Wednesday, June 30, 2010

8 is great!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to...
1) Disney...duh!

2) driving a mini van this weekend! (I hear the next milestone in my life is turning 30 and getting one!)

3) Being DONE with birthday parties for 8 months!

4) Aubrie Kate moving upstairs at school so we don't have tantrums every morning

5) Seeing my parents as "Disney grandparents"

6) Going to the Beach later in July (even if the oil is there...stupid BP)

7) Eating Breakfast in Cinderella's more mark off my bucket list

8) Going to Seattle NEXT SUMMER for Kristie's wedding!!!!

8 Things I did Yesterday...
1) made itineraries for Summer Camp

2) Played with an anole

3) facebook stalked some people

4) explained to Madyson why I get angry when I have to clean up food that is purposely thrown across the room

5) ate an entire sleeve of saltines

6) Emailed my favorite Chick-fil-a guy

7) saw precious pictures of Ninja (Nicholas Jackson)

8) read "theres a party in Heaven" to Madyson

8 Things I Wish I Could Do...
1) be a homemaker and go to bible studies and play dates

2) pack like a normal person instead of an OCD person

3) be a better wife

4) go to cooking school

5) think before speaking

6) have a better vocabulary

7) read the entire bible without questioning it

8) make a coconut cake like my aunt Elsie.

8 Shows I Enjoy...

1) Glee. I am such a teeny bopper. But I love this show. The music is amazing, its my driving music for Disney

2) The Bachelorette (not The Bachelor) if I weren't married I would love to be on this show. I could have my guy picked by week 5, if not before.

3) Toddlers & Tiaras: Nothing is more comedic than pageant moms.

4) CSI: I feel smart watching this.

5) Castle: Funny, Funny show

6) Cupcake Wars: I seriously feel like I could win this show. I love it so much

7) Devine Design: Candace, please come to my house

8) My fair wedding with David Tutera: He is so amazing. To be an understudy for him would be a dream!
I tag you all!!! 1/2 of you I don't know and would love to know more about!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gimme 5!

5 days!
We decided last night that instead of leaving July 4th evening and driving through the night like we did last year, we are leaving July 4th am and getting to Orlando that evening. We are staying off site the night of the 4th (hotels are very cheap right now for some reason ours was $45.00 at a 4 star?!?!) Then Bright and Early to DISNEY!!

GIMME 5!!!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Can everyday be June 23rd? THE BIG NEWS POST!!!

**This post was intended to be posted on Thursday jUNE 24 evening BUT we had some technical difficulties...i.e. Todd's boss being out of work that day so here is the BIG NEWS post you have been waiting on**

Let me start with, No, I am not preggers. I love how when I have something to share everyone thinks this...and yes soon (hopefully in the next year) you all will get that post that Baby #3 is on the way. But for now we are celebrating some other things.

Sometimes you wake up with the expectation that the day is going to be like any other day. Yesterday, that was me. I woke up knowing that Madyson had an eye doctor appointment and knowing that I was going to be getting a new little "nephew" but that was about all I was expecting out of the day. BOY what a day it was!

1) Madyson's Eye Doctors Appointment:
She woke up crying because she knew she had to go. We have been talking alot about surgery because we just figured that was going to be the best way to fix her weak muscle. After some conviencing that the surgery wasn't happening that day, I got her in the car.

She did great at the appointment, even smiled a little! But when she heard her doctor say, "you know, Im just really not comfortable doing surgery on her right now...I think the glasses are working" she smiled BIG! So did I!

2) The Arrival of Nicholas Jackson Apostle.
Crystal and Nick are two dear friends of Mine and Todd's. Crystal and I went to college together and she was one of my bridesmaids, Nick and Todd played football together. They are married now and just an amazing couple. Yesterday I got to be apart of the "family" as we awaited the arrival of their first child, Nicholas Jackson. He was born at 3:01, weighed 7lbs 3oz and was 20.5 inches long. Here are some pictures I took of the day.

3) Becoming a Matron Of Honor!
My bestie of the entire world, Kristie got engaged a few months ago. Yesterday, she asked me to be her Matron of Honor! I couldn't be more honored to stand by her on her special day! We have been through so much together in 26 years. I feel blessed to join this journey with her! (Oh and by the way! She just finished her MASTERS in Nutrition last week!! She is official done with school..unless she goes for Dr??)

