Thursday, March 29, 2012


This morning I got a call from my aunt asking what our plans were for Easter this year. I am always the "family event planner" and had not even thought that Easter was....NEXT weekend. This seems to be a trend for me. I believe this is the 3rd year I have forgotten Easter.

Last Year, our Easter consisted of our "new normal" Spring Saturday and Easter Sunday.

In 2010, I arrived home from California on Saturday Evening, before Easter Sunday so it as a mad rush.

In 2009 we had 2 deaths and my grandmother's dementia became a real issue.

In 2008, my biological dad and his wife and my brothers came to visit. Easter was 2 weeks after Aubrie Kate was born!

Life is always chaotic on/or around Easter. Last year, we made the change of having Spring Saturday and Easter Sunday. Todd and I want our girls to have the "normal" Holiday Experiences (Santa, Bunny) because of its excitement. We don't dwell too much on them. We don't have pictures with the Easter Bunny, because we have dance pictures the same week. ( i love my kids but thats alot of $$ to spend on memories) we don't say "you better be good so the Easter Bunny will come". We expect them to be good because that is what they are suppose to do everyday. I wrote down some of my thoughts on this here.

We do want the experience of egg hunts and bunnies, because its spring, its new life, its a family tradition. But now...we do it all on Saturday. Spring Saturday is what we call it. Its the day before Easter. We do all the fun stuff that day. Then on Sunday, we celebrate our Lord and that He is Risen. We go to church, we spend time with our family, we give thanks and praise to the greatest gift ever given to us, Eternal Life.

With Easter being next weekend, I won't be rushing out to the stores this weekend to buy new clothes for us to wear. We will adopt the theme of reuse this Easter and just wear something we already have. Each girl has 2 closets full of spring clothes, a good ironing and it will be very cute.

What are your Easter plans? Does your family do things differently?  Do you recycle dresses? Do you wear white shoes before Easter? Share your ideas!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When Life Hands You Lemons....

I have heard this statement used so many ways.

When Life hands you lemons....
.... make lemonade....
....add vodka and have a party..... grateful you got something....
...alter their DNA and make super lemons...

You get the idea. The common statement meaning make the best of a bad situation can be altered to how you handle it.

The past few days have just been really "sour". We worked all weekend for our Homestudy on Tuesday only to get a call Monday afternoon to find out our caseworker had an Emergency court case and would not be able to see us. Meaning, we will have a new case worker now, because ours retires this friday.

Which is really hard, bc we had developed a bond with her, she knew us and now we are going to have to do this with someone who doesn't know us as well. And, that means this process again, will take longer :(

Also, some other stuff went down that will drastically effect our family. (it doesn't have to do with the adoption but it is pretty serious) I will discuss it more, when I am a liberty too, but right now I want to take my lemons and throw them back at life and tell them to keep it.

Which is not what I should do at all. I should be grateful I got something and take them and make them super instead of sour.

Right now the Broadus' are standing at a crossroads trying to figure out which path to take. We are leaning on God to direct us in this. And asking for friends and family to pray for us.

We have decided that EVEN number years are hard for our family. And this one is no different. Todd, Mr. Positive, says our lemons are just the door to endless possibilities. He says its a new opportunity for our family. That is why he is the leader of this bunch, and not I. I want to attack Life with its lemons...he wants to add sugar and water and make it great.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fun Friday!!!

Found this one today!!! Wish I was Pregnant  so I could claim this as my anthem! 

Enjoy a cute parody!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quick Adoption Update

We received a call yesterday that our Home study has been moved up! We will have a one day home study because our case worker is retiring soon and wants all her open cases done. So next Tuesday she will spend the day with us looking at our house, doing all the interviews with us etc. Then she will write up our home study and after that we will be certified to adopt! The greatest thing about this is that we literally could have a baby any time after that. It could be 2 days it could be 2 years. with Foster care adoptions its not a hop on the list and wait, its pretty much when a child meets your guidelines that's legal for have a few meetings/visits, then the overnights start, then home visits, then court.

Our guidelines are Newborn-Two years old. We didn't specify a gender or a race. This has been a HUGE discussion amongst our families and Todd and I really prayed hard about this decision.

