Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It is T-U-E-S-D-A-Y!!

It is Tuesday and only 9:49 am!

Todd and I have started working out in the mornings (well, I go to the tanning bed and run on the treadmill while he works out) but it is something we are doing together...without the kids.

You never really get how fast your life is passing you by until you stop. We NEVER stop. Seriously. Never. Aubrie Kate joined our family almost 1 year ago and since then our life has been go-go-go. She was born March 11th, I was back at work April 11th...started a new job April 28th and haven't sat down since.

Now, almost a year has passed and I can't believe how time flies and how much I have missed. I have always wanted to be a Special Events Coordinator, since I was 6. I use to plan birthday parties for my dolls, weddings for barbie and made my friends celebrate everything from my dog's anniversary to my fish's funeral. And I have always loved the Zoo. Some of my fondest childhood memories took place at the Zoo and to be able to work here is such a blessing. But sometimes I feel like I am letting my dreams get in the way of my family. The only time Todd and I spend together is in the early morning hours before the sun is up. Then it is a rush to get the girls up and dressed and off to school and both of us off to work.....once I get the girls in the evening it is get the dinner fixed, them fed, in the bath and in the bed! By the time that is done Todd is asleep and laundry or some chore is waiting. Then sleep...then start it all over again.

I use to look forward to weekends but now days those are also occupied by my job. I love being able to bring in money each week for the Zoo but I miss being able to sleep late on a Saturday, going to the park with the girls...have a picnic with Todd...maybe even a date. I miss not having plans....alot. My plans are so extensive I know what I am going to be doing for the next 8 months. Literally.

Sundays are my family days but those too are a rush! Church, then lunch, the naps, then playing, then dinner, then bed then back to work.

I miss me, I miss my family, I miss having a life. Is it worth following my dreams when I am missing out on so much? Or is it selfish of me to want to follow my dreams? This is something I am struggling with daily and I am in prayer with the Lord. Hopefully he will help me see what is right for me and best for the family.

My prayer today is "Lord, please help guide me through and help me understand where I need to be. Help me see the plan you have for me"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Dining Room Before....

Here are a few pictures of our HORRIBLE dining room BEFORE we painted and decorated and cleaned. It wasn't even a dining room just a room with a table and a lot of junk. It was so ugly you couldn't eat in there or you would get sick.

This wall was 1/2 sunshine yellow and 1/2 of white? with the really tacky paneling bottom
This would be the giant hole in the wall that daddy did when he fell into the wall....10 months ago.

and the catch all tacky area. The blinds didn't fit....the paneling was NASTY and the sunshine yellow walls....and crap just everywhere...oh I am so embarrassed.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blog Stalking

So, I have begun blog stalking.

I have discovered many Mississippians that are very crafty and extremly talented! I am always looking for fun and unique gifts and have begun developing a list of blogs that I will be stalking regularly.

It amazes me how talented these people are. From picture frames to invitations to artwork and baby burp cloths. All are amazingly cute and at a good price. I would give anything to be that talented. I remember at 1 point in my life I could paint a picture just by thinking about it. Now days I have to draw it out or look at a picture!

Also, I wish I had the time to do crafts again. Maybe one day, right?

Well...for all you crafty, unique and artistic people beware! You might be added to my list of blogs that I will be stalking from now on!

Monday, February 16, 2009

the remodeling begins

The remodeling is officially underway!

Friday night, Todd and I went to Home Depot to purchase part 1 of our remodeling goodies.

This included
*Wall Board
*Spackle spreaders
*Paint Brushes
*paint trays
*wall color (Ralph Lauren Devonshire)
*trim color (Essence of Pearl)
* a jigsaw (my V-day present!!)
*painters tape
*seam tape
*measuring tape
*mini rollers
*light fixtures

Kristina (my soon-to-be cousin) & I spent Friday night spackling, sanding, and priming the walls!

On Saturday, Todd took the girls to his moms, my parents went on their V-day outing, and Kristina and I spent Valentines Day painting the walls and the trim of the dining room!

The dining room went from Sunshine yellow and Particle board paneling to Devonshire walls and pearl trim! It is so much lighter!!! And looks so much better!

We aren’t quit done yet! We still have to paint the ceiling, hang a new light fixture, find a cute rug, hang some art work and get some window d├ęcor…but then we will have a super fine dining room!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11th, life is full of ups and downs

Each day I try to live my life to be the best it can be. Some days it is hard to wake up and say thank you Lord for providing me with a home, healthy children, a loving husband, and a paying job. Some days the little things get to you and you have a hard time being thankful for the important things.

Today is one of those days.

I didn't sleep well last night because I was playing interior designer in my head. Could this go there? what about this color? Remodeling a house is a big undertaking, esp. when you are trying to do most of it, yourself.

When I did wake up the wind was blowing so hard my sweet olive tree was swaying, grass to grass. Today was a day to stay in bed, to snuggle with the girls, to play dress up and tea party but really today was Wednesday, 3rd day of the work week...time to get up and get ready.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my job. I have the greatest job ever. But some days, most days, actually every day...I wish I was at home with the girls all day! But it is hard to be a stay at home mom and afford to remodel your house, pay your bills and wear clothes on 1 salary, so that is really just a dream.