For months Todd has interviewed with his company to move up to the next level in the corporate ladder of success. He would interview and be told to fix this, try again, not this time. He was really starting to become discouraged. With the coaching of his friends at work, me, and lots of prayer. We decided to try it one more time. He got it!!! And not only did he get it...he is now based in CLINTON!!! which means he can help with the girls in the morning, we can have lunch together, we are back to being a family

So, needless to say, June 23rd was a great day in our household. Oh and the best part?!?!?! Disney is a few days away!


I always feel like I am about to launch a spaceship when we get to day 6 BEFORE a vacation

Cause then its the 5-4-3-2-1 BLAST OFF!!!!!!

As of today I have packed the girls clothes and shoes. I have packed my stuff, I am almost done packing Todd, then I get to do the list of things you have to bring to Disney that you don't want to buy there.
1)Batteries, 2)Gum (cause they don't sell gum in Disney!) 3)Sunglasses....etc.

So here is my schedule of to-do's after work.

Monday) work on packing with the girls
Tuesday) Community Group/Bake 48 angel food cupcakes
Wednesday) Church/decorate 48 angel food cupcakes
Thursday) Madyson's Birthday Party
Saturday) Pick up rental car and load the car
Sunday) L-E-A-V-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you probably won't hear from me until Friday. =( I know you are going to be sad!
But I promise Friday's post will be long enough for you to miss me a few days!

THEN NEXT WEEK~ I have a whole bunch of fun post prepared for you!!!!

Question: When you are getting ready to go on vacation what is something that you always HAVE to bring?????

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Vacation Bible School

VBS was last week and it was amazing!

Our theme was "Saddle Ridge Ranch" a Lifeway VBS

We had about 400 kids and 135 volunteers all week

the kids participated in crafts, recreation, missions, bible, and the Worship Rally

We had 11 kids accept Christ. This is Joseph our Children's Minister sharing with a child. I love Joseph's attitude of "I would rather reach 1 child during VBS that really gets it rather than 20 that just did it because that 1 did"

Kids collected items for the operation Christmas child shoeboxes and cans for our food pantry in missions.

The enjoyed Worship Rally and Music

The teachers did an outstanding job decorating their rooms

Even our youngest kids learned their stuff! 
The big kids really enjoyed the song "Tumbleweed"

and mustang mountain stayed up all week!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Okay, so I hate to say this but our BIG NEWS is going to have to wait til tomorrow!!!! My computer is having issues on uploading some photos so I can't announce tonight!!! But I will post on Facebook tomorrow as soon as I do!!!!

BUT I will give you a hint!!! It is local!

Adventures with Aubrie!

 For those of you that aren't a facebook friend, here is what you missed the other night.

"I have been on a roll getting all the laundry done before Disney. My goal is to leave the house spotless so we can come home to a super clean house. I had just taken one load out of the washer when the phone rang. I sat the clothes in the "flip" basket (mistake #1) and went to answer the phone (mistake #2) I came back just a few minutes later and found my precious 2 year old had somehow dumped the kitty litter box all into my basket of clean clothes. I really wanted to throw the whole thing out but I couldn't because it had my cute jeans in it, so instead I took them out and shook out all the pebbles and poop and whatever else the cats had in there. then had to rewash all the clothes! "

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All Grown Up

We are days...(literally we are out of the teens and almost in the single digits) away from going to Disney World for our summer vacation. So we decided to celebrate this past weekend by taking both girls to the movie theater to see Toy Story 3. I figured we would eat some popcorn, make it 1/2 way through the movie, then AK would have a melt down and we would leave early. I WAS WRONG. Both girls sat through the whole thing and absolutely loved it.

Now, Let me share my take on the movie. I assumed this movie would just be "another Disney/Pixar" movie. But boy was I wrong. I think about 20 minutes into it, I realized wow, we are all grown up.

I remember when the first Toy Story came out in 1995. I was in 5th grade (11yearsold) and getting "almost" too cool for Disney Movies. But a few of my friends wanted to go see it at the theater so our moms took us. I thought the story was cute but it was more of a "boy" movie. Then in 1999 they rolled around with Toy Story 2. I didn't see this one until it came on video but I liked it a lot more. I was 15 that summer.

