Monday, January 31, 2011

January Coffee

On Friday I had my monthly coffee with a friend!

This month my friend was Pamela Schoggen! I was so excited to be invited over to Pamela's house for her "special blend" of Ice Coffee. I left there and went home and printed off the recipe so I could make it at home! If you don't follow Pamela-I suggest you do! Her blog speaks words and she does have 2 adorable babies!

I had such a great time visiting with you and just hanging out! Thanks for having me Pamela!!!

**Feb. Coffee is Tyanne!**

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Madyson Moment-my heart will never forget!

Going to church for 15 days straight seems like a crazy nightmare for parents with kids, especially preschoolers. But last night justified my wacky family decision.

Madyson has been learning her commandments in "Happy Hearts City" each night they would learn another one.

Last night we were sitting on the couch (at 10pm because she wanted to talk) and here is how it went:

Madyson: "momma, do you know what it means to be holy?"
Me: "Yes. Do you?"
Madyson: "Being holy doesn't mean having holes all in your body. It means living like Jesus lived. Serving others, not stealing, not lying, listening to your mom and dad."
Me: "You are right"
Madyson:"Can we study the bible together? Like will you teach me what it all means?"
Me: "Absolutely"

I melted.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Last night the hubs and I went to eat after we dropped the kids off with his mom! We stopped by a favorite store of mine and I found my rug!!! It is more "grown-up" than I thought I wanted. But the colors were perfect and it was the perfect size. Oh and did I mention it was 1/2 off-so it was super cheap! (pics to come I promise)

This morning I set out with a plan. I woke up at 8 and my plan was to clean the girls room-our room-AND do all the laundry by 11. HAHAHAHAHAH I thought I would do good to get 1 room done. (remember we have been on hiatus the past 2 weeks) well it seems that my booty was in gear. I had both rooms done, closets organized, laundry almost done (but all put up which is a miracle) and lunch cooked by 12 when Todd got home from work! After he was home-he told me to leave and do some junkin. He knows I am itching for a coffee table and a lamp shade so I can be done with the Family Room. I hit up 3 of my local places. Found a table I think can work-but the seller wasn't ready to negotiate price and this sister never pays full price for something-so I told her I would be back in a week to try again. After a fail junkin trip I picked Todd up and we went to get the girls.

They had a great time with his mom! We decided to stop by Hobby Lobby and they had 4 rows of 66% off stuff! I racked up on a few cute accessories (all under $10) I also got some buckets to decorate for the girls Love Day gifts!

We decided to eat out *again* tonight (this makes night 14 I haven't cooked supper....I am starting to get spoiled) We went to my favorite place-Roosters. I could live on their mac-n-cheese!

Now we are home and I would like to announce that I just put the very last load of laundry in the dryer. ALL of my laundry is done!! Can I get an AMEN!?!? Now-I can begin my plan on every other day. Hopefully, I can tackle this chore of mine!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Room Update!

Yall-let me just tell you. The Family Room is slowly becoming my favorite room!

After last weeks Lamp post-(hahah) I started searching for lamps. If you have read for a while you know I can't stand to pay more than $30 dollars for anything. Every lamp I looked at was 20+the cost of the shade. So I started looking around at some of the "junk" that I have. Turns out I had a tacky bronze candle holder that was just the shape and size that I wanted my lamp to be! So I headed to my home depot and got a lamp making is FINE! (well it will be when I find a shade)

Ill post pics and how-tos later in the week!

Here is my last few items I need

a round or oval coffee table
a small pedestal table
2 wooden folding chairs
a rug (still)
a few more throw pillows or material to make some (i can at least do that)
and a throw. I believe a Family Room is not finished unless it has a throw

I finished my sofa table yesterday. I had this GREEN pecan dresser that was my great uncles. I have been doing some love on it. Tons of sand paper, some old barn wood, some stain, some wax, some paint, and really expensive knobs (why are those so expensive??) and it is FABULOUS. My dad (who has taught me so much about junkin and pickin) came in and was in awe! He, and I quote, said "you could get a pretty penny for that. Its amazing"-I think so too

Do you go junkin and pickin? (if you do-you know what that means) Do you have favorite spots?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The C's: 302

Thursday  I got to spend my lunch time at the Life Action's Women's Luncheon! Debbie Canfield (who's husband and son are leading the Summit) was the speaker Her topic was being a Cactus or a Magnet.

Here are a few short notes I took

A cactus hurts and destroys its objects. It is one who has an untamed tongue" (yea-I tend to have a bad attitude at time, esp when I am emotional)

A cactus compares herself to others. Comparing causes anger and bitterness (2 Cor. 10:12)

A Cactus complains. Those who have the least have less to complain about. (Phil. 2:14)

A cactus likes to be in control (not me!...yea right) At this point she used the example of letting God be your pilot. She was talking about how you have to take a backseat to him and let him "guide your plan". The next thing I knew she was asking "Now ladies, how many of you get on a plane and introduce yourself to your pilot" My hand shot up. She said, "really? You do? I think you are the first one ever"

We all remember the great flight to California

I like to know who is in control of my life...didn't know most didn't?!