Getting ready was stressful. Madyson didn't want to go to school, nor did she want to get dressed, Aubrie Kate was into everything, including the potty! Todd was already at work and there I was with wet hair trying to dress an upset two year old. When she was finally dressed and ready to go I asked her to sit and watch t.v. so I could get ready. Then I heard poor little patches (the kitten) yelp with pain. I came back to find patches being turned into a kitten pretzel! without thinking I yelled at Madyson, with hurtful words. I never yell at Madyson. I am one of those "super nanny" moms that always uses a firm but loving voice and disciplines with this is what Jesus would do. But for some reason today, they frustration I was feeling came out, on my baby.

She cried, I cried, we both cried. I tried to make it better but she said "momma that really hurts my heart". Boy, did that break mine....

Being a mom is so hard. The hearts of your precious children are in your hands and you have to be careful on how you handle each situation.

So now, she is at school....so is Aubrie. I am at work, but my heart, my heart is full of pain and my eyes are full of tears. I will do my best to be a good worker today and give 100% but it is hard because right now, it isn't my #1 priority.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Then came the girls....

So now that you know about how Todd and I got together...let me tell you about how the girls came about.


so to recap from story 1. we found out about Madyson in an unusual way. Once the nerves had settled and the hateful words were forgotten, everyone got into baby mode! Todd and I decided to take a "babymoon" before she joined our family! We went on a week long cruise to the cayman islands! we were having so much fun and with all the yummy food my baby pooch became a baby belly!! We had been home a month when I woke up one morning and noticed a little bit of blood. I called the hospital and they wanted me to come in for some test. I came in and they discovered I was having contractions! Little Miss Madyson was going to arrive at 24 weeks, if we didn't act fast. So they started me on tons of medicine, steroid shots and other painful procedures. I stayed in the hospital for a week. When the dr was getting ready to release me, she gave me the news that I would be on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy! This meant I could only get up to pee and to take a 3 minute shower! In those months of being in bed I discovered facebook, reading, daytime talk shows, and oreos....LOTS of oreos! I gained weight alot of weight almost 100 lbs of weight! I developed stretch marks, huge boobs, and emotions! finally after months of being in bed, I started not to feel well. Todd decided to take me to the doctor. I was hooked up to a monitor and they discovered I was having high blood pressure and the baby was in distressed, so they wanted to induce (11 days before due date!) Most moms would be psyched about being a mom...but not me! It was my birthday, my 22nd birthday and I wanted to enjoy it with family at my house, not in pain in a hospital! But Madyson had other plans. They started the inducing medicine and then the pain started. I was trying really hard to be a good "natural" mom and go without pain meds (mainly bc I was scared of the epidural) but after 4.5 hours of no drugs the pain was aweful!! Madyson was almost in this world when...she got the hiccups! She turned her body and couldn't escape the womb! So the dr decided we needed to get her out, fast. "Lets go have a baby" she said! 45 minutes later I was a mom, via c-section! Madyson was the most beautiful baby. dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair. I kept telling Todd, "she looks just like you!" Todd, trying to be a good first time dad said "but she was born on your birthday, 15 minutes before your birthtime and your stats are the same!" We were in love, but God wasn't done yet!

11 days after Madyson's 1st birthday (on her original due date) we discoverd that baby 2 was coming. My first reaction was "Todd, I am going to KILL YOU!!" but Madyson calmly said, "mommy it will be okay, we need a baby!" so with the blessing of precious first child we went into pregnancy #2 with a smile. Todd and I really wanted a boy! A girl and a boy, a "perfect family". Sonogram time came...and within 2 minutes Todd said, "its a girl". He knew this because he had been changing girl diapers for a year and was familiar with the parts. He was right and baby girl #2 was on her way! Name picking for a girl was hard for us. We had our boy name (still do!) but we had never thought of another girl name. I wanted Haryson Annabelle...todd said no. That she would be nicknamed "harry broad ass" get it, Haryson Broadus....anyway..he wanted kate. He didn't care what but he wanted kate. His grandma is Kate, his mom is Kathy...he wanted Kate. So we started thinking what with kate? One night while watching Deal or No Deal it came to us Aubrie (model #23), Aubrie Kate. And there we had our new child. Aubrie Kate Broadus.
Aubrie Kate was an easy pregnancy. No complications, she was NEVER going to come. Aubrie Kate was due March 17th but they allowed me to deliver on March 11th. Aubrie was a planned c-section and things went great. She came into this world, calm and content. She still is that way.
She will be one years old next month and we are amazed at how different she is from Madyson but how similar she is as well.

Being a parent changes your life. You never know how much you can love someone or something until you have a child. Todd and I try our best to be good parents and role models. We devote our time to our children, we read to them , we snuggle with them , we take them to places so they can learn new and exciting things.