Then Saturday Night, I sat in the theater as an *almost* 26 years old, with two girls of my very own, watching a cartoon movie about a boy I have grown up with. He was now leaving for college and leaving all his childhood things behind.

As I gazed over to my wittle ones I couldn't help but think about all the stuff that I have gone through in the 15 years that I have been friends with Woody and Buzz. Jr. High, High School, College, Being Married Early, Babies sooner, Job Changes, Family Members/Friends lost, all while watching Woody & Buzz save their friends from "Evil Dr. Porkchop" and always be there for "their kid" Andy.

I guess I never thought that year I sat in the theaters being "too cool" for Disney that 15 years later I would be sitting in a theater with my kids, sobbing at the fact that not only is Andy All Grown Up but so am I.

Disney/Pixar has such a magical way of reminding you that even life in their world goes on. They allow you to be a kid again all over and cherish the characters that you have loved with the new ones that love them.

Madyson with Buzz and Woody Summer of 09

Friday, June 18, 2010


Well, I survived my first VBS week. (I promise to do an amazing post on it next week, but I need a little break) I have done MAJOR events. MAJOR. Some that take up to 16 hours to set up for, BUT VBS is NOT an event. It is a marathon. Waking up at 5:45 a.m. for 5 days was awful. On top of that I had to be in the car, dressed and ready to go (with 2 girls, dress/fed/ready to go) by 6:45 in order to be at work by 7. Then it was non-stop until 12. But I survived.

Tonight, My mom took Madyson and myself to see our high school show choir present their Summer Musical. When I was in high school all of my friends were in show choir (I was not. I am not a all) But I love musicals. The original plan was that Todd and AK were going too but Todd's mom had surgery today and AK was ill acting so they hung out, went and saw Todd's mom at the hospital and chilled.
The Summer Muscial this year was The Wizard of Oz/The Wiz/and parts of Wicked. It was an amazing show. The amount of talent these kids have is unreal. Acting, Singing, Dancing, and the POWERFUL voices that come out of these young professionals had me in awe. Madyson was so excited. Miss Rivers who is one of Madyson's Dance Teachers was the Wicked Witch.  Here they are after the performance!

I love Madyson having a love for music (and after tonight a love for musicals) I hope it stays with her and is something she enjoys for the rest of her life!

Tomorrow the girls and I are going to have some much needed girly time swimming!!! I can't wait. I haven't had a relaxing saturday in a while!!!

Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Madyson Moment: Tattoo

So last night I was in bed, it was around 10:48. I was suffering from "lack of energy to sleep". You know...when you are SOOOO tired you can't go to sleep. That was me.

Well I see this little hand slip into the crack of my door. In pops a brunette little head...."Momma?"

Me: "Yes, Moo"

Madyson: "are you awake?"

Me: "Yes, Moo"

Madyson: "Good. Ive been doing some thinking. I am going to get a Mr. Potato Head Tattoo Right here (she points to her shin) Okay?"

Me: "Huh?"

Madyson: " Mommy, listen. I am going to get a Mr. Potato Head Tattoo right here. I have been doing some sketches, see."

As she gets closer I notice the extremely large oval on her leg with 4 sticks coming out, some extra large circles inside the oval. I "see" her Mr. Potato Head.

Me: "Well, okay. If you are sure. I just don't want you to regret it. Go sleep on it and we will talk about it in the morning."

Seriously? Mr. Potato Head? hahahahhahahah

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1 year recap!!

I thought it would be fun to go back 1 year to the date and see what I was up to then! *GO HERE*

Pretty much the same feeling as today!

Changes: My parents have been married for 31 years this year, and Im doing VBS this week so Im a little more tired but other than is about the same!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Im at Saddle Ridge Ranch!

Hello, Blog World.

I just wanted to let you all know that I am at "Saddle Ridge Ranch" this week. VBS started today and we had over 350 kids participate! Our goal is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and if one child gets it, then we will have done our job!

Sometime this week I will post pictures of some of the kids doing different activities and such!

Please say a prayer for us that we continue to have days like today that are filled with eager kids and gracious, amazing teachers!

