Monday, May 26, 2014

Loving spring!!

I am loving life! We have wrapped up school and are jumping into the end of spring with a splash! 

We spend every afternoon at the pool. I know-hard life. But it's free entertainment and they all LovE it!
We've been doing some fun friend things lately like-scootering and trips to the zoo
We have a lot of visitors over the next few weeks and a trip west too!

Life is great! And summer is almost here!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

House Tour part 1!

Well-finally after 5 months of living here I am ready to show you some of the house!! We are going to start upstairs in what we call "mommas room". 

When we first found this house I knew I wanted this living area to be tv free-and be used for conversation, naps, and gathering. 

My original plan was neutrals with a pop of blue. I had my eye on an aqua couch that was too die for! But as soon as I was ready to buy it (aka fully funded) it was sold. I spent the next 6 weeks looking for another one-or something similar that fit my tiny budget. But atlast nothing. So Todd and I went to our local furniture store and I asked to see "colored couches" and they showed me tons-but none were me. The sales lady said something about an orange couch in the clearance section and the first thing that popped in my head was the couch from central perk on friends. 

So after some thought-I decided to go orange and make my space a cozy place of happiness. Like central perk-minus Gunther.

So here ya go-my room.
When you walk in you go up a flight of stairs-phase two includes a new fan but for now...embrace the brass.

This is the big wall. With our orange couch, my grand mothers table, a bookcase that Todd built for me and some of my most favorite things.
Tucked in the corner is madysons school space. She does her online classes here and uses the chalk board to get her morning work and schedule. The chair was free and is holding the spot until I can find a funky patterned chair that I like :)

On the opposite wall is my grandfathers chiffarobe-a $10 goodwill chair that is amazing-my dad's mirror, our IG art and some more of my favorite things.
The room is happy. It's cozy. And it's the perfect place to gather with a cup of coffee and catch up! 
When our friends came to visit-we did just that! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My little people

I am a mom. I have three daughters and in less than two months I am turning 30.

I am in a reflection period. I have sailed through my 20s. They were nothing like I had planned.

My life is nothing like I planned. But it is so much more.

Today we woke up and went to church. It was perfect. We are doing a series called starting over (
We are entering the 2 quarter of our starting over year. 

For those just checking in-we had a world wind move with gods guidance and life is a lot different than it use to be. Decisions arent made so hastily-communicating is priority-extracurriculars are not. We are owning our mistakes-renewing ourselves and allowing god to grow and shape us. 

After church with grilled out with our self made family we have built here. then the dads watched the kids and the moms went to see Moms night Out. 

It was a perfect day. On Saturday-Todd and the girls showered me with donuts for breakfast-spa gift card-and Todd cleaned the house for me :) 

It was a wonderful-wonderful weekend.

(Keeping it real-little missy doesn't like Sundays) 

Monday, May 5, 2014

It's warm!!

Oh this was beAutiful!!! I am such a late spring/early summer girl! 

Thursday night-granddaddy arrived to spend the weekend with us! It was A lOT of fun! 

Friday we finished up our study on the solar system by making the planets-then we headed to grab some pizza and then Todd and the girls and granddaddy went to the braves game! 
Saturday we headed out to go to woofstock! There were SO many dogs! Madyson and I decided it was our heaven!
And aubrie marked something off her bucket list!
Meeting a pink poodle
After we hung out there we headed over to the mall.
We stopped in at the American girl store to pick out birthday presents for takes her 3 months to decide.
And Mia rode the carousel for the first time alone! (Without Todd or I sitting with her!) 
You know...because she is a big 14 month old now.

Saturday night -Todd, granddaddy and the girls went to see Spider-Man. Mia and I stayed home and snuggled.

Sunday we went to church-then the dog park-then we had some sprinkler fun!
Today we enjoyed some recess..
Summers a coming!