Madyson at 2.5 knows her days of the week, speaks in full sentences, says please, thank you, no thank you, yes mam, no sir, yes sir, no mam...knows 25+ words in Spanish (thanks to Dora), Hello in Madrain (thanks to Ki-Lin) and all theanimals and where they live. Her new favorite animal is a Puma....but her most favorite is the giraffe (like aunt andie!!)

Aubrie Kate is a joy, a pure joy. She began walking 3 weeks ago, she says "bye bye", "stop", "get", "no no", "moma", "dada", "nana" and "keke". She is always smiling (unless she is hungry or sleepy!) and loves to laugh.

Well now that you know the Broadus family, stay tuned! We are in the process of buying my parents house and completly updating/remodeling it on a very tight budget!! We will be posting pictures of that experience! Also we will be celebrating Aubrie's birthday, attending a wedding, and much much more!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Welcome to our world!

Welcome to our world!

Life in our family is anything but average. Todd and I are a very different couple and our kids are pure delights.

Let me tell you how it all happened...from the beginning.

Todd and I met in a random sort of way. I was working for a company as a corporate assistant. my job was to assist in the set up of a new restaurant, hire staff, train staff and then stay at the restaurant for 2 years as a lead.

We (my bosses and I) had been working non-stop for weeks to get the restaurant open. I had to hire 5 more employees but none of the applicants were "up to par". I begin looking through my male bosses "110" file. This is a file of applications that they didn't want to interview. I started searching and came up on Todd's application. I read over his resume, and saw the picture he had provided. I knew then, that he was my future husband. I told my bosses that we had to hire this guy...because I was suppose to marry him. They laughed and told me that he probably wouldn't even date a bossy girl like me. I told them to give me 6 months and we would be together. So as a bet they allowed me to call Todd and invite him in for an interview. I called his number...no answer...so I left a voicemail. He called back later on and we scheduled an interview. The day of his interview, I was so nervous. What if my gut was wrong (it had been wrong in the past) what if my feelings were lustful and nothing more? Interview time came around and he walked in, I introduced myself and the GM that would be interviewing him. I sat a few booths back to watch the interview. Not only were his dimples to die for, he actually was a great canadidate for the job! He was hired and the countdown began!

Opening a restaurant is the most fun I have ever had. Picking bar glasses, decor, menu items. All was exciting. But this particular chain made their employees go through hours of rigourous training. Test...classes...etc. I was sitting in one of the classes as another trainer explained menu items when Todd walked in...he sat in a booth with some people he apperantly knew. They talked and talked. Weeks went by and nothing. I don't think he had even noticed me. Then one night out of the blue, he invited me over to his apartment. I ofcourse went, we hung out, and that was the beginning. For the next six months we spent everday together. Working, hanging out, laughing, getting to know each other. It was just a natural relationship. One night I walked into his dirtyyyy apartment and started picking up. A few of his friends were there and one of them said "Broadus, you need to marry this girl" he said, "oh I have already picked out her ring". He handed me this piece of paper with the description of the ring he had picked out. I just laughed and said, "if this is a proposal, the answer is yes." Then I went on cleaning. A few weeks went by and he decided we needed to have dinner with his parents. This was really like our "first date" to say. We went to dinner, it was great. His mom and I bonded (a few glasses of wine helped!) then Todd and I said our good-byes to them. We headed over to my apartment and on the way there he asked me if I liked his family. I told him I did, so much. Then it just came out..."I think we should just go and get married" We always joked about running off and getting married but for some reason that Sunday night...we both felt like we should. So we loaded up some friends, hoped into the car and drove to New Orleans. There we met, Rev. Tony and he explained to us all that we needed to do in order to be legally married. We camped out on the stairs of the Courthouse, when they opened the next morning we applied for our marriage lic. and then went make to Rev. Tony. There we were married, on a Monday morning!

A few days later, Hurricane Katrina hit. We watched as the New Orleans courthouse was flooded. "EVERYTHING ON THE FIRST FLOOR HAS BEEN DISTROYED" the news anchor said...the first floor housed the records department where our marriage lic. would be!! Weeks went by and still no marriage lic. So we decided to plan for a real wedding and keep our elopment a secret. All was fine until a month before the wedding. I hadn't been feeling well and decided to go to the doctor. They couldn't figure out why I was having all these random symptoms. So they decided to do a sonogram to see if their predictions were correct. Sure enough, they were. I remember sitting there with my heart pounding, "well, you are pregnant, you are actually 3 months pregnant". I quickly did the countback in my head...3 months would make conception time in October and we were married in August...so that is okay. Now for the fun part. To tell our parents!! It is hard enough to tell your parents who are working so hard for you to have a grand wedding that you are pregnant...but is a big boulder to tell them you are already married.
Todd's parents handled it great, his mom actually started monograming outfits. My Dad was cool with it..but my mom...not so much. She broke plates...ash trays...if it was glass...it shattered.

Now she looks at us and out of amazment can't believe we have almost been married for 4 years and have a strong and loving relationship...and 2.. count them....2 kids!

tomorrow will be the story of the girls...look forward to it!