See ya soon! (p.s.....we are almost in our TEENS for days til Disney!!)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Whats in the bag

One of my oldest friends (oldest as in longest not as in elder), Brittany tagged me in participating "What's in the bag?" When I saw this I got really excited, because (ah-hum cough cough...BG isn't an official Broadus Bunchie....) But never the less, I have spent countless hours with this beautiful new mom doing all sorts of weird, excited, crazy things! One day I will do a post of high school and tell you about each of the girls that were my best friends throughout life(there are 12...yes 12...all 12 were honorary bridesmaids of mine!)

But Brittany stands out because 1) she has been my friend since 1989 when we start Kindergarten. She use to come to my house all the time, and every time she did, my dad got a kidney stone. Seriously. Every time. As we got older, I guess he got use to her and his situation got better.  2) Brittany and I (and Meg another of the group) once took a random road trip to New Orleans when we were 17? We didn't tell our parents...and we got lost coming home. 3) Also, when our friends went through the "date guys from another town" Brittany, Maghen (another one of the 12) and I had our 3 boys that we hung out with. That is a whole other blog (see what all you have to look forward too!) and 4) out of all 12 of our friends, I have only been apart of Brittany's wedding. =) I was one of her honoraries and I was honored! Now she and her sweet husband John Michael are cruising through the first year of parenthood, with their precious, amazing little boy Ryder (who has been on a schedule since day one of his life!)

So, back to the bag......

My bag is full of different things at different times. Right now here is what we have!

Camera & Camera Case, Receipts from Target, Dollar General, and Walmart, Keys, 60 cents, pacifier, make up mirror, 2 hairbows, mineral powder, blackberry, business cards from networking peeps, extra pair of shoes for madyson, Sheriffs badge?, wallet and...

Appointment book. It is always with me, regardless of if it fits in the bag that day or not.

and for you snoopy people, in the wallet we have

Disney Credit Card (for Disney purchases only), Burkes Friday's Card, Applebees giftcard, Library card,
Target card, insurance card, drivers license and debit card.

Thats about it!! Some days you can catch me on a really good day when I have a straight iron, razor, extra outfit, phone charger, wads of candy, diaper and gobs of baby wipes. But today was a long day at work, so just the essentials.

You gals know I love to know all about you so if you are reading this, do it on your blog, then leave a comment below so I can go see What in the bag!!??!?!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Whoo Hooooo!

So I went to Target today to look at cameras! I was set that I knew exactly what I wanted when, ding ding...comments from the blog and emails start coming in. EVERYBODY said get a canon powershot.

So, I looked at them but couldn't decide...and then I left. Cameraless.

I called Todd and told him, "I think I know what I want but good things are coming up about canon powershots" so I asked him to go by and look at them.

He went to look at them and called his mom while he was a target and said, "I know what Sarah wants for her birthday (26 days away!!!) He told her about my camera and she told him that she would get it for me for my present!!!

So guess what I am holding in my hand? A Canon PowerShot SD980 IS Digital Elph

I only got to take 2 pictures before the battery needed to be charged but so far I love it!!!!!!

Since the battery is charging I have been reading the manuel! Turns out I can shake it and the pictures will flip, it has a touchscreen back and has the video with the sound!

I will post some more pictures and more info once I learn how to use it!

Thanks Kathy!!!! I can't wait to use it in Disney!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

26 days until D-I-S-N-E-Y

We have officially hit, "GO TIME" on our summer vacation!

We are 26 days away until we enter the most magical place on earth and I am so excited!

Monday we made our Disney Vacation Chain. I meant to do this on Saturday but the day got away from me with all I had going on, and then Sunday I worked that afternoon to get ready for our VBS meeting so Monday, the girls and I sat down and made our chain!

Madyson's so much bigger this year than she was last year. Last year, I did it all, she picked out the colors. This year, Aubrie picked colors, I wrote "Day" and drew a mickey head, Madyson wrote the numbers and glued the chain. It was definatly a big difference from last year.

With the countdown being so close, I also started laying out the girls clothes in the guest room. If any of you read my Disney Blog, you know I am obsessive with what the girls wear each day because I want our pictures to be memorable. Why you ask? Because my mother dressed me in a swimsuit top and high waisted shorts with a sailor hat on our vacation 20 years ago! Here is a sneak peak at the week's wardrobe. (this is not even 1/2)

 Today I called my fairy God mother to arrange some more special surprises! Also on my DTDL this week is 1) hold our "D"briefing session with the parents to fill them in on what is going on. They are just along for the ride. My mom is very excited. My dad bought new shorts (I think these are his first new shorts since our last trip as a family here 20 years ago!) 2)send surpries to hotel via UPS. 3) find a new camera! I still have my trusty pink camera, but during our camping vacation some sand managed to wedge up in the lens now the lens doesn't open all the way and the camera guy said it would cost more to fix than the camera is that brings me to my question for you.