When God called us to adopt, we both knew it. It was if he was standing in front of us giving us clear directions. Neither of us heard "international" although we did pray for it. We, on our own, thought agency infant adoption. But that wasn't His plan. His plan was a foster care adoption and that was made clear to us during our Adoption classes. So, after much prayer we felt that we couldn't put a limit on a gender (although Todd and Madyson really want a boy and Aubrie wants a girl...I just want a healthy one!) nor race. We are all children of God. We teach our children to love others regardless of skin color.
And whatever child God chooses for us, He chose for a reason. And we will love that child forever.

So why did we choose an age range? Simple. We wanted to stay in birth order. Madyson is a very, very good "Big Sister" she takes that role very seriously. Aubrie Kate is now use to the idea (after 2 years of talking about it) about becoming a big sister. She knows our baby isn't growing in Mommy's belly, but in someone elses and that it might come to us and big a little bigger than a tiny baby or it might have brown skin, or yellow skin, or pink skin (she says she has pink skin) but it was created just for us.

So, after months of prayer we felt that staying in birth order was the best choice for our family.

Now the fun begins! With the knowledge that we could have a baby anytime we have to prepare somewhat. But since we can't buy clothes, diapers, or such..we are just gathering the basics (bed, a few outfits...etc)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

it is spring.

Welcome Back. I took a nice little vacation bc life was a little fussy.  Now, to catch you up.

1st) I would like to report that Todd's mom is out of the hospital (1 week post serious stroke) and has been moved into a rehab facility. We aren't sure how long she will be there but it is for the best. She will learn how to walk on her own again, move her arm, help her facial muscles...all that fun stuff.
We are just PRAISING GOD that she is here with us still. Its a long road, but what a testimony.

2) Spring break was last week. So in between, work/ running to the hospital, kids being was a little chaotic. Luckily, My mom was here to help me threw it all. She has spring break too since she works for our public school system so she kept the kids. They went to the zoo, to chick-fil-a, played outside alot. They had fun!

3) Thursday, Aubrie started Tball. I really wanted to get her into a really active sport. She isn't much of an athlete yet, but she likes to be outside. Friends of ours were coaching a team, and she agreed to play with them. It will def. be fun to watch!

thats aubrie playing in the dirt :)
4) Friday, she had received some birthday money and wanted to go buy stuff. Instead of toys, she ended up at the sports store. She bought a pink bat, pink helmet, and pink bat bag. =)

5) Saturday Todd had to work (surprise! :) so the girls and my mom and myself all loaded up for a little "green shopping" we went to the farmers market, the fruit stand, and the flea market! It was a successful trip bc I found the 3rd bowl I needed for my Vintage Pyrex Nesting bowls! 1 more to go!

6) Sunday was church, then I mowed the grass...I am trying to get into this homeowner thing but neither Todd nor myself are outdoors/lawn people.

Madyson was down with allergies so she stayed with Todd while Aubrie and I went to Mission Friends. We have a lot of members in our church that are members of the Christian Motorcycle Association. They came and talked to the kids about their mission and then the kids got to see their bikes! It was a lot of fun!

Now the fun begins! Dance is wrapping up! (we get costumes next week, pictures the next week, 3 weeks of practice then recital) Tball is gearing up. Practice this month, games start next month. I cant wait for yall to see their uniforms! summer plans are being made and all that jazz!!

It is spring!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lifestyle. Part 3

When introducing those around me to my new lifestyle the most common questions are, "where are you getting your protein from then?" "Are You starving yourself?" "Can Veggies really give you all you need?" Well, I am learning all of this as I go. So here is some info that I found.

I decided to embark in this journey after reading this article, i watched the documentary and was intrigued by it. the whole concept. I already love vegetables so It was really just letting go of the other things...

I started doing research and found that Ellen is a Vegan!

