Sunday, August 30, 2009


Have you ever cleaned your doors? I am probably the only person in America that has never thought to clean my doors when I clean. So, tonight I did. and OMG this will be a monthly or weekly thing!!

This weekend has been so much fun! Do to my lack of friends, I spent the day with my 2nd best friend, my mom! We went took the girls to chuck-e-cheese and went shopping! it was alot of fun!

Today at Sunday School, I taught my kids about "peace". We are learning the fruit of the spirits and this weeks was peace. They are really getting it, and I am so excited.

This week at work is going to be wrapping up details of Fall Harvest! I am so excited about being able to plan Fall Harvest for my church! I have been going to this event since I was a child so its going to be awesome to put my own spin on it!

Well, other than that. Life is good at the Broadus house! paint colors have been selected for the following rooms:
ENTRY ROOM, HALL, DEN, KITCHEN!! Next step is finishing it off!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So "Babies" have been the theme of my life this month!

My boss and his beautiful wife welcomed their
2nd child (1st daughter) into the world this month.
Madyson's bestfriend's mom had her 2nd daughter this month
Arts Council Buddy, Angie, had her first child this month
My childhood BFF Maghen found out she was having a girl this month
My other childhood BFF Brittany is about to explode with her
first baby!
MY other dear friend Tonya is about to give birth to her second child (first boy)
A guy i went to hs with found out he and his wife are expecting....
A girl I work with is expecting her 2nd child (first girl)
My dear friend's sister found out she is having a boy!!
(the list goes on and on and on, I promise)
So, with all this talk of babies, Todd and I started talking about having another baby
(yes we are crazy)
We really want a boy but Madyson isn't having any of it.
She even told us to "shut our mouths God wanted us to have girls"
Our thoughts are, when Madyson is in kindergarden or first grade we would consider it...
But for now we are enjoying life with our beautiful baby girls!
We will live through everyone else for now!! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

OH no!!! Not you too!!

We have established that I love Chick-fil-a. I love it because they never get your order wrong and you can always count on great customer service!

Well this morning I went to Chick-fil-a for my annual Thursday breakfast. I ordered at the drive-thru station and then went to the window to pick it up!

When I got to the window the lady there was like "amount of total" (it was $6.00 and some odd cents) so I handed her the money and then she handed me the food, I said thank you and she didnt say anything back! Not a "my pleasure" or "your welcome" or "have a nice day!" she just looked at me!

So to my Chick-fil-a customer service people, Your guests come there for great food and great service, please don't start stooping to other fast food chains are the best, please remain the best!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Love your Husband....

I know the Bible teaches us, as wives, to love our husbands, and honor our husbands but (and I really do try to practice this 95% of the time) that was definatly before electronics.

Todd and I differ on Television like ying and yang. He loves ESPN and SPorts Center. He would attach a tv to his forehead so he could watch it all the time....I on the other hand love HGTV, Food Network, and TLC.

We always watch Monday Night Raw on Monday Nights ( to support our friend Teddy) so I record my TLC shows on our DVR.

Tonight I went to watch my recorded shows and a message popped up from our sat. provider saying DVR is not available.

I thought to myself, no problem..Ill call and fix it. So I tried....they wouldn't let me because the account is in Todd's name. Again, No problem...Ill just ask Todd to call and straighten it out.

He said NO. He was too busy. I get this alot from him now that he is a big I just did what any upset wife would. I logged onto the company's website under his log in (he always saves his passwords so he wont have to remember them...this plays favor in my part)

I checked to see what the deal was. They want more money a month now for DVR....I already pay too much so I said forget it!

But if I have to get rid of my DVR, Todd should get rid of something too... So I down graded us!

We now just get the basic package. It will save us $60.00 a month!

So bye bye ESPN... bye bye DVR....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Have it your way...without a straw

So by now, my followers, you have learned alot about me (sarah) and the rest of the Broadus bunch, so it should come to no shock to you when I tell you how much I despise fast food restaurants (with the exception of chick-fil-a) there is something about getting a hamburger, prepackaged salad and LARGE soda in less than 1 minute that bothers me. But on occasion I do let go, and let grease. So today I decided that it was one of "those days" the past few days have been very rough....
Saturday we were dealing with stress about my dad and his love of wasting money.
Sunday we were really busy and just plan exhausted
Monday, my cousin-in-law, went in for her 9 week check up at the doctor and discovered that there was no baby in her "baby sac", there was a sac and everything you get with pregnancy (hormones, swollen body parts, etc.) was there but there was no baby. So she had to have a DNC. This was devastating because she was really excited about being a mom and having a baby. We were trusting in the Lord and knowing that he is in control but you still ache for the thought that
now wasn't the time.
Tuesday: My uncle's (fatherinlaw to the above cousininlaw) dad passed away. He was an older gentleman who was a husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather. He lived a great life and there is no doubt that he is in heaven now, but still the ones on earth are sadden by the lost of not being able to see him on a daily basis.
So needless to say...I deserved this greasy meal. I went through the drive through order my hamburger with mustard&pickle only, chicken tenders, and onion rings, and medium dr.pepper..
paid my $4.00 and got my food. When I got back to work I realized....I had no straw. Luckily, my hamburger was correct!! (can't stand ketchup&mayo on burgers) but straw.

So today, I sit dining on my cholesterol filled meal, sipping my carbonated prune juice (without a straw) and thanking God that today, my dad is old enough to file for social security! Happy Birthday Old Man!