What kind of camera have you had that was good and under $300.00. As much as I would love a D90 I need something affordable right now so Madyson can have her Bday party!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010


It has been forever since I have talked to you guys! AH! Okay, let me fill you in on what has been going on.

Before we left for our trip we had Madyson's, 3k program where the kids get their certificates to go to 4k and we watch a video of them throughout the year and such. She had a blast.

We left for our trip (see post below) and then got home on Monday. On Monday when we got home we had an awkward night. Todd was posted in his almost man cave for 6 hours glued to old movies, the girls ran a muck, and I was trying to clean, cook, and catch up from being gone.

With that said, the next few days were rocky, until finally Todd and I had it out. Now we rarely argue, I think in 5 years I can count on both hands the number of arguments we have had. But this one took the cake. We came to the conclusion that we are both "too comfortable" in our relationship. Our communication is off because 99% of the time we know what the other is thinking, his working takes a big chunk of time, and my frustration of working+kids+household duties+cleaning up all the other time was too much.

So, last week we decided to try, less "idols" (tv, computer, working extra hours) and concentrate on working together as a team on the cleaning, get back to communicating, and such.

IT HAS BEEN A HUGE DIFFERENCE. My stress level is really almost gone because Todd is contributing so much. The girls are more relaxed because I am not there stressing them out and life is back to normal.

So again, I apologize for the absence but I had to do it and will continue to blog every other day, unless something fantastic comes up.

Now...the week was great and Saturday rolled around. Madyson was spending the day with Todd's mom and her family at a family reunion. Todd was working til noon, Aubrie Kate and I were playing that morning, My mom was at Hospice where my Great Aunt is waiting to cross, and then that evening was Dream Night. But most importantly that day was the anniversary of the day my best friend died 11 years ago.

All morning I was in tears, it was affecting me so much that I didn't want to go to Dream Night. I guess all the emotions of not having her here for life, the sadness that the group of friends we belonged too, no longer included me, Madyson being gone away from me that day...everything was just piling up.

Todd got home and I decided to leave and go to the event because I knew that I needed to inspiration of these amazing kids. (I will blog about the event later in the week)

I got home that night around 8:30. Todd had pallets made in the den for us, he had gotten Toy Story 2 for us to watch, he had the girls fed, bathed and ready for a movie and that is what we did, we hung out as a crew of 4 watching Buzz and Woody.

But of course once the movie was over, I had yet another break down. My heart just aches still over all the events that led up to and happened after the wreck that killed Jennifer. I had to sit and pray for about an hour to just talk to God, let him know how I was feeling and say hey to Jennifer telling her all about life and what is going on.

Today is Monday, 7 days before we start VBS at the church. We are busy preparing and I am very excited! about what is coming in 28 days (Ill give you a hint starts with a D-ends with a-Y

Thursday, June 3, 2010

On The Mississippi Roads: Coastal Camping

The Broadus Bunch packed up for Memorial Day weekend and spent it on the great Mississippi Coast!

On our way down we stopped at Donna's #6 to pick up some tomatoes and cucumbers for the trip. $5.81 for 4 tomatoes and 2 cucumbers!

We stayed at "Camp Journey's End" RV and Campground. I found this little place through a google search and decided (mainly because of their price) that this is where we would stay.

We rented Cabin 1 for $29.95 a night. We were informed that it had no running water, no electricity and we needed to bring our own linens. When we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly lady who checked us in then escorted us to our cabin.

This precious 1 room cabin was perfect for our first time "roughing it" as a family. The girls loved the little porch and the swing and Todd loved that in fact, it did have electricity and a small air conditioner!

Also provided for you was a grill spot, picnic table, and water hose.

Around the resort you could find a playground (actually this was right outside our door), swimming pool, bath house, recreation hall (that had a pool table and ping-pong) and a fishing lake.

My first test was the bathrooms. I knew we would not be staying there if these bathrooms were disgusting. To our surprise they were VERY clean! The showers were clean, the restrooms were clean as well. And they had a festive decor about them.

