Friday, December 23, 2011

On vacation

We are on day 6 of our 12 day vacation! It is amazing here! I will post more when I get home! But here is a few pics of what weve been doing

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

in the midst of the crazy world...there is still alittle pain.

I try really hard to be strong. (but if you are my friend on facebook you know that word just makes you feel better when you #fail) REALLY hard. but sometimes (like today) I suffer from Covet 2.0

God has a plan for me. He has his timing and I need to set my impatient booty down and let him run the show.

Since the "miscarriage" (still hate that word) I have had 15 (literally) friends announce their pregnancies or adoptions. I have to keep repeating to myself...Its not my time. Its not my time. God knows my time and its a perfect time. 

But in all rawness and reality. It hurts. Staying strong, staying positive is what I have to do to stay sane. Because I am blessed, I am very blessed. I have two amazingly beautiful daughters and an awesome husband who is stepping up like no ones business to make sure I heal physically and emotionally. 

I am blessed. and I praise God for those blessings.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Card Outtakes

I honestly didn't think we would get a Christmas Card out this year! The weekend I began the miscarriage I had scheduled for us to get family photos done. I, ofcourse, cancelled that. So as the days went ticking by I decided to whip out the camera and take some shots of the girls...I mean Todd and I aren't that important anymore!

So here are some of the "outtakes..."
 Aubrie brushed her hair over...and wouldn't sit down.....
 At this point she was belly roll laughing at herself and her swept over hair
 Told her to smile.....this is what I got.
 Cheese eater.....switched over the hair bow

 Open your eyes Madyson......
finally...a decent one!

Can't wait to show you what we actually used! (Todd picked this years card!)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The new outlook on Laundry

For 3 years I have written about my love hate relationship with Laundry. It consumes my life, it always needs to be done. Just when I think I am caught up, I get another load....

It is something that has to be done, but is so annoying.

The other night I was serving at our church's clothes closet. This is a monthly thing for me that I enjoy doing. I always leave there with a life lesson but this past night was a huge exception.

A young mother walked in with her 4 children ranging from around 7 to newborn. She began looking through the racks when I over heard her say, "The temperature dropped so fast, and we don't have the money for winter clothes right now." She was standing in a short sleeve shirt, all of her kids were in short sleeve shirts and it was around 30 degrees.

I stopped and at that moment felt God thump me on the back of the head. No winter clothes? I thought to myself.. Here I am, a spoiled person. I don't spend alot of money on clothes. Most of the kids clothes are consignment unless mine or Todd's mom bought them for them as a gift. Mine are target/walmart/tj maxx, or burkes...Todd has the most expensive wardrobe because he has to be dressed for work everyday...but we have 5 closets full of clothes. Winter, summer, spring....fall....We get to change out our clothes as the seasons change....I get to have 15 baskets full of laundry to do at the end of the week. And that is a blessing. A HUGE blessing.

What if ....I didn't have clothes for my children?

What if....when the weather dropped they still had to wear shorts because thats all they had?

God blessed me that night by showing this family to me. What I feel like is a chore, would be a huge blessing to them.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Come to the Well....

This past weekend was one of those weekends that I looked at and said, what....have....I....done.

I served as "president" of our Dace studios Christmas Parade float this year. Which really, wasn't a big deal bc I had to co-vps that were amazing. They did all the work, I just helped put it together the day of.

This is our float! The theme of the parade was "Get your Jingle On" so we went with "Jingle in the Jungle" and did a christmasy jungle theme. It wasn't traditional, which is what I wanted...the unexpected. But it turned out AMAZING. so proud of our team! We took Grand Champion of the parade.

So a 12 hour work day Saturday was worth it. But sunday...a different story.

God blessed me a few months with an opportunity to work as a Local Coordinator for a large production company. It is a very special/stressful job but its once every few months and I love it. This assignment was the final performance of the "come to the well tour" with Casting Crowns, Sanctus Real, The Afters, and Lindsay McCaul. Saturday night I sat on the couch and lifted my hands to God. I prayed for Him to take the glory of Sunday. I knew going into this that my body was exhausted...its been a long week. I knew that I would be dealing with volunteers....which aren't always reliable. I knew things would come up that would take more strength than I had. And I gave it all to Him. I just simply asked for Him to step in and to give me strength to help promote an event that glorified Him.

Sunday, I had to report to work at 8am. My girls had spent the night with Todd's parents so I hadn't seen Madyson in over 24 hours and had only spent 2 hours with Aubrie on the float. I was exhausted and already ready to go home. I met with the tour manager and my boss of the day and we set out the guidelines of what was expected. I had 4 runners there that had to work 8am-12am....running errands for the bands. Thankfully they were great sports and amazing support. When I started the morning I had 27 volunteers lined up for the rest of the day. I only needed 20....By 9:30 I was down to around 10....I sat in my office and made calls after calls. I exhausted every resource I had.

After hours of emailing, texting, calling. I stopped and said GOD, I need you. By 4:30 I had 20 volunteers sitting in my office :) The concert was amazing. Worshiping the Lord in 1 building with around 5,000 people is powerful.

Here are a few cell phone pics from that night
This is during The Afters, Light Up the Sky performance. Everyone in the place was holding their cell phones up.

Backstage shot of watching casting crowns. During "I praise you in this storm" almost everyone was on their feet, with their hands above their heads, praising the Lord. It was powerful.
This is my little pass that I wore all day. It actually stayed on!
and this is me after hour 14 of work....super tired and ready for bed!

Oh and big news! after all this was over, I decided to jump into the plan and do the red hair for the holidays!
I need to touch up a few of the tips that didn't take, but for the most part, I like it! Its fun, different and festive!