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Our adoption journey started on November 2, 2009 and by God's timing actually came to a reality on November 2, 2010.

We are in the process of a domestic adoption through the Department of Human Services. God placed it on our hearts to allow Him to orchestrate how our family would be created. Throughout the adoption process we have have a few highs and a lot of lows. The lowest being the miscarriage that Sarah suffered in December of 2011. Our family is 100% in belief that God has a precious one out there and we are excited and blessed to be on this journey. If you have any other questions about Domestic Adoption please email us at thebroadusbunch(at)gmail(dot)com

*Due to the surprise and blessed pregnancy of Miss Amelia-the broadus' have put their adoption on hold until they adjust to a family of 5-then its back on the roller coaster for another ride :)

Also, we were featured in Southern Child Magazine Feb/March 2012 edition! Page 20!

Please help us pray for our friends who are also adopting:

The Lancasters: Our Adoption Tapestry (baby Liam brought home in 2011!!)

The Schmelzers: Lovin' Much (Caroline Faith brought home in September 2013!!)

The Braddys: Braddy Bunch (Gideon Tamirat brought home in August 2012!)

The Wallaces: The Wallaces are Adopting

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