After touring the grounds, we were in love with this little community so we unpacked and settled in.

After a few pushes on the swing and thunder rumbles we decided it was time to go eat. We had budgeted eating out on our first night due to the chance of rain. But where to eat?

When traveling down Hwy 57 there is no better place to eat than THE SHED BBQ and actually all we had to do was walk 45 steps from our cabin to The Shed.
If you have never heard of or been to The Shed here is what you need to know.
1) it is not a restaurant: it is a BBQ joint. Don't let the look of the place make you steer clear of it.
2) Get ready to try the most amazing BBQ I have ever had.
3) On The weekends they have blues music playing.
4)Where clothes you don't mind getting food on, because you are going to, and that's okay.

This joint has been featured on numerous T.V. shows such as Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. It was built by a young Ole Miss Grad out of stuff he found in a dumpster. The atmosphere is fun and family-oriented. The music is great, I've already told you the food is to-die for but the most genius thing about this restaurant is there is no plates. Being a past restaurant employee I value ideas. Here they serve their food in to-go boxes, the utensils are plastic and there is a roll of paper towels on every table. You feel like you are at home and don't mind a little sauce on your face.

Todd and I split The Shed Sampler: it was 18.99 and had alot of everything. we got 3 sides 1) potato salad (the best I have ever had) 2) Gma's Mac salad: (a favorite of Aubries) and Baked Beans (Todd enjoyed these) The girls split a kids' pork plate and ate it all!

After dinner we cleaned up our table (bc ya momma don't work here so clean up after yourself)
and headed out to the beach.

The girls wanted to see the beach so we were planning on spending a few hours there right at dusk to watch the sunset. Little did we know it was going to come a monsoon and we ended up hanging out at SharkCity Souvenirs. We played with their weird little toys and just browsed. The girls could see the beach from the upstairs windows so they had fun. Plus we sampled lots of fudge.

Finally the rain stopped and we got to run around in the sand for a few minutes before heading back to the cabin.

When we returned I bathed the girls because they were "shedtastic" and then we sat on the porch listening to the music over at the shed, eating cookies, and dancing like loons. It was fun.

Sunday Morning we got up early and Todd made us breakfast at the site. We brought our camping stove so we had Bacon and Eggs!

After breakfast and clean up we headed back to the beach. The girls played in the sand and Todd and I watched them to make sure they didn't float away. We stayed there about 2 hours, then we decided to head over to the outlets to check out their sales.

Once we got to the outlets the girls had fun playing in the Disney Store (34 more days!!!) and on the playground. We also got some dip-n-dots! $8.00 for the four of us to eat!

The girls were getting sleepy so we decided to head back to the cabin for lunch. When we arrived we gathered some sticks for our "grill" and we roasted hot dogs for lunch. The girls loved this aspect, so much that Madyson wants to start roasting "evwerday".

Nap time was calling all of us and off we went into dream land! About 4:30 we decided to wake up and start moving! we had a big night planned!

we loaded up our picnic basket and drove over to Pascagoula for Sounds by The Sea with the Gulf Coast Symphony.

We got there early, the girls played on their amazing playground and splash park area, then we picnicked with tomato sandwiches and cucumber salad.

The show started and it was beautiful. They did tributes to the men and women who serve our country. Todd and I were in tears. Then after the performance was a firework show over the beach. It put all local firework shows that I have seen to shame. Todd even ranked it as being close to a Disney Firework Show....did I mention this was Free!!!!

We wrapped up there around 10pm and then headed back to the cabin for some shut-eye.

Monday morning was gloomy and rainy so we packed up and head out. We (well Madyson) decided she wanted Cracker Barrel for Breakfast. The kid LOVES Cracker Barrel. So we stopped and ate at one of the cleanest, most well run Cracker Barrel's I have ever been too. The staff was cute and attentive. The restaurant was clean and the food was fulfilling! Breakfast (including) tip: $31.00

So how did we do?
$Lodging $57.68
$The Shed $34.20
$Ice Cream $8.00
$Tomatoes and Cucumbers $5.81
$Cracker Barrel $31.00


For a 3 day vacation for 4 people! Mississippi Staycations are fun and possible to do without breaking the bank! Next month we are going to be doing a Central MS vacation!!