So let's talk about being a magnet

A Magnetic woman is one who has filled her cup with Jesus, and she clings to God for her strength, guidance, and wisdom.

A magnet is Content (Phil. 4:11)
Contentmnet shows in one who is grateful. Contentment consist not in having great wealth; but in having few wants.

A magnet compliments or praises (Psalms 119:164)

A magnet is a cheerleader for her family. (1 Cor. 10:31) My purpose in life is not to be happy but to glorify God, and there I find my real JOY!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

God working: 301

As of right now-my house is a mess. I have loads of laundry to do-I have dishes to wash-I have furniture that I started refinishing last week sitting in my entry way covered in flakes of paint I am pretty sure contain lead. I am only home to sleep at night-and even that is lack there of.. BUT at this moment-I am rejoicing.

See-Sunday we started Life Action Revival at our church. I am NOT a person that leans towards revival. All the memories I have growing up being forced to sit in the worship center (or sanctuary then) having some man yell bible verses, people crying, then 2 weeks later--life was back to normal. Anyone else think of revival like that?

Well-that was my thought going into it. But this is so not even close. The team that is here is early twenties-early thirties. They have a worship painter, they have up-to-date songs, they have easy to learn lessons about life, with God as the focus. I don't leave there feeling like I am the worst person around. I leave there thinking-I can use what they just taught me to be a better person.

This week-I was suppose to travel to testify in a court case. I was scared. I knew that it would take a miracle to get out of this. I began to pray, I enlisted the prayers of others (including the Life Action Team). I was suppose to leave tonight. Less than an hour ago-I received the call that I don't have to come. Trial has been postponed and good things are taking place. I rejoiced! But then I thought to myself, my hotel has a no refund policy! That would be $107.62 that I would be out. So, I called, explained the situation and the hotel agreed to refund my money. God is working in the situation and I know he is not finished yet, but he has made it clear that I can trust in him and that he will handle it.

Amazing things happen when you just trust.

As tired as I am, As dirty as my house is, I will continue to postpone these things and continue to focus this week on serving and learning about the Lord. Because He is here.

Madyson is involved in the 4yo-1st grade Revival group, "Happy Heart City". She literally BEGS me to come to church every night. She isn't upset about missing shows, or not being able to play with her toys. She is excited to "find the 10 commandments that were stolen out of HHC!!" And yes, my four year old is learning the 10 commandments...word for word.

I plan on sharing what we learned this week at Life Action at a later date! And don't worry-those before and after Family Room pics will come soon as well! Oh and I have tons of new Madyson Moments and adoption stuff to share. But for now-I am rejoicing and learning! Ill be back soon.

Monday, January 10, 2011

300th-Its all Him

Congratulations to me on my 300th post! 

On Sunday- we started Revival at our church. This is a 10+day commitment of being at church to worship and to learn about the Lord. We have brought in a team - "Life Action" - to host our revival. Sunday I was working in the children's wing but I stole this excerpt from our Life Group's Page

{{{Yesterday morning the pastor speaking with Life Action made this illustration.  Suppose that one day you got a random call from the White House, they told you that the President of the United States was coming to your house to spend the next few days talking with you.  You would have the opportunity to tell him anything you wanted regarding how things were run and give any suggestions that would make things better.  Immediately you agree, and you begin to run out and tell your boss and others that the President is coming.  You completely clear your calendar, take a few days off work so that you can prepare for his coming and spend as much time with him as you can.  You make it a priority in your life to meet with the President.
Would this be your reaction to meeting with God.  Are you willing to clear your schedule and make a sacrifice of time in order to meet with God?  Pastor Greg wrote these words a few days ago, “The truth is that most of us have chosen to fit God into our schedule in some sort of manageable way. In other words, we have forced God to conform to us, not us to Him.”}}}}

When I read this the first thing I thought of-How many times have I said, "I will do my bible study when this show goes off." Or "I really want to go to church tonight but the big game is on!!" Wow. more than I want to admit. When I started this blog I really just wanted to have a way to remember all that our family did. I never once thought of it as a line to share God with the world. (literally-according to stats majority who read this are from other countries!!) As I have grown in my Christianity, I see that "Its all Him" labels appear a lot! I chose the name "Its all Him" because it is-simply put-all God.

Yesterday, Satan was at work! Mississippi was bedded down preparing for "Snowmageddon 2011", Our pastor's father passed away, Church Employees were sick. It would have been easy to say "you know what, too much is going on, we must not start revival today" but we didn't. We went on, and people came. I even had one lady tell me "I thought about staying in, the roads are bad, but I am not going to let Satan win my heart today".

This morning we woke up, and got back to work. Tonight we start night 2. I am excited to see what God has in store for us this week-and I promise to share with you all!

Thank you for following our family on this wild journey of life. I ask that no matter what, you remember our verse, "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans WILL SUCCEED" Proverbs 16:3

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lamps, Curtains and Rugs

I detest lamps, Curtains, and Rugs.

I am trying to pick some accessories for our Family Room So I can finally show yall a before & after (1 year in the making) but there are 3 things I cannot commit to-lamps, curtains and rugs.