From "Going Vegan" 
Do It for Yourself
Scientific studies supported by the American Dietetic Association have confirmed that vegan and vegetarian diets are associated with lower cholesterol, lower risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, lower risk of hypertension and Type 2 diabetes, lower body fat, and lower overall cancer rates. In fact, studies have shown that a vegan diet can actually reverse diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. For more info, check out "Forks Over Knives."
Vegetarian and vegan diets tend to be lower in saturated fat and cholesterol, have higher levels of dietary fiber, magnesium and potassium, vitamins C and E, and folate.
The health benefits of a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle are vast. The American Dietetic Association (or ADA) released a report which stated that vegetarians and vegans "meet and exceed requirements" for protein consumption. In fact, vegetarians and vegans usually have better protein consumption than people who eat meat, dairy and eggs.

I gather my protein from protein rich veggies like Broccoli and asparagus, avocados & spinach. Also throw in some almonds (21.1g of protein) and things like whole wheat pastas, etc. And of Luna Protein bars :)

Like I said in Part 2. There is no other reason behind this experiment other than, I want to try it. Its not an animal cruelty bit, its not a religious movement...its simple the fact that I want to be the healthiest me I can be. My only 2 hold backs are Honey (i read somewhere that this must be cut out to be considered Vegan) I use this daily for allergy medication and Goat-Milk Soap (the savior to mine & madysons skin)

I want to share with you some of the foods I have been eating.

1) Hummus, Salsa and homemade chips.
2) Meatless Tacos (i could have added black beans to this but didn't feel like it at the time)
3) Avocado & Tomato Salad
4) Peanut Butter
5) Almond Milk
6) Quinoa (this is a new thing for me...)
8) McAlisters has a veggie club that is really good! I get it without the cheese :)

Needless to say, I am not starving. I have made a few exceptions (aubrie's party i had cake that had eggs in it...and a slice of pizza for dinner) but other than that, I am trying really hard to do this.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Aubrie's Fourth Birthday Party: A Tangled Affair

Once Upon A time, There lived a princess named Aubrie Kate. Who was turning four.

 She longed for a party with a Tangled Themed. Her Mother, the Queen, began to prepare for this joyous event by calling on her friends at SundayGirls Designs to create the perfect invitation.

Next, The beautiful queen began to enlist the help of her chamber maids, Rachel and SuperMom for decorations and ideas.

Fair Maiden Rachel had just hosted her own tangled inspired party. When Queen Sarah let her know she was preparing for one as well, Maiden Rachel sent the decorations she had made over to the Broadus Castle.

Queen Sarah began "pinning" ideas for the fair and  loved these wanted posters. Found Here

Except, the queen  did a tea effect to them to give them an aged looked.

Pintrest was a huge inspiration for this party. When she found this pin of "hair" she knew she had to borrow that idea as well.

After weeks of preparing, The time had arrived for artsy affair. But the evil Mother Gothal had plans of her own. She sent down pouring rains days before this outdoor kingdom celebration so Queen Sarah had no choice but to move the celebration indoors.

daddy painted the happy birthday sign in the tangled font. of course we had to have the bunting and serve food in iron skillets (this is prefood) For plates we had mini frying pans to eat on!

The fireplace became rapunzel's tower with her hair draped throughout the house even to the front yard~

The favor table!

out the front door into the trees! 70 ft of rapunzel hair!

Daddy drew us a flynn rider to play pin the pan on flynn rider!

before the party started!

sweet friends eating and watching tangled

the most calm party ....ever.

Then the favorite activity! They got to help rapunzel decorate her tower walls!

her presents!

at night, we had the family come over for more presents, cake and a special surprise!

her favorite gift, rapunzels wedding dress!

Then her big surprise! Real floating lanterns like in the movie!!

They were beautiful! we had for each year of her life!

Madyson made the cake for the night! Aubrie's favorite cake is yellow cake with chocolate icing. The cake read (before it got tinfoil squished (Happy Bday Doodle) thats what madyson calls her.

Everyone singing Happy Birthday

 Sunday Morning was Princess Aubrie's actual birthday, this is her sparkly dress she chose to wear to church!

It was a great day had by all! happy Birthday Aubrie!

Monday, March 12, 2012

the weekend

My planned post for today was the pictures of Aubrie Kate's party, but our weekend had an unexpected event and it needs the attention right now.

Friday afternoon, I got a call from Todd saying his mom had fallen at work, hit her head, and was on the way to the ER and he was going there too.

Thinking in my positive way, I assumed all would be good after a few test.

