my "Mom" headband madyson made me (like in Fancy Nancy and the OOh La La Beauty Day!
 This was our party bag table-
 And the posh boutique~ each girl got their hair and makeup done-and got to get fancy-we had a photographer (my brother) their shooting portraits of the kids =)

 Prop Trunk for the photo shoots-the kids loved getting to use this fun stuff!
 cake by sharon prather: Clinton, MS

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday!

 Dear Madyson,

Yesterday we celebrated the 5th birthday of you. Wow-five year olds. I honestly have no clue when you got old!!! It seems like just yesterday we were practicing rolling over!

Sunshine girl-you have grown so much this year. You finished preschool being able to read sentences, do addition, write well, and you know alot about alot!

You overcame alot of challenges this year. You had to gain weight-and you did it! you underwent eye surgery and you now can see 3D and your glasses make this blurry, instead of better.

You have developed your own sense of style-you love to be fancy-and you love color. You put lip gloss on every time we get ready to leave the house. I think this is really cute-because I do it too.

You are a great big sister. I mean an amazing big sister. You share with Aubrie all the time and you do not like to see her upset.

You are really into fancy nancy, Angelina ballerina, and Olivia.

At this moment you want to work in a hair salon when you grow up and live with me until you are 55 years old. I love that.

You are staying home this summer getting ready for big girl school and you are doing lots of fun things but you are also being a big helper. You sort your laundry for me-you pick up your toys-and you LOVE to load and unload the dishwasher.

Your favorite foods are chicken with bbq sauce, shrimp, rice, mexican, chips with hot sauce on them, steak and grilled pork chops.

You wear a size 10 shoe and are creeping towards size 5 clothes! Which is huge considering you have been wearing a 4t since you were 3!

You are a very "safe" kid. You don't do things that you know will hurt you (take your floaties off in the pool, jump off of furniture, climb onto things)

At any given time, you will bust out in song. You LOVE singing. and usually have a song for every situation. Daddy and I are convinced that you will being monologues soon.

All in all you are a an amazing, well-rounded child, who loves her Lord, her family, and her life. I am so proud to call you my daughter!!! (Just please stay five for a little longer!!!)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dear Mothers:

Dear Mothers:

Today is July 5th. A day some say will live in infamy. For many reasons this day is a full circle of life events that have led me to become the person that I am and for what I am about to say.

27 years ago-somewhere in Northern Mississippi a young mom of 1 daughter was very pregnant with her 2nd daughter. Just 1 year apart-life was going to be hard for these two girls. In the coming days-she made the decision to bless a family with her 2nd daughter. A hard decision for any mother to make.

A few hours after that mother placed her daughter with a social worker-her daughter was placed into arms of a mother who longed for a child. She couldn't have any children of her own and was overwhelmed with joy that someone loved this child enough to allow her to raise this baby.

Fast forward 22 years later. That little baby is now a mom-to-be, expecting a baby girl of her very own in just a matter of hours....She is scared because she is so young and her and her husband have only been married for 11 months. The thought of adoption comes through her head. Am I ready for this? Are we going to be able to provide for this child? The next day that young mother goes into labor and delivers her first daughter on the exact day (almost the exact moment) that her mother delivered her 22 years earlier.

These 2 moms both went through pain bringing these precious babies into the world-They both made decisions early on about the best way to provide for their daughters. 1 chose to bless a family, 1 chose to attempt motherhood.

20 months later that same mom welcomed her 2nd daughter. 2 daughters. 2 precious gifts from God. As she lied in the hospital bed-she thought to herself how blessed she was.

Over the next few years that mom enjoyed every moment of her two girls-but long for another child. When things didn't progress naturally-she prayed.

She and her husband decided they would pursue adoption. This family longs for their 3rd child.

...which brings us to today July 5-like the rest of the world, that mom sat and watched another mom sit on trial for being accused of murdering her daughter. I think we all felt the pain as the jury read Not Guilty. We, as humans are not to judge. In honesty..."that mom" didn't even watch the trial. To painful. but I can say this-to any mom that thinks her soon-to-be baby, toddler or whatever child isn't right for her... There are people in this world-"This Mom" being one of them....that will love your child. that long to have a child. If you are contemplating abortion (for whatever reason), abandonment, or death of your child. Please stop and love your child enough to allow someone else to love them.

That mom 27 years ago made the ultimate decision when she gave me to my mom who longed for a child. and now...27 years later...I sit and long for one more child to love.

July before I was born
July before Madyson was born
July Casey Anthony was found not guilty for the murder of her daughter.

Love your children. If motherhood is not for you (or not for you right now)...Choose Adoption, please.