Here is my dilemma. Feel free to share your insight, your ideas, anything that can make me finalize thoughts.

Lamps: Here is the style lamp I like.

But I am scared that With a somewhat brown sofa-and brown tables and such it will be too brown.
and these are pottery no spray painting them.

These are my Ikea Curtains. I purchased them for 2 reasons.
1)basic color-would go with anything
2) extremely affordable

They are fabulous. Light weight. Easy to wash. Problem. They need something. With Kitchen Remodel coming up I cannot spend money on new curtains (I have 2 large windows) so four panels would be needed.
My original thought was to take this fabric that I have and add a thick trim around the bottom it would help them pop. Problem. I have a problem with fabric commitments. I have yards of fabric at my house that I have purchased with ideas of how to use them....but once it comes down to it...I just cant.

And well Rugs.................No clue. Right now I have a hand-me down rug that is (guess) Brown and black pattered. It makes me dizzy to look! but with ceramic floors I have to have something under my feet and with a 20 foot long room...a big rug is way out of my price range.

So here ya go-your challenge-help me figure out what to do with these three things. If you want to send pics-feel free to email me at thebroadusbunch(at)gmail(dot)com or post links below! Remember I LOVE color. The more the merrier for me. And with a neutral sofa it can work. Oh the wall color is this
Behr mochachino 740D-4 on bottom and the top "triangles" are Twig Basket 740-D5
Have fun!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010-Farewell! Hello 2011!!!!

 Hello: I debut January 2009 with Confessions of a Shopaholic. One of my most candid post
Here I told you I spend way to much money on junk-and shouted out a few more goals for the year! How did I do?
Shopping: Better. I became alot of more frugal and less Dependant on wal-mart and target

 spend Saturday mornings with the girls doing crafts, cooking, playing and less running around.-yes! And boy was it fabulous! 

 Saying no more often and sticking with it. I did this too-it wasn't always fun but in the end-was needed.

Care less about "not being part of the crowd" This year has really taken a toll on me when I receive invitations to showers and such and I was not asked to be a hostess. I have got to realize High school is over and this is aminuscule thing.  I did do this. And I am proud to say that I am comfortable now in my adult skin

 read 2 books a month. I know for you readers two doesn't seem like alotbut I don't read. I mean I just got my first library card! so I am starting off with a goal I think I can do and If I get to read more then great!! I read a total of 31 books this year! so I did a few more than 2 a month

 Witness to people and not be scared to talk about my faith openly. and do a devotion everyday! I pray everyday but this past year I got so overwhelmed with everything I forgot to do my devotions, which is something I miss!! Devotions and praying were a big part of 2010. I believe that I did a much better job on this goal than the others. 

Do more charity work. Could do better-Can't wait to tackle 2011!

be more patient with Todd. I am Italian. I have a streak that erupts when I get frustrated/tired/or upset...and Todd usually gets the grunt of it. He works so hard for our family to provide me with the lifestyle I like, I sometimes take it for granted. So I will say thank you more and whine less.
After writing this I developed a mindset "he is an amazing husband who works way to hard, I will serve him more and say thank you a lot. 2010 was a great year in the marriage department

Throw at least 2 bags of "junk" out a month. I rocked this one out

 Put my meals into recipes. I don't cook from a recipe...everything is "up here" but every now and then I have a friend ask me how to make something and I literally can't tell them. So in 2010, I want to be able to share my food! did not even start on this-actually had forgotten

Not let laundry get overwhelming. This is something I have to do! I will wait (literally) until our closets are empty of seasonally clothing because I hate to do laundry. Not in 2010!! SAD but There have been weeks were I didn't do it. Yes I think this one is a FAIL. 

So whats on the list for 2011! Well its long-I want to do a lot this year to grow as a person, a mom/wife, and as a family.

Personal goals:
1) learn to make a souffle 
2) Make Bread
4) create a cleaning schedule and stick with it
5) can not win in 2011
6) Keep Junk Out lets up it to 3 bags a month
7) Keep my car clean

To Grow as a Person
1) Dedicate a minimum of 5 hours a month to charity work 
2) continue to read Christian books-4 a month. 
3) Make God first in the morning. 5:30-Is God's Time.
4) Less Television. I max of 7 hours a week. I waste too much time with the "idiot box" as my Maw calls it.
5) Have coffee or ice cream or lunch with 1 friend a month. Who wants to be first?

To Grow as a Wife/Mom
1) Continue to value Todd's hard work and remember to say thank you and I love you all the time.
2) Have a mommy/daughter date with each girl individually a month. 
3) Have a girls day with both of them-doing whatever THEY want to do.
4) schedule date nights/or golf days with Todd. Sometimes he needs some him time. 

To Grow as a Family:
1) Prayer time each day together-to pray as a family
2) continue movie night
3) To do 1 charity project every 3 months as a family. 
4) To continue to teach our children about loving and serving others 
5) Create a "house project" for the 4 of us to do.
6) Continue to pray and pursue our newest member. Adoption is a scary yet exciting time and we all will go through it together-with God leading the way!

I am so excited about 2011 and all that it is going to hold! What are your goals for the year!?