I was wrong. It turns out Todd's mom had a stroke and was bleeding inside her brain, so deep that they couldn't do surgery.

So they admitted her to ICU, began pumping her with medications (hoping to dry out the bleeding etc.)

Saturday, we went on with Aubrie's party, bc grandmomma would not have wanted her to miss out.

Sunday we went to see her at the hospital and it was a rough day. She has some movement on her left side (where as on Friday she did not) but its not a lot of movement, she had to have a test done to see about her "swallowing" bc when she does she coughs...she has had CT Scans, but no MRI's yet...(bc get this, there isn't anyone there on Sundays that can do them!!!)

All in all its alot of questions, without a lot of answers. They moved her to a private room when she needs full care. I am baffled by alot of the decisions being made.

Madyson is having a real hard time with this. She went with us to see grandmomma yesterday and it was just too much for her, we had to leave.

Please pray for us as we work through this journey. Prayers for healing would be appreciated as well.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday My Aubrie!

Aubrie Kate!

You are four today! I can not believe those words! You are the most adorable blondie and have the most infectious laugh!

What are you up to these days? Well, You started Ballet this year, and you love going to dance class.

You are in 3k this year and love your teacher Ms. Hannah.  You feel like such a big girl now that you get to go on field trips.

You are starting Tball this spring. Something that is out of the ordinary for you (since you are a little on the prissy side) but you are excited bc you got a new pair of shoes.

Speaking of shoes, you adore them. When I asked you want you wanted for your birthday you said "SHOES" and "DWESSES" and "PAPUNZEL"

You are very smart and have excellent handwriting for your age. You love to color and to put stickers everywhere.

You are done with sippy cups, pull ups, sassys and all the baby stuff. Which makes me very sad.

You love a good surprise and when Madyson (or I) try to tell you your surprise, you say "No, WAIT! I want my Swurprise to be happinin"

You have a little lisp and it is the cutest thing! You are very much in control of your life and march to the beat of your own drum.

You are a size 9.5 shoe and a full 4t almost 5t clothing. You love that you are a "yewo" hair kid. You are 95% always dressed in a dress or skirt and rainboots. its your style :)

We adore your spunky self and are so thankful you are in our family! Happy Birthday Little Doodle!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A memory for you to always have


Last Sunday we were out delivering girl scout cookies with Aubrie, Nana, and Maw. It was a full afternoon of 4 generations of crazy women. I want you to have this day as a memory. And since you are so young, I decided to write it out for you to always keep.

Maw is so special to me. She was the best grandmother ever. I have such sweet memories of playing in her yard, picking and growing vegetables with her, making mud pies on her porch, eating snack plates after school while watching The Monkees on TV.

A few years ago, Maw got really sick and developed Dementia and it has slowly started taking her away from us. Most 5 year olds don't understand this disease. But you baby, you do. You are so patient with Maw. You don't get upset when she doesn't understand what you are trying to say, you help her walk, you buckle her seat belt, and most importantly you treat her with respect, always.

This past Sunday, I watched you with Maw. We had stopped in at Popeyes to get you a shrimp basket, and Aubrie and Maw chicken nuggets. We had to wait on Maw and Aubrie Kates food. So while we waited you helped Maw put her straw in her drink, you showed her where her cup holder was, then you buckled yourself back up and sat and had the sweetest conversation with her. I was watching you in the rear view mirror and I wanted to capture that moment and hold on to it forever.

Here you were, sharing your french fries with Maw while we waited. No one asked you to, you just did. I say time and time again that I know God has big plans for you. Your heart is the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed. I have never met a child more loving, more compassionate, and more understandable to the needs of an elderly person.

I pray that you will have this memory and all the other precious and sweet times you have with your great grandmothers and grandmothers. These woman are apart of you and always will be.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jane O'Connor

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to meet Ms. Jane O'Connor, author of our beloved Fancy Nancy books.

Madyson is all things Fancy Nancy. She loves her big words, her fancy attire, and believes everything is better with glitter.

When I heard that Ms. O'Connor was going to be at a local book store reading the new Fancy Nancy Book "The Mermaid Ballet" I knew we had to go! So I told the girls to get in their fanciest attire and to load up, we were off to meet Ms. O'Connor.

Yes, they are quiet the mess. and that is Aubrie's "mowdal" pose.

 Ms. O'Connor told about how she has 2 sons and no grandchildren (but really wants some!) The inspiration for Fancy Nancy came from her childhood. She showed a picture and it was so cute!
 My mom went with us, to help me crowd control.
The girls followed along in their book as Ms. O'Connor read it to them. It was so interesting hearing the one who created this world read her own story.  Afterwards, we got to meet her and she signed our new book for us! She is a very precious lady. She and madyson hugged and Madyson told her all about her Fancy Nancy Party last year, and how she loves all the books.
 (p.s. Aubrie Kate was playing with my mom, she had no desire to stand in line for 20 minutes)
 and how her and Fancy Nancy are so much alike. and how she loves Frenchie.....
 they had a great conversation and Madyson came home elated!
This is when Ms. O'Connor looked up and said, "SHES ADORABLE"....

It was a great experience!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Lifestyle. Part 2

On my adventure for a healthier lifestyle I began to research the lifestyle changes of an all plant food based diet. Now, understand me when I say, I LOVE MEAT. I love bacon, I love chicken, I love seafood, I love fish, I love steak...You get the picture. This has nothing to do with being harmful to animals...or loving animals more...I see a chicken and the first thing that pops into my head is my moms baked chicken breast. But since I am on a roll of kicking out all sorts of stuff out of my life that I love...(like Sonic Cherry Cokes, Cookies, Ice Cream) i figured what they "hay". Lets look into a Plant-based diet.

I began my journey this past Friday, I watched "FORKS OVER KNIVES" documentary. (If you follow me on twitter, you already know that. ) It is an interesting concept to believe that you can literally change your healthy by cutting out all things nonplant based. I am always up for a good experiment so I decided to try it out...for 2 weeks. 2 weeks of no bacon, no chicken nuggets, no seafood. I can do 2 weeks.

Right now I am learning that life with meat, isn't that big of a difference yet. Last night I did have to get creative. Todd and the kids wanted Jambalya for I ate a roasted red pepper, stuffed with spinach, avocados, and brown rice. It was actually really good.

I love salads so that is an easy thing. But getting creative with dinners will be my challenge. We shall see!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I have been working (since January) on Lifestyle changes. I feel like I am constantly complaining about weight, shape, etc. Yet, I am doing NOTHING about it. So after some research, I began my lifestyle changes. Here is what I am doing...

1) cutting out Sodas. This is very hard for me. I only drank 3 a day but that was TOO many. So I started cutting back 1 a day in January. Did good with that. Now I am down to 1 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Those are my longest days.

2) Eating Better. I have a huge desire to be Vegan. But I am held back because of Eggs, Bacon, and Chicken and Fish. (I adore Bacon, and not Turkey Bacon...real Bacon) So I have created a "meal plan" for myself. I eat Minimal Meat. More Veggies, actually tons of veggies. I supplement Candy for Luna Bars (I have dubbed myself the unofficial spokesperson) Water is slowly becoming my friend. Processed foods are almost nonexistent in my household. (beside a few kid items)

3) I am reintroducing exercise into my life. Moms understand, if you work all day, run kids around in the afternoon, cook/clean house/do don't have time to sleep, let alone exercise. So I am trying out a few different things (walking/running with the big dog in the evenings we are home, 15 min cardio workout with the TV, maybe even a zumba class or two...)

Thats about it right steps.

I have found a few products that I love.

1) Luna Bars, mentioned above. They are a great tasting snack. Its like eating a candy bar but better. 70% organic, packed with protein and fiber. Their Luna Protein bars are Gluten Free. My first taste of one was on Black Friday, Target was giving away free samples to people in line. I have been hooked since.

2) Naked Juice. For the days when I am super busy and running around and it would be just as easy to go through the drive thru...I drink Naked Juice. I adore the Red Machine.

170 calories, 70% Vitamin B6, 8 grams of flax seed. There are some with lower calories but I enjoy the flavor of this one.

3) OIKOS Greek Yogurt. (Coupons on website) our whole family loves this company. For YoKids to Honey flavored Greek yogurt