Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas and 2014 wrap up!

December was fast. Todd and I switched roles for the month and I worked full time and he stayed home with the girls. We wanted to do a little experiment to see what that life would be like. So be use of that situation, we didn't get to do many of the fun things I wanted to do. Nutcracker ballet, scavenger hunt, gingerbread houses...but we celebrated Christmas together and healthy-and that's all that matters.

First was our small group tacky Christmas party! It was a blast.

Then we had Grandaddy as our Christmas visitor :)
We looked at Christmas lights at life college
Christmas morning exploded and it was awesome!
We played the next few days and then nana and pawpaw came to visit!
Madyson always paints pawpaws nails-can you tell he has 5 grand daughters :) 

It was a fast yet enjoyable christmas-our first in Georgia.

I can believe we have lived here a whole year and so far their are no indications that is changing. 

2014 was insane! From moving-to homeschooling-to joining a new church and making new friends-to being on a reality tv show!? To ending this blog. I can't believe it is already over. 

I know what you are thinking....what's next?!? There is one more post in the coming days (3 or4) that will share the next step :) then I will archive the blog-have it printed into books and the years of the Broadus Bunch will be done. It has been an amazing 5 year journey with each of you coming along for the ride. Thank you for being our friend.   

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  1. So sad to see the blog come to an end but I do understand the need. Good luck with the adventures coming y